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Review: Kelly Clarkson – Breakaway

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She has one of the greatest voices in pop music–competing with the likes of vocal powerhouses such as her contemporaries Joss Stone, and Christina Aguilera, as well as music icons like Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston.

The reason Clarkson is so successful in her craft, unlike her succeeding Idol winners, is because not only does she posess great talent, but she strives for excellence in her music. She wants to be more than just a pop star with a good career. Right now, her music is only good, but over time she will evolve into a full-fledged musician, and she will surprise the likes of everyone.

Her new album Breakaway shows her evolution since Thankful–vocally, stylistically, and emotionally–and her sales so far show her fan base is as loyal as ever.

The sound on this album, though not completely original, has much evolved from the more commercial (though solid) sound on Thankful. It’s more of a rockier, grittier, harder sound–though still pop. Clarkson finds a great balance between her soulful vocals and the Avril Lavigne-Sheryl Crow-esque songs on this album.

“Since U Been Gone” is one of the best cuts on the album: a high energy, vocally powered, pop/rock jam with a hook that is infectious. Perfect choice for a first single.

My favorites from the album are “Where Is Your Heart”, and “Because of You”, the ballads. Clarkson’s vocal prowess really does not get the acclaim it deserves. She commands these two songs like a seasoned pro and directs herself in her songs the way Steven Spielberg said Barbra Streisand directs herself in her songs as if she’s directing an actor in a movie. Clarkson’s ballads have a beginning, middle, and end, and they take you for a 4 minute emotional ride that is thrilling for anyone 10 to 45. This woman has much better to come.

Edited: Bryan McKay

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  • Duane

    great review

  • reveiw…er

    I admit, Kelly Clarkson is a great singer! but for those of you who have conned yourselves into beleiving the girl is a “LEGEND” ?? ha! are you serious? her voice is amazing, yeah she is popular – but compare her to such talents as P!NK, Robbie Williams, Beetles, Rolling Stones.. the list goes on. Kelly Clarkson doesnt compare. and this pathetic thing you have going Ron with how many #1’s people have… who cares? that doesnt make or break an artist!!
    I love Kelly Clarkson, dont get me wrong – i wouldnt be searching her on the net if i didnt. But i laughed at people stupidness when i saw they wrote she was a legend.

  • Tumbleweed….

    Warning!!!! I bought the Breakaway CD at Best Buy. Tried to load it to my computer so I could load it to my mp3 player and enjoy it at the gym. Guess what, it is copy protected and would not allow me to download it to my Windows Media Player in any format. I tried WMA and WAV as well as mp3 with no luck. Kelly, you don’t want folks stealing your music. Well, I expect to be able to use the music I buy. I paid for your music, so in my opinion, you stole my money. No wonder your ticket sales suck. I will tell this story two dozen times. Do your fans dirty, and soon you have no fans, no CD sales, no ticket sales… Better go back to city college…

  • JT

    kelly clarkson is a fat skanky hoe that needs someone to write all of her music because hers sucks

  • Kelly Clarkson is a phenominal singer, song writer and person!!! How can you say that Because of you wasnt a good song. That is Kellys Biggest International hit and the song is so meaningful in so many ways!!! Kellys music has meaning and connects with millions of people. Kelly Is extremely talented and she continues to prove how amazing her voice is and how versitile her sound can be. Look at her new single “Never again”, she shows a totally different and amazing side to her vocal talent. Kelly is going to be around for a very long time.


    Chicago’s #1 Kelly Clarkson fan
    Philip Leodoro

  • KellySux

    Both Kelly Clarkson & her music suxxx big time (except Because Of You & A Moment Like This)

    There are too many amazing artistes & good music around (from Lobo, Bread, Chicago, Shania Twain, Michael W. Smith, GNR, Diddy, Usher to Pharrell Williams, Chris Brown, Nelly, 50Cent, Fort Minor, Justin Timberlake, Christina Aguilera, Pussycat Dolls, Cassie, Nickelback, Hinder (too MANY good ones to mention!)

    Kelly Clarkson should stop polluting the music industry

  • Ron

    Ben Moody on kelly to MTV: “”Kelly actually penned the track plus a few others a while ago, and recorded it onto a tape recorder which she forgot about – until she began working on her sophomore album. She sent the tape to Ben Moody, who went on to co-write and produce the tracks, including ‘Because Of You’.
    “They were just unbelievable, how structured [the songs] were and her understanding of music, which is not something you would expect from a pop artist,” Ben told MTV. “She had these ideas already in place for songs; all I really had to do was build music around them and develop them. It was quite easy….lyrics that convey a great deal of depth.”

  • Ron

    this is my july05 post from above….
    “Kelly wrote the bridge on “miss independent”, arguably the best part of a song that Aguilera thought was not good enough for her 20 track album.

    “you thought wrong” (and “thankful”) was written by kelly from scratch, and arguably the best on her 1st album, but never given to radio.

    Kelly refused to put out the planned crap album right after her idol win, and took 7 months to put out a quality album, a move than likely saved AI sales from being a joke.

    Kelly had to fight for “Miss Independents” release, because RCA wanted “some kind of miracle” out instead to capitalize on her ballad success.

    Kelly wrote the deepest songs on album2 from scatch (addicted, because of you, hear me, hazel eyes) a co-wrote others (walk away, where is you heart), but RCA twisted her arm to record more teen music (breakaway, since you been gone, gone). It is not a bad plan by RCA to gain young fans for a life-long ride w/ kelly; the Beatles did the same thing in 1963-64.

    Kelly lost a fight on album1 to do the beautiful, “beautiful disaster” w/ just piano arrangement, but she won on album2.”

  • Ron

    mattso: “In a nutshell, Clarkson is a performer, not an artist. She performs the songs that are taught to her, and puts her face on the album cover. Her producers could hire any competent karaoke singer with a pretty face to sing those songs and they would sound just as good.”

  • nic

    i think kelly has an amazin voice!!!!!!!!!!



  • Oliver

    Nice article cant believe its been a year Ive enjoying this comment board get over it. shes successful as of now. End of story. Who would even wanna look 20 years from, for crying out loud scientist said in 2011 the world is gonna underwater! HAHA GLOBAL WARMING PEOPLE.

  • Oliver

    All of you are so childish! For crying out loud I am a HUGE OBSESSED kellyfan but she is not…I repeat not a legend. No one can be a legend with only 2 albums and only 13 million records sold and has been in the industry for a merely 3/6 years. I’ll probably hear her still 10 years from now but maybe not cuz as she said she wants to settle down and have kids when she’s ready. I think she’ll be around until she’s thirty, so thats about 6 years. The only reason why Mariah is a successful artist even in these days is her sick (good) body. Kelly will be a legend someday as EXPERT from People Magazine named future legend and plus she sold over 13 million records worldwide. Hopefully she doesnt get over exposure.

  • Haha, I most definitely opened a can of worms here.

  • Philip from Chicago

    I have watched Kelly Clarkson since American Idol, and Yes i voted for her each night. I will also admit that I was not fond of her first album. It was not until Breakaway that I truely began to admire, love, and obsess about Kelly. Breakaway truely set her apart from any of the other idols that came after. She is slowly and beautifully setting into her own act. She is beautiful, down to earth, real, and extremely talented. What makes people love her personality is that she is so darn real. She appears sweet as pie. That is what is drawing fans to her and what is helping fans stay addicted to her. She has come a long way since her 2002 debut on AI. She has a power house voice that touches many range of people. She has a large fan base stretching from teenage girls, gay men in their 20’s, single females,rockers, middle aged america and to the shock of my own some of the “ghetto-ist” people i know. Kelly gives alot to her community, charities; shes becoming a role model. So Lets say she is climbing the latter of sucess, and doing it gracefully. to recap; Kelly had the voice, the image, the personality of a legend, so lets jsut say she is a lengend in the making….

  • Fonda

    Ralph Your Crazy

    kElly is an amazing singer and look where elvis and the beatles ended up! Elvis died on the toilet and half the beatles are dead. Kelly doesn’t need to “pay her dues” because right now she’s what’s hot, and you can’t help it if someone finds her talent early on in her career

  • Ralph DeMattia

    Mattso is right on the mark! Kelly Clarkson, though, is not even a PERFORMER, so much as an “instant” singer. like almost everything else in the past 10-15 years, it has to be “instant”
    She won a couple of Talent Shows- She didn’t hone her “skills” in dingy, low-brow clubs; playing for 8-10 hours a night- 6 or 7 nights a week for years, as did Elvis, The Beatles, and even the Jackson 5, whom I don’t care for, at least they paid their dues for many years untill Diana Ross discovered them! Kelly Clarkson and all her ilk from hat sham of a show won’t last long, because they’re all hype asnd very little REAL substance. Tet simplt haven’t paid their dues!

