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Review: Wings by Aprilynne Pike

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What’s a girl to do? This is a question that flows through every teen girl’s mind at one point or another. Now imagine the fact that you have to suddenly deal with things sprouting from your back and the idea that you are not normal. When I say “not normal” I am not talking in the casual “Oh, everyone is different and unique in their own way.” but an “Oh my God, I am a fairy?!?!!” sort of way. Yeah, not something overly common that many girls have to deal with on a day to day basis. This, however, is what Laurel has to contend with, as well as going from being homeschooled in a small cabin, to going to high school in Northern California.

Enter two yummy young men, each with an eye for Laurel. David quickly becomes best friends with Laurel and helps her research the sudden “bumps” that form on her back. He is loyal and trustworthy, allowing him and Laurel to become close. The other guy? Tamani (Tam). Tam is an intense, forbidden sort of guy who has the knowledge of fairies and all things on the paranormal side. Tam is also the person to inform Laurel exactly who she is and about the secrets that exist near her cabin home.

Wings is a delightful, action-packed Young Adult novel that is sure to hold the interest of a very wide age range – from teen to adult. I have always loved an excellent YA paranormal story and this definitely falls within that category. Between trolls, fairies, secrets, courage and loyalties, there is plenty to keep the reader turning pages. Yes, there is a bit of a “love triangle” theme going on with Laurel, David and Tam – David being the strong, loyal and brave persona, while Tam is the dark, sexy and intense persona. One of those “if only I could combine the two into one” deals.

This being the first in a four book series, Wings lays out the perfect foundation for a gripping and intriguing story that will leave readers craving the next installment. I, for one, had a wonderful time reading this and found the talent of Aprilynne Pike to be wonderful. Her ability to characterize and bring to life each person within the story is excellent and her ability to write in a clean way in which allows the storyline to stand out and flow smoothly is excellent. I highly recommend Wings to anyone looking for a great read that will melt a few of those stressful cares away and allow the reader to indulge in a great story! I can’t wait to read the next story!

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  • Tee bomb

    OMG I literally just finished reading the whole wings series and all four books are so good they just leave me speechless. The only way to describe them is with afew words “simply and utterly amazing”