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Review: “Oil Storm”

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Television Review: “Oil Storm,” on Fx

I was very interested in the teasers shown on Fx for this original production. The catchphrase was “America’s Lifeline Has Been Severed!” After all, I have Fx to thank (blame?_ for some of the best television (and lost sleep) this side of “Deadwood” over the past couple of years. Their boundary-stretching series “The Shield,” “Rescue Me,” and “Nip/Tuck” are, for me, must-see TV. I was intrigued at the premise for the story, at least, as it was presented in the teasers. I was terribly disappointed in the actual production, “Oil Storm.”

It was a story set in the hurricane season on this (2005) year. It follows the domino effect of a category 4 hurricane hitting the Houston port and refineries and knocking out our oil supply. As the sequence of events follows – rising oil prices, rising food prices (related to trucking and transportation costs), job loses – the story fell, progressively, apart. The dominos – supertanker crashes in the Gulf of Mexico, increased troop requirement to shore up the security of Saudi Arabia, a Russian immigrant (naturalized to U.S. citizenship) being appointed our “Oil Czar,” striking a deal with Russia and Vladimir Putin for oil and, then, being outbid by China for the oil, etc. – became less and less tenable. To make a long story short, America fell apart, went through a full depression and recovered fairly well over the space of 3 or 4 years. But, “we were never the same.”

I really didn’t mind the “pseudo-documentary” (think “War of the Worlds” TV-style) format. I did find it amusing that, after each commercial break, they would should the obligate “This is an entirely fictional account….” as if anyone, at least those who claim to reside on the proper side of the sanity gap, would think what they were seeing on television was actually happening. The acting was extremely poor and the characters – the family who owned a gas station and lost a son protecting the Saudi pipeline, the Russian-born U.S. “Oil czar,” the farmer who went to jail protesting loss of farm subsidies (“food not oil!”) and his wife – were all unconvincing and mediocre actors. Even the fake newscasters were not believable. The riot scenes (yes, there were riots in America’s streets) looked like film jacked from riots over the World Bank or the G7 conferences.

Then, again, it was my little inner voice saying “this could never really happen.” And, in my blissful naivety, I am pretty sure it couldn’t. It did make some significant points about our reliance on foreign oil and the extent to which we base our – at least according to this story – entire economy. Hopefully, it was a success in convincing a few folks to park their SUVs and get smaller, more efficient cars. Equally optimistically, maybe it made a few viewers more aware of the house of cards the oil industry has put in place. But, it could have done those jobs much better and with more conviction. I expected more from Fx.

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  • Fast forward to July 2005. Think “this could never really happen” now? Oil at a record high . . . Hurricane Dennis bearing down on the Gulf Coast . . . China oil firm in Unocal bid war (the ninth-biggest US oil firm) . . .

    Bad acting or not, maybe “Hollywood” is relaying a message from above, to prepare us for the future???


  • reply writes: “Bad acting or not, maybe “Hollywood” is relaying a message from above, to prepare us for the future???

    Reply: It was, indeed, a tenable situation, when the dominos are stacked just right. Logically, we could have such a crisis. I just hope that there is a “White Paper” somewhere in the government that will deal with it. The main point – through all the leaking presentation – was it can happen because of our reliance on oil. On that issue, the documentary was certainly on solid ground. I’ll just start riding a bike, never a bad idea anyway.



  • It is a rather shallow comment simply to comment on the acting. I don’t see this as a theater’s critic issue. I am a political science/philosophy professor, and scenario analysis is critical for planning. Dennis was before, and now (26 August 2005) is Katrina (ironic that the name is Russian, with that country being a potential supplier of petrol to the US, both in the film and in reality). I just returned from a seminar in Orlando on the National Critical Infrastructure (NCI), and, believe me, the Houston Ship Channel problem a IS real emergency! 50% of all refinable petrol goes through this narrow channel, and we really are sweating the issue. Again, the docudrama UNDERSTATED the problem!
    While “Oil Storm” was running, I checked out Port Fourchon, LA, and the situation is WORSE than portrayed by the docudrama. Check it out! I taught in LA for a year, it is true, the whole coastal area IS sinking.
    One of the idiocies in the film was the plethora of rednecks chanting about raising food and not expending resources for oil, all the while neglecting the fact that petrochemicals are the hub of fertilizers and pesticides! This is a minor detail, compared to the overall message.
    In political science, we’d say that large parts of “Oil Storm” are “plausible”. I’d suggest to FX that they run the film through Brookings or like “think tank” clean up some of the errors and circulate it widely to scenario analysts and policy planners.
    So sad it is that the message really isn’t out there with all these mindless and selfish pigs in the US (and China) driving their Hummers and SUVs (except for those with a REAL need – really a very few). GWF Hegel talked about reason working itself out in history, and, the U.S. being so sociologically stupid (no health care, Viet-Nam/Iraq, no real educational system, and the widening gap between rich and poor), I am afraid, we’ll have to “do” a Germany.
    I pity the socially conscious who will have to suffer because of mob stupidity (like electing the gangster in the White House). The word in language is: resistance”. Of course there are emerging alliances hopefully willing to take the perpetrators to the World Court (which the US doesn’t recognize, except when it fits its Wall Street interests, not unlike Nuremberg.
    Jeremy Horne, Ph.D.

  • Previous post – Change from “… theater’s critic issue…” to theater critic’s issue…”. I’m a BAD prufreeder. 🙂 Maybe other other errors – ignore and read the substance, please. TX.

  • D.C.

    OH NO! The kooks come out online! You nut cases from the fringe left. Go drink your coffee at starbucks wearing your Michael Moron shirts!

  • Ken

    Katrina is building to a catagory 4. Just as in the fictional Oil Storm. The hurricane is headed for the city of New Orleans and possibly Houston? This is really eerie. In the movie on FX it happens on the Labor day weekend!
    I am anxious to see what happens next.
    Could it be a hint of a disaster looming in the very near future?

  • Kevin

    Well, here we go! I’m an energy specialist in the realm of commodity investing. FX might not have been exactly correct, but like horse shoes & hand grenades, close is good enough, if you were long in oil & its derivative products that is. The public generally doesn’t like to invest in oil; however, those that didn’t over the past year and a half will always wish they did. See you @ $100 per barrel. Good Luck!

  • Dave Eames

    Wow! Let’s hope the movie overstated the effects by a LOT!

  • Kenny

    The headline on Labor Day; OIL STORM!!!

    I live in south Florida. Katrina came ashore as a Cat 1 storm. I have been a weather enthusiast my entire life. I experienced the eye wall of Katrina as a Cat. 1 and could not believe the damage and flooding caused by it. Good Luck and God Speed New Orleans.

    BTW: I’m a democrat and hate micheal moore!!!

  • julie

    Well for those who think “oil storm” was far fetched……..Katrina is now headed for Port Fourchon. I am now worried what this cat 5 storm will do to our fuel prices by the end of this week. Nature has a way of surprising us all doesn’t she? I watched OIL STORM and thought “boy I hope that will never happen” well I have been watching the weather channel all weekend and am now very worried about the impact of Katrina on Port Fuorchon and the gulf oil industry.

  • Ray H

    It is amazing how close they got that movie to reality.What is next Independence Day?

  • Michele C.

    Watching the news now and all I can say is Wow. It appears that I’m watching the beginning of that movie on the news now.

  • Ray H

    I am curious to see how much unleaded goes up to on Monday!

  • Ken

    They expect 100,000 to take shelter in the Astro Dome. Let’s hope that the pressure difference inside vs outside will not collapse the roof. I would be leary about staying there!

  • Ken

    Port Fourchon currently services all of the Gulf of Mexico’s deepwater projects, which accounts for over 75% of the Gulf’s deepwater oil production.

