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Review: The Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy

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The Hitchiker’s Guide To The Galaxy was an absolute disappointment (1 out of 5). It was boring, failed to draw me in, and left me wanting not only more but anything else. I’ve never read the books, but after seeing this movie, I don’t want to. There were numerous idiocyncracies about this movie that bothered me.

Change Arthur, Change!
The movie started out on a bad foot with me when the main character failed to change out of his pajamas when he got to space. I couldn’t stop thinking about whether he was going to change or not. In fact, once I realized that he wouldn’t be changing into a more comfortable outfit, I kept thinking about all the opportunities he had to change. The lead lady changed from her costume to some nighties to a space outfit, and even had time for a shower and another change of outfit. Perhaps, in this day and age, there’s more incentive to have the lead lady get in the shower, and no incentive to make the hero comfortable in more than his morning robe.

Boring, B-O-Ring

Maybe I was expecting too much when I thought a story about hitchiking through space would be exciting. I was bored the whole way through. The most exciting thing to keep my mind occupied was whether or not the main character would get out of his pajamas. I can’t stand the thought of being yanked from my home in my pajamas. I just can’t function in my pajamas beyond laying around my house. I’d at least need a good pair of sneakers and blue jeans before I would even think about rescuing anyone. Nothing ever happens in this movie. There aren’t any great ancedotes either, beyond “Don’t Panic” which I got from the trailer.

It’s All About The Ending
It was the ending that stuck with me. Usually, that’s the case. A good ending leaves you re-living it all week long. This ending was not good; It wasn’t bad either. In fact, I would be hard press to call it an ending. The movie kinda sputters out and fades away. I was glad it was over. In fact, writing this review was more entertaining than The Hitchhiker’s Guide To the Galaxy.

The most worthwhile part of this movie was finally figuring out what Altavista’s Babelfish was all about. Granted, it wasn’t a bad movie; it was an utter disappointment. If you have high hopes for this movie and you haven’t seen it yet, put it off a little longer. You’ll thank me for it.


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About Nicholas

  • Nick Jones

    I’ve read the trilogy, and I’ve never understood the cult fandom for the series. There was exactly one joke that made me laugh, and it came at the end of the third book.

  • colin

    ive only read the first one, but it was fantastically good, IMO

  • -E

    Um considering all he took with him was his towel…what, pray tell, do you suggest he have changed into?

  • Wow – great summary diss. (I haven’t seen it and maybe won’t now. How long is the film (so I can gauge how much time I want to waste)

    I liked the books – for the most part. Hit and miss but generally a lot of fun. Better than Dirk Gently which was decidely more miss than hit, though still enjoyable.

    I kind of like driving plot for my reads. Or beautiful language. Preferrably both.

  • -E

    The movie isn’t long at all and doesn’t feel long. And if you choose to focus on someone not changing their costume I think you’re kinda focusing on the wrong thing anyway.

    I’ve a handful of friends that were upset it didn’t follow the books more closely but still found the movie to be entertaining.

  • Got me leaning more to seeing it.

  • Brady

    This is probably the worst film review I’ve ever read; I’ve read better reviews written by nine year-olds (seriously). It’s also trite, unintelligent and lacking in any objective thought. I can’t imagine a film the (above)reviewer would like (maybe something starring Rowan Atkinson?).

  • Instead of hating on the review, why don’t you tell us what you liked about the film, the book, or what you’re expecting that will make you jump and kick your heels when you hit the theater?

  • And Rowan Atkinson is brilliant except in the bond film, “Never Say Never Again”

  • -E,
    Are you out of your mind? No chance to change. Let’s see. he could have changed into a space outfit in the space ship like Trillion did (it took her less than a second). He could have stuck his head in that little device that made whatever the user desired. He good have borrowed clothes from any of the other characters (the president maybe). He could have bought clothes on that planet they landed on while his buddy went to the bar. He could have asked the Hitchiker’s Guide where to get clothes. So, on and so on, etc., etc.

    The sad part is that if they make a sequel, I bet they leave him in his pajamas. You don’t see a problem with this?

    Besides, the movie didn’t bother to explain the whole towel thing either. Uh, it was so annoying in a horrible inside joke kind of way.

    Instead of attacking my review, why not try defending the movie. What did you like about it? Aparently, you were somewhat fond of the pajamas.

  • Brady,
    Actually, this is one of only a few negative reviews (if at all) that I’ve written. Check out some more of my reviews. I’d appreciate any bashing that you left there as well.

    “lacking in any objective thought” – I kinda thought the objective thought was “I DIDN’T LIKE THE MOVIE.” Perhaps, I didn’t make that clear in the first when I stated, “The Hitchiker’s Guide To The Galaxy was an absolute disappointment (1 out of 5).”

    As for a nine year-old writing a better review, great! You should have them post their reviews. I wasn’t trying for literary success on this one. I was just conveying my opinion on the movie. It sucked.

  • -E,

    Sorry, I confused you and Brady. I apologize. You didn’t really attack my review (not that badly anyway). : )

    Really, I was just bothered by the hero character in general. His decision making process wasn’t suited well to space travel. The pajama thing was just the best example of his behavior. ; )

  • I think they left him in the robe to convey that he’s a normal dude on an adventure. He didn’t plan for it, it just happened, and such is the theme of the film. Everything happens at random and you can’t control it so just go along for the ride and enjoy it.

    Though, having read the book, this is one of those things that didn’t really come across that well in the movie. Because of this, the little things like the importance of the towel, or the Don’t Panic inscription on the book, or the fact that Arthur wasn’t supposed to be an incredible character, felt more like inside jokes than themes made apparent in the movie.

    I still enjoyed the movie quite a bit, and would have enjoyed it regardless of my experience with the book, but I also acknowledge that it came up short in places.

    Definitely not 1 out of 5, though. That’s reserved for movies like the big screen adaptation of The Avengers with Uma Thurman. I’d say more of a 3 out of 5. Maybe 3.5 because of Sam Rockwell.

  • Good points. I can see how they were trying to make him seem like a normal guy, but they failed because any normal guy would have changed. Especially, if he’s a creature of habit. That’s the first thing you can do before you start your day.

    I stick with my 1 out of 5 though for two reasons: 1) I was bored the entire movie. 2) I had expected to really like this movie.

    In fact, I had wanted to see this one much more than Kung Fu Hustle.

  • Rich James

    Arthur, of course, was in pajamas because of the absurdity of it. It was an obvious joke about his utter unsuitability to the situation he was thrust into. Its insignificant. The movie was a big disappointment to me too. I loved the books and the radio program, never saw the TV version. The movie was rushed and incoherent. The funny bits weren’t funny because they were shouted at you rapid-fire instead of the way they were intended to be experienced. The visual stuff was often totally amazing, The Vogons couldn’t have been more perfectly portrayed but, the whole thing was a jumbled, frantic mess in my opinion. I wanted to like this movie a lot but, couldn’t. Didn’t like Marvin at all, Deep Thought was just goofy, Slartibartfast was very good, my kid liked the dolphin song but not much else. Could have been awsome with better comedic pacing. OK, you can all attack me now.

  • Nah, I agree with you Rich. Of course, if they had taken the time to change Arthur out of his PJ’s, the movie would have slowed down, and the pacing would have been fixed.

    Actually, I was being a little absurd with the PJ thing, but it was a good example of what was wrong with this movie. They tried too hard with somethings (like the PJ’s) but not hard enough with others (the overall movie).