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Reviews In Brief: The Moment After

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The Moment After, starring David A.R. White, Kevin Downes, and Brad Heller, is directed by Wes Llewellyn is being released by Sony Pictures. This movie is a Biblical suspense thriller set in present times.

The Moment After chronicles the chaos that ensues after millions of people across the world disappear in a flash of light. Two FBI agents, Riley and Baker (played by White and Downes respectively), are assigned to find out what happened to cause the disappearances. Both agents interview people to try to find clues to what happened but they aren't finding any answers. Riley starts to have an idea of what may have happened when a letter from the President calls everyone off the case and assigns them to find Jacob Krause (Heller), who they are told is creating a paramilitary force.

As they begin to search for Krause, who doesn't seem a likely suspect as a paramilitary leader, Riley starts to suspect he knows just what happened to the millions of people who've disappeared. His partner disagrees. As the government begins to require citizens to have a microchip implanted, Riley truly accepts what happened and decides to try to help Jacob Krause in his true mission.

David A.R. White was also in The Blink of an Eye and Six: The Mark Unleashed. Kevin Downes has also been in To the Wall and Mercy Streets. Brad Heller has been in Six: The Mark Unleashed and Mercy Streets.

This is by far one of my favorite rapture-themed movies. The acting is superb, the special effects memorable, and the movie has an actual plot that isn't totally focused on preaching. This movie will easily keep the attention of those who are searching for a Christian film and those who are searching for a suspense thriller. Definitely a keeper!

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