  • Rianne

    Ok, me and my friend Harriet both saw Kelly in concert on March 6th 2006.
    We both agreed she was amazing, she had the audience singing along, encouriging them to do so, and when “Since U been gone” came up everyone in the concert hall was standing up and literally jumping. For “Behind these hazel eyes” She went off-stage shortly and came back wearing the wedding dress. She fullly included her audience in the performance. She even saw me and my friend screaming at her and said “Hey!” and waved, looking directly as us!
    We couldn’t stop tlaking about the concert for days after, we had taken over 200 pictures and were showing everyone at school the pictures. Still we think the concert was aboslutly magnicifent, and I urge everyone to go to see her, she was brilliant.
    Kelly is a great singer and oughts to be praised for how much she has grown since American Idol. I cannot honestly say that there is one person who truly believes Kelly cannot sing. Because she can belt out vereses at notes so high I don’t think anyone else coudl reach that high withut their voice cracking.
    Overall Kelly is a absolutly brilliant singer and she has a brilliant future ahead of her.

  • Mattso

    I never once disputed Clarkson’s popularity, so I’m very curious to know exactly what part of my argument your litany of sales figures and chart factoids is supposed to refute. Please clarify.

    The fact that you attempt to prove musical greatness without using a single music-related argument is very strange. I’m forced to conclude that you believe popularity is a reliable gauge of quality.

    This assumption is so unspeakably fallacious, I don’t even know where to begin eviscerating it.

    I’ll leave it as an exercise to the reader to name 10 things that have been massive sales successes but were of poor quality.

    Pallo Marinello — feel free to enlist the faculties of your cat if you need assistance.

  • pallo marinello

    Mattso – you’re an idiot – my cat could rebut your bulbus crock of jealousy and ignorant rants.

    No matter whether you like her or not she’s the most successful female artist in the world over the last 2 years. Her fame grows by leaps and bounds daily and her tours are essentially ALL sell outs no matter what size the venues, 3000 seater theaters to 28,000 seat amphitheaters and arenas, from Kanss City Missouri to Adelaide Australia. Her world tour was 98% SOLD OUT. Her last album spawned 119 top 5 chart hits worldwide – more than 70 more than Mariah, 60 more than Madonna, and noone else even comes close. Breakaway/Clarkson outsold every other female artist in the world during that time – 10 million copies.

    As of today, May 15 2006, Clarkson has had at least one top 10 hit on the American Pop charts for 83 consecutive weeks – an achievement only acomplished by one or two Icons, legends, and Hall Of Fame artists. 3 times during that run she’s had 2 different songs in the top 10 simultaneously and shes had simultaneous number ones on Pop and AC – a feat only accomplished 3 times in history. One of her AC hits is the second longest running #1 in history. Clarkson holds over 40 Billboard chart records and won more than a dozen Billboard Awards in 2005 – 6 more than any other artist in the world.

    BS all you want but the proof is in the charts and the Queen of the charts is Kelly Clarkson. Xtina, Mariah, Avril, Evanecense, Britney – NONE of them has ever acomplished 83 consecutive weeks in the top 10 at Pop, and they NEVER will. Clarkson will probably do it again with her next album.

    IS she a legend already? Hell yes. If she quit today her music would still be around for 40 years. NO ARTIST on earth has a brighter future than Kelly Clarkson.

  • Blunt

    I don’t like her music. It is synthetic, pre-fabricated, and over-produced, just as Mattso noted. Problem is, the general public thinks this is the way music should sound. *ugh*

  • UscGirl

    Kelly Clarkson is my idol!!!!!!
    Kelly Clarkson ROXS MY SOXS!!!!!!!



  • Mattso

    Rene–if by “musical elitist” you mean somebody that actually cares about the creative/artistic process of making music, then I declare that I am a bona fide “musical elitist”.

    When I say that KC’s music is low-brow swill, that is indeed my personal opinion, and you’re welcome to disagree wholeheartedly. But the rest of what I said about the extent of her actual abilities is more or less factual. By all means, feel free to produce evidence that says otherwise.

    In a nutshell, Clarkson is a performer, not an artist. She performs the songs that are taught to her, and puts her face on the album cover. Her producers could hire any competent karaoke singer with a pretty face to sing those songs and they would sound just as good.

    Rave about her singing voice until you’re blue in the face, I really don’t care. After all, she DOES have a good voice. All I ask is that you refrain from debasing the accomplishments of real legends by uttering the word “legend” in the same breath as the name “Kelly Clarkson”—it’s insulting. Karaoke singers are not even eligible for the status of “legend”—regardless of how many millions of teeny-boppers and pedestrian Top-40 listeners lay out their cash to buy the albums.

  • Steve

    Well, I’ve always thought Kelly could go far with the right help because her voice has a range few people have these days. Her breadth of material so far could be viewed negatively (aping the latest musical trends) or positively (she can sing all kinds of music). It will be interesting to see where she goes from here. Hopefully she will find a unique niche one day for herself.

    Re. her lyrics, she is a young lady singing about things from that perspective. I’m sure her song writing will only improve with age, providing she keeps her feet on the ground. Not a legend yet, but she’s one of the few right now, that have potential to be.

  • Rene

    Mattso, you are nothing but another musical elitict. Your opinion is nothing more than your opinion. You’re right only in your mind dear.

    Lovely gine – Enjoy your Carrie while you still can. I like her too but she doesn’t have what it takes to last long in the business. Kellie Pickler will probably replace her soon.

  • Lovely gine

    Kelly, you are no carrie underwood !!!!! I know you have tooooooooooooo many albums !!!!!!!!!!!! toooooooooooooooooooooooooo many awards but carrie underwood do not have !!!! but I tell you your voice is not that nice but i like you kelly clarkson ! you sing well ! but i don’t like your one video it looks like your not that innocent i fogot the title of the song but even though carrie underwood is not that as famous as you are i tell the difference between CARRIE AND KELLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! carrie has a powerful voice , kind heart , good attitude , innocent loooking , and strong appeal people should look deeper not because you have many awards many cds !!!!!!!!!!!1111 that doesn’t impressed carrieis an honor student ! excellent singer !!Carrie is beautiful intellectually and phsically that’s all ! Carrie Underwood Love Ever !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Mattso

    Let’s get one thing straight here. Writing cheesy, cliché, cornball lyrics is NOT the same thing as writing songs—not by a long-shot.

    To see what kind of real “talent” Kelly Clarkson has, I propose the following. Rent her a nice comfy cabin out in some secluded area. Give her all of the recording gear, musical instruments, drum machines, computers, pens and paper that she wants. Give her 3 months out there by herself, and say “Ok Kelly, get to work writing some songs, as many or as few as you like, but make them as good as you can. Using the gear we’ve provided, record demos of the best material you come up with.”

    If any of you here truly believe that she would emerge from the woods after 3 months with a SINGLE song that sounds ANYTHING like the songs you are all raving about, then you have been completely duped by corporate America.

    Bottom line: without her high-priced producers and songwriters to create, or at least heavily alter, polish, and improve the product for her, she has no more to offer musically than the rest of her fellow karaoke singers. Comparing “Kelly Clarkson” talent to real music talent is like comparing a visual artist who uses “paint by numbers” kits to the real deal.

    If the fact that her songs are synthetic, pre-fabricated, and over-produced is of no concern to you because all you care about are the songs coming through your speakers, then there’s nothing wrong with that. All I ask is that we all get real for a second here, and take her for what she is—namely, a karaoke singer with a vogue image and a bottomless budget.

    And ENOUGH with the chart statistics—they prove NOTHING, I repeat, NOTHING. Record sales numbers DO NOT make legends. If you can’t see this to be true, then you just don’t get it.

    Greater than the BEATLES?!?! I find this claim so utterly offensive that I can barely think straight. Speaking of which, are any of you actually going to try to claim that if you locked up ANY one of the Beatles in that cabin for 3 months, that the resulting product would be inferior to Clarkson’s? Hilarious!

    Anybody who truly believes that Kelly Clarkson is a “legend”, or that people will actually be listening to her pre-fab crapola 10 years from now, is so profoundly clueless on the topic of music that they ought to be brought up on criminal charges for making the world suffer their idiocy.

    I’ll sign off with a small English lesson.

