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Review: Survivor: Guatemala – Week Five: Ho Hum?

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The Cast
(Stephanie and Bobby-John not shown)

Not much different this week. A recap of last week’s episode, a bit of infrared camera footage of Judd getting mouthy, with Margaret casting down the traitor stone. NAKÚM is in political disarray.

The next day it’s more of the same for YAXHÁ (ya sha) Tribe, with crocodiles, politics and a growing gap between the hicks and townies.

Reward Challenge

This week’s reward is rather decent, considering. Along with the obligitory pitchers of margaritas, chips, and dip, the winning tribe gets a floating swim area that is crocodile proof, and totally surrounded by decking, lawn chairs, tables, and umbrellas. For the first time in two weeks the winning tribe will be able to escape the oppressive jungle heat without risking life and limb.

The competition looks to be a same-old same old, but the first station requires cutting through two heavy manila ropes with stone knives. Brandon takes on this responsibility, and is an incredible MONSTER at it, cutting through the inch thick ropes in about 30 seconds, and the YAXHÁ tribe never looks back.

In fact, they finish all of the other stations and cross the finish line before Jaime has cut through the rope (as his tribe members look on in disgust).

YAXHÁ wins reward – cue the margaritas!


The Tribal Immunity Challenge

One tribe member operates a catapult that flings rustic looking balls high in the air. The other tribe members try to catch them in nets. First tribe to catch five balls wins.

NAKÚM Wins immunity!


The Politics Of Elimination – Who Goes Next?

Blake is a nonstop talker, about himself and his exploits. Brian is one crafty dude who picks up on this early on and creates a divide between Blake and his teammates by “Blake Baiting”, keeping him talking until everyone is sick and tired of his endless blather. One of his stupid comments make this week’s “Best Line Of The Show”:

“My girlfriend has D-cup boobs, but then she started taking the pill and I think that they’ve swelled up to double-D!” – Blake

Still, it’s a four on three situation, and it looks like Brian will get voted off the island. This would be a shame as I really think there is a chance that Brian might hook up with Rafe to become the first set of dudes to sleep together on Survivor. (stay tuned for this, eh?) But Blake may have pissed off his former tribe member Danni with his talking about boobs…

The voting starts at tribal council, and in the end Danni’s swing vote goes against the frat jawbone.

Blake Towsley is Voted Out Of The Jungle

CBS has put together a really nice website for this season’s show at SURVIVOR. Be sure to take a look at the individual contestant’s profiles. Beautiful pictures of the Mayan ruins are used as the background to each of the contestant’s “favorites” and “bio” information.

Check back next week for more Survivor Results!

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  • Marcia L. Neil

    Do all the participants speak Spanish? There are other landslides in Central AMerica linked with the ‘Semana en Espaniol’ social set.

  • It’s a little freaky how much Brian and Blake started to look alike. They could be cousins, at the very least. Blake’s comments at the end of the show summed up perfectly why he was the right one to leave.

  • RogerMDillion

    “in the end Danni’s swing vote goes against the frat jawbone.”

    Bobby John voted Blake off as well.

  • Bennett

    Joanie – Damn! I left the room before that little segment. What did he say?

    Roger – No shit? That shifty-eyed no good unloyal so-and-so!

    I think everyone was sick of listening to his jaw flap. Brian was right on top of that stuff. Clever!