    This port lies on the outer banks. Let,s hope the damage is held to a minimum! This will take the early hits by the hurricane. It,s odd that the news has not touched on this very important subject of oil facilities!!

  • Ken

    a post script to the last posting…..

    Port Fourchon plays a stragetic role in supporting transporting and securing 16-18% of the entire United States energy supply.

    We could be in deep sh__ if they get damaged!

  • Khan Leobens

    I knew i wasnt the only one begining to draw similarities while watching Katrina. The proximity to Labor Day, the size and location of the storm, i think FX has clarvioants on their payroll. I feel so sorry for the people in N’orlens… it looks like its gonna be dead on. Just pray that the oil ports dont suffer heavy damage as in the movie.

  • Steph

    I’m sitting here watching the news about Katrina, whose eye is going to hit NOLA in just a few hours, and it’s just looking worse and worse for the city and the people. When I watched “Oil Storm”, I knew it was Hollywood but based on grains of truth. I read about Port Fourchon and the amount of oil that comes out of that area. All I can say is that… hang on to your seat for the next several weeks, as I’m sure the price of gas will shoot up as people are racing to the pumps to beat oil shortages, and oil shortages are going to then add to the price. Just try to remember like on 9/11 – get only what you absolutely need, report those stations who are price gouging, put money into the economy, and be patient. It’s likely this will play out sharply over several weeks, and months, before we hit a plateau and steady recession. I seriously doubt it will be like it was portrayed in the movie, but it’s likely we will all have to tighten our belts just a little more. Pray for the folks on the Gulf tonight.

  • Bill

    Glad I drive a diesel Jetta (45+MPG), and telework from home! Gas prices will go up as I just read that oil futures opened above $70 per barrel in Sydney, AUS due to Katrina! OilStorm, how true!

  • Ken

    I dont like to be the bearer of bad news, but this is the latest as of tonite.
    “If this thing knocks out significant quantities of refining capacity … we’re going to be in deep, dark trouble,” said Ed Silliere, vice president of risk management at Energy Merchant LLC in New York.

    The impact was immediate Sunday night when electronic trading resumed on the New York Mercantile Exchange, as crude oil futures spiked $4.50 per barrel, putting the cost above $70 for the first time since oil began trading there in 1983
    Source: Yahoo finance

  • Damn Ken, I thought about that as well. I shouldn’t have with the impending crisis for all of those good people down there, but the thought definitely crossed my mine that the ramifications can be even wider and far-reaching.

  • ken

    usually the things we worry about most never happen. Lets hope that happens this time!!

  • Ken

    more bad news this morning
    It’s not only the suspension of production that’s causing concern, it’s the fact that we could see potential damage to the platforms, which would cause longer disruptions to production,” said energy analyst Victor Shum of Texas-headquartered Purvin & Gertz in Singapore.

    The Gulf of Mexico normally produces 1.5 million barrels of crude oil a day, or about a quarter of the United States’ domestic output, according to the U.S. Mineral Management Service.

    “It looks like the perfect storm to drive prices up,” Shum said.
    Fill your tank now! Gas should go above $3 very fast!

    source: Yahoo financial

  • Brad

    I watched the movie and it scared me!! Now it seems like it could be possible. I can’t understand why no one is talking more about this? Oil Storm is NOW!!

  • Dan Levin

    I echo the comments above about the similarity between Oil Storm fictional events and those that are occurring for real the last couple of months. It was because of the real possibility of a confluence of events like those portrayed in the fictional account that made Oil Storm so interesting to me.

    The American and world economies would certainly suffer and will suffer as a result of much higher oil prices. And America’s reliance on energy to drive the economy is not fiction at all, and requires some political resolve to fix.

    The one aspect of Oil Storm I found completely unbelievable is that people would stop driving entirely. This could never happen, and if it did then the price would fall quickly as demand fell. Nobody would sell gas for $8 per gallon if nobody was buying. The price would fall to an equilibrium, as it always does in market forces.

    The real issue is that demand is nearly 100% inelastic. People will drive slightly less, but people will still have to drive to work and for other reasons — no matter what the cost. Maybe at $50 per gallon there might develop alternative approaches to individual vehicles.

    So people would have to spend far more of their money on transportation, at the expense of other purchases and a negative impact on the economy. That would result in at least a recession.

    I’l thinking of getting a motorscooter. And maybe even a motor-scotter franchise!!

  • Haha

    Yes it could never happen. Forget all the ports off the Gulf.

  • Redoubt

    It’s odd sometimes how life imitates art. Are we on the verge of a real “Oil Storm”? Yes and no. We’ve been addicted to the stuff for so long that we probably wouldn’t notice until it wasn’t there anymore. Like a drug addict, we simply pay what we have to in order to get the fix. The truest evidence is in how we continue to ignore the problem in favor of the comfort. $5 a gallon? Who cares… ya know?

    The Oil Storm has been blowing for quite some time.

  • Eman

    The next step to this “oil storm” escalation will be the striking of trucking. Truckers will not be able to afford to move their produce and goods, where shortages will occur at the market place and all hell will break loose at that point! CRIME will immediately escalate….

  • brian

    I keep reading about this Oil Storm movie and am wondering where I can find it. Is it out on video yet? Is it somewhere on the net? This reminds me so much of whats really going on it is kind of scary to think about.
    Is anyone really prepared?
    God be with those in New Orleans.

  • Ken

    Since this was made for TV, i doubt it would be on dvd. The best that could happen now is for a re-run to be played again, and very soon. I would like to see it again.

  • Dan

    Hopefully Al-Jazeera broadcast the show in the Arab world, that should give our peace loving Muslim friends stuff to think about. The end of world cant be to far off.

  • michael

    I’ve been squawking about all the blood for oil idiots protesting.Yes,oil was an issue for Bush in Iraq.Many of these protesters drove their SUV,put on makeup,worked in the automotive related fields,painted something recently,or a hundred other acts of hypocrisy.We will see if he is so stupid being as a gallon of gas is 5 cents in Iraq.Right now the US is economically reliant on oil.Think of the ripple effect on every part of every American’s life if our oil supplies were all of a sudden interrupted.The movie”Oil Storm” blows me away!I was gripped by the promotion.Somehow,I missed the first half so I didn’t know what started the crisis.I was lookingon the neta week ago for another air time when I read some comments on the movie and how bad it was.If I was going to write a fictional movie on the fall of the US, this would have been the last scenario I would have imagined.I take my hat off to FX.Bad acting or not, this movie was”WOW”close.Hopefully the string of fantastic coincidences are over.Maybe the US will wake up!We the people had better take control back or forever hold our piece.

  • Christopher

    When I first saw “Oil Storm” it was half over and I went through my DTV schedule to see if it was on again, and it was a couple hours later. How visionary !!! Do they have that guy from “The Dead Zone” or the “Medium” on their payroll? The movie got me so concerned about what “might” be able to actually happen to our country. Now the possibilities are all right NOW! Lack of oil… up prices, lack of gas… up prices, lack of small business trucking companies to haul our food and supplies… up prices on food and supplies, … less supply & more demand… Look out !!! It could be a VERY bumpy ride !!!

  • Patricia Steffan

    I was fascinated reading all of your comments – thank you all for your insights. I too was shocked and frightened when I saw “Oil Storm” the first time (sorry, I didn’t even notice the acting – only the potential that it could really happen and how much it sounded like I was listening to a real documentary after the fact…) I couldn’t remember the name and started out doing Google searches until I found it. I sent an email to FX at the ‘contact us’ address on their website – user@fxnetworks.com – to ask them to re-air it (text of my email is below if anyone wants to read it). Unlike some of you, I am only knowledgeable about this issue enough to be frightened for our future – true enough that market forces and necessity (the mother of invention) will provide for our future, but I am sure it will be extremely unsettling and disruptive for a while – and not so far fetched that people will demand food instead of oil – our basic needs will dictate first and it is often difficult to see how intertwined these things are. In fact, some of the young people I work with were suprised to find out that heating/cooking could be interrupted for some people (one woman didn’t realize that most electricity is based on fossil fuels (oil, coal or natural gas) – not to mention that coal and natural gas require other sources of energy to mine/drill and transport to power generating stations – and so on…)) Sorry, I am rambling – this is even a bit too big for me to get my mind around. Thanks again for your posts.

