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A review is a critical report or article on an item, product, show or place. When referring to a product, a review is a thorough critique of that product. The term review can also refer to the process in which one goes over something and studies it again in order to double check it or memorize it. To review a report or a subject means to go over it again to commit it to memory such as when a student reviews notes for an exam.

Web hosting reviews pertain to the critiquing of website hosting companies. These reviews are usually easy to find on the Internet and are written by customers of the web hosting companies. Reviews are based on the reliability of the website host and how often the websites are up, server speed and connection, technical support and their knowledge, customer service and the value compared to the price of the service.

Product reviews are done on all types of products and are used to allow customers the opportunity to rate products and make comments for other shoppers to read. The main purpose of product reviews is for shoppers to get an idea of what other consumers think about a certain product before purchasing it. Product reviews are often posted online and are easily searchable by shoppers and consumers.

Reviews can also be written about services rendered by professionals or establishments, such as doctors, dentists, restaurants and hotels. These types of reviews are written by patients of the doctors and patrons of the establishments. They generally speak of positive and negative points about the subject of the review so that other consumers can get an idea of what to expect.

A book review is a description, analysis and summary of a book. It does not seek to retell the story, but rather speaks about the book’s content and purpose. A review of a book analyzes parts of the story and points out the weak points and strong points for the book. It can also examine how well the author conveyed the main point of the book. There is no correct way to write a book review as each review will reflect the personal preferences of the reader. Its main purpose is usually to give other readers a general idea of what you liked and did not like about the book.

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