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Review: Ultimate Ears 500 by Logitech

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Ultimate Ears 500 by LogitechThe Ultimate Ears 500 by Logitech are one of the first earphone products I have actually hands down enjoyed using. They are an excellent option for almost any scenario whether you are a runner who wants to take in a crisp music experience while doing your daily jog or you could just be riding the train to work.

The UE 500 earphones comes with an extra long tangle-free cord which ensures no hassles when your running or moving about. The unique Noise-isolating Comply™ Foam Tips really do an excellent job of blocking the noises of society so you can have a uninterrupted listening experience.

The best part about the Ultimate Ears 500 is that they come with a small modern-looking carrying case which you can easily store your earphones in when you aren’t using them and to top it all of the 500’s come with six sets of foam tip buds which you can swap out until you find the perfect fit for you.

The Ultimate Ears 500 are not your run of the mill earbuds but instead a economically priced set of state of the art earphones that will take your listening experience through the roof.

Ultimate Ears 500 are available on Amazon for $69.99

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