    Trish – Pittsburgh, PA

    (text of email sent to FX):

    Dear Sirs,

    In light of the tragic events unfolding in New Orleans, I was telling numerous co-workers about the movie you aired recently (just found the name on your website – “Oil Storm”). I was at work the night it aired and when I got home, my husband was still awake and he told me I had to watch this movie – and he was right! Frightening and compelliing, I stayed up and watched the entire broadcast and I was floored. Now, it seems as though a significant portion of your movie is unfolding in real life and I would truly like to watch it again. Also, I would like to encourage many of my co-workers to watch it, as quite a few are too young to remember the energy crisis of the 70’s (I myself was too young to drive and my family was upper middle class, so my personal impact was small, but I do have recollections of seeing the gas lines and hearing news broadcasts of people siphoning gas from other people’s cars…and of course, the marketing of the ‘K’ cars!) If possible, please air an encore of the “Oil Storm” – I believe this is a serious issue our people and lawmakers need to address.

  • I saw “Oil Storm” when it first aired. I would strongly suggest Fox run it again NOW and OFTEN. People need to wake up and pay attention.Fox is.

  • RayH

    Didn’t the movie have Iraq violence escalating to levels never before seen.Interesting news from there today!Stampede kills 648.How many have the U.S. bombings killed. That is amazing!Stay strong everyone!

  • Milo

    I bet the original reviewer feels like a clown now..

    Katrina hits.. floods a bunch of refineries.. and now we are dipping into our strategic oil reservers.. looting.. chaos.

    Geez.. this could NEVER happen.


  • Maryland

    I’ve been searching to see if this movie could be purchased with no success. It’s funny; I almost taped it when it first aired.

    I’m really stunned with the not so subtle similarities between this movie and the events of the past few days. $3.00 a gallon might actually look reasonable considering what out future looks like. Already a category 5 storm has hit. Oil refineries have been extensively damaged and prices have taken a hit. Saudi Arabia has offered to help and our reserves will be tapped. A colder than normal winter has been predicted for the north east and whether anyone wants to believe it or not, our economy is already in a slump. Over 600 pilgrims in Iraq were trampled to death this morning and the bloodshed continues in the Middle East.

    What’s the old saying…..”It gets worse before it gets better”. What scares me the most is not the fact that the scenario in the movie could continue to play itself out. However, we are now in a weakened position which leaves the door open for nearly anything to drive us further in the ground. Consider this; the hurricane season is only just past the halfway point. What would happen if in the next few weeks even a minimal tropical storm were to hit the golf coast? What if a suicide bomber decided to explode him self in a grocery store or mall? These are just two examples………

    Yikes, it’s time to wake up and smell the oil!

  • Brian

    I don’t think it’s funny to laugh at the thought that some people, critics were wrong to say this could never happen, we need to be more worried about whats about to happen to us. And for those that are still missing loved ones and have lost their lives. If our politicians don’t play their cards right, we could be in some serious trouble. I know the emergency workers and rescuers are doing everything they can to help those in the most trouble. But after that there will be millions of Americans that need to be saved from themselves, the panicing, the looting, the chaos. I’m worried and you should at least be concerned as well, instead of laughing at people’s comments that were wrong.

  • gail7

    Oil Storm seems to be a pretty prophetic movie, the movie was pretty scary, but real life is proving to be much more frightening, I am also hoping that they will air this movie again, a lot of my friends and co-workers missed it initially and are hoping to see it, prophecy or intuition, it doesn’t matter, here we are just like in the movie.

  • The original reviewer has proven himself to be a boob. This movie, bad acting and all, was spooky when it ran a few months back. It was all I could think of all weekend long. And now in the aftermath of Katrina, do we not see this as a possible reality?

    The only thing worse is that Bush’s advisers may look at this movie and dismiss it so they don’t have to admit how the administration’s policies have failed to prepare ourselves for an oil crisis which is about to smack us upside our gas-guzzling behinds. Then again, with an oil baron in the White House and his VP from Halliburton, their laissez faire attitude towards energy is understandable: When the price of crude goes up, they get richer.

  • Irony

    Comment 5 posted by D.C. on August 27, 2005 04:32 AM:

    bet you just feel like a shmuck now, don’t you…?

    Oil storm? could never happen…

    A city under water? could never happen…

    Day after tomorrow? could never happen…

    think again.

  • I think commenter #5 has more problems than those he/she created for him/herself on this board.

    But good point nonetheless..

  • AlwaysNotRight

    The Digital Man needs to realize that the lack of preparation isn’t the fault of one Presidential Administration, this is a problem that has been around alot longer then just six years and it has alot more to do with the powerful oil companies then it does with our president. You should check out this website a little more before you start blabbering your yap, Get a clue!

  • Ken

    I just sent email to FX asking for a re-run of Oil Storm in the very near future. Lets get some emails into them to schedule the movies again.

  • ben

    i too am interested in viewing that movie….
    but could this episode if aired today really benifit people….or start conspiracy and panic…as i have not seen the film yet but am frightend by similarities.and the fact that the news is airing the truth as we speak..some people are just too weak to handle political burdens.plus the media is responsible for
    putting dangerous ideas into weakminded individuals.and real life journalists only care about a scoop so any new news will be pounced upon.so far networks havent made a verbal conection to the film because of “competing networks” and why also the fx network stands to gain popularity and free advertising.
    Hurricains happen every year.and the cost of living rises every year.and blizzards happen in snow regions and tornado’s in tornado ally.

  • David

    What made the movie ‘unreal’ was so many catastrophic events happening about the same time. The hurricane portion was certainly believable. There was also a big Saudi Oil or Gas processing center destroyed by terrorists. A supertanker collided with a chemical ship, huge toxic explosion, and it blocked an important oil canal in Houston (I think). There were 1 or 2 other things that I can’t remember.

    Overall I enjoyed watching the movie. However, all those types of massive disasters occurring at once is very improbable. The writers did do a pretty good job though at trying to tie one event as being a catalyst for the next.

  • Buck Woodford

    i got to this board searching for what the name of that Fx show was.. but some of these posts are burning me up. please forgive the length.

    gasoline costs what it currently does because we collectively are willing to pay that price. at whatever price we buy less fuel, that’s where it will stabilize.

    the president can’t do anything to make the price go one way or another for any extended period of time, and as truly commodity companies the oil companies are “price-takers” not price-makers.

    it’s pure capitalism. period.

    hawaii apparently set a sub-$3 “ceiling” on gas prices. i can only assume that as of today 8/31/2005 they are not receiving any new shipments — why would anyone sell there at a below-market when the same stuff can be sold for over $3 in any state in the lower 48? gov’t intervention is always a horrible idea.

    hell, why don’t they go ahead and cap my my food, beer, and cellphone billswhile they’re at it (just kidding). that is communism.

    ya wanna drive, ya gots to pay.

    i really like post #25.. about opening a motor scooter store. a nice proactive approach without useless complaints.

    life is too short.

