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Review: The Dan Band Live

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You may have heard of The Dan Band as “the wedding band from Old School”. If you’ve seen the movie, the band’s fabulously inappropriate version of ‘Total Eclipse of the Heart’ likely stuck with you.

So when I heard that the band from Old School – in the form of The Dan Band – actually existed, I thought it would be cool to get the full-form Old School experience.

Unfortunately, The Dan Band isn’t quite the same as the Old School wedding band. “Dan” has seen fit to create what he sees as a high-concept, lowbrow act centered around singing female anthems in dude mode.

It’s amusing for about 10 minutes, and then it gets repetitive. Imagine if you and your friends had worked out a really tight karaoke act and you have the live incarnation of The Dan Band.

In my mind, the great thing about the wedding band scene from Old School was the seeming normality – cheesy musicians in tuxedos playing what would seem like a typical bad wedding song but littered with f-bombs and sexual gestures – of the situation. And The Dan Band loses that, as they try very hard to be a specific creation (a guy in a mechanic’s outfit and two nerd guys dressed in matching nerd attire … um, OK).

Sure, I understand that just trotting out the yellow tuxedos and being the “wedding band” might not get you much of a career, but I’d have preferred that to “Dan” in this slightly modified version.

At the least, they should stop billing themselves as the “Old School” band. Because, even if you find it amusing, it’s not the same thing.

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  • Eric Olsen

    thanks Ken, great to see you back!

  • liamgallagher

    Saw these guys live and agree with your sentiments.

  • Andrew

    Having seen the Dan Band live, I have to disagree with you. Myself and everyone I went with had an absolute blast at this concert and I found their show to be one of the funniest and entertaining shows I’d seen in a while.

  • Susan

    Would someone please provide me with the Dan Band email address. Thanks

  • Eli

    I completely agree, just saw them last night in Portland. Worst show ever. No “Band”!? A guy behind a few dorks playing CD’s.
    Glad I didnt have to pay for the ticket. I really enjoyed Them on screen.