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Reviews in Brief: Bonetown for PC

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There's a new adult game in town and it's called Bonetown! The game looks like a hybrid between GTA and Leisure Suit Larry, and it's centered around the three F's: Fucking, fighting, and getting fucked up.

The game shamelessly covers all the taboos we don't want our children to get involved in too early, and quite a few activities we don't want them to get involved in at all.

There's drugs, ranging from wicked paddo's to the regular stuff, there's violence ( the cartoonish looks and humorous approach prevents thingBonetown games from getting to nasty ), and of course sex, which is the main focus of the game after all. Sex comes in many flavors in Bonetown, from a quickie at the beach ( where you just collected you first weed that can make you jump higher ) to a delicate blowjob provided by the local cheerleader. In between ( or while your at it ) you develop your male character to receive new goodies he can use in his continuous quest for (more) sex.

Overall the game is refreshing and entertaining; it combines aspects from “regular” games and adds that special “Bonetown juice” to it, which makes you giggle more then once. The game is too cartoonish and stylized to be really erotic, but it's twisted, naughty, and fun!

The gameplay could be described as an interactive adventure; however, you shouldn't expect a deep storyline or questing system in this one. It's just enough to keep you busy for a while and explore what the game is all about. Did I mention it's about doing naughty things?

If you like comics and cartoons, besides a twisted take on sex, be sure to check out this title.

Bonetown is not rated by the ESRB, but it certainly is adult oriented and inappropriate for younger viewers.

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  • seluj_329

    looks like a nice game.might as well try it.