  • Alicia

    While some of the events portrayed in this documentary are unlikely to happen it is still very alarming to see the similarities in the events unfolding after this storm (higher gas prices, fuel shortages, etc.). Meanwhile our wonderful president is not sympathetic when comes to the jackpot he has just hit in the midst of devastation (at the American people’s expense). It is unbelievable the support he has from the American people. He is supposed to be our leader, however he is leading the people astray. Sure prices of everything we rely on will eventually rise with time but it seems that the rise in prices vs. increase in average family income aren’t parallel. The middle class of this country are being gradually phased out. They make enough money to live but many times they are taxed as if they were wealthy. Many are still forced to skimp on some of the essentials in order to have the basic necessities. The middle class aren’t wealthy enough to keep up with rising prices but at the same time they are not poor enough to benefit from any sort of financial assistance when it comes to sending their children to college, healthcare, etc. The American people of this country need to remove their heads from their rear ends and begin to pay attention to what is really going on around them. We are biting the hand that feeds us which is our own by continuing to support such tyrants. By the way I don’t sit around at Starbuck’s wearing a Michael Moore shirt. I am simply educated and more perceptive than about 53 percent of this country.

  • Ken

    Has anyone heard any feedback from other countries about sending aid? We are always available to send help when there is a disaster in the world. I have not seen or heard of aid from even our allies. Do they even know what is happening? This is getting out of hand a little help would be appreciated.

  • brian

    Yes it would be nice to get aid from those who we have assisted in the past, but you have to think about the countries we have helped. Close to third world countries they are, it would be silly to think that they could begin to help us. I believe this is what makes us a unique country, that we can help anyone and not really expect aid in return.

  • insurance and the govt will pay all the damage done for this disaster..and the companys will rebuild their empire with more encentive’s than last few years when the storm”luckily” missed its mark.

    sorry we missed our quota’s for last years output because of the “??? disaster”but )we( our “employeees”(are working harder and longer to make sure that the damage claimed..gets put to good use.
    they finally get a play-tend box to hook up on the television in the break room..15 minute lunches and all the coffee they can drink..

  • After watching this movie, all I can say is “DAMN”. The movie was so real to me when I watched it when it first aired. So I’m pretty freaked out right about now. I would like to see it again.

    Send an email to user@fxnetworks.com to request that they air this show again.

  • Truf-tella

    The alarm bells should be going off in everyones’ heads and we cannot hit “SNOOZE” anymore. Alicia’s comments above hit right on the mark. Sure the latest hurricane and the tragedy that follows it have amplified the energy situation, but the problems have been ignored for too long. “Always Not Right” displayed HIS mental “W” sticker for us all with his O’Reilly/Limbaugh-esque criticism of “Digital Man”‘s entry. First of all “Always”, the Bush cabal has been in power for a little over 4 1/2 years, not six. Yes this is an issue that predates this regime for a long time and every government since and including Reagan’s has slept at the switch, but for you to make a complete disconnect between the oil companies and Bush and his henchmen (or handlers??) shows an alarming feat of ignorance (shared of course by a plurality of US voters in 2004). Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld and many others in this administration and the Corporate-controlled Congress have long ties to oil and chemical industries and no doubt are seeing their “blind trusts” and family portfolios grow exponentially from the Iraq adventure profiteering and now the dramatic rise in Crude over the past two years. This should be further suggested by the sham of an “Energy Bill” that Bush has lobbied for since he was appointed to office by the Supreme Court after losing the 2000 election. This huge packet of legislation has some small obligatory crumbs in it for conservation, hybrid cars, alterrnative energy, hydrogen, etc. but its main purpose was to serve as a giant welfare check for …you guessed it …energy companies! People wake up, scrape off those damn Bush bumper stickers from your SUVs and take your country back from the corporate-politician ring of thieves and traitors!

  • AlwaysNotRight

    Wow, you must be a genuis truf-tella! Do you work for the media, cause you affectivly stated everything everyone else has said in the last several days and expanding on it it with your own empty words for about five useless paragraphs. Don’t you think that it is a little more important to think about the problem at hand before you start pointing the blame at anyone? It just proves that so many stupid people are more worried about whos fault it is then the value of our fellow mans’ life. Way to show your true colors. Why don’t you retreat back to France where you came from and let us Americans worry about whats going on here in OUR country (since no one else is).

  • Try downlaoding a p2p program such as LimeWire (free, open source, and no spyware)to search for and download the movie. If you are lucky enough to have broadband, this is the way to meet your educational and entertainment needs.

  • Truf-tella, I believe that you are absolutely correct in stating the defects of the Bush regime. However, electing a Democrat will only cause things to get worse. Bush has done no more harm than Kerry (or Gore) would have. The “opposition party” would have just caused their harm in a different way. No, what we need in America today is someone that will actually stand for what our nation was originally based apon, our Creator-given rights and RESPONSIBILITIES guaranteed under the Constitution.

    Our nation is in the shape it is in because both of the major political parties have been almost totally hijacked by corrupt special interests. Candidates of both parties use bribes from special interests (political action campaign contributions) to finance their election year propaganda.

    America is headed down the path of destruction simply because we and lawmakers vote largess (money) for ourselves. There is a way out, but most Americans refuse to listen to reason and keep voting “for the lessor of two evils.” Let me say that the lessor of two evils is not any of a lessor evil than the greator evil. They are both the same evil. I recommend that the American voter refuse to act like cattle and start voting for real alternatives such as the Libertarian ( http://www.lp.org ), Constitution ( http://www.constitutionparty.com ), and other parties out there who may actually try to provide real solutions to our nation’s problems instead of feeding at the slop bucket of special interests. You will not hear much about these parties or their candidates because they do not have the billions in bribe money that the Republican-Democrat party has. This is the reason why we the people must tell our friends, relatives, and neighbors about these parties and mention the websites of these parties to the same people so that they will do their own research. I will not vote for a Democrat-Republican candidate if there is someone from an alternative party running. The stakes are too high for we the “SHEEPLE” to continue on our way to the slaughterhause.

  • Ken

    The Chicago area has seen an increase of about 50 cents per gallon. I was thinking that if it gets higher in the near future, we could be looking at a truckers strike. It would be cheaper for them to strike then continue to drive. The same goes for taxis who are under price controls.

  • I hit a personal record just yesterday: it cost me over $40 to fill up my tank. And I drive a lot.

    I’m sure I’m not the only one who is going to be taking a hit to the wallet in the coming months.

  • Jody

    I watched Oil Storm with great interest. I’m not the most knowledgeable person on the subject of oil production, but, it made sense to me. I didn’t mind the acting, after all, these people were supposed to be real, not acting. I thought this made it more believable. The transportion industry is already skating on thin ice, I am a tractor-trailer owner/operator. A lot of other people in my profession went bankrupt in 2001. I T’vod Oil Storm also. Sunday, I could hit play, then stop, And my TV would go back to the Weather Channel. I could hardly tell the difference between the movie and what was really happening. Has anybody seen or heard a damage report for Port Fourchon. Please share, because, I have not. I think this is weird, and scary.

  • RayH

    I have a comment on our media. Why can they travel around by boat and film the destruction and horrible conditions?WHY Do they not CARRY SOME PEOPLE OUT!We know it is bad! Hey can they be so freaking insensitive? That is insane!

  • Psycho

    Port Fourchon is currently all but completely inaccessable. It will be a while before operations return to normal there. From what I’ve been able to learn, the damage isn’t as bad as it could have been. The underwater pipelines appear to still be intact although most if not all of the bouys are missing. Before shipping can resume, this all has to be taken care of.

    As for the similarities, the current state of the world could allow ALL of these events to occur or possibly even worse. Let’s just hope it doesn’t happen.

    The federal goverment will no doubt step in and try to ensure that the trucking industry can weather the crisis. Fuel is already becoming a problem and the government knows that the trucking industry keeps the ecomony alive. If the trucks can’t afford to roll, or can’t get fuel, nothing moves very far. Food doesn’t get to the stores and gas for your cars doesn’t get delivered either. The best we can all do is sit back and wait it out without panicking.

    20 years ago, I did a thesis on the dependance of our economy on oil. None of this is surprising me one bit, including the panic that it’s caused.

