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Review: Panic! At the Disco – A Fever You Can’t Sweat Out

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Artist: Panic! At the Disco
Album: A Fever You Can’t Sweat Out
Release Date: September 27, 2005
Label: Decaydance
Web: www.panicatthedisco.com
Rating: 3 out of 5

The Las Vegas based Panic! At The Disco was discovered by Pete Wentz of the band Fall Out Boy and subsequently the first band signed to his new label, Decaydance Records.
When I first heard the record I was a bit taken back at how similar Panic! At the Disco sounds to Fall Out Boy. The pop-punk sound that makes teenage girls swoon is right on target, but Panic! takes the music a bit further with great success. I must admit that the pop-punk sound grew thin for me before the turn of the century. The Green Day, Blink-182, Fall Out Boy sound is just plain overdone and no longer interests. However, even though this worn-out sound can be found in the debut by Panic! At the Disco I found myself really listening and truly enjoying what I heard. Their progressions are just a little more complicated without giving up on hooks, however it’s the melding of electronic elements and vaudevillian pianos, horns, stings and accordions that take the record to a higher plane. “A Fever You Can’t Sweat Out” is an impressive debut for 4 guys who don’t look like they have completed puberty.

The electronic and acoustic flavored tracks are literally split in half on the album and are separated by an “intermission”. A gimmick? Well maybe, but it works like a charm. The song craft remains basically the same throughout, but the background flavors give the two album halves a welcomed change in feel.
A Fever You Can’t Sweat Out” also has a sense of dynamics that you don’t usually find in pop kiddie bands. Knowing when not to play and when to turn the energy up a notch helps keep it from running together. The lyrics are high school, but intelligent high school, these guys are smart and you might even let your daughter date them. Panic! also continues the soon-to-be overplayed, long song title trend. Tracks like “There’s A Good Reason These Tables Are Numbered Honey, You Just Haven’t Thought Of It Yet” and “Lying Is The Most Fun A Girl Can Have Without Taking Her Clothes Off” serve no purpose but to screw up the ability to easily view titles in a digital world.

I came into this record expecting to hate it, I came out of it smiling. And although it won’t make my best of 2005 list it will take up a permanent place in my collection.

Track Listing:

1. Introduction
2. Only Difference Between Martyrdom and Suicide Is Press Coverage
3. London Beckoned Songs About Money Written by Machines
4. Nails for Breakfast, Tacks for Snacks
5. Camisado
6. Time to Dance
7. Lying Is the Most Fun a Girl Can Have Without Taking Her Clothes Off
8. Intermission
9. But It’s Better If You Do
10. I Write Sinds Not Tragedies
11. I Constantly Thank God for Esteban
12. There’s a Good Reason These Tables Are Numbered Honey, You Just Haven’t
13. Build God, Then We’ll Talk

Panic! at the Disco tour dates:

10/7, Albany, NY (Washington Avenue Armory)
10/8, Lowell, MA (Paul E. Tsongas Arena)
10/9, Philadelphia, PA (Electric Factory)
10/10, Philadelphia, PA (Electric Factory)
10/11, New York City (Roseland Ballroom)
10/13, Pittsburgh, PA (AJ Palumbo Center)

10/14, Portsmouth, VA (Harbor Center)
10/15, Myrtle Beach, SC (House of Blues)
10/16, Atlanta, GA (Tabernacle)
10/18, Orlando, FL (Hard Rock Live)
10/19, Ft. Lauderdale, FL (Revolution)
10/20, St. Petersburg, FL (Jannus Landing)
10/24, San Antonio, TX (Graham Central Station)
10/26, Tempe, AZ (Marquee Theater)
10/27, Los Angeles, CA (Wiltern Theatre)
10/28, San Diego, CA (Soma)
10/29, Tucson, AZ (Rialto Theatre)
10/31, Irvine, CA (Bren events Center)
11/1, Las Vegas, NV (House of Blues)
11/2, Sacramento, CA (CSU Ballroom)
11/3, San Francisco, CA (Warfield Theatre)
11/4, Chico, CA (CSU BMU Auditorium)
11/5, Boise, ID (The Big Easy)
11/6. Seattle, WA (The Premiere)
11/8, Salt Lake City, UT (Promontory Hall)
11/9, Denver, CO (The Fillmore Auditorium)
11/10, Kansas City, MO (Uptown Theater)
11/11, Omaha, NE (Sokol Underground)
11/12, St. Paul, MN (Myth)
11/13, St. Louis, MO (The Pageant)
11/15, Des Moines, IA (Val Air Ballroom)
11/16, Milwaukee, WI (Eagles Ballroom)
11/17, Grand Rapids, MI (Orbit Room)
11/18, Indianapolis, IN (Egyptian Room)
11/19, Champaign, IL (Assembly Hall)
11/20, Cincinnati, OH (Bogarts)
11/22, Providence, RI (Dunkin Donuts Arena)
11/23, Tom’s River, NJ (Ritacco Center)

