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Review: Il Divo, or; Simon Cowell Saves Popera!

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If “popera,” the fusion of pop music imagery, attitude, and marketing with operatic vocalism (even the pop-arranging of opera and classical music) must exist, then thank God Simon Cowell, of American Idol fame, finally stepped into the picture.

With his quartet of GQ male opera singers and their self-titled album Il Divo, producer Cowell has taken a big step toward making this music – a genre that rock and pop fans find cheesy and opera fans find insulting and, uh, cheesy – more palatable for both.

Il Divo are American tenor David Miller, Swiss tenor Urs Buhler, a French pop singer named Sebastien Izambard, and Spanish baritone Carlos Marin.

I’m an opera singer who listens to pop music at home if I’m not studying music, and I don’t mind making it known that I like to keep my peas and carrots separate most of the time. As my not-so-nice review of a group called The Ten Tenors showed, I have in the past found “popera” and the artists who do it grating, with very few exceptions.

My main problem?

That rather than being a “gateway drug” into liking and supporting opera, the typically sub-par voices that seem to characterize this style of music give the wrong idea of what opera should sound like, what you might experience if you drop hard-earned money on your local opera company’s next production of La Traviata.

What bothers me most of the time is that opera is a visceral experience; a lot of what passes for “popera” lacks that gut-punch. Opera connoisseurs know that there is almost, for the real fan, a sporting-event element in watching live opera singers without microphones. It’s part of the thrill. If you don’t think opera-singing requires figurative cojones, let’s see how well you would do cloaked in 30-40 pounds of costume, three layers of makeup and a very uncomfortable wig, navigating a tilted or turning stage under shifting lights for the better part of three hours while still singing page upon page of music in a language other than your native tongue, at a volume that would normally be reserved for great anger or cheering at a ball game.

One reason opera is thrilling is because the constitution required of the men or women who trod the old-school stage and do it is such that the sound you get is one that reeks of power. Opera is far from the effete stereotyped view many Americans in particular seem to have of the art; it is, at it’s best, red-blooded and gutsy.

“Popera,” simply put, often lacks balls.

Il Divo are more exciting to listen to than any of their predecessors because if they understand one thing, they understand that operatic singing is something you do with moxie.

Sure, there is plenty of crooning to be found on Il Divo’s album; the song that is getting the most publicity from the disc, “Regresa A Mi,” the spanish version of Toni Braxton’s “Unbreak my heart,” only caught my attention once all four guys joined in singing the chorus – the song went from mid-level, easy-listening pop then to something a bit more virile and interesting, and my attention was snared.

Each singer gets to shine on the album – it is difficult to determine from liner notes who sings solo parts, though I might assume that the photo of an individual member being with the lyrics to one or two songs may indicate that guy has the lead on the cut. In general the two tenors, David and Urs, are far above average for opera alone, much less pop. One has a full, almost baritonal sound reminiscent of a young Domingo, the other has a thrilling top not unlike current straight-out opera star Roberto Alagna. Baritone Carlos Marin is easy to pick out – his is a true, solid lyric baritone, equally well-suited usually to classic broadway music and the operatic stage. Here he gets to show off his own top notes – trust me, baritones love their high notes as much as any tenor – and Marin is well-suited to the Italian-language version of “Feelings” found on cut 9. Yes, the “c word” – cheesy – applies to that particular cover rather well, but I still found it enjoyable for the richly-voiced melody and impeccable Italian.

Pop singer Sebastien Izambard acquits himself so well in this group that one wonders why he’s set apart in publicity about the group as the lone “pop” voice. My favorite song on the album, written by famed soundtrack composer Ennio Morricone, is cut 3, “Nella Fantasia,” and here Izambard’s voice appears to be heavily featured. He sings with nuance and taste, but easily throws in with the other three in the big, full-throated moments in all the songs on the album.

There are forgettable bits on this album, it’s true, and no small amount of the europop sound that makes me wince on albums by other similar groups. But the power of the vocalism and the very classy way the CD – the group, really – is packaged make it on balance a much more appealing offering than any of the previous “popera” albums I’ve sampled.