  • smashf18

    I apologize if this has already been said, but I did watch this movie and was a little freaked out by it. Lately I started talking about it and I was still creeped out. None of my friends believe me that such a movie was made and think I am insane. Right now I am going insane and am paranoid that this movie is coming true. Does anyone else share this feeling that maybe it wasn’t as far off as we all had hoped!!!

  • cmslick3

    This was a great movie when I first saw it. Now it really strikes a chord of reality. I truly feel sorry for those who were not rich enough to get out of the way. I can’t imagine what they are going through, I can’t blame them for being upset and going nuts. I wish FX would out this movie on DVD and sell it, giving the procedes to the victims of this tragedy.

    First and foremost I blame BUSH for not responding the day that the hurricane hit. The reserves should have been mobilized IMMEDIATELY. Why use them for what they were meant for when you can send them to Iraq to further support a FAILING campaign. I HATE BUSH TO THE CORE and I will never admit that he has done any good for this country NOT ONE THING!!!

    I can see the writing on the walls that wil the state of things in New Orleans they will declare the area uninhabitable and leave the survivors to fend for themselves. I think that we should get EVERYONE out and then just leave the area submerged.

    Call me what you will but from day one of the “war” in Iraq I told people that bad things were going to happen and continue to get worse and guess what I TOLD YOU SO!! Don’t kid yourselves, gas prices are NEVER going to go down so get used to it!!!!

    Thanks for all your help Bush, NOT!!

  • Christopher

    Hey SMASHF18,
    Yes, I share your feelings excactly, in fact I’ve already started stocking up on necessities in order to possibly keep a wee bit ahead of the situation. I sure do hope that things don’t get as bad as they were in the movie, but I do plan on being better prepared than most.
    To all you political pushing, got to point a finger f***ers. No one caused this hurricane except for mother nature herself, and no one is to blame for the situation,so keep it on the subject!!!
    The main thing is to save the living from being not. And, yes, I don’t agree with rebuilding the levys right now (the water isn’t rising anymore) so use the choppers to rescue more people. And what’s with the pet camp thing?? I love my animals also but,come on!! SAVE THOSE PEOPLE FROM A SLOW AND PAINFUL DEATH!!!!
    I could go on, but will stop for now.
    Thanks to all that support the effort.

  • William

    In regards tot he Fox movie “Oil Storm”
    I thought the movie was great. Now unfortunately it ir ringing eerily true. Uncomfrtable so. My partner is in the Trucking Industry & they are totally freaking out. So are the grocery stores. I live in central Ca. & the premium was $2.97 on Tuesday & today it was $3.39. The owner said it will be $4.00 or more by Monday!!
    Raleys grocery store said they are going to dramatically raise their groceries in light of the new fuel transportation costs. Sure sounds like the movie. 3-4 years in the movie. I hope & pray it will be less then 1 year. God help us all.
    e-mail Fox to re-run the movie:

  • matt

    I think Canada is going to be hit very hard this winter, and I also (naively? arrogantly?) think that very few people are forseeing this. As part of North America, Canada is in a similar boat as the U.S. regarding oil proximity and therefore sources. Also, with harsher conditions in winter, if the situation arises where heat/electricity is in jeopardy Canada will be in a fair deal of danger. Canadians also drive their share of SUV’s and rely on petrol derivatives as much as Americans. I wonder what impact Canadians will see.

    I haven’t seen this movie, nor tried to find a copy of it. Hopefully something’s available on p2p networks or torrents. It sounds quite interesting.

  • The “real” problem is not people driving SUV’s, but lack of oil refineries. There hasn’t been a new one built in this country in over 40 years. You can thank people like post#3 for blocking the construction of new energy infrastructure with NIMBY attitudes. The left would like to say it is somebody else’s fault when they created the problem.

  • Yes, all problems can now be happily laid at the feet of the NIMBY.

  • Jason

    I have lived through the hell of Katrina. My brother who lives in Memphis told me about this movie “Oil Storm” and how realistic it was to the events going on right now as I am typing this. As for someone who has survived this massive natural disaster I would really love to have this movie. If anyone knows where I can get it or if you can give me a link to get in touch with the network that aired the movie. This would be greatly appreciated. Thanks to all and anyone that was affected by the storm God Bless You All.

  • csPhillips

    In this country, where a reactionary, sensationalistic and politicized media shapes the opinion of such a high percentage of the population, Oil Storm was yet another in a long line of agenda-driving, propaganda-laden packages, produced to promote one thing: The United States of America is a greedy, evil, uncaring society ran by oil-rich white men, who will sacrifice anything, including the lifes of American men and women to further deepen their coffers.

    I’m honestly disgusted by the programmed left and liberals in this country who want to blame all of this (gas prices, Katrina, everything) on our government.

    Katrina was a hurricane and last I checked, WE CAN’T CREATE HURRICANES!

    Gas prices are the purest form of capitalism and supply and demand. If you keep paying the price, the price will continue to rise. That is a very simple formula.

    And keep this in mind during the rebuilding of New Orleans. We are getting ready to spend what will probably become 60 billion dollars to reconstruct a city that will STILL BE 10 FEET BELOW SEA LEVEL!!! It will still be a city where a vast percentage of its residents live wholly or partly on welfare and in the 3 or 4 or 5 years that it takes to get New Orleans back to ‘normal’, they still will not have the means to leave the city should they have to.

    The solutions to the problems caused by Katrina are not complicated. Drill for more oil and build more refineries in this country. Don’t live 10 feet below sea level in an area that is an extremely high hurricane risk. Get people off welfare. Teach them a job, not a hand out, is what will protect them the next time a disaster like this occurs.

    And for God’s sake folks, this is the largest natural disaster in the history of the country, the clean up and recovery effort is going to be the largest and take the longest as well.

  • Kathy Carnes-Harris

    Comment 63: I’m with you! My son and I watched this movie when it aired and I could see this “fictional” story becoming reality. My neighbors thought I was nuts when I tried to tell them about the movie. They insisted that it could never become reality. I watched the weather forecasts last weekend and the movie kept coming to mind. The neighbors didn’t listen to this crazy lady last Sunday when I told them they should fill-up their gas tanks.
    I started slowly “stocking-up” on things even before I saw the movie because my family had already been put in somewhat of a financial crisis situation with my unemployment going on for over a year now and my husband’s pending unemployment (next week) due to the foundry he works in closing it’s doors (they make parts for the auto industry). Don’t get me wrong-I am not panicing-I’m playing it safe and doing what I have to do for my family. Being a product of parents who lived through the Great Depression, I learned some survival techniques from them. For more insight, I re-read Hard Times by Studs Terkel (last read it in college) to see how people made it through the Depression. For the moment, I feel pretty good about my family surviving whatever the economy throws at us. However, my neighbors were panicing when a storm went through here and our power was out for 24 hrs. Some of them spent the night in a motel because they couldn’t handle it!!! I just shake my head. People need to wake-up, get their heads out of thier asses and just pay attention to what is going on.
    My HS-aged son would really like for the rest of his economics class to see this movie so I too, have emailed FX with a request to air it again.
    Good luck to all. It seems as tho must of you commenting here have good heads on your shoulders and will be able to ride out this situation. We can only hope and pray that not all of the movie becomes real but we need to be prepared in case it does.

  • Will

    Sometimes truth is stanger than fiction. Somebody couldn’t written a book about a President who steals elections and runs an administration on lies and greed but you couldn’t have placed that setting in America because no one would have believed it. Then there’s “Oil Storm”, isn’t erie how life is imitates art?! Great movie! Let us pray that life does not follow a similar story line. God bless us all. If you believe in that sort of thing.

