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Review: The Timex Ironman Watch

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I picked up a new watch yesterday, a Timex Ironman. The watch is water resistant to 100 meters. The instructions say that it should be fine to that depth as long as the face is intact and the buttons aren’t pushed. I plan to wear it diving although the instructions explicitly say it is not a dive watch. I take a dive computer for life support, but it would be nice to wear a watch for a general sense of time. If it does flood, at least it didn’t cost that much.

The watch has been great so far. It has a 30 lap Chrono, Timer, and an Alarm. You can set two different times. The instructions say that is for two time zones, but I just put military time on one of them. The alarm is really great. It can be set for daily, weekends, or weekdays. That’s ideal for me because I usually only wake up on weekdays. My one complaint would be that I would like the option to set a second alarm time. Oh, let’s not forget the indispensable Indiglo. I’ll just have to fight the temptation to push that Indiglo button when I’m 100ft under water.

All and all, the watch is really well made. It has a lot of functionality that you will actually use but lacks some of the fancy bells and whistles of a more expensive watch. It’s innovative and the rubber wristband is very comfortable. For a cheap watch, I definitely recommend this one.

Nicholas Roussos – www.nicholasroussos.com

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  • royirby

    i’ve liked these much better than the G-Shocks. The high contrast lcd is much easier to read. When you wear it out, look around for the same model w/ a stainless bezel… i’ve found that it’s wearing much better than the plastic one did.

  • Louie Wurch

    This watch is not water resistant. Mine got wet from the faucet and it was ruined. I’m not sure why they claim 100m resistance, unless I got a defect one.

  • Annie

    I really love these watches. I have been through two of them in 8 years. My only problem with them is that the band wears out too fast and you can’t replace it. Both of my watches are still working but the band is broke.
    It has worked for me with scuba diving too. I don’t go below 60 ft but I do push the buttons while I’m down there and it still works fine. I like to set the alarm for my estimated bottom time and I can hear the alarm under water (I don’t depend on it though).

  • Berk

    Just bought a new Ironman watch and you cant change the day. When you set the correct year 2009, display window shows it is Friday. Have to change to 2010 to get display to show saturday

  • Fat Fuck Suck Big ulgly Duck

    Yo, Guess what ? when i go to London i will probaly be trying to fing one of these , will ya have any idea if there are any of these watches in London. Thank Ya!

  • belinda

    I bought a ironman triathalon today. Oddly enough my table has a pulse rate of 60 beats!!

  • Wolf

    Great watch but my band has worn out for the second time and they want to charge NZ$80 for a replacement! It hasn’t had a hard life or even been under water either. It’s still under warranty but I think they only do one band replacement for no charge. As it’s a proprietary band, I can’t get a replacement easily. I’d probably stay clear of this watch.