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REVIEW: Papa Roach’s “Getting Away With Murder”

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Papa Roach just released their new album, Getting Away With Murder, at the end of August so I decided to acquire it and see what it was like. I really liked their “Infest” album from a few years back, but really didn’t get anything out of their followup “lovehatetragedy”. I am happy to say that with this release, I am a Papa Roach listener once again.

I used to listen to “Last Resort” over and over again, I just couldn’t get tired of it. The title track from the new album is exactly like that. I think I could listen to “Getting Away With Murder” many times before I’d even start to get sick of it. Overall the album has a very consistent sound, upbeat and edgy. Some other great songs on the album include “Be Free”, “Done With You”, and “Scars”.

The album also contains “Blood (Empty Promises)”, “Not Listening”, “Stop Looking Start Seeing”, “Take Me”, “Sometimes”, “Blanket of Fear”, “Tyranny Of Normality”, and “Do Or Die”. Total running time for all 12 tracks is just 38 minutes, 5 seconds. Its a very entertaining half hour however!

If the next album from Papa Roach is anything like this one, I will definitely be getting a copy. I think “lovehatetragedy” was an experiment for the band, and I am glad to see that they decided it was not the right way to go. Back to the studio and “Getting Away With Murder” is the fantastic result!

[Listening to: Getting Away With Murder – Papa Roach – Getting Away With Murder (03:12)]
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  • Jordan

    Each new P-Roach album is better than the last.
    “Lovehatetragedy” places Papa Roach more in the “metal” category than hard rock because of some not-so-melodious verses (with the exception of “Born with Nothing, Die With Everything”). Many of the songs on the album just don’t quite make it to the extreme melodic level that such “Getting Away With Murder” songs “Scars,” “Sometimes,” and “Getting Away With Murder” reach.
    “Stop Looking, Start Seeing” is the perfect example of their sophomore album leading to perfection. That song sounds very similar, yet much more melodious than “Time and Time Again” from “Lovehatetragedy.”
    Papa Roach has such wicked-sweet chord progressions on this album and YES, that really is leads you hear in the interlude of “Sometimes”!

  • reuben

    ah papa roach. now that they do not do rap anymore they have the chance of proveing to us that they can do proper heavy metal music. there new album GETTING AWAY WITH MURDER is a amazing album with plenty of heavy rock and good melodies and lyrics.

  • dylan sparling

    man this song got put in to the mechassult 2;lone wolf game if I heard this song b4 i had the game i would buy they game just 2 see how many times they use it by the way they use the song in 4 differnt parts

  • just me, no more

    Well, next to the fact that (i know this might sound against the policy) their name -i have to watch my words- isn’t that good -since a lack of a better, allowed word- the group rocks. Getting Away With Murder is indeed one of their best albums and contains so many great songs. It’s just so short, but it’s worth replaying the cd ^^

  • Why did the hair on the back of my neck stand up when I saw “Jut Me No More”s name on the screen?

  • Whoa…

  • well, papa roach is certainly not suitable for an eleven year old girl. but he is absolutely freakin awesome, especially last resort!

  • amandah

    ooiiee , eu sou do brasil
    vey eu amuuh essa banda ..
    ai e meu sonho ..
    scars .. forever .. ai
    eu sou looka por essa banda ..
    papa roach amuuh muiiitooo!!