    Function: noun
    Etymology: German
    Definition: 1) something that appeals to popular or lowbrow taste and is often of poor quality; 2) Kelly Clarkson’s music

  • feelin_pissy

    Kelly is an awsome singer whom does sing live most of the time. She also puts on concert after concert and her voice does get tired. The thing with her is she is more like a real person and definatly not sluty at all. She is easy to like. Also she doesnt lip sync and that irritates me big time. Even when she is tired and her bvoice is rough she refusesto lip sync. For more kelly

  • listen people,
    i need to tell u sumetin and listen very carefully. kelly clatkson is a GREAT singer who writes touching songs. no arguments there, but shes still got a looong way to go be4 she starts to eveolve as a singer. the issue here is not that she was most succesful person of ai or dat she has a lot of radio hits, but its about HER. her SINGING not her future. i know alot of singers who suck but r always #1. example: BRITNEY SPEARS.

  • Kelly clarkson



    Meaning I suck

  • Aglo

    Christina Aguilera is 1,000,000X better than that broad! I wish someone would put the poor biotch out of her misery!

  • Aglo

    Kelly CLarkson is an ugly broad who should not have won American Idol! She forgets where she came from- I didnt vote for her skank a**

  • danny

    Weak Weak Weak

  • Ron

    note, Janis didn’t even write her only hit.

    Kelly took a christina aguliera reject (Miss Independent, MI), re-wrote the bridge, and had a 6-wk #1. Other #1’s she wrote from scratch were: “Behind these hazel eyes” (she originally wrote it as a happy song about a good relationship, guessing==>”you will never know the happiness i feel inside, behind these hazel eyes”), “because of you” at age 16, and future #1 “Walk away” and “Hear me” was a kelly fix like MI, “Addicted” was written 6 yrs ago by kelly. “you thought wrong” was written on her movie set. “come here” was written by kelly in April05 during her tour when her band showed her music they made.

  • Ron

    4 years not long enough to be considered a legend, as i said above, even if kelly died today, she’d be a legend….here is who many consider a legend after less than 4 years, mainly because she died young….. http://music.aol.com/artist/main.adp?tab=bio&artistid=4639–>” She made them a hit at the 1967 Monterey Pop Festival, where her stunning version of “Ball and Chain” (perhaps her very best performance) was captured on film. After a debut on the Mainstream label, Big Brother signed a management deal with Albert Grossman and moved on to Columbia. Their second album, Cheap Thrills, topped the charts in 1968, but Joplin left the band shortly afterward, enticed by the prospects of stardom as a solo act. …”Mercedes Benz,” “Get It While You Can,” and Kris Kristofferson’s “Me and Bobby McGee” are some of her very best tracks. Tragically, she died before the album’s release, overdosing on heroin in a Hollywood hotel in October 1970. “Me and Bobby McGee” became a posthumous number one single in 1971, and thus the song with which she is most frequently identified.” She had no hits, except for 1 solely due to her death.

  • Addicted2Kelly3

    Ohh my goodness, all the negativity and harsh words…Kelly Clarkson is indeed a wonderful and talented singer and I personally am a HUGE fan of hers and agree that Breakaway was the best album of 2005..She is not only talented vocally, she is talented lyrically and I respect everything about her and hope that she will continue to further her success and her career. KELLY ROCKS!!!!

  • Being a legend is not about success. It’s about longevity. It’s not possible for someone whose only been around for 4 years to be considered a legend. She has TWO albums. And yes, they’ve been very successful. That makes her a successful pop star. She has years to come before she is a legend.

  • Ron

    Kelly is not a legended? LOLLOOLL

    Kelly is MEGA around the world. She is about to have 5 #1 songs out of 5 from current album alone.

    #2 selling album for 2005 in Australia (Australian was #1), #8 in UK (where not released until late July because they really hate talent show people there), #3 in USA (likely to outsell the #1 and #2 albums after “walk away”, “hear me” and “addicted” are on radio).

    She’s performing at this years Brit, UK’s grammys, awards, meaning she is likely to win!

    She won 9 Billboard awards this year, and many, many others.

    I was looking over my Beatles collection and how often they put out albums (several per year), then I realized her current album is as good as three Beatle albums combined (many non-single worthy songs). Plus, Kelly is just one person; Beatles were 2.3 creative people (not counting Ringo and 70% of George, lol).

  • GOD

    You are all SO outtatouch. Who cares about Kelly Clarkson when the next great flood is comming, and after that the double rapture. No cherries on top of that. PS- Legends don’t often get status because they simply die young. They get legend status by the grace of Yaweh or Jahway what ever you ever so slightly evolved monkeys are calling me now. Merry.

  • Someone

    What if Kelly came from a “talent contest”?? FRANK SINATRA won a “talent contest”.. SO now you are telling me that Frank Sinatra isn’t a real singer? Get your facts straight little kid.. Beyonce and her POSSE were on Star Search, Christina, Britney and A LOT of others were on Star Search.. That dosen’t mean that they aren’t singer. Each singer has his/her own way of entering the music world. Give me any “real” artist and let them perform live infront of AMERICA each week, and ask them later if it was easy..
    Kelly has proven to be a REAL singer with “Breakaway”. I am not saying that she is a legend, but give the girl some credit.. The girl works non stops, she even gave away a free concert because she felt like she didn’t give her best on first one.. THAT IS RARE!

  • Uh…are you implying that Kelly Clarkson DOESN’T sing live? Have you ever heard of that little show on whatshernetwork called “American Idol”? Let’s not forget she spent months performing live (and phenomenally I might add) week after week after week after week. America voted for her sweetheart. This is how she GOT her record deal. You can say all you want, the reality is, she’s got great pipes, great music, and great performances, and she’s got the sold out venues, 10 million records, great reviews, and a few grammy nominations to prove it. Thanks and G’night.

  • Coral

    I think kelly clarkson has lots of hits but i dont think she is that good of a singer. When she sings live she cant hold a single note. Clay Aiken is the real deal. Whe i went to his concert he was singing LIVE and was amazing, i didnt know he could sing like that. So instead of talking about kelly lets talk about Clay Aiken (the real deal). Bye Bye

  • V.S.


  • Mullet

    Kelly Clarkson is an awesome singer/actress. I love her new CD Breakaway. My favourite song on that CD is You Found Me. I love her hair but i prefer mullets

  • Ty

    Well the more successful one becomes, the more haters there are. It’s sad but true.

  • Ron

    what insane twit could be so un-educated?

    Kelly’s has many claims to fame, such as pop song of 2005 w/ subg, w/ bthe likely to finish #2 for 2005 (shock). Also, “breakaway” is the Adult Contemporary song of 2005.

    So, not only are teenagers buying her music, but so are old geezers.

    The list of achievements is too long, but her Australian chart performance is amazing since they never saw her american idol….came out 42wks ago yet last 12 wks have been 4,2,3,3,3,2,4,10 (due to father’s day),2,2,3,and #4 this wk.

  • amy

    kelly sucks balls!

  • she is the best

  • Ralph DeMattia

    A LEGEND!?!? What insane idiot calls this flash-in-the-pan a legend? All Kelly Clarkson is is someone who hasn’t paid her “dues”, she won a talent contest and that’s her big claim to fame. The teenage pimple-wits of today would by a CD of any pretty female “singer” reading the phone book, just as long as she shows most of her boobs and belly. Five years from
    now, probably less, the FBI won’t be able to find Kelly Clarkson!

  • Amanda Pauken

    I have been a KC fan all through American Idol. I thought that her 1st album was good and I love Breakaway! However it wasn’t until I saw her in concert that I really became a fan so to speak. She was amazing live. I thought that her voice was so powerful and it gave me chills several times during her performance. I enjoyed it so much that I went to see her again recently in Detroit and the 2nd show proved to be even better than the first. Her vocals and energy on stage were unbelievable. If you get a chance to see her live, do it because you won’t regret it. Kelly you rock!

  • Ron


    AOL right now says Lauryn Hill is a legend, and is singing w/ john legend.

    Her success is almost non-existent
    link ….her group the Fugees’ only hit was a re-make.

    Using Lauryn as a measure, kelly is a legend countless times over.

  • jason

    first of all, don’t diss kelly because someone called her a legend, it’s an opinion, don’t rip kelly apart because of it. i think kelly is wonderful, and i sawher in concert and loved it, she’s a true star. if you saw her accept her vma’s on mtv you’ll see she’s just a regular girl who happens to love singing, she’s not thanking God and praising falsehoods (thanking God is a wonderful thing, but not when you do it to be cliche’), and showing off her bling. give the girl crdit for being authentic, and by the way “hazel eyes” and “beause of you” were written by kelly, and they are two charming pop songs. congratulations kelly, you rock

  • I_adore_kelly

    Yeah sometimes Kelly’s voice isn’t great, for example I didn’t like her performance of Since U been gone in 2005 VMAs.

