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Review: Mr. & Mrs. Smith

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As soon as I got my popcorn with it’s Mr. & Mrs. Smith bag, I knew this movie was super-hyped. When Hollywood pushes a movie hard like that, it’s either Star Wars or a sinker. While Mr. And Mrs. Smith wasn’t a perfect movie, it certainly kept me well entertained through-out and managed to break the over hyped mold.

Ready. Action!
The story was simple. It was supposed to be, but it was the action that moved the movie along. From car chases to shoot-outs, there were explosions, jumps, and plenty of punches. The action played well and was pretty entertaining.

Comedy Mixed In
The action wouldn’t have been enough by itself, but the movie did a good job of including some lighter moments. It opened with the couple visiting a marriage counselor, which is entertaining for the married peeps. Vince Vahn played a good back up role and was genuinely funny in parts. Many of the situations had an ironic humor.

All together, Mr. & Mrs. Smith makes for a great date movie (4 out of 5). It plays well even if the ending has a few loose ends. I would caution parents with the PG-13 rating. It seems like big Hollywood productions can buy a lower rating, while movies like Rushmore are stuck undeservedly with an R.


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  • trent

    couldn’t disagree more.
    this movie is painful.
    it takes a fun premise (a couple in a tired marriage discover that their mate is, like them, an assassin-for-hire, and their next hits are each other) and, through labored dialogue, bad pacing, many scenes which just lay there, blows the opportunity and becomes a bore.
    you’ll spend much of the movie gazing at angelina jolie’s throw-pillow-size lips, pondering whether they’re natural or ‘enhanced’.
    she’s stunning, but the film’s a snooze.

  • I dont see why everyone has so many negative things to say about the movie. It took every marriage stereotype and poked fun at them in a very unconventional way. I think it was a very fun movie, and surely not meant to be taken as seriously as most critics have taken it. Loosen up dudes!

  • Maybe it is more enjoyable for married peeps than non-married.