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Review: Rush’s 30th Anniversary DVD Set

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The sound that emanates from this three-man Canadian band is one that has captured the imagination and the hearts of fans around the world for 30 years and has again delivered.

From the complex rhythms of Geddy’s bass, to the wild licks of Alex’s guitar, to the seemingly impossible beats of Neil’s drums, this anniversary edition DVD set from Rounder Records is simply a must-have for both the casual music lover and the devout Rush fan. This compilation of music and interviews spans the bands history from their humble beginnings with a microphone on a lamp stand to sold-out stadiums across the globe.

This set includes band interviews spanning from 1979 to current, musical excerpts from the past 30 years, the full 30th anniversary concert in Germany, a photo book, and signature guitar picks from Geddy and Alex. All this packaged in a quality set that would honor any bookshelf but deserves first place in the DVD player.

From the first interview in 1979 with Geddy Lee, one gets a sense of a band trying to find its own style and beat in a sea of cookie cutter rock bands that permeated that era. It was a group that from day one was a little unlike any other band of its day, a band that would go on to create an entire niche and devout fan base that others would attempt to merely mimic.

Always with a hint of mysticism and social statement, Rush’s music has grown, changed, and matured over the years and this DVD set captures this growth and change, leaving one with a renewed sense of respect of what Rush has accomplished throughout its history. Unlike many bands that have succumbed to the old adage of “Sex, drugs, and rock-n-roll” and band members growing weary of their group, Rush has managed to not only to stay together but thrive in a way that gives one the sense that the trio are really but a single entity, both on and off the stage.

To music fans I say, this is a must have work of one of the greatest rock and roll bands of our era as no music collection should be without, period!

To Alex, Geddy, and Neil, thanks for all the years of traveling down your own path and bringing to the world such wonderful music that is sure to resonate for years to come. What a great ride it has been so far!

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  • It’s Geddy not Getty.

  • Hung Nguyen

    Also it’s not the full German Concert at all. Many of the songs were cut out, but all of those songs can be found on their previous DVD, Rush in Rio.