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  • Rachel

    I love you guys!
    Your my favourite band i swear!
    On myspace it says your coming to the UK
    but where do i buy your tickets?

  • Locke

    When I first heard this, I fell backwards off my computer chair.. stood up then played Fall Out Boy’s cd (Take this to your Grave) and I was simply amazing at how similair they where. I love how they intertwine there techno beats with there smooth and rhythmical style of playing. How I choose the bands I like is upon first impression usually… when I heard this guys (might sound like a petty cliche) but my breathe like stopped and I turned to my brothers stario and immediatly upon instinct turned it up. Thumbs up for Panic. Love you music keep it rocking. I will see them on Nov. 16th at the Eagles Ballroom.

    “Swear to shake it up, and you swear to listen.
    Oh, we’re still so young, desperate for attention.”


  • Tori

    This band is amazing.To be totally honest I had never really heard anything about them until I went to the nintendo Fusion Tour this past thursay in Tampa,FL.They were amazing live and the Lead Singer Brendon took my breathe away..not only is he gorgeous his voice is awesome.He was such a sweetheart too after the show he cam eout and I noticed him standing there I was one of the first people to ask him to take a picture with me and he was the nicest person about it.The whole band is just well put together.Alot of critics are saying they sound to much like FOB well I don’t think thats the case at all.I personally like them better than Fall Out Boy.I cannot wait to see them live again!

  • Poser

    You guys rock! you’re my fav band! But I’ll probably change my mind about that in a week! But ya you guys are the best and I heard of you guys WAY before anyone else has so that makes me feel good!! yay!

  • Farhana

    They’re awesome.. i am listenin to ’em right now.. “Swear to shake it up, and u swear 2 listen, oh we’re still so young, desperate for attention,” Ahh, i fall in <3 with em!!!!!!

  • Alison


  • Katy

    Oh yea! I’m rockin out to them rite now! When i came across them on myspace it was love at 1st listen! I’v made t-shirts and Slide show presentations and mix tapes with them on it <33 god im lovin them.

    Can't wait to see em!!
    <33 xoxo


  • jenn

    i love u guys to death im going to ur concert in soma on dec 9th and i seriously cant wait when i got the tickets i was so excited i love u guys


    all my friends love panic! at the disco! although, I did not see the concert (even though I REALY wanted to!!) because of personal family issues. all my friends went and said that they were awsome. Although thay had to stand with a bunch of 12-14 year old posers going there just to see FOB. i am sorry i missed it though!


    LOVE YA,

  • well,
    the very first panic! show i went to was at a place called ‘the clubhouse’, my friend and i were the first ones there at this venue. so there we were sitting down and then all the sudden we heard a tapping on the glass that we were leaning up against, we could not really see through the glass so we just knocked back. the knocking game went on for a while ha then the ppl on the other side discovered that you could talk through the door ha so we started talking to them for a while and stuff and they asked me who i was there to see and i said, “panic! of course” and the other person said, “well this is Brendon the singer from panic! and Ryan the guitarist” then i got all happy ha wow
    so we just talked to them a lot during that show before and after because well they weren’t big then and they were the opening band.
    the crowd that night was real small so it made it even better
    but i felt bad because they wanted to hang out after but we had to meet up with our friends so that sucked a lot

    but now ive been to 3 of their shows in AZ, and we always meet up and say our hello’s again every show
    it’s always good to see them and see how the tour’s going
    i was trying to make it to a vegas show but both show’s are all sold out
    i was really bummed

    but now i’m just really happy for them that they are getting real big after just a couple of shows

    and i just wish them the best of luck


  • oh and my url is wrong, i thought it was just a simple link to our myspace not a blog thing

    here’s my myspace link,


  • okay. so you rock our world.
    quite literally
    day and night.
    seeing as it is 1:10 in the morning.
    and we are still listening to your cd.
    so we believe that you should come to Canada soon.
    specifically toronto area! plz. &&thank you