  • James

    I agree with most that is said above except for one thing that is missing, the knowledge that we are able to produce tornados and affect weather,through scalar and haarp technology ,if you don’t know about it is time you find out is as easy as clicking in the search engines .There is more to it than meets the eye ,controlled disaster proposed solution??

  • brian

    Now, I’m not real knowledgable about a lot of the goings on in the oil industry, but for people with the thought that its a good idea to build more refinerys and to drill for more oil, won’t we eventually run out of it? Couldn’t it be possible to suck the planet dry? I believe we should be looking at cleaner more productive ways to energize our planet. Do away with the oil companies and they will have to let go of their strong hold on America and we will see other companies finally get a chance to come up with a smarter idea for energy. Just a thought.

  • michael

    Man,I thought this was for comments for a movie.As usual the overeducated brain dead liberals have used this site as a soapbox to spew their short sighted crap!Politicians don’t control this country.They are bought and paid for by big business.I’m sorry liberals that your guy lost.I would like to say to Comment 50 Ken,good point. when I first came to this site was about a week before Katrina. There were 10 comments and now look. I believe the tv images say alot.Big fat welfare mommas yelling for help from the government. Get off your ass and walk or float out of there.Have your 10 kids loot you a raft. People you do realize that 47% of Americans think(or don’t) like Alicia,trut-tella,& cumstick3.

  • AlwaysNotRight

    Hey Mike, I think that scares me more then the fate of America right now, cuz what happens when you put those 47% in control of fixing things, God Help us all!

  • Maryland

    I was just on MSNBC, there aren’t a whole lot of details, but they are reporting that they have spotted a “Major Oil Spill” in the Mississippi river right below New Orleans near oil tanks with 2 million barrel capacity. Homeland Security officials are restricting access and have said they are continuing to assess the situation from the air. No further details were given as this was breaking story.

    Interesting…….wouldn’t you say?

  • Alicia

    To alwaysnotright and all of the other easily impressionable like so: Who said I was a liberal or blamed weather or any of the other problems on the current president. The fact of the matter is that regardless of who (being republican or democrat) is in power petroleum is a serious issue that needs to be addressed. There have been many advancements as far as alternatives to the internal combustion engine in the past 20 years, but why aren’t we exploring them with more vigilance? We must all remember that petroleum is a NON-renewable resource and at the current rate of consumption we will exhaust this resource in as early as 30 years. This a theory based upon a scientific study, and not liberal or left wing propaganda. I believe the situation we are in right now due to an unexpected natural disaster could have been somewhat circumvented by exploring alternative sources of energy comprehensively many years ago.

    As far as the refugees go I agree with the fact that these LAZY people would not be in this sort of situation if they were not continually rewarded (welfare) for adding absolutely nothing of value to this society. In this day there is no excuse for this. The real victims are the children of these animalistic people.

  • Ken

    I have been watching the news today. Bush is finally touring the disaster areas. The polls at one site rated the government response with a 70% poor rating. I would place the blame of poor response on the Homeland Security! They should have started to respond when they saw Katrina bearing down on New Orleans and the rest of the coastal area. Come on guys, thats your job!!!

  • gary

    Here’s a nice little test for everyone. Stop eating and drinking right now. Keep it up for the next four days. Let us know how you’re feeling Tuesday. Think this can’t happen to you because of who you voted for, or what your skin color is or where you live?Wake up.

  • ken

    Since you thought of this test, let us know how you are doing on Tuesday. We can then try it and let you know how wee did to compare notes. We expect that you have already started.

  • V

    Submitted for your approval!

    This is not a joke, this IS absolutely MAD! Hurricane Katrina STEERED for New Orleans? also see this link for more links, since they being limited on here.

    Funny thing is George Noory the host of Coast 2 Coast, himself sides with you the doubters, he has been quoted as saying “Why can’t we just say it’s Mother Nature and leave it at that?” He has a hard time believing this, and even got a fax/email from a listener that said “Your guests, who say this, our all nuts, come on weather manipulation, it’s impossible” Response from Oster was, i’m not saying it, the data is available just search for the information. They mentioned “Oil Storm” and how the scenario is now playing itself out, he postured that perhaps the movie was a preview of things to come? One thing I have to ask what are the Odds of a “Hurricane” hitting Port Fourchon, dead on, destroying N.O. and this close to Labor Day, as was in the movie? They have to be astronomical! You have to admit that’s a little too damned coincidental!

    He made a reference to HAARP and how they, the U.S. military found that not only can it be used for LF com with submarines, but it can create heat in the atmosphere,which can plausibly heat up storm systems. He also said that there is a very good chance this method has been perfected. I did a search for HAARP and russia and look what I found on the web site for “Federation Of American Scientists”, more nut jobs, right?

    “Title: Russian parliament concerned about US plans to develop new weapon”
    Document Number: FBIS-SOV-2002-0808
    Document Date: 08 Aug 2002
    Division: Russia, North America
    Subdivision: Russia, United States
    Sourceline: CEP20020808000087 Moscow Interfax in English 1009 GMT 8 Aug 02
    Citysource: Moscow Interfax
    Language: English”

    [FBIS Transcribed Text] MOSCOW. Aug 8 (Interfax) – The Russian State
    Duma has expressed concern about the United States’ program to develop a qualitatively new type of weapon.
    “Under the High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program (HAARP), the
    U.S. is creating new integral geophysical weapons that may influence the
    near-Earth medium with high-frequency radio waves,” the State Duma said
    in an appeal circulated on Thursday.
    “The significance of this qualitative leap could be compared to the
    transition from cold steel to fire arms, or from conventional weapons to
    nuclear weapons. This new type of weapons differs from previous types in
    that the near-Earth medium becomes at once an object of direct influence
    and its component.
    These conclusions were made by the commission of the State Duma’s
    international affairs and defense committees, the statement reads.
    The committees reported that the U.S. is planning to test three
    facilities of this kind. One of them is located on the military testing
    ground in Alaska and its full-scale tests are to begin in early 2003. The
    second one is in Greenland and the third one in Norway.
    “When these facilities are launched into space from Norway, Alsaka and
    Greenland, a closed contour will be created with a truly fantastic
    integral potential for influencing the near-Earth medium,” the State Duma
    The U.S. plans to carry out large-scale scientific experiments, under
    the HAARP program, and not controlled by the global community, will
    create weapons capable of breaking radio communication lines and
    equipment installed on spaceships and rockets, provoke serious accidents
    in electricity networks and in oil and gas pipelines and have a negative
    impact on the mental health of people populating entire regions, the
    deputies said.
    They demanded that an international ban be put on such large-scale
    geophysical experiments.
    The appeal, signed by 90 deputies, has been sent to President Vladimir
    Putin, to the United Nations and other international organizations, to
    the parliaments and leaders of the UN member countries, to the scientific
    public and to mass media outlets.
    Among those who signed the appeal are Tatyana Astrakhankina, Nikolai
    Kharitonov, Yegor Ligachev, Sergei Reshulsky, Vitaly Sevastyanov, Viktor
    Cherepkov, Valentin Zorkaltsev and Alexei Mitrofanov.

    [Description of Source: Moscow Interfax in English — non-government
    information agency known for its aggressive reporting, extensive economic
    coverage, and good coverage of Russia’s regions]

    Apparently this “E.M. Scalar technology can also influence fault lines ”

    “MOSCOW, Mar 05, 2002 (Itar-Tass via COMTEX) — The earthquake that shook Central and South Asia last Sunday might have been triggered by super-modern weapons intensively used by the US aviation in the seismically dangerous areas of Afghanistan, a source in a Moscow geophysical research center has told Itar-Tass on condition of anonymity. He said the supposition was confirmed by the unusually strong and lengthy tremors (up to one minute) that originated in the Hindu Kush Mountains and spread onto Afghanistan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Pakistan and India. Even old residents of Kabul do not remember an earthquake similar to the Sunday tremor that exceeded 6 points on the Richter scale.”

