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Review : Tiesto In Concert II

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In the world of superstar DJs and stadium dance music, Tiesto reigns supreme. Currently in the midst of a streak of being voted top DJ in the world by DJ Mag three years in a row, he appears quite comfortable at the peak of the profession. He is the first DJ to perform at an Olympics opening ceremony, and will take his grand show to France for Paris Disney’s launch of Space Mountain : Mission 2 in April. For his ‘In Concert’ performances, Tiesto has moved well beyond the confines of a traditional dance club and entertains crowds of more than 50,000. The audience for the concert recorded here was estimated at 70,000.

The grandeur of Tiesto’s show is apparent from the beginning of Tiesto In Concert II. A full 8 1/2 minutes of fireworks, lasers and ominous introductory trance music floods the viewer before the DJ is announced. Ensconced in the center of an ever-changing laser-fueled bowl, Tiesto at first appears tiny amidst the grand announcement of his arrival. Fortunately, Tiesto is a handome presence and the camera easily telegraphs his commanding role amidst the spectacle. And we are given spectacle in a parade of guest performers from vocalist Matt Hales to belly dancers and a Bulgarian children’s choir.

As one of the foremost proponents of trance, the emotive, dramatic, stadium-filling offshoot of house, Tiesto’s music is engaging and powerful, occasionally even transcendent. However, the overall effect in this concert film is diminished by the hyperactive camera work. The quick cut editing job is ultimately disorienting to a home viewer. Perhaps in a club or a party environment, the editing would help provide hyperkinetic color and flash, but to the home viewer it is exhausting.

In the final analysis, Tiesto In Concert II is successfull in depicting the spectacular entertainment event Tiesto aspires to when he takes to the public DJ booth. However, the 3 hour length and relentless cutting from one camera angle to the next leaves the at-home viewer tired instead of enthralled. Listened to without visual accompaniment, Tiesto’s talent for creating an evening of moving, inspiring dance music is apparent, but a concert DVD package is only part sound. For the full package, the video must be engaging as well.

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  • andrew

    “I hate the fact that it could go mainstream. Ravers have a culture, one thats underground.”

    What is it people have against all things “mainstream” The raver culture is all about acceptance, community and ecstasy, isn’t being a member of the culture and opposing it going mainstream somewhat hypocritical?

  • Mark

    Yeah, as an American who is in love with electronic music, I like the fact that he is blowing up here. However, I hate the fact that it could go mainstream. Ravers have a culture, one thats underground. Hopefully Tiesto doesn’t murder this. :-\

    On that note, I bought my ticket for tiesto in concert MIAMi yesterday. heh.

  • Thanks for writing about this, Bill. I hope you’ll keep your eye out for more dance music or trance-related stuff in the future to write about on here on BlogCritics. I’m a big fan.

    That is all.

  • It’s really pretty amazing to watch Tiesto filling 10,000 seat stadiums now in America. He’s gone way beyond even Paul Oakenfold, who was the first DJ to cross over and get huge audiences in America, in his status as a superstar DJ. From playing the Olympics opening ceremony to these rock-concert like stadium tours, Tiesto’s blowing up big-time even as he’s losing his credibility with the underground.

    That is all.