  • IWriteSinsNotTragedies

    PANIC! AT THE DISCO. Wow. One amazing band and I bet even better to see live. I absolutely adore these guys because they have their own style of music with a rock/techno.. whatever you want to call it, but they have a great sound with sweet lyrics and catchy beats, that are funny enough, awesome to dance too. I know they would be rad to see live, which I hope they will come to CANADA <3 I must get the cd soon, I can't wait. Panic! At The Disco, we LOVE you.

  • sarahh! at the disco ;)

    so im completely in love with you guys. saw you in toronto on the nintendo fusion tour, absolutely amazing! <3 definitely best night of my life. i love love love you guysss!

    sarah <3333

  • my friend, Sam introduced me to you guys and i found that you guys are awsome!! i’m really into that thing where you add in classical instruments that is like the cherry on top of a great album. Keep writing and playing im looking forward to ur next cd

  • Alice – London

    i love this band!!!!!!! it was a seriously hard choice, but i had to choose between going to a FOB gig in London, or a the academy is… gig where Panic! are the warm up band also in london. i couldnt go to both – as tickets were by then about 30quid, and they were within 4 days of eachother at the same venue. but i eventually chose panic and am now seriously excited!!!!i love them! i first heard them through a friend, but have run with their name, and am now obsessed!
    suckily, their album hasnt been released here yet, so i have to rely on a crap downloaded 1, but i look forwards to hearing the proper division. and boy – are they hot!!!! theyre gorgeous!!!!!!!!
    I LOVE PANIC!!!!! and would challenge anyone with half dencent taste in music to listen to i write sins not tradgedies, and come out not loving them! looking forwards to the concert now! yay! btw -are the academy is.. any good? lol

  • omg this band rox meghan’s sox (yes i talk about myself in third and first person) The are playing at the opera house in toronto soon!!! AND I HAVE TICKETS!! WOOT
    you guys are a great pick-up for anyone who is heart broken abou things going on in life or even because of Blink 182 BUT YOU GUYS ARE THA BOMB (haha yeah i know that phrase is corny)
    i hope you guys have great sucess and keep making songs for me:) =…i mean your fans:)

    My friend was listening to you guys over and over eah time i came to her house so i finally asked her who that was and she told me Panic! at the disco so i looked you guys up and turns out i;m a rabid fan now:)
    i love your lyrics they’re so… singable:) hehe
    i go to school and me and my friend teresa (all we do is sing) exchange lyrics of a new song we found bout you guys …so just to let you know you have many fans in Canada too:) which is always good! so be safe be happy don;t worry and have a good TIME!! HAHA THATS CORNY lol but you guys still ROCK..

    well my friend is also a GRAMMER ADDICT! so she noticed you guys used “fuck ” as a verb and she thought that was good..so she sends her condolenses:)

  • hehe

  • Georgia & Ema

    We went to see Panic! in newcastle last night they were freaking awesome, I passed out twice and lost ema but WEY!!!!!

    Ive been to a lot of live gigs but i can definatly say that Panic! was THE BEST! Oh ye and the lead singer, Brendan, is absolutly gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!!


  • you guys are the best.<3

  • Kath


  • These guys kick my breasts; ahha.
    The very first time I heard them, I was hooked.
    ‘Lying is the Most Fun a Girl Can Have Without Taking Her Clothes off’
    was the first song I ever listened to, and it made me swoon.
    It was sexual, but still upbeat? You really can’t get any better.

