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REVIEW: Saved!

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At a recent movie night with friends, one of the movies we watched was Saved! It’s a religious comedy, starring Mandy Moore, Jena Malone, and Mr. Home Alone himself Macaulay Culkin. I wasn’t sure what exactly to expect going into this movie, but I did recall seeing Macaulay Culkin on Conan and it looked funny at the time. So I started watching with an open mind.

The movie follows the story of Mary (played by Malone), a Baptist high school student who becomes pregnant and outcast. Mary questions her faith and finds salvation in two unlikely fellow students.

This movie really surprised me! And oddly enough, I rather enjoyed it! If you are a usual reader of my blog, you’ll know that religion and I don’t usually get along. Okay, we almost never get along. What I liked about this movie however, is that it was not afraid to poke fun at the stereotypical religious themes. It wasn’t afraid to go a bit over the top (and Mandy Moore did an excellent job of exaggerating her role as lead Jesus-cheerleader). At the same time, I think the movie has enough material there for the religious-types.

Almost all of the actors do a great job in this movie, except for probably Mary’s mother and Pastor Skip, who are just not believable. Moore does a great job with her character, especially since it is the exact opposite of every character she has ever played before – mean, benevolent, jealous, etc. Culkin played the handicapped guy quite well, and it was interesting to see him act again after so long. Malone did a decent job, but I think the best performance was given by Eva Amurri who plays the slightly eccentric Cassandra. Talk about nailing a character.

If you are looking for a funny movie, with a religious theme, then you’ll like Saved. If you are looking for a hardcore, everyone let’s get together and pray type of movie, you will most likely be disappointed. I liked Saved, and I look forward to new movies from Culkin, now that he is back in the acting thing. Check it out for a laugh!

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  • Claire Robinson

    Very nice review, Mack. It is a movie I didn’t think I would see, but you have convinced me.


  • Yeah for sure, check it out, it was entertaining!

  • A fair warning though, quite a few religious people were deeply offended by this movie (or so I’ve heard from reviews). Maybe, it’s because I’m not all that religious myself, but I couldn’t find anything really offensive about it, as there’s quite a bit of redeeming qualities to this movie. Preach love, not hate.

  • The Theory

    I thought pastor skip was believable… because most youth group pastors are JUST LIKE HIM.

    Growing up in the christian culture, this movie was extremely funny. Generally, I would say that you have to have a)grown up in the culture and b) not be too uptight… to enjoy the movie. Which means that the number of people who will actually appriciate it will be low.

  • i thought the flick had a fair few funny moments (the first half hour was rather great), but there still seemed to be something rather distatesful about its seriously intolerant stance. Ironically enough, the subjects were intolerant people, but i don’t think the filmmakers exhibited very different characteristics.

    Still, it was funny for the first half hour, for sure.


  • You didn’t find the ending some what redeeming upon their previous swipes against God through out the movie?