    But I know she’s able of hitting the high notes live, when she sang the acoustic versions SUBG and BTHE live in VH1 she sounded great she hit the high notes perfectly, they sounded the same as in the record.

  • Lucy Kavanagh

    Kelly Clarksojn is so down to earth and is such a sweetheart, she has such a massive voice for a small girl. U ROCK KELLY!!!!!!!!

  • Lucy Kavanagh

    Kelly Clarksons album breakaway shows that her voice is not only suited for the likes of pop music but also the grittier sounds of rock, this proves proves she is an all rounded singer that sounds wicked coll no matter wot she sings.

  • gothic_pride

    Well, Kelly is a good singer. I really like Behind These Hazel Eyes and You Found Me. I just don’t think she’s as good as Lindsey L. or Avril L. I mean, those two rock out loud. But Hilary Duff,nope. Kelly makes Hilary look like rotten feces. But I don’t think Kelly is a legend. She alrady got enough fame from American Idol, so I don’t she needs any more fame.

  • kelly made it on her voice and talen
    good for you you rock kelly!!!

  • Ron

    Some here needed covers to prove kelly is a legend, so here is another, of a song kelly wrote at 16: “She began the first of her two encores with a cover of Kelly Clarkson’s ”Because of You” that worked surprisingly well”.


  • Brittany Lea

    WHoever thinks Kelly Clarkson sucks is a total moron, ok! Kelly has the most amazing voice, AWESOME songs, and she is so loyal to her fans! Shes an amazing and talented singer!!!

  • B-Perk-86

    Hey Yall! I was just wondering if any of you knew this-> Does Kelly Clarkson have an opening act for her concert on august 20th, 2005 at St.Louis, Missouri Fox Theatre?! I need to know cause I’m going!! Please!

  • Someone’s obviously [edited]. If you don’t like Kelly’s music, I can understand that. Everyone is entitled to their own personal taste. But how you can possibly say that this woman can’t sing….is just beyond me. Have you even LISTENED to either of her LPs?

  • Laney

    Okay Shirley is it? Apart from being tone deaf you must also be blind!!! Kelly is the furthest thing from ugly and if you’d seen the video for Behind These Hazel Eyes you’d know that. Can’t sing?!!! And I suppose you think there were better contestants than her in American Idol? Well I beg to differ as I just got the DVD and to say that she totally outshone them is an understatement!! Also, if you saw her blind skit for Saturday Night Live you would certainly take back such an utter load of rubbish that was your comment!!! My brother doesn’t like her music, but even he (lead guitarist and singer in his band) admits that she’s got a deadly voice. So, before you go posting another message, take your fingers out of your ears and actually listen once in a while.

  • jay

    No other artist (none. not christina – not whitney – not celine – not mariah) could go on show after show and hit the notes that are on kelly’s album. kelly’s only problem was making an album w/ such vocally demanding songs with such varying ranges, and then thinking she could tour and sing them perfectly. no artist can perform those notes night after night…

    i’m so irate over the whole lip-synching reporting as well.

    Kristen Lauerman’s review of Kelly Clarkson’s concert – although not a well-composed article – did an outstanding job… of bringing attention to herself. I’m certain that US Weekly or Star Magazine might now have a place for Ms. Lauerman after she made national news by accusing Kelly Clarkson of lip-synching.

    Having someone report on a concert that knows nothing about the music industry is taking a chance. Having that same reporter make disparaging comments about the music artist is irresponsible.

    It’s inevitable that all of this “Clarkson/Lip-synching” hype will die down soon, since Kelly has always proven that she can indeed sing well live. One thing Ms. Kristen Lauerman failed to understand is the difference between a backing track of the main artist’s voice (Ashlee Simpson) and a played recording of the background vocals from the album (Kelly Clarkson). If you’ve ever heard the karaoke version of her songs at a local bar, you’d realize that what you’re hearing is not the main vocals, but the background vocals. It’s a fairly simple and rather obvious thing that even a high school newspaper reporter – or your everyday bar patron – would notice…

    Perhaps a little research or simple thought would be beneficial before reporting such a defammatory report. Of course, I think Ms. Kristen Lauerman successfully achieved her goal. She’s finally made it “big time” to the google search page. Wow… What a sad way to do it! Well done!

    anyone that is a fan is freaking stupid!!!
    shes ugly, she doesnt play an instrument while she sings, and wait, did i say sings? she cant!
    what idiot chose her to win!? holy s*** she sucks!

  • Yeah, I think Breakaway’s a little out of place too, though a great song. I think the reason it’s out of place is because it was meant for the Princess Diaries Soundtrack, and because of how successful it was, they decided to put it on the album which was already done.

  • Laney

    Just wondering if anyone else thinks that Breakaway is the one song on the album that sounds a bit out of place? I adore the entire cd and have listened to it countless times, but the more and more I play it, the more Breakaway sticks out a bit too much. Could be that Avril Lavigne wrote it I suppose, and given that I have both of her albums, I know it’d be right at home on the first record.

  • Ty

    Cal, watch her Sessions@AOL.com performances… you’ll then know that she’s definitely capable of singing that way live… she just chooses to hit the “soft” versions of those notes live in order to save her voice.

    Hear Me is probably the most strenuous song to sing, and she totally blew it out of the water. One of the best if not THE best performance I’ve seen from her. Since U Been Gone was also awesome as well. Sessions@AOL.com

  • rene

    The Graham Colton Band.

  • mag

    who is the opening act for kelly clarkson?

  • Rene

    There’s a reason Kelly has rebounded back into the top 10 albums of Billboard Hot 100. Currently at number 9 AFTER 36 WEEKS!

  • KC

    Kelly Roxs

    I love all of her song (well maybe not all of them) but still yea She Roxs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Laney

    Okay Cal is it? Firstly, if you’re going to diss Kelly’s live performances you’ve clearly been asleep through the last few years. She won American Idol, on which she had to sing live every time, and not songs, I might add, that have been specifically written for her. Secondly, that AOL recording was terrible at best, the sound quality was really bad, and as for Kelly’s vocals on the night, well you just try belting out the notes she does night after night after night all the while singing over a live (and very loud) band. All these legends that have been mentioned, well maybe not all of them, but some at least, didn’t sing the songs that demanded such power again and again. And finally, as for can she do it live anymore, just listen to the live recordings of Beautiful Disaater on Breakaway, and Miss Independent on the Since U Been Gone single release, they’re freakin’ amazing!!! Kelly Clarkson is by no means a legend (that’s an unbelievably premature statement), but she is one of the only true stars to have emerged from these tv talent shows. To have made it to her 2nd album shows she’s here to stay and the sooner she drops the American Idol tag the better.

  • kel

    if anyone has been watchng kelly from day one to natural woman to now u know she is amazing..ive been to 2 of her concerts and she gives me chills..the only other two singers to ever do that is karen carpenter and sarah mchlachlan..she has a gift

  • Ron

    the critics are starting to catch on….

    “Kelly actually penned the track plus a few others a while ago, and recorded it onto a tape recorder which she forgot about – until she began working on her sophomore album. She sent the tape to Ben Moody, who went on to co-write and produce the tracks, including ‘Because Of You’.
    “They were just unbelievable, how structured [the songs] were and her understanding of music, which is not something you would expect from a pop artist,” Ben told MTV. “She had these ideas already in place for songs; all I really had to do was build music around them and develop them. It was quite easy….lyrics that convey a great deal of depth.”

  • Thanks, Kacey. 🙂

  • Kacey danaher


  • I know! Kelly, Carrie, and Gwen are the only pop that’s representing on the charts

  • Olivia

    I mean really, right?! This album is so underrated. I’m so sick of all this hip-hop dominating everything

  • Amen to that, Olivia

  • Olivia

    I absolutely love Breakaway. I think it was the best album of this year. She had better win Grammys.

  • Aundrea

    Kenny, I think YOU’RE the idiot

  • Kenny

    I think Kelly is SO great and anyone that doesn’t is just an idiot.

  • kita

    kelly clarkson rocks she is way better then delta or lindsay she schould be on the TOP coz see is way better then that stupied crazy frog i loved her concert at american idol i just love her and soo does my family and my boyfriend but i can handel that because she rocks and is she coming to Australia because i would diffently go and see her live

  • Thank you! 😀

  • Cal

    Hi Chris,

    Maybe I’m judging Clarkson too harshly. I saw the music video for Behind Hazel Eyes. I was all set to buy the cd. Next thing I know, I see her concert clip on Aol, and it just shattered my illusion of her. Now, I know the cd will sound great, but just how much of that cd is a credit to Kelly, and how much to the technicians and producer?