  • razor

    hay wats up yall i luv panic at the disco i heard it once and thought wow awsome these guys are awsome right after i heard them i went out and got there cd (the first cd i acualy paid for)i luv it its the best [Personal contact info deleted] well peace out


  • just a teenager

    Great band guys..im from Kuwait and you guys seriously made life here so much better. Thanks and great music

  • An Old Music Guy

    Hey, I am a 50 yo guy, have seen all the legends of the past (Led Zepplin, The Who, etc.etc.) but am definately not stuck in the past. I like these guys, they are great. The have a great sound, great lyrics, great hooks…think they will go far!

  • ashlea

    OMG!!!!!!!!!! i luv this band soooooo mutch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jennah

    wow.I Love panic! They are my favourite band.I was pretty pissed when they went mainstream though because I know thats not who they are.But anywho im not gonna be like OMG I LOVE YOU GUYS SO MUCH YOU ARE LIKE THE BEST BAND LIKE EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…..Because i know how annoying that can be.
    Thank you for influencing me.

  • Adett

    As of yet i have not seen panic! at the disco live and probly wont for a bit as i live in australia and well you’s arn’t playing there yet
    i have most certainly heard you guys, god panic! makes me swoon, brandon, ryan you are both uber sexxy, i love the fact that your still young…anyway there’s nothing i like best then REAL bands, the ones that can really perform, and you panic definatly have that, i find myself constantly singing and rocking out to your catchy lyrics. Anyway, Love you guys so much!! oxoxox

  • you guys are the coolest ever.

  • Olga

    OMG i luv this band! i swear my friend showed u guys 2 me and now im so obsessed…im soooooo serious!! omg i luv u guyss! he he especially the lead singer omg i think ur sooooo hot! well i gotta go! byeee

  • Hayleigh

    Hey I’m a huge fan i was just wonderin if Panic! at the disco was going to come to australia because i would love to see them live they are fuckin great

  • dallas henderson

    how old are you and are you married well i love yall like so much and i cant get you song out of my head and i hope to go one of your conerts and i will be in the front of the stage if i do go and is it ok if i get your phone number and i look like this i am 5″1 1/2 thats how tall i am and here is what i look like i have brown hair with bloned strieks and i have brown eyes i have dark skin and i love people with long dark hair like you and you and that guy in the music video with the clowns in it and whats yalls names and whats the guys name that was the grum. well i love you and when i say you i mean yall well talk to “yall” later and well comment me bac love ya bye bye kiss kiss hug hug Dallas henderson =Citera

  • Dallas Henderson

    hey its me dallas and i want to say i love you guys you and send me an e-mail

  • Dallas Henderson

    hey its Dallas hey can you send me one of your pictures with yall smiling in it and have yalls signature on the back and my address is 405 ashly lane raonoke tx 76262 and well i ove yall bye bye kiss kiss hug hug Dallas Henderson

  • Dallas Henderson

    hey i fore got to say give me your phone number please whith the picture or pictures

  • Dallas Henderson

    hey my neighbor loves yalls songs and he acts like you well this is dallas comment me bac mlove ya lots bye bye kiss kiss hug hug Dallas Henderson

  • fоямея емо ќіď

    i think that this album has a weird point to it….but at the same time has meaning to it that u can’t explain…i feel that theres more to life than just un-meaning shit screamo..screamo is good..but u cant effing hear what thier saying..some times..now im gonna go cut my self….or maybe not after listing to the album..im proly not…im not..

  • Britney

    You guys rock

  • Britney


  • miss urie

    PANIC! AT THE DISCO is soooo flipping amazing i love you guys with a burning passion specially brendon urie cause he is the most amazing and by far the hottest guy i have ever seen in my entire life!!! ill do anything with you anyday…all you have to do is kiss me!! love you so flipping much!!!o by the way when we get married where do you want to live cause if you want to live in california ill pack my bags!!like now!! anyway o totally love panic! and withouht my amazing friend leading the way….i would have never found love!! wow i never even met this kid lol
    brendon forever and everrrr
    <33333 peace out

  • kels

    hey guys I think your music is completely… thrilling and meaningful. It’s completley awesome and has become my favorite band now. I think it’s the dip shit so good job guys.
    And brendon I think your the most gorgeous thang alive. yep, you have a spankin body. later

  • P!atd are my life

    i love PANIC! at the disco they are my favourite band they rock ma sox there music is sooo good xooxxoxox