What works here is the unapologetic use of operatic vocalism, even in the big moments of the pop arrangements. Il Divo’s best moments almost give the kind of thrill felt when hearing a recording of Pavarotti in his prime singing something like “Di quella pira” from Verdi’s Il Trovatore. Almost, mind you – I can’t rob Pav of his props as the king, even for this entertaining quartet of singers.

Much of America seems to think Simon Cowell is the antichrist, at least for a few minutes each Tuesday during primetime on Fox. He has made his reputation as the “nasty judge,” a kind of anti-Brit to those who still believe in the stereotype of the stuffy, stiff-upper-lipped overly polite Briton.

Those who don’t really understand what American Idol is all about just think he’s a jerk. Those who do understand begin to see after a while that Simon is the most important judge on the show. It’s evident much of the time his is the critique the contestants most want to hear, the one that they take home with them and work with during the week before the next show. Think what you like about Cowell, he seems to know how to make music make money for him and those he produces and promotes.

With Il Divo he’s outdone himself, but I think he knows it. Here’s what Simon said to People Magazine about the endeavor and how it compared with his American Idol duties; “It was rather like eating bread and water for three or four years and then suddenly somebody serves you the best food in the world…”

After dining on the cheap processed cheesy product of previous “popera” albums and artists I have to echo Simon’s sentiments about Il Divo. Maybe not “the best food in the world” – as the impresario Cowell does have a responsibility to hype his product – but pretty damn good.

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  • Ann

    Re “Nella Fantasia”… sorry but that’s Carlos singing the entire lead! You can really enjoy Sebastien’s voice on “Every Time I Look at You” and “Passera”. I absolutely love Sebastien’s voice! I know it’s not as operatic as the others’ but it’s still powerful, with a laid-back, breathy quality. (Yeah, yeah, and he’s a heartthrob to boot.) 🙂

  • This is a very good review — it gave me a desire to possibly purchase something I had no plans to purchase.

  • Steve, great take. Breaks a few of the stereo types.

    This work of yours now has another venue for success – and more eyes – at the Advance.net Web sites, a place affiliated with about 12 newspapers.

    One such site is here.

    Also please let your contact know, if you had one, that this article, is published at one more place. That helps a lot.

    Thank you.
    Temple Stark

  • maryj

    dear simon thank you for giving me such joy and listening pleasure, my husband who would have loved album this passed away in april im sorry he missed it.

  • Michelle

    I enjoyed the review. I first heard Il Divo perform on Oprah, and I was very excited. As a music teacher I strive very hard to get my students to understand what singing “opera” is or isn’t. What gorgeous voices these men have! I spent a lot of time trying to figure out which man was singing which solo. I love the harmonies; that’s one thing I miss while singing. I also love the fact that Italian and Spanish languages are so well represented. Two of my favorite languages to sing. It is just so nice to hear beautiful voices.

  • Luciana

    I’m not a music teacher, I don’t know who’s the baritone, or who’s the tenor, I don’t often listen to opera, as a matter of fact, never. But I do know this….Il Divo is an absolute pleasure to listen to! Every song sends a shiver up my spine and the fact that they are drop dead gorgeous doesn’t hurt either! I tip my hat off to Simon, who, without a doubt, is a genius. I await anxiously for their next album. I wish them much success, which undoubtedly will be easy to achieve.

  • Tilly Flop

    I am a big fan of Il Divo & have this cd playing for most of the day. Thankyou Steve for a wonderful review. I will be posting it on the Il Divo forum website http://www.ildivo.com where I am sure it will give pleasure to the many divas all over the world. A big thank you to you on their behalf.

    Many thanks,
    Tilly Flop

  • Mariajoy

    I am a big fan of Il Divo and I listen to the CD all the time. Thank you Steve for this wonderful review. I’m glad you like them as much as I do. I don’t think that Simon is nasty at all. He just has the guts to speak his mind with the honest to God truth and that truth hurts sometimes. Which is why the contestants on American Idol respect him more than the others and take his advice to heart.
    Many thanks,

  • Minstrel

    I’ve loved Il Divo since the first time I heard them and seeing them perform live is sensational. I’ld like to point out that on Nella Fantasia, Carlos does not sing the entire lead. He does sing the first verse solo, but the second and third are headed off by Urs, with Sebastien joining in with beautiful clarity and David rounding the both verses off with a resounding tenor. Carlos still is in there however, providing background harmony. Carlos does sing the greater part of one song and that’s “Ths Man You Love”.
    Il Divo, what a breath of fresh air!

