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Review: Wedding Crashers

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Wedding Crashers is a juvenile comedy, but a really good one. The premise is formulaic and we’ve all seen this kind of movie before. But Wedding Crashers makes for one funny movie and is worth watching, but it falls short of what it could have been. The movie runs out of steam at the end, because it slaughters you right off the bat, but doesn’t follow through.

So here goes. John and Jeremy are professional wedding crashers and they do it well. The opening of the movie shows them crashing every imaginable wedding, even Asian and Indian weddings where their soda-cracker complexions stick out but they still get in. They don’t go straight for the honeys; they befriend the whole family at the weddings and make themselves major players, cutting the cake, holding up the spouses on the chairs as if they were truly part of the family. The end result is them bedding all the women under the romantic influence of weddings with their charm and wit. It is hysterical and I have rarely laughed so hard at a movie. I think that most movies usually censor themselves so much that the comedy is gone. Not here. The humour is crude, rude and dirty… the best kind of course. No matter how smart a joke is, the dirty ones always get the best laughs because of human nature.

Speaking of dirty humour, the more conservative-minded folks should stay away from this movie and I’m sure the Christian-right reviewers will have guilt and shame-induced heart attacks. This movie holds no punches when it comes to sex and the pigs that we men are. It also reminds me of the American Pie series, but set to adults.

Now eventually, our buddy John Beckwith (Owen Wilson) gets a crisis of conscience after one of his conquests asks him just how full of shit he is. 50% or completely? But his buddy Jeremy (Vince Vaugh) wants to hit one last wedding for the crashing season, the “Kentucky Derby of crashes” he calls it.

So off they go and of course the plot thickens when John meets Claire Cleary (the walking sculpture of beauty, Rachel McAdams) and completely falls in love with her. While Jeremy gets busy with her sister, Gloria (equally pretty and sexy, Isla Ficher) who turns out to be one insanely possessive nymphomaniac. Before you know it they are off to the Cleary’s summer home. Where the hi-jinks really get crazy, including an under-the-table hand-job that is probably the most embarrassingly funny moment of the movie. Now of course, with such a premise, they get busted by a snot-nosed fiancé (who is even dirtier than our crashers) which ends with John pleading Claire to forgive him.

Up to a point the movie is non-stop hysterics and then it dies on you, which is sad with such a good start. Christopher Walken is severely under-used. When you get the Prince of Fear on a movie, use him wisely. They didn’t. And then to my utter disappointment, just when I thought they could save the ending, they bring out Will Ferrell as the master of crashers who is now crashing funerals. And I just HATE Will Ferrell, he’s just not funny to me. And he wouldn’t be so popular if it weren’t for the Hollywood-hype machine, but that’s just my opinion. So the movie pretty much died for me.

But there are, of course, some redeeming qualities to this laugh-fest-gone-sour. To begin with, the main actors, Owen Wilson and Wince Vaugh – talk about an insane pair to make a buddy comedy – are just perfect together as long-time buddies. The chemistry between them seems real. The energy they bring to their characters is intense, making their scenes all the more funnier. And who can forget Isla Fischer as the virginal yet nymphomaniacal Gloria. She is just hysterical in this movie. She takes the stalker-girlfriend to a whole new level, which makes for most of the funnies in this movie. She’s the kind of girl you take home to mom, but she’s still dirtier than truck-stop bathroom. And she’s psychotic, but so is the level of sophistication our crashers develop to crash weddings. They have detailed files on the families they are crashing and a library of personas they act while crashing the weddings.

I give it a 3 outta 5, but suggest you all see it anyway. It’s worth it.

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  • When the studio started to really promote this movie, I wasn’t sure if it was because it was a bomb that needed that first weekend to make any money, or if they thought they really had a hit on their hands.

    It appears they just might have a hit. I think I’m gonna have to see it.

  • I thought it was really funny. I understand what you mean about Christopher Walken being underused, but it was actually nice to see him not play up his crazy-comic persona for once and do a (relatively) straight role. He’s been cast as a nutjob in every movie he’s been for several years. Overall, I thought the movie turned out to be a lot sweeter than I expected. Not just Old School-style comedy, but an actual romantic comedy too.