    I know Kelly is no Sharon Stone, but Janis was no um, err, well, I can’t think of someone less attractive at the moment. Maybe the actress in Throw Mama From The Train.

    Now, I love Def Leppard, but it also kind of shattered me to find out how they wrote the songs on Pyromania. Mutt Lange had them write bits and pieces. Riffs and hooks. And then they pieced them together to form the songs.

    Some things, I think I am better off not knowing. I wish I had never seen Kelly’s concert footage.

    I also never watch the extra features on dvd movies. It takes away from the magic of the movie. I’m just a weird person I guess, so don’t pay my rambling much mind. :-)By the way, I dropped by your blog and liked it and bookmarked it. Like your writing.

  • I completely disagree. I think Kelly would have been famous no matter what she looked like. She’s talented enough. Not to mention the fact that she’s no Sharon Stone. o___O She’s basically just the ordinary girl next door. So I don’t see how you figure her looks got her anywhere.

  • Cal

    Hi Ron,
    Interesting that you should mention Fall Out Boy. In my comment #46, when I talked about the nasal blockage singing style of Greenday, and those following that formula, Fall Out Boy was the band I had in mind.

    I’m not here to bash Kelly. She’s a good singer, but she chooses dangerous material to sing. Or at least sings it in a dangerous key.

    The other day, I saw Brian Adams on VH1, and he did a live studio performance. Only him and his acoustic guitar. He sang “Straight From The Heart”. He was awesome! Now, Brian Adams has a voice many wouldn’t consider as quality. Kinda rusty sounding like Rod Stewart. But he knows how to use what he has. And he has great phrasing, and feel. I hope you got to see that.

    I think voice quality has a lot to do with genetics. And phrasing, you get by listening to the people who raise you. Example. Bob Dylan and his son, the singer from the Wallflowers. I gotta say though, that the Wallflowers singer sounds better than dad. 🙂 Another example. Julian Lennon and John Lennon. Can hardly tell their voices apart.

    These are just the ramblings of an old music fan, on the lookout for future legends. I really like Lifehouse. To folks who like to rattle off numbers as a way to gauge greatness in music, use your ears and not your eyes. Music is for the ears. That is why Janis Joplin was popular oh so long ago, and why she would never make it in music nowadays. Video killed the radio star. Oh so true! Clarksons Cd is good enough to be popular even if she didn’t look good, but she wouldn’t have even gotten the chance, if she looked like Janis Joplin. :-)And whatever happened to The Corrs? Ahh, the magic of Mutt Lange.

  • Ron

    others in music are treating kelly like a legend, from Fall Out Boy: “Wentz and his bandmates are reveling in the fact that video jockeys are getting paid to say Eminem, Kelly Clarkson and Fall Out Boy in the same breath.”

  • Caii

    to that natalie girl, the girl who wrote “I WAVE MY HAND” was referring to someone who previously wrote “If you like Kelly Clarkson, WAVE YOUR HANDS IN AIR!! YEAH!”. And I think you are incredibly ignorant. You’re one of those people who can’t stand to have their opinions put down. I read your opinions and I don’t agree with all of them, but that doesn’t mean I’m going to be petty and ridiculous because they don’t coincide with my own. So please lay off and high schoolers deserve a lot of respect. Most highschoolers out there today are smarter and have stronger opinions and care more about real issues than a lot of adults. So cool down and take this advice: Listen to others opinions and accept them even if they don’t agree with your own. Trust me, people hate people who shoot down their opinion constantly. kthanks.


  • Pia

    Kelly Clarkson IS a legend already and I don’t know what you people are talking about. Breakaway was just certified triple platinum. Take that, haters.

  • Rene

    I believe Kelly Clarkson deserves all of the success she has atained. She is truly talented vocally unlike most “singers” with hits out there right now.

    I don’t believe that she’s the best singer ever but I do believe that she’s right up there with any of them that are out there right now including Christina Aguilera. By the way, Christina can sound pretty shrill sometimes with the high notes and I heard she had to postpone some concerts because she blew some vocal chordes while recording a new album.

    I have seen Kelly in concert in the first leg of her tour and she sounded awesome. I agree that it’s unfair to expect her to be at 100% vocally when you’re going out there night after night for months singing like that. Having said that, I wonder why an artist would put themselves in the position of not being able to give 100% to their fans. For someone with a vocal powerhouse like Kelly, I wish she would rest her voice for two or three days in between concerts.

    I truly hope that Kelly continues to grow artistically. I think she has the stuff that legends are made of.

  • Ron

    funny to watch the public’s reaction to kelly.

    during AI1, kelly made another flop talent show a popular show, so it was a guilty pleasure (because we loved it, even though we thought we shouldn’t).

    then kelly was supposed to flop like all talent show people, biggest prior success was like #70 on the charts.

    after “a moment like this” became #1, she was a one-hit wonder.

    when she refused to make a quick, crappy cash-in album, she had missed her window to capitalize on the show. her album was considered such a joke, that no reviews were done until after it became #1.

    then “miss independent” became #1 for 6wks, and all of a sudden, “american idol” was a real show of talent, so ruben and clay were taken seriously.

    then fantasia was referred by “experts” as the 1st real talent to come from “american idol”, lol.

    funny to hear “guilty pleasure” again referring to “since u been gone”, meaning rockers who ignored her before are now fans, and they are covering the song.

    even now, kelly is the only success outside America. #2 album this wk in all of Australia (http://www.aria.com.au/pages/aria-charts-display.asp?chart=1A50) and 3rd wk for subg in top7 in uk (http://www.hit40uk.com/chart.asp).

    uk has been especially tough because they invented AI, and they hate their products from the show, and the show’s ratings have flopped.

    I hope kelly doesn’t unfairly help others from AI there, like she did here. nor how America still loves the show kelly came from.

  • Rashad Rolle

    I love Kelly Clarkson, i think she is going to an extremly successful artist, . That said I don’t think she is the best singer like some of you noted, She’s fantastic vocally but some of her rivals like Christina are without question better vocally, and i wou’nt even start talking about those outside that Christina, Kelly type of music. I really hope she stops all this bunch of sreaming, because it would be really sad to see such a quality artist like her, develop nods, or loses her voice due to a bunch of shouting. And why do you people always say she is the only successful AI contestent. Its not fair to compare her to other contestents, she has an advantage of being the first, and besides there are other already who are already giveing her run for her money, like Clay. Vocally only one singer on AI was better than her and thats Latoya London. Some close ones are fantasia, jennifer H, Carrie U, Clay A, and Tamyra G. all thes people in due time could reach to her territory.

  • Nick

    I just wanted to back Kelly not being able to hit the high notes live… I was at the Orlando show (the one AOL recorded and has been showing online) and it was absolutely deafening in there. The following day I jumped online and watched it again, and there is a huge difference in the way the crowd sounds. (They sound relatively weak on the feed) I think that she probably couldn’t hear herself very well, along with the fact that she’s on her second straight tour this year.

    Me, being a huge Kelly fan, have to agree that’s she’s not at the caliber to be called a legend yet. Give her time; I’m sure she’ll get closer to the title, even if she never manages to earn it.

  • The Theory

    I bought Breakaway on the strength of Since U Been Gone and I haven’t regretted it. about a quarter of the songs are excellent, another half pretty good, with only a quarter of the songs being skippable.

  • Chris, that’s because I’m INCREDIBLE, baby. IN-CREDIBLE.

    That is all.

  • Joe

    Whoa, well I came here to read the review and was about to comment about how I completely agree before I saw the explosion of comments haha…

    Kelly is good and does have amazing potential…her vocal range is some of the best and she has shown a great deal of improvement on Breakaway from her first album. She’s not yet the stuff of “legend,” necessarily, but maybe ten or twenty years from now if she’s still going at it the way she is? Maybe then she can be considered a “legend.”

    And I say this as a Kelly fan as well.

  • Lmao…because you just sound SO completely credible.

  • Let’s not get carried away here. She has a good voice and she’s selling a lot of records, but she’s not some timeless great artist. Christina’s better cuz she’s hot as hell, who cares about the music.