  • Sonia

    Panic at the disco is so ……….awsome and they our the best band ever Brendon is amazing and hot.I got all of your guys songs stuck in my head cuz i love ’em

  • Angela

    can u plz come to connecticut?!!! becuz i luv u all soo much!!! especially the lead singer brendon!!! (omg marry me brendon) i would do anything!!! lol. . .ur music is the BEST!!! i luv ur song but its better if u do, i listen to that song like almost every minute! plz come to connecticut! I LUV U BRENDON I LUV U BRENdon! plz marry me, come to wethersfield ct nd marry me! we would be soo happy with eachother!! ((ur the hottest guy ever, nd im hot also)) hehe. . .plzzzz come to ct so then we can get married haha lol, I LUV U BRENDON!!!! DONT EVER FORGET THAT!!!!

  • zingzing

    you people know that panic at the disco did not write this, correct? nor are they reading this… you might as well write to your big toe…

  • nugget

    isn’t that the Clockwork Orange wannabe emo idiots on MTV?

    That is possibly the worst song ever. close the goddamned door or something. Is this that band?

  • I LOV THIS BAND. They have great voices and THEY ARE SOOOOOOOOOO HOOOOOOOT!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • mo

    i love this band

  • Brooke And Jill

    You guys are so awesome and you need to come to Oklahoma(the cains ballroom) and play! Brendan you are sooooo HOT you just look at me and I will faint!! We love your band sooo much come see me ok! We r ur biggest fans Love you soo much! Ur sooo sexy!!!!!!!!! omg! ok bye

    Your sexy fans brooke and jill

  • ellie

    i love u guys espically your lead singer he’s so freaken hott!!!!!!!!!!!! but yeah hope i can go to 1 of ur tours love u so much ur biggest fan!!!!!!!!

  • ellie

    my friend showed me u guys and know ur the only guys on my wall in my room and i wish i can meet u guys!!!!!! love u guys so much ellie xoxoxo hugs and kisses to everyone u guys are all hotties!!!!!1 dont worry !!!!11

  • Arianna

    OMG!!!!!!!!!!Brendon is the sexiest man I have ever seen I went to one of their concerts and havent stopped loving them!!!!!!!!xoxoxoxo to Panic!

  • Faiith

    OMG! I AGREE WITH THAT GIRL, I SOO LOVE BRENDON- HES TOTALLY HOT!! omg, xoxoxo, they are one of a kind =]

  • Brendon lover

    I so love BRENDON!

  • Sarah

    Panic! sound exactly like Fall Out Boy. FOB did it first. If you are going to get signed by your idols (Wentz) wouldn’t you at least want to try and sound orginal??? High school punk lite.

  • Sam


  • panic girl

    I absolutely ADORE PANIC! AT THE DISCO! For my high school Homecoming week I made my own tophat from “I write Sins Not Tragedies” with the diamonds and everything! I also deticated an art project to them…I painted a chair with lyrics on it. Hopefully, if I can bring myself to part with it, I’ll send it to their mailing base. I hope they like it. Especially Brendon and the boys! *HEART HEART HEART* They are so sexi! I love em! Panic will forever be my fave band…EVER! Once I graduate…me and my buds are going to follow them on tour…we’ll be their groupies!!!! LOL I wonder if Brendon would go to Prom with me…HMMMMM I am yet to see them in St. Louis…YES!!!!!!!!!!!

  • marissa

    u guys are like theee best band ever excpet for Fall Out Boy X)

  • katie

    oh my god you guys so rock i nearly fainted when i heard you guys were coming to aus my bf kate burnt the cd( a fever u can’t sweat out) for me so i was jumping up and down screaming and then i got kicked out of class for being to loud and then my boyfriend scott told me the tickets were sold out i was unhappy even though i was not aloud to go coz my mum said i was too young bummer =(

    yor biggest fan


  • Itzel

    Hi!! Can you come to Mexico city we want to hear us!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!xD
    Brendon I love you

  • omg u guys r my favourite band ever!
    first i would like to say Ryan ross, i love you!
    and every one else in panic at the disco
    i so badly wanted to come to your concert in aus but my mum said i was to young!
    on the night of the concert i was crying because i love you guys so0oooo much!.i talk about u guys every day and im always listening to your music and looking at pictures!
    i love u lots! please stay as a band as long as u live and please come to aus again for a concert!
    your biggest fan ever
    katelyn -x0x0x0x0x0x0x0x00x0x0x0x00x0x0x0x0x00x-

  • Niyanna

    I absolutely love PANIC! AT THE DISCO! I really want you to come to Columbus, Georgia and perform at the our Civic Center. I love all of you Columbus. I know we’re a little city but, we have so much love for you.

