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Review: Sevendust – Next

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Sevendust Next Winedark Records

You’ve got to hand it to Sevendust. They have continued on now for nearly a decade, and throughout that time, they have to be considered one of the most consistently excellent bands out there. From the onset to now, they’ve had their share of critical praise, have always delivered in the live setting, and have always sold a good amount of records each time out. So, when you saw this review and you clicked on it, did you really, really think you’d see a review that said anything you haven’t already heard?

You really aren’t going to here. Next is as advertised – the next Sevendust record. It’s a little heavier than their last output, Seasons, but it’s definitely an appealing Sevendust Record, as always. If you liked them before, you are bound to like them now. Vocalist Lajon Witherspoon has weathered a lot of personal adversity over the years, but never has let it influence his mixture of clean and screaming vocals. On songs like “Ugly”, he showcases his crooning voice and mixes it well with the rage of a soul drenched in pain. More than any other vocalist out there, Witherspoon has used the “crooning-to-raging” style to build momentum in songs effectively. As with Witherspoon, drummer Morgan Rose provides another exceptional performance as well. His playing style is somewhat traditional, although he mixes in a modern flair and an interesting peppering of cymbal play into odd parts of songs. On “Pieces”, the song is taken over by Rose and new guitarist Sonny Mayo.

There is a new element to Sevendust is the previously mentioned Sonny Mayo. Replacing Clint Lowery in the band, the ex-Snot, Hed (PE) and Amen guitarist brings a crunchier sound to the mix than Lowery did. He still plays what would be considered to be “traditional” Sevendust riffs (as on “Silence”; a song that could have appeared on any Sevendust album), but he’s heavied the band up a bit, which is a very good addition to the sound.

RATING – 8/10 – Sevendust is good. Period. They may never sell as many copies of records as some of the flashes in the pan that come and go, but they are proving that consistent excellence leads to longevity in a career. Next is exactly that – the next Sevendust record. Like it’s predecessors, all of the songs are solid, the presentation is excellent, and you leave it thinking, “damn, those guys are good”. The fact is, they are.

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  • Yeah, that’s pretty much what I said about it too… Sonny had bigger impact on their style than I would’ve expected, what with adding the solos and harmonies and stuff.

  • brian

    this sevendust album is the best since their debut release…i just got it alittle early, and it is just great.

  • Rick

    First of all, these guys have done it again….another fantastic album with heavy and unique riffs in combination with the memorable and catchy melodies we’ve gotten used to on the last two albums. They are by far my favorite band. That being said, the production doesn’t see to be up to the standards of the last few records. Is it me, or does everything sound “washed out” and “muddled” together? I know the guys of Sevendust took pride in the fact that they self-produced most of this record, but it doesn’t have that crisp, separated sound. I think that may have cost them a perfect “10” in my opinion. Anyone else agree or comment?

  • Chris Dostal

    Top record – I picked up the advanced copy with a DVD here in Australia. I have always been a huge fan of them and have seen them live here – where I was left thinking “my god – that was awesome”.

    One of the outstanding things with this album is that even at the “softest” moments – you want it cranked as loud as possible. With saying that, I would say this is perhaps one of the angrier records of theres.. I guess it’s got to do with the whole Clint Lowerly thing.. (ie: the last song).

    They’ve continued on with a similar riff from “Face to Face” off seasons – and kept it going through all sorts of tunes – it just shows the diversity, with keeping real to the sevendust sound.

    I agree – it’s not a polished record and even on my high end systems it doesnt sound clean. Hoping they’ll still crack into the bigtime with this one tho – it’s been a long time coming! Ugly is charting – and I hope they get the recognition they deserve.

  • Next is a great disk from a great band. The songs have a driving feel that makes your head bob up and down. The unique thing about Sevendust is that their song structures go from a heavy groove to melodic, which is very catchy and infectious. Thank God, I ordered the CD from Tower Records because I went to Circuit City, Best Buy and Target and they were totally sold out of the CD (and they did have more than 4 on hand on Tuesday morning apparently), so I guess we’re not the only people who feel that Next is great CD.

  • Rob

    Great new album I love the band, I met them w/Clint & w/Sonny they are cool down to earth guys. Noone sounds as cool to me as when Morgan screams on the songs. I always get hyped when I crank up the 7bros.

  • Dominik

    SEVENDUST is kick ass! not their best CD, but its still kick ass! Pieces Hero Silence and The Last Song are my favorites! a very good CD!!!

  • Cade

    Sevendust first became my favorite band when i saw them live, after that i listen to them religously. This CD is very good but it just isn’t the same perfect 10 i’ve come to expect from these guys. Even so this CD is still the best i’ve bought since “seasons”

  • John

    finally the wait is over! Next is finally here! I’m singing the songs everywhere I go! I also hope they get the recognition they deserve with the media! Being a huge very critical fan I am let down in some ways with the album but ultimately all I can think about is how awesome these songs are going to sound live!!! Who’s with me?

  • Dave

    The new record is just okay. Why they signed with a startup, amateur record company is beyond me. Having their own record imprint is great for them, but will cause conflicts in the future. Best of luck to them, and they need more inspiration. The latest is just so uninspiring and lackluster, they need to stop playing their 1-trick pony they have.

  • Lucian

    My heart and mind is ready to explode with extreme joy over “NEXT!” SEVENDUST rules supreme – Sonny Mayo is the perfect addition to one of the heaviest and artistically accomplished bands I’ve ever heard in my Life! Lajon’s vocals are sweeter than ever! Simply put – I LOVE these guys! Please check out “NEXT” – you won’t regret it!

    Rock on.


  • Brenton

    I’d have to agree that the production is somewhat lacking compared to their last 2 efforts. It just doesn’t have that clean, crisp sound that I’ve become accustomed to. Nevertheless, the songs are very good, as expected.

  • I am a long time 7dust fan. This is a much harder album to get into. Sonny Mayo + self production? Change.

    I persevered. I played it in the car. I played it at work. I played it at home.

    7dust were always spokesmen for my heart. They changed the vehicle but not the message. And no matter how you look at it, they are unversal craftsmen without peer.

    Enemy gave me an anthem for my life. Next gave me a reason to go forward.

    Did I mention the musicianship? Nah, didn’t think I needed to 🙂

    Danny Carey, Morgan Rose ……….. Do any other drummers exist?