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Review: Ping – A Frog in Search of a New Pond

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Ping A Frog in Search of a New Pond by Stuart Avery Gold, tells the story of a frog who has to learn that what he thinks is will affect his actions. In a nutshell, this means success only comes if he believes it will.

After Ping gets himself stuck in a tree, he meets up with a wise old owl who teaches him that the thoughts in our head guide us.

At first, the sage is reluctant to take on the young amphibian as a student. However, he reconsiders when Ping persists in his questioning and finally comes down out of the tree and gets on the same level as the sage.

This book is in the same genre as Who Moved My Cheese?. Rather than looking at the obstacle in front of you, one should have to consider the possibilities of how to overcome the obstacle.

For example, the owl tells Ping to get up and start walking. When Ping starts to protest that frogs were not made to walk, the old owl says to do it anyway, overcoming the obstacle.

So, Ping works on it. He stumbles at first, but eventually does as the old owl says. A frog can walk! All he has to do is set his mind to it.

One interesting note: Gold came up with the idea for this book after seeing a newspaper article about a frog with such a remarkable jumping ability that a new species of frog was created.

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