  • christina

    excellent review….seb’s opening of the chorus passera is breathtaking…his voice is so mellow….and yes….david can hit those high notes well!

  • jenny brown

    I have been mad on these guys since the parkinson show for me they can do no wrong there singing is out of this world and as for there looks faboulos

  • Christine Perry

    Congratulaltions to Simon Cowell for putting together such an awesome group of singers … they are absolutely fantastic and their voices are in perfect harmony. I love them all but for me Carlos Marin is drop dead gorgeous with those lovely sensual eyes and a smile that makes his whole face light up, warms my heart and sends shivers all over me everytime I hear his voice and see him on DVD. He is a very charismatic performer and I know all will agree with me. Sebastian is also gorgeous and very suave and like Carlos has the ‘S’ factor. David and Urs also are pleasing to the eye and have exceptional voices … especially David’s Spanish pronunciation is spot on. Keep up the good work guys, love to meet you!

    Waiting anxiously for their next cd and dvd and would love to see them come down under (Australia) for a Concert.

    With love and many thanks.
    Christine, Sydney, Australia.

  • Christy

    Listening to Il Divo in my car moved me to tears…Or was it the testosterone building up inside the windshield? Magnificent music from magnificent men!

  • Jo

    I love this group, I can’t get enough of their music. Where will they be performing?

  • Michael

    I heard Il Divo while visiting family in England, what a treat, I do hope they come to Canada in the near future. Looking forward to the next recording.
    Thanks Simon for introducing us to this fine singing group

  • Marie stirling

    I heard Il Divo for the first time this afternoon on the Young and the Restless TV show..OMG..what a sensation i am a classical fan and this group sung exceptionally well together..and super to look at!!! Good luck with all your future albums. I most certainly will buy your albums!!!

  • joni

    I also heard il divo for the first time to day on y and r. I had never heard of them and I had to look it up as soon as the show was over. It made me cry when the harmony really starts to push at the end. It brings out something very special that you don’t hear in pop during your day to day. Very refreshing.

  • spring

    GUYS : i can listten to you guys forever over and over !!!
    well doen and good luck hope to see you here in belgium

  • Your Big Fan

    mygosh! this guys is truly magnificent with gergeous looks and truly unique voices…cant’t stop playing the songs for at least a day….. you’ll always be the number 1 in my heart and love to c ya real soon in malaysia!

  • I just fell in love with Il Divo from the start. But please Simon let us have a DVD on them now, I am dying to watch them sing. The brief shop on Oprah was not enough.


  • Karen J

    Just love these hunks! Anyone know of the easiest way to find translations of these beautiful songs? Thanks

  • Abby

    I’ll tell you one thing right now, popera is not cheesy. Anyway, Cristine Perry, I will have to agree with you on that Carlos Marin is drop dead gorgeous. He makes my heart skip a beat every time he sings and i can’t get enough of him. He makes me giggle and sends shivers up my spine also. I love Carlos deep-set eyes that draw you in and his lucious lips. Then Sebastien is definitely a heartthrob, David is extremely cute and Urs is buff and adorable. As for their voices, OMG! I never stop listening to them ever ever ever ever! Everyday I have to listen to them.The cd is on in every car so when we get in they are already on. Carlos’ solo in Passera just blows me away. David has such a beautiful clear and pure voice. And Carlos is just breath-taking and powerful and Sebastien’s is very smooth and sexy. I cant get enough of Il Divo. I love how they took the song “Unbreak my Heart” and sang it in Spanish. Spanish and Italian are such beautiful languages that Il Divo sing beautifully. You cant get much better than this. There are other wonderful singers out there, but Il Divo goes above and beyond everyone else. I love you Simon Cowell for making this dream of yours become a reality. This is my favorite music and group EVER!

  • Sarah

    The review was good other than popera being cheesy. cuz it’s not. And yes, im afraid it “IS the best food in the world.” Sorry to say it, but it is. Actually, im not sorry. They are that is just a fact.