  • Ashley

    Hey!!! You guys totally rock!!! I know this might be impossible but it would be cool if you had a contest and the winner got Panic! At the Disco to do a concert at the winners school!!! I have always wanted to go to your concert so think about it. I LOVE YOU GUYS!!!

  • OMG! i saw P!ATD in concert and it was awsome (the Palace) My freind like got sick and passed out and we had to miss the last song. but we got to go basically backstage and saw the stage from the back. i don’t know if they were still there, but i wanted to meet them soooooo bad!

  • Samantha

    You guys rock!!! You need to come to Milwaukee. Everyone misses you. Or you should come to Chicago. My fav. song is I Write Sins Not Tradgities.

  • Lois Gaffney

    You guys are truly talented, i was amazed the first time i heard you, i wanted to listen to more and more songs by you. I first listened to “i write sins not tragedies”, closely followed by the breathe taking “lying is the most fun a girl can have without taking her clothes off.” You honestly are a musical inspiration, and i am greatly pleasured to listen to your music every day. I am listening to my favorite song as i write this, “There’s a good reason these tables are numbered honey, you just haven’t figured it out yet.” Thank you very much for becoming one of my favorite bands.
    Your most loving fan <3
    Lois (Gafferz)

  • aMaNDa ped

    ii absoloutly LOVE PANIC! at the Disco.. the are the most GREATEST band/singers in the world

  • Caraness

    Hello, I think you guys got the point you are very good looking but that isnt what really matters. You guys are a very good band. You have a great singer, guitar player, drummer and everything! You guys are natually talented. Any song you play you guys would make it sound great! Dont listen to the rumors people spread cause they are just desprete for attention. I will love you guys no matter what! Everytime I listen to your music it makes me happy. I have fucked up times but this always makes me better. You make a difference in the world and you should be VERY proud! Keep making new songs cause if you stop that will suck so badly! I love you all!

    Cara D

  • Phil Standen

    I have Brenden Urie staying ay my house…. My step Daughter went out last night and brought home Brenden from Panic! at the Disco… How cool is that. She’s just friends with him I might add.. He’s seeing one of her friends who is also staying here….

  • marge

    Oh my goodness. Mr. Standen, please tell us more about Brendon. It’s the coolest thing ever that you have him staying at your house. Who is he seeing?

  • Jayme

    I LOVE BRENDON & RYAN!!!!!!!!!

  • Bamlover2013

    i love you panic at the disco

  • Jennipher

    I am glad everybody likes them. Makes me feel better to say they suck. You would think a bunch of alpha kids from Las Vegas would have come up with something more trendy than this mess. Here is my band. “No Shock! This Sucks”. First single, “They most fun a girl can have laughing at long song titles that make me feel perplexed at how so many seem to be intrigued.”

  • Loreena

    OMG, my friend told me about them, and now, they’re like, all I listen to. =] Besides, Brendon is by far, the most gorgeous man on earth! Please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please marry me Brendon!! PLEASE. Who said I had an obsession?! What are you talking about?! [[twitch]] *hyper-ventilates* Anyways, I love you Brendon. Please come to Canada. I need to see a concert. I love your awesome dance. I’m learning it myself. =] I want to be a dancer, just because I love the outfits they get to wear. Please marry me Brendon!!!

  • lexi Smith

    There first CD came out on my birthday!
    i love this band

  • Amelia

    Panic At The Disco is 100000% my favorite band in the whole world.
    I love those guys to death.
    i dont knoe what Id listen to if they didnt play music!.
    “I don’t love I’m just passing the time..
    You could love me if I knew how to lie..
    but who could love me I am out of my mind..
    throwing a line out to see..
    to see if I can caught a dream!”
    -Ryan Ross, “She’s a Handsome Woman”

    <3 Forever & Always,