    That being said, I kinda like her new songs I’ve heard on the radio. I was in a store shopping one day and I heard them playing “Breakaway” and I thought, “That’s a pleasant song.” When I turned around to look at the video monitor and saw Kelly, I was slightly ashamed. But then I stumbled across the video for “Since U Been Gone” and I liked that one even better — that’s a great popwer pop/pseudo-punky gem of a song that really takes her in a different direction to try and get money from the Avril fans. I know all her hits are written by one of those weird Swedish pop impresarios (the 40-something Abba Jrs. of the world with weird bleached blonde hair named Max and Sven), but they’re still good, catchy pop songs even if they’re pretty dumb lyrically.

    Of course, I would never buy her album. I learned my lesson after, in the spur of the moment, buying Fantasia’s “I Believe” single right after she won American Idol. Yes, that’s right, you heard me, I bought her single off Amazon for $5 — it still stares at me from my CD rack having been listened to only once. I can’t bring myself to throw it away, but I’m not proud of it.

    That is all.

  • Wow, I didn’t realize how big an issue this would become. Haha. Yeah, I’m watching her AOL concert now. A lot of the high notes aren’t working out too well…but dear JESUS, this woman has been touring forever. I’m surprised she can even speak. She really is my absolute favorite singer and I will be officially protesting the Grammys if she wins nothing.

  • Preston

    Kelly Clarkson’s Breakaway is far better than her debut. It has some no-nonsense rock numbers in the arena rock heavy Behind Those Hazel Eyes, Since U Been Gone, You Found Me, Hear Me and others. She sounds dramatic on ballads like Where Is Your Heart, Breakaway and Addicted. Her writing on several of the songs match very well with what she’s feeling on them. I don’t think she’s a legend now as some people have wrote here. She needs 20 years or so in the music business before she is called that. Because Breakaway has sold so rapidly the past 7-8 months, people want to give her that label, but she’s relatively new, only been around in music for 3 years. Kelly will grow with time, and this Breakaway album justifies how solid a singer and artist she is.

  • Ron

    above, someone said kelly needed to be covered ….. i listed many who have covered her, and here is another (avril’s opening act), “opened the show with an energetic and animated 45-minute set, including a power-punk version of American Idol Kelly Clarkson’s “Since U Been Gone,'”

  • CBH

    Oh and if she doen’t come home with at least one Grammy, it will be a joke.

  • CBH

    Of course Kelly isn’t a legened (yet) holy crap give the girl time to grow as an artist she’s only on her 2nd album and has only been in this business for 3 years. Look at Usher he wasn’t really that big until now (several years later). I think Kelly is the most talented singer out there right now, I’ve been to her concerts and her voice is absolutely AMAZING I get chills everytime.
    You sit down and actually listen to her lyrics on the Breakaway album and tell me that those aren’t unbelievable for only her 2nd album, imagine what she has to come in the future if she keeps writting songs like “Because of You”, “Addicted” etc. Personally she is and always will be my favorite singer because she has inspired me musically and is truly an amazing person who doesn’t want all the hype and all the media attention, someone who is focused on her musical career. If you don’t like her, her music, or her voice, you at least gotta RESPECT her, for the things she has overcome. I’ve never seen someone in the music buisness work as hard as her, just look at her schedule the past year, it will make your jaw drop. Just give her time and a chance to grow as an artist and I know she will come through.

  • Ty

    I think it’s quite hilarious to say that the way she sounds on the album is all studio tricks. The way she won American Idol PROVES that she can sing and perform LIVE.

    Listen to her cover of “Why.” Listen to her sing “Where Is Your Heart” in concert. So she’s not able to sing songs like SUBG nor BTHE just like the album only because it’s late in the show and she’s been touring basically for the past 3 months which means her vocals aren’t at 100%. You want to hear SUBG the way it’s supposed to sound with her at 100%? Go listen to her SUBG performance from the American Idol Christmas special from last year. ‘Nuff said.

  • Ron

    I am 41. my 46 yr old friend may love kelly more than me. my 74 yr old dad (a dj in the 50’s) loves kelly, and watched her whole AOL concert and loved it. other times, his only complaint sometimes is the music drowns her out a little. most of my other friends love her too.

    a VJ on mtv said her parents saw kelly in concert the other day.

    I have not been this excited about music since i discovered the Beatles in high school (yes, it was after they had been broken up for 10yrs).

    As for kelly’s recorded voice sounding like others, maybe it was done on purpose, w/o kelly’s knowledge. Maybe it was done to trick people who wanted to hate kelly because she came from a talent show, but, once the fell in love w/ her song, they would still love it after discovering it was kelly.

  • Cal

    Ron, your points are well taken and all good. Still doesn’t change my opinion of Clarkson, but it’s nice to know, on a public message board, that folks can still have a debate, in a civil manner.

    Maybe it’s my age, but I can hardly tell, Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, Lindsay Lohan, Hillary Duff, and all the other female teen pop queens of today. I can tell them apart, but I have to listen to the song for awhile, and then guess. They have different phrasing styles, and sing slightly different types of songs, but they kind of have the same tonality. When I hear Janis Joplin, or Karen Carpenter, after only a few words, I know who it is. They are that distinct.

    I think that to judge by record sales is misleading. And to compare legends of yesteryear to now, is apples and oranges. If you asked kids in the 60’s, what they want to be when they grow up, pop star was probably low on the list. Nowadays, it is much much higher. I also think the average age of music buyers nowadays, might be much lower than it was back then. Nowadays, music is catering to kids. In the 60’s, I think it catered more to the college crowd. Also, nowadays, the marketing is much stronger than a few decades ago.

    And what ever is happening to a truly great young girl who I had so high hopes for named Nelly Furtado? She is talented. In my opinion, she is quite unique, and she writes great songs.

    One last thing that I have noticed in music. Songs I don’t catch on to at first, are songs I never tire of, once I do get it. Songs that you can learn on the first listen, you hate after a couple of times. Example: Don’t Worry, Be Happy. It went to the top of the charts. Top of the charts to me, doesn’t mean much.

  • Ron

    also, kelly’s 3rd album song, “hazel eyes” will go #1 in 1-2 wks, w/songs being on radio as fast as possible since “breakaway” hit the airwaves june04.

    50-c is basically off radio already after 3 songs starting in jan05.

    eminem is basically off radio already after 6 songs starting in oct04.

    Destiny.C is basically off radio already after 4 songs starting in oct04.

  • Ron

    Cal, you say having a unique sound makes one a legend, which i think kelly has.

    but, kelly can also change her sound to fit the needs, which is also stuff of legend. In addition to my examples above is that she is the only singer on this album…yes, those back-ground vocals are her too.

    Some indie rockers are covering “since u been gone”. “breakaway”, “a moment like this”, “beautiful disaster”, and “you thought wrong” have all been covered. but being covered and imitated does that time.

    kelly has been imitated by the back street boys (bsb), in a way. i hate to admit it, but eminem is a legend for moving rap music into pop (meaning popular) from 1999 to 2005. bsb didn’t think their style would sell in 2003, so they recorded an urban album, until they saw kelly’s success last xmas. bsb then went to kelly’s people and recorded a pop/rock album like kelly’s.

    the way radio and trl voters hold onto a kelly song and will not let go (in a sea of hip-hop/rap) has gotten other pop/rockers more airplay and time on trl, etc.

    kelly’s album has been in the top20 for over 32 wks, whereas 50-c is down to 17 in his 19th wk, and eminem is 71 in 35th wk.

    she will also pass U2 in total sales for their latest album (remember U2 selling like 1M its 1st wk) in 3-4 wks, and Destiny Child, Avril, and many other big names.

  • Sometimes, to me, it sounds like Clarkson is copying Christina Aguilera.

  • Cal

    Ron, speaking about legendary Janis Joplin. I can hear her influence when I listen to the singer from Heart. Janis did affect music.

    Another band who I hear everyone nowadays trying to copy is Greenday. So many bands coming out with that nasal blockage singing sound.

    I don’t think anyone is trying to copy Kelly Clarkson’s style, probably because she doesn’t have a distinct one. I consider Clarkson, kinda generic. And generic is not the stuff of legend.

  • Cal

    I did watch Kelly Clarksons first song on Aol, and it was good. It was not a demanding song. Maybe it was that her voice was stressed by the time she got to Hazel Eyes. I was also thinking maybe it’s her running around, or she couldn’t hear herself, but it was terrible.

    Here is a small list of folks who can really sing great in concert. Celine Dion, Steve Tyler of Aerosmith, Alanis Morrisette. And they sing some really demanding songs.

    Here’s some things that make a singer great. A recognizable voice, like Karen Carpenter. Phrasing. Got to have good phrasing. Range is a good thing to have, but not necessary, if you stick to songs you can handle.

