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Review: Rasputina’s Supreme Mojo Tragically Exposed in A Radical Recital

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Founded by an amazingly well preserved Melora Creager back in 1891, Rasputina refers to itself as a “cello rock ensemble” as if any such phrase could effectively capture this enigmatic trio. A Radical Recital, Rasputina’s newly released live album, is a deliciously wicked romp through musical territory one would never have dreamt possible for two cellists and a drummer to navigate. (And if one HAD dreamt it possible, one would likely not speak of it freely, never, certainly, in polite company or in front of public officials…) With lyric subject matter ranging from Howard Hughes to giant Bolivian rats and an opium smoking mother mingled with covers of Led Zepellin’s Rock & Roll and Heart’s Barracuda, it is tempting to consider Rasputina a quirky novelty act, but there is a reason for this group’s staying power. With vocals curling hypnotically around the nearly classical cello strains coaxed forth alongside fellow cellist Zoe Keating one minute and unleashing feral howls calling to mind Robert Plant the next, Melora delivers an impressive performance leaving little doubt that she can lay full claim to rock musicianship. Drummer Jonathon TeBeest, the first male member of Rasputina, rounds out the trio with an equally strong performance.
With Melora’s off-beat commentary peppered throughout, A Radical Recital successfully captures the band’s energy and personality, sure to please existing fans and bring many more to the fold.

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  • nuts, they didn’t include there cover of “Baby Got Back”.

    i’ll still get it tho…