    On Sunday, March 3, the area in which the US is fighting Afganistan Muslim Al-Aqeda forces was suddenly hit by an historically unusual 7.2 Richter Scale earthquake. Let us quickly examine this news report:

    No one is saying these storms were created, only that they were taken control of. A caller brought up the so-called hoax “Report From Iron Mountain” from the 60’s that says there is just no chance for peace and the only way to control the population is continue to wage horrific wars, with horrific technology. Hell there is even a U.N. treaty that forbids weather modification, why the hell would you have a treaty for something that is impossible? “NEWS BRIEF: “United States and Other World Powers Should Outlaw Tampering With Weather for Use as War Weapon”, Editorial by Senator Claiborne Pell, D- Rhode Island, The Providence Journal Bulletin, 1975.

    “The U.S. and other world powers should sign a treaty to outlaw the tampering with weather as an instrument of war. It may seem farfetched to think of using weather as a weapon — but I’m convinced that the U.S. did, in fact, use rainmaking techniques as a weapon of war in Southeast Asia.”

    Let us stop right here and now and digest just what Senator Claiborne Pell has told us. He said that the United States used Weather as a Weapon during the Vietnam War. We fought the Vietnam War from 1965-74 in a large capacity. Using Weather Weapons in the early 1970’s would fit the time frame with which we are familiar.

    The U.N. treaty we discussed above was passed one year after this article appeared quoting Senator Pell. Now, let us hear some more from Senator Pell.

    “We need a treaty now to prevent such actions — before the military leaders of the world start directing storms, manipulating climates, and inducing earthquakes against their enemies. The basic idea of environmental warfare is simple — if a nation can learn to trigger natural events it can inflict terrible damage on an enemy through rainfall, flooding, tidal waves, earthquakes, and even climate changes that could devastate an enemy nation’s agriculture.” [Ibid.] ”

    An Interesting point Oster made was, why is the response from the Govt. so slow, and late? He theorizes that they the Govt. know this was a “Weather Attack” and that if they had a response team ready to go ala post 9-11 preparedness, I.E. homeland security etc. That they would have to explain themselves, or something like that, I only wish you doubting Thomases could have listened to the interview. So I suppose when Kennedy said “Man will someday go to the moon” you guys would have said “He’s a crackpot” well unless your one of those wackos who believes, we never went, guess what not only was it possbile but we went! So are you Mensas ready to say, hmm maybe there is something to this Weather Wars after all, or do we just wait for the next volly and hope another city like N.O. doesn’t get decimated?

    BTW no one is going to convince me that Katrina was a Cat 3, I have never seen a Cat 3 do so much damage. Are you guys that naive to think that we and the Russians and Chinese don’t control these types of W.M.D.? The only thing is the Russians have had the money from the U.S. to work on it a much longer time and perfect it better! If you still doubt all this then, don’t be too surprised what comes next! Wink Haven’t you guys heard “Truth Is Stranger Than Fiction” and that truth is going bite us all in the ass! Why is this so important to P.O.? because as you can see it’s sped up the scenario! Another interesting point, why if we are at peace with Russia we have refused disaster help from them? Others are asking similar questions, but in all fairness Oster brought that up, not me, but it makes you wonder. I suspect the cold war never ended, it just shifted to controling “Mother Nature” As the commerical used to say “It’s not nice to fool with Mother Nature” Smile

    You Have Entered The Hyper Dimensional Zone!

  • DirtySnipe

    I emailed FX today asking them to rerun “OIL STORM”. With what is going on down in the southern states, it follows to close to the movie. The one major difference is that New Orlines was untouched in the move, in reality it has been distroyed. I have been telling my co workers and family about the movies, and like most people responses it can never happen. It has and it only the beginning. The hurricane season has only begun. My family has begun to see what we can and can’t live with out should prices go beyond the current $3.09 per gallon prices. I have gone as far to purchase 2 6 gallon fuel cans to ensure that is I have enough gas to get to my relatives house should the economy go south in the next 6 months. Winter is less that 2 months away. Fall for other places. Good luck to you all.

  • peace

    Introduced in the US Senate on March 1, 2005, Bill S517 calls for a US “Weather Modification Advisory and Research Board” to officially commence operations in October 2005. When passed as expected, this law will make large-scale chemical alteration of the atmosphere legal across a formerly free and beautiful land called America.
    Intended to “develop and implement a comprehensive and coordinated national weather modification policy,” the board is tasked with coordinating state and federal weather modification efforts. It’s direct mandate is stepped-up research and development aimed at developing experimental “models, devices, equipment, materials, and processes” to change or control, “by artificial methods” the development of clouds and/or precipitation in the troposphere. This weather-forming region of the atmosphere lies between Earth’s surface and the stratosphere, starting around 35,000 feet.

    “[W]eather-modification offers the war fighter a wide-range of possible options to defeat or coerce an adversary… In the United States, weather-modification will likely become a part of national security policy with both domestic and international applications. Our government will pursue such a policy, depending on its interests, at various levels.”

    – Air University of the US Air Force, AF 2025 Final Report

    “Technology will make available, to the leaders of major nations, techniques for conducting secret warfare, of which only a bare minimum of the security forces need be appraised… [T]echniques of weather modification could be employed to produce prolonged periods of drought or storm.”

    – Zbigniew Brzezinski, former National Security Adviser, Between Two Ages, Greenwood Publishing Group, 1992)

    Methods of Artificial Weather Manipulation(AWM) help agriculture, devastate the enemy and control the world economy
    Staff Reporter
    Mar. 27, 2005:

    “Many countries are mastering the science of weather control. As a matter of fact many experts predict that a war game is being played by major powers in the world to demonstrate their capabilities of weather control. Most of these initiatives are classified and shoved off from the public. The only way one can track these initiatives is to look at countries taking actions to shield against weather control experiments.”


  • peace

    FX was the same network that ran “The Lone Gunmen”
    The Lone Gunmen
    Pilot episode of X-Files spin off an insider 911 warning or sick conditioning?


  • John

    This is primarily pointed towards anyone who is ignorant enough to make the assertaion that the government “cannot” control the weather. Below you will find the UN Charter expressly prohibiting member states from using weather modification as a means of warfare.

    We will discuss this fascinating subject from two major avenues. First, we shall discuss the proofs from a journalistic point of view that scientists can control the weather and can use its various means as weapons. This line of reasoning is important because the great majority of Americans have passed through a Public School System that has deliberately not taught logic, mathematics, and science.

    Secondly, we shall examine the scientific evidence that scientists do control the weather using Tesla Technology, which he developed from 1886-1928 [“The Fantastic Inventions of Nikola Tesla”, by Nikola Tesla and David H. Childress, 1993.] As you read about our capabilities to control the weather, remember that the brilliant mystic scientist, Nikola Tesla, made the key discoveries almost 100 years ago! We do not know how far advanced Tesla was with his work on controlling the weather and its storms, but we feel fairly confident that the terrible storms and drought in the late 1920’s may have been brought on by a deliberate use of Tesla technology.

    Tesla Technology that makes control of the weather possible, is a fact of history that rivals any other single fact; the Illuminati made Tesla a very wealthy man for the rest of his life once he signed over his work, his discoveries, and the capabilities of his system to them.

    From that moment on, Tesla virtually disappeared from the textbooks of American education, keeping us from becoming acquainted with the man who had discovered how to deliver free electricity to every home in America, among many other things. But, the Illuminati was driven by their occult beliefs and goals; therefore, they kept Tesla’s technology secret, readying it for that day and hour when it could be used to set the stage for their coveted Masonic Christ, the Biblical Antichrist. It is toward this end we discuss that aspect of Tesla technology that controls the weather.

    [edited — please provide a link to the source]

  • John

    Sorry for posting the extended version. Here is a link to the full article.