    I guess, bottom line is everyone has their own opinion. Mine is Kelly Clarkson isn’t great, and will never be great. She’s ok. I saw Pat Benatar in concert many years ago. She could really hit the notes live! She was awesome.

  • nugget

    Cal: hahaha. You think janis joplin could hit the high notes?? I understand your point but I thought making a comparison based on voice quality was silly.

  • Karl Rutherford

    i am so annoyed too. this is angering and i am furious too Mr Davis

  • I can only imagine how annoyed Mr. Stark must be. Au revoir, Mr. Rutherford.

  • Karl Rutherford

    i am angry and furious also

  • Imagine how people feel when they see what is essentially the same meaningless bit of gibberish on posting after posting? It made me furious.

  • Karl Rutherford

    i am angry now

  • Karl – warning. Your comments are useless and will be deleted unless they relate to .. well anything in the threads you have essentially spammed.

    It’s not hardwork to delete many of your comments at once

    – Thanks. Temple
    Blogcritics.org Exec. Editor

  • Karl Rutherford

    if i found a peice of paper and it had all kinds of stuff about kelly clarkson on it but was laying on the floor i would go to the file cabinet and put the peice of paper in the folder that says “documents to be reviewed” and i would tell a manager or my freind ron

  • I think she did too. Agai, Mr. Ron, no one is saying the girl isn’t talented.

  • Ron

    By the way, i think kelly did great on the AOL concert, but at least watch the 1st song and make up your own mind…..you don’t need AOL to access… http://music.channel.aol.com/videos/live_concerts/kelly_clarkson

  • Janis is a legend. She earned the title before she turned 27, before her untimely death. Perhaps her death helped feed the legend, but ask any experts and they’ll say the same. And again, #1s don’t mean diddly. Quality often is not rewarded in the marketplace and often, the biggest hits are horrible songs. Not saying that Kelly Clarkson isn’t worth diddly or that her songs are horrible. Quite the contrary. (Geez, I am BORED with having to make disclaimers all the damn time.) But look at all the legends who did not sell millions of records or make millions of dollars or rack up Grammy Awards. Kelly’s had #1s. Good for her. Does that, in and of itself, mean anything more than that she is popular? No. And popularity does not always equal good, much less legendary.

  • Ron

    I understand remembering well of people who die young, but come on….janis was 27 yrs old when she died, i.e., if she were going to affect music, she would have already largely done so by 27 (kelly is 23). In fact her only #1 hit (as I detailed above) was only out of sympathy: ” Tragically, she died before the album’s release, overdosing on heroin in a Hollywood hotel in October 1970. “Me and Bobby McGee” became a posthumous number one single in 1971, and thus the song with which she is most frequently identified.”

    If i can use a golf analogy, it is like saying Joe.S is a Legend because he won his 1st regular trophy at 28 yrs old, when he died. But when Tiger woods won his 6th major (only 10 golfers had more major wins) at age 25, he is not a legend because he is new.
    However, Tiger was then a legend even if he never played golf again.

  • Ron

    As for her live concert last night on AOL, I would suggest watching her live performances on AOL from last Novemeber when her voice was rested, like “Hear me” which i think is better than the album version.

    Kelly sings a lot of difficult songs, night after night on tour, so i think it is unrealistic to expect any human to do the wild notes every time, on every song, on every night.

    I agree Janis and Kelly should not be in the same sentence, but probably for the opposite reason as you.

  • cal

    To the person who even want’s to try and compare Clarkson to Janis Joplin, no way should they even be mentioned in the same sentence. I just watched her on Aol concert. I thought she was good and had a good voice but after seeing the concert footage, I was terribly dissapointed. She cannot hit the high notes. Not even close. Now I know it was all studio tricks, playing the song in a different key, and then speeding it up. If this is the best American Idol can produce, Im glad I never watched that show. Number one hits don’t speak for how great an artist is. Let your ears be the judge. And its the live performance, not the studio recording, that shows who is better. I like Clarksons recorded music. In fact I love the song “Behind Hazel Eyes”. But studio tricks is like womens cosmetics. It can do wonders and make an average person sound good. Here’s some consolation. Elton John, who I love his music, is another one who can’t hit the notes in concert. He’s damned terrible live. Don’t know why these artists don’t sing it in the true key in which they should. But I gotta give Elton John credit, because at least, he can write his songs. Listening to Clarkson live, will make a person cringe, and feel embarrased for her. Dionne Warwick can sing better live than her recordings! Now she is a rarity.

  • Mr. Evans, you made your point quite clearly within the article and in your subsequent postings. No worries. If people are upset with you for not going along with their sycophantic belief that Clarkson is the be-all and end-all of music, that is their problem.

  • Okay well…the original title said that. Haha. They must have changed it.

  • That’s what’s pissing me off. For some reason, some of these people are acting like because we’re saying Kelly isn’t a legend (yet, anyway), that we are saying she sucks. That’s not the case at all, and if you READ my review, that would be clear. Hell…the title is…Thank You For SAVING Pop Music

  • Yes, she writes songs. Great. Mr. Ron, no one is saying she is an untalented hack. Quite the contrary.

  • Ron

    I’d like to add some things most people don’t know….

    Kelly wrote the bridge on “miss independent”, arguably the best part of a song that Aguilera thought was not good enough for her 20 track album.

    “you thought wrong” (and “thankful”) was written by kelly from scratch, and arguably the best on her 1st album, but never given to radio.

    Kelly refused to put out the planned crap album right after her idol win, and took 7 months to put out a quality album, a move than likely saved AI sales from being a joke.

    Kelly had to fight for “Miss Independents” release, because RCA wanted “some kind of miracle” out instead to capitalize on her ballad success.

    Kelly wrote the deepest songs on album2 from scatch (addicted, because of you, hear me, hazel eyes) a co-wrote others (walk away, where is you heart), but RCA twisted her arm to record more teen music (breakaway, since you been gone, gone). It is not a bad plan by RCA to gain young fans for a life-long ride w/ kelly; the Beatles did the same thing in 1963-64.

    Kelly lost a fight on album1 to do the beautiful, “beautiful disaster” w/ just piano arrangement, but she won on album2.

  • Many people would disagree with your view that Clarkson is better than Annie Lennox. And again, the number of chart toppers/hits is meaningless. Too much crap sells millions and too many sonic works of genius go ignored by the masses.

  • Ron

    This proves my point also, a review by Miami Herald about kelly’s show the other night singing “why”: “She also wrung real feeling out of an old Eurythmics song. Clarkson said she aspires to be like Annie Lennox. Right now, she remains stuck in teen-pop land: She doesn’t have anything like Lennox’s original, daring style, for one.”

    If the music “expert” listened, he would know that “Addicted”, “Hear me”, “you thought wrong”, most of her radio hits, and others, blow away anything annie has ever done(i am not counting “sweet dreams” or 2 other Eurythmic songs which are near kelly’s level). kelly’s concert is a rarity in that her covers of her idols are usually the worse songs on her set-list.

    Annie’s biggest hit was #3 on pop in 1992, with “walking on broken glass”, which i never much cared for. “Why” got to #6 on AC chart in 1992, another who-cares type song. she had 2 other mild hits.

    Eurythmics biggest hit was #1 on pop in 1983 w/ “sweet dreams”. They had 2 other very good songs, but this is a 22 yr span.

  • Bob Dylan is a legend because of his writing. Check it out.

    High-schoolers indeed deserve respect for themselves and for their opinions. Juvenile behavior, however, as typified by,”I WAVE MY HAND!”, does not. (Admittedly, neither does my snarky comment.) But it must be noted that Mr./Ms. duckaDarko has his/her facts wrong: Kelly Clarkson is not the only Idol who has “gone somewhere.” She may be the most successful so far by most conventional criteria, but that does not mean that Clay Aiken, Tamyra Gray, Kimberly Locke, Josh Gracin, Ruben Studdard, Fantasia Barrino, Carrie Underwood, Bo Bice, and others have not enjoyed post-Idol successes of their own. They have; that is a fact. Even Frenchie Davis won a long gig on the Broadway stage in Rent. And we’ll see how new releases from John Stevens and Jasmine Trias are accepted in short order. In short, it is not necessary to slam everyone else in order to heap applause on Clarkson. No one is arguing that she isn’t talented and successful, and no one deserves “the hand.”

