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Review: Wedding Crashers

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Wedding Crashers is funny. Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson turn out to be a great team together. The movie has plenty of laughs and is very entertaining. It has a good ending, a surprise visit from Will Ferrell, and tons of “rules” (I love movies that make their own rules). The Wedding Crashers is an easy 4 out of 5 and well worth watching.

One word of warning, this movie features a lot of breasts and general nudity including quite a bit of Jane Seymour’s skin. One of my BUDS had a big crush on Jane Seymour in the sixth grade.

Okay, it’s a short review, but other than saying it’s funny, there’s not much to say about the movie.

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  • travis

    the song before shout is called keep it coming love by kc and the sunshine band

  • Alan

    Nooo, the song whomever asked for is not stay with me from faces, pleas does anyone know the name of the song that is played when owen wilson and rachel mcadams go on the bikes at the end of the movie?, please

  • Daniel

    tat song was definitely by the weakerthans but I dont know which song it is, theres a great band

  • samantha

    what was the song on at the end when there driving in the car

  • Steve

    Does anyone know the name/singer of that song that plays as Vince and Owen are crashing weddings? Not the Shout song. The one before that. Any help would be awesome. I need it for a wedding.

  • the song that is played when wilson is walking down the street all bummed out is “I Hope Tomorrow Is Like Today” by a band called Guster. the first singer in the song is not a member of the band, but a stand-in. the second singer is the bands lead singer. so if you like the second half of the song, youll like Guster.

  • Kali

    Does anyone know the song that is playing while owen wilson is walking down the street all bummed out? Thanks!

    Oh and to whomever asked about the song at the very end, its a song from Faces…the band rod stewart was in. Called “stay with me”

  • tommyd

    The redhead in Wedding Crashers (Vince Vaughn’s chick) gave me woody-wood-wood. Yowwzaaaa! When she tied up Vaughn on the bed while she was naked, was when I almost electrocuted myself.

  • C.

    Thank you to those of you who posted that the nighttime song in wedding crashers was indeed by coldplay and that it was “sparks”. -C.

  • Jay

    That is the Coldplay song Sparks, you can get it on iTunes.

  • vitor hugo

    i want to know about the song that is played when owen wilson wake´s up in the night and goes to the room of the girl and she did the same a minutes after lol,can you help me? is really sparks of coldplay? a message of coldplay is also very similar,i hope you could help me,farewell,vitor.

  • Dave

    Do you guys know the song that is played when VInce Vaughn is about to screw the read head in the waitress suit, its like hard rock or something. thanks.

  • kate

    i was looking for that song too! thanks will.

  • matta

    was that the same song at the end

  • staci

    Will you rock, I was looking everywhere for that coldplay song!! It wasn’t on the soundtrack. This just made my night

  • will

    song is not dave matthews it is sparks by coldplay

  • this is the ultimate movie of summer 2005. u lough, cry, jump and wake up remembering it next morning…MUST C

  • Joannie

    There was a song during the movie that I thought sounded like Dave Matthews. I waited out the credits but couldn’t find it. The song is NOT on the soundtrack. How do I find out who this song is by???

  • Sparse comments

  • Jane Seymour was pretty hot back in the day.

  • It was a cameo. I don’t think he even had a line.

  • I heard that John McCain was in the film. How was his performance?

  • Wow, a review of my review.

    I didn’t say too short; I just said short. There’s a reason why it’s so short. There’s nothing else to say. It’s a funny movie, that’s it. I’d analyze the acting and the plot, but that would be dumb.

  • Yr right – too short – perhaps you could put together short reviews of a few new films and make it a longer post.