  • T3Dem

    What are we going to do?

  • Lainey

    *What are we going to do?*

    Guess we’re just gonna sit around and wait for the next disaster. Either our government will fail us miserably or they will have their finger pointed so fixedly at each other that they’ll take little notice of their “people”.

    Either way…….we’re screwed!

  • ken

    It is great to have aid from other countries! Let’s give a salute to our allies and other contributors we did not ever expect to help. We especially appreciate help from our friends in Mexico!

  • I unfortunately have the job of watching American media full time. That’s my job. So I know just about everything they’ve been feeding us about this terrible tragedy.
    I never did see the movie Oil Storm but only one of the exactly 78 hours of hurricane footage mentioned this movie, Inside Edition. I thought to myself, how ironic that FX would have predicted a hurricane in New Orleans, one weekend off, no less.
    The Republicans keep justifying their blind trust in their all great and powerful leader by saying, don’t play the blame game, help people. Well, thank goodness that is finally getting done. The media was doing more help than the federal government during the Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday following the hurricane.
    This is a FACT:
    Three years ago, the Army Corps of Engineers, in conjunction with University of Louisiana-Lafeyette sent President Bush and his office a request for funding for the levees to be reinforced. The U of Louisiana knew that there was an 87% chance of a category 4 hurricane hitting the gulf within the next 6 years and the studies showed that would be (is a) catastrophe. With the request for funding to fix the levees, they sent a CD, demonstrating what would happen if a category four storm hit the levees. The animation showed exactly what happened when hurricane Katrina hit. New Orleans was flooded, thousands trapped. Because of the fact that 37% of the city lives in poverty, many would not able to evacuate and the high death toll was predicted. Instead of giving the Army Corps of Engineers the $26.7 million dollars asked to upgrade the levees to withstand a hurricane, they cut their funding to $3 million (although give props to the Congress, they raised it up to $5.7 mil, not enough to fix it though). Congress and Senate just passed a $60 billion aid for the Katrina damage this week. Kind of makes that $26.7 million look like mere pocket change. Think of how many homes would not have been flooded if the levees had been fixed. FX was not the only entity to have predicted this catastrophe. The Bush Administration knew it was coming.

    I’ve read a lot of people complaining about the media playing politics, blaming the Bush administration for delay in aid when they could have been helping. The reporters were helping with what they could, but they are not an army of National Guard troops. Each network has about ten reporters in each area. That means that if you in New York turn on your local NBC affiliate and see Steve Handelsman reporting in New Orleans, guess what, people in Los Angeles watching KNBC also get to see Steve reporting on New Orleans events. They did what they could, but the American news media does not have the resources of the National Guard (the Louisiana National Guard is mostly in Iraq.) Often I see the same reporters reporting for Chicago, New York, San Francisco, Miami, etc. One might think there is a reporter in New Orleans for every news station in America. Not so.
    I read someone complaining about how other countries have not sent us aid. :::snort chuckle laugh::: Not only have other countries sent us aid, they are doing so and laughing. Here is a short list of countries who have donated $100,000 or more: Afghanistan, Iran, Venezuela, France, and many others that aren’t really important cause they’re are friends. I mean, we have Venezeula and Iran offering us aid. Afghanistan? I thought they still needed aid for their election coming up this fall.
    Of course the aid packages are going to friends of the Bush administration like Bechtel. This is the Bechtel wet dream. They got the (no bid naturally) contract for rebuilding all those houses. It would be a shame to try to use the money to find local construction crews to come back and work on the houses or train people to repair the houses, being as there are a large amount of unemployed people.
    As for FEMA director Michael Brown, I am not going to repeat all the allegations about his credentials, only why he got the job. He is a close friend of George Bush and worked with him on the campaign trail. Which explains why even after waiting 4 days before responding to a terrible flood and hurricane, Michael Chertoff and Scott McClellan can still express full confidence in him. Even if pressures force the administration in him to make him the fall guy and he is replaced, there will always be a place in the administration for Brown.
    You can write me off as a liberal if you want to, but that would be wrong. I am a registered Republican, however, I am educated, so I do not vote that way. I was raised Republican, by Republican conservative parents. I vote independent, because both parties do not care about the American people. They care about the big corporate donors. Please, American people, wake up. I am watching the middle class, good paying jobs, god-given rights, and education being flushed down the toilet by this administration every night. Even FOX News can’t hide it anymore.

  • Go George

    I don’t get where you people are coming from. George Walker Bush is the champion of the average American. Since 911 we haven’t been hit with anything. We’re safe now and now it’s time to free other countries where their people are under the control of the same animals that attacked us. President Bush has erased the Iraqi threat and now it’s time to deal with Korea and Iran. I’m sure our leaders are on Bin Ladin’s heels and now he’ll deal with New Orleans. God Bless you President Bush. P.S. I just thought an extreme radical comment might offset this site. I have little trust in our government to do anything right. Well, except to spin us into socialism controlled by the big business czars. Democrat or Republican, it’s all the same. If any of our politicians really care about this country they would address our bad trade agreements, open southern border, and a bloated government that is mired in it’s own bureaucracy. Maybe if they all immitated lemmings would help also.”Oil Storm Rocks”

  • alen

    i found the movie using TorrentSpy.

  • Tom

    It did happen, and is probably not over. The first twenty minutes of the movie did happen almost exactly as predicted (?). Two major hurricanes supposedly DID do major damage to the oil infrastructure, which may take years to recover.

    Supposedly the reason why we are not seeing the nasty remainder of the film happen (yet?) is because we are currently relying on oil reserves from Europe and the SPR. These reserve drains cannot continue indefinitely. If the damage was as bad as some on the net are saying, we may be facing the actual events of the remainder of the film very soon.

    Whether this actually happens or not will be something that only time will tell. However, it would be a fools game to think we are safe, so we can forget about it. The bottom may soon fall out if we are indeed sucking reserves dry in a foolish attempt to maintain a fantasy of normality in a fatally wounded supply chain.

    The residents of New Orleans would never have believed that their city would ever be as damaged as it was, the same rule holds true for the rest of America. People simply cannot tolerate more than they are comfortable with.

    The historical figure of Cassandra had a gift here. She was always right, but never believed because people could not tolerate the truth as harshly as she told it. Don’t be a fool and think we are DEFINITELY safe, so you can return to your normal life with a gurarantee of a quiet retirement.

    At least PREPARE for the possibility that the bottom could fall out at any time. If we are really living on reserves, it could. At least keep your eyes opened, I suspect that a sudden surge in the price of gasoline will be a red flag that should not be ignored. Do not trust explanations that the media gives, as the media is well known to be corporate controlled, and very friendly to the administration.

    At the very least, you should always stockpile two weeks of food, water and supplies. The people who were stuck in The Big Easy would attest to the benefits of this. The next time you are stuck without power for a week because of a severe winter storm, so will you. Common sense that is, just don’t go overboard or paranoid, be safe that is all.

  • lew

    where can I buy this movie

  • liz taylor

    yes, where can we buy this movie if we missed it???

  • The Funny thing about this movie is it happended within a few months of it airing the Hurricane Katrina, the pipe line damaged in the gulf, china bidding on oil, the fall of the US dollar rising gas prices.


  • patton

    where can i buy a copy of oil storm?

  • Arnold Zyffel

    Where can I buy a copy of Oil Storm?

    The made-for-TV movie was SO CLOSE to actual events surrounding Katrina, that I CAN NOT BELIEVE that FOX has not repeated this program 13 times…….The biggest error in the movie is that the economy went to crap at only $8.50/gallon. Now we are over $4 and things are not slowing down that much yet. In order to generate the chaos & anarchy that was depicted in the movie, we would need gas to top $12/gallon…..

    Did somebody in a high place BUY OFF Fox to not re-run OIL STORM?