  • Sandy

    I am a 40 year old woman who was a music major in college, so I know a little about music. Kelly is one of the few women in the past 10 years that has caught my attention with her absolutely amazing range and her raw voice. She will indeed improve with time, but she is certainly a singer that I will remain loyal to and buy her records when I am 60+++. I never watched American Idol, so I missed all of that.
    Talent like hers is hard to find. I can’t wait until she comes into her own. She will be a legend, but there are many legends who don’t really deserve that title. Sorry, but no one can deny that Bob Dylan has the worst voice in history and no range whatsoever. His writing skills are decent, but what an overrated performer. He is just popular b/c of what his songs said in the 60’s and they spoke to a multitude of people then and now. Give him kudos for writing, not singing.
    Also, don’t put someone down because they are in high school. I still like a lot of music that I listened to way back then and just because someone is young does not mean they are not entitled to their opinion. Young or old, all opinions should count.

  • jo

    Let us just revel in the fact that we have music in our lives and the world would be a very different place with out it…we as people are critical and opinionated- why don’t we expand that “great energy” of ours elsewhere?

  • Ms./Mr. duckaDarko, how’s high school these days?

  • Kelly Clarkson is certainly the best of the whole American Idol bunch, and I love her voice, but I seriously doubt I will be reaching for a Kelly Clarkson album 20 years from now like I do with, say, The Beatles, Zeppelin, Elton John, or Stevie Wonder forty years later.

  • duckaDarko

    first of all, kelly is the ONLY singer out of american idol to actually go somewhere. she is my absolute fav singer and she is my role model. if you ask me, i think she IS a legend. i dont really care what other people think because thats whats on my mind. without kelly, i dunno what the music world would be like. she is so down to earth and shes not trying to prove anything to anyone.

    shes not trying to be like anyone else. the onyl perwons eh ever will be is Kelly clarkson. what i love about her is that if you dont like her, too bad for you. shes always gonna be the same adorable dork!


  • Hi,i just watched some clips of Kelly on Yahoo,and i must say that she still touched me in my heart and soul.I regret deeply to have miss her when she came to Montreal,i gave my ticket to a friend who has cerebral palsy,i should have seen her but at least i made a good deed.Good bless her

  • Ron

    Glad people posted who they think are legends to prove my point.

    Jimi Hendrix:
    top hit= #20 in 1968 w/ a dylan re-make of “all along the watchtower”
    other hits were 6 songs, from #52 to 82, from 1967 to 1971 (i submit he is only thought of as a legend because he died young, otherwise he would be mostly unknown)
    Janis joplin:
    top hit= #1 in 1971 w/ “me and bobby mcgee”
    other hits were 4 songs, from #41 to 91, from 1969 to 1972 (i submit she is only thought of as a legend because he died young, otherwise she would be mostly unknown)
    Joni Mitchell:
    top pop hit= #7 in 1974 w/ “help me”
    other hits were 7 songs, from #22 to 93, from 1970 to 1982.

    We can be like the rock-n-roll hall of fame and wait 20yrs before we call her worthy, but, if she never makes another song, in 17 more years, she’ll get in.

  • The word “legend” is very misused. I don’t even think artists want to be called a “legend”. People could mention Etta James or Billie Holiday as legends, but I bet the same people have never heard of their music. I’m beginning to think that the artists themselves aren’t the ones to really be praised – their music should be.

  • Happy to be of service, Mr. Evans.

    Someone mentioned Janis Joplin above — she’s a legend. Have you heard of Joss Stone? That girl is way closer to the late singer in ability and tone than Clarkson. And trust me, Stone — she’s 17, I think — is not even close to being legendary. Melissa Etheridge blew Stone off the stage at the Grammy Awards earlier this year when they performed a duet of “Piece of My Heart.” Now, I ADORE Etheridge, but she isn’t a legend either. Bono is amazing, IMO. Super famous? Absolutely. Legend? Not quite yet.

    I gotta let this go; this could go on all night.

  • YES! THANK YOU NATALIE! Brilliantly stated.

  • Jeez… I had to clean the pepsi off the monitor screen. Legend? She’s what, 23? She’s a good pop singer with a fine set of pipes. At this point, as has been noted, her music is derivative of other, more experienced pop singers. Selling records and hitting number one, though nice in a certain sense, do not prove greatness. Kelly C;arkson has come far from her AI days, no question. But give the girl a chance to grow into a mature, seasoned artist with vision; let her earn the designation. “Legend” is a term that ought to be used sparingly or it loses all meaning. The Beatles, Bob Dylan, Aretha Franklin, the Stones, Joni Mitchell, Stevie Wonder, Jimi Hendrix… these folks and some others are the stuff of legend. Christina and Mariah are talented, popular pop-music singers — even they can’t be classed as legends. And neither can Kelly Clarkson. Not yet. We’ll see what happens 10, 20 years down the road. Until then, we get to enjoy her journey, and if she keeps delivering catchy, rockin’ tunes like “Since You’ve Been Gone” and sparkling pop tunes like “Breakaway,” it should be a sweet pop-music ride.

  • Don’t listen to these guys. If you like Kelly Clarkson, WAVE YOUR HANDS IN AIR!! YEAH!

  • Yeah….she’s hardly a legend. I dunno what’s wrong with that guy.

  • Well damn, I like the woman and all, and her singing. But “legend.” Yikes !!!!!!! (Seven of ’em, it’s a Blogcritics tradition)

  • Get off your high horse. e____e

  • Mysterio

    Oh and BTW, shes got a great voice, great music, and is really doin alot for pop and rock music. She should take out no less than 5 grammies this year.

  • Mysterio

    Your really sad, your trying to hype Kelly Clarkson as more than what she is, sounds like another sheep of a fan. Those “Records” you posted dont make her legendary, number 1’s are easy to come by nowadays compared to, oh i dont know, The 90s??? You dont need to sell as much, and another thing, the guy just said hes only saying shes good because he KNOWS how much more she can do, i like her too but you are probably another one of those stupid kids who thinks that their favourite artist is the greatest musical sensation of all time. Get Over it shes just started, AND BTW if you wanna talk REAL records check out her album and single sales! Usher and Norah Jones’ most recent releases have far outsold both her albums, and Norahs Debut Album way outsold Kelly’s in the US alone (and thats more important than number one’s).

    Bob Dylan had one number one, i guess hes not great. Kid you got alot to learn about music and what makes someone great.


    Fine, fine junk in the trunk.

  • Ron

    I didn’t mention “bad”, but you only said her music is “good” not “great”.

    I just think it is funny how people hold back on saying how truly great she is.

    As for avril and evanescence (which you must admit is vastly different sounds), I am fasinated at how kelly can sound like others, but do it better.

    “A moment like this” was compared to mariah’s sound in 2002, and mariah couldn’t get on radio.

    “miss independent” was compared to christina, then christina had radio trouble.

    “since u been gone” and “hazel eyes” are compared to avril, and, since, avril has been ignored by radio, yet these 2 songs set a record by both being in the top3 a the same time, only also done by mariah and alanis.

    when “because of you” and “addicted” come out, evanescence better not be trying for radio, lol.

  • Ron…you’re acting as if I gave her a bad review. Kelly Clarkson is my absolute favorite singer, and I love this album. The only reason I said right now her music is only “good”, is because I know she has incredible potential, and because at the moment, her sound is borrowed from other artisits such as Avril Lavigne and Evanescence. Plus…you’re acting as if how many #1’s someone has determines how good their music is. Uh…Ever heard of this small little indie group called THE SPICE GIRLS?

  • Ron

    “Right now, her music is only good, “…..wow, 5 #1’s is only good, just imagine when she puts out great songs, lol

    Kelly is already a legend, even if her career stopped today…..if you don’t believe me, compare your favorite’s to kelly’s Top40 success here.

    Is anyone more over-rated than joss stone? Her one top49 hit is not much.

    Christine has three #1’s (i don’t count the group song), yet she has been out since 1999.

    Janis joplin is mentioned often regarding kelly (often that kelly could never compare), but janis only had one #1, and only one or two other hits.

    Kelly has other records, not showing on top40, such as her 20weeks, and counting, at #1 on AC radio with “breakaway” (22weeks is the all-time record) and is close to the all-time record for time on hot100, #1 on hot100 w/ “a moment like this”, “since u been gone” is #2 most downloaded song of all-time, weeks from #1, “behind these hazel eyes” has been #1 on TRL (MTV show which has been around about 8yrs) longer than any female or male ever.

    I know people hate to acknowledge new artists, but the facts speak for themselves.

  • Eric Olsen

    sots, thanks for this very fine set of reviews – we are glad to have you aboard!

    And who would have thought Kelly Clarkson would have this kind of impact?