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Review: The Woggles at The EARL 8/19/05

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If the Earth were a good and decent place, The Woggles would rule it. A hard-charging, high-energy throwback ’60s garage band is just what this world needs.

For any of you with small children who may be confused by this post, I’m not writing about The Wiggles. It’s Woggles.

The Woggles hosted a benefit show Friday night for the family of Billy Bass Wolf, a member of the great Japanese rock band Guitar Wolf who died of a heart attack earlier this year. The fact that The Woggles would make the effort to raise a few dollars for a musician’s family halfway across the globe speaks to the tight-knit nature of their musical circle.

The show itself was a standard Woggles firestorm. The Professor (aka “Mighty Manfred” from Sirius’ Underground Garage) slung himself across the stage, snaked his way through the audience – but, thankfully, didn’t attempt the barstool-to-bar leap that left him flat on his back at their last EARL show – and generally got everybody happy.

A good number of people at the show were out-of-towners who’d followed opener The Dexateens from Alabama, so the reaction of the young girls not used to The Professor’s antics was classic. Puzzlement and fear eventually gave way to uncontrolled Go-Go dance moves. Typical of a Woggles outing.

East Atlanta’s EARL is pretty much The Woggles’ home court, so the show was also full of Atlanta scenesters, which upped the energy for audience-participation numbers such as “Push” and “Red Light, Green Light.”

Also on the bill were The Subsonics, another Atlanta act best described as a cross between The Cramps and The Strokes. Buffi Aguero – who fabulously plays drums standing up – is like an anti-Gwen Stefani and her presence is worth the price of admission.

Overall, the show was a good gathering of three bands with little in common except a cause.


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  • I was in a band that once opened for The Woggles. They are incredible, especially Manfred.