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Review: Where East Eats West by Sam Goodman

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China is currently at a stage of rapid economic growth and is ripe for entrepreneurial opportunity. With a population of over a billion, companies from all over the world have seen this massive opportunity for expansion and pounced at it in hopes of striking it rich. China isn’t like the old west, however, and you need much more than a pick and shovel to tap into the wealth that lies within. This is where Sam Goodman comes in.

Sam Goodman’s Where East Eats West is an invaluable asset to anyone interested in business in China. Goodman has been there, done that, and experienced all the ins and outs of business in the previously uncharted economic territory of China. Clever and funny, Goodman writes his guide, not in technical business jargon, but in witty language that is easily understood and enjoyed by all prospective businesspeople.

Goodman does not beat around the bush, but tells it how it really is in China. Explaining the cultural differences between China and the West, he uses entertaining real life stories to illustrate just how different things can be in China. Even the most innocuous events like greeting someone or eating lunch with a client can go terribly wrong, explains Goodman, if proper etiquette and cultural norms are not understood.

With 671 cities with over one million people compared to the U.S.’s nine, simply adjusting to the enormity of the population ca be a huge hurdle to most people. With so many cities teeming with so many people, however, come unprecedented opportunity for economic gain.

China is a goldmine at an early stage of a more open economy and is ready to be tapped into and developed further. Many large corporations have already realized this and seen tremendous success with the rapidly developing and eager populations of China. Goodman shows how you too can tap into the goldmine that is the Chinese economy and experience a whole new world of excitement in a market of seemingly endless opportunity.

There are indeed many hurdles to cross in entering the Chinese business world, but Sam Goodman has been there, and gives sage advice in his new guide to business in China.

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