  • They sound terrible, and I think they need to loose weight. They are no Clay, their not even that chinese guy that sings “she bangs”.

  • Devojka

    Perscription for a Romantic evening: alone in a jacuzzi bathtub, lots of candle light, nobody bugging you … and a TV/DVD player across from the bath tub … sigh … Having a member of the opposite sex to share the tub would only be distracting!! Who needs “real-time” sex, w/the hazards it brings, when just lying back in hot bubbly water watching these guys, leaves “you” feeling totally satiated? Especially Carlos & Urs… I wonder if the guys in “our” part of Switzerland are as yummy as Urs, If there are, I’m sorry my grandparents didn’t stay there! Do either of them have unmarried Fathers or Brothers, over 53, who might enjoy living on a hilltop in northern california? Clearly it is way past time to bring them here, to the west coast!!

  • sally charpie

    fresh and very handsome guys i could not stop looking your photos .. your voice is soothing.. a pefect combination of voices from different country which makes the world go round of unity..an avid fans from Philippines!

  • Jade

    I saw il divo live on sunday and all i can say is that they are breathless. they look even better in real life and urs is just………….
    their harmonies were perfect and girls were killing themselves to touch them.im definately going for their concert in feb. go il divo!!!!

  • pam


    Viva Il Divo…love you guys. Can’t wait for the next CD. Can’t last a day without listening to your song. Keep up the good work.


  • Donna

    Does anyone know what song they sang on the Young & Restless?

  • Bessie

    I´m from Mexico City and i traveled to Buenos Aires last july where in all stores there were Il Divo cd’s. then i bought my CD and i love it.
    They have a special voice and together sings sounds very very good.
    I would like Il Divo include in the tour a presentation in México or in USA to listen a concert.

  • i love you simon phillip……

  • Derek

    On the subject of personal attacks – you cannot tell me that it is not wrong to say how bigoted and old fashioned one particular person is who says that they need to lose weight. They are all healthy MEN (not teenie/tweenie-boppers like Simon Cowell is used to) who sing brilliantly. The only gripe I have of the album is Carlos’ overpowering voice does just that – over powers the rest of them and makes it hard to hear the other’s voices (especially Urs). And to compare Clay Aitkin to Il Divo is like water to wine – I actually find Clay’s voice offensive as it is too loud and he is unable to sing anything subtly. If you want to know the true meaning of control it is being able to sing in a high register without singing loudly (again why Carlos often drowns the others out – being the lowest it the group you have to give him credit for putting the most effort into the high notes).

    Best example of what Clay Aitkin can not do: Seb starts Regresa A Mi gently, yet only really takes those high notes home as he sings the highest solo notes in his solo (the 3rd one) on Passera. Amazing.

    Please do not compare these guys to anything that comes out of any Idol show as none of these performers can compete. They sing totally different genres of music anyway. And some of the best singers in the world are ‘larger than life’ too.

  • Susan

    Good review! Well written and insightful!

    Listening to Il Divo brightens even the cloudiest of days here in Virginia. The song mix is wonderful, the arrangements very creative. Simon has done us a favor — adding a little spice to what has become a rather ho-hum music scene these days.

    I look forward to Il Divo’s Ancora, due out in early November in Europe. It is unfortunate, however, that it will not be available in the USA until the end of January! How unfair!

    And if Il Divo’s “World Tour” is in fact just that, why no dates in the USA?

    A group as talented as Il Divo should grace us with a performance in the acoustically perfect Ferguson Center at Christopher Newport University. A perfect venue for a perfectly incredible quartet of talented singers.

    See you there? I can always dream…

  • sidarh aysha rashid

    i dont blame girls loving you your very handsome.i hate it when people say horrible things about you because i think there wrong when they silly things about you.

  • dana parker

    I have played Il Divos cd must be hundrets of times, that is all I play day and night over and over again , each time I am so moved by their sound.
    I just adore them
    I have tickets to see them in March just cannot wait.

  • Hermin

    Great voice and great song, ‘ i’ll wait ur next album

  • If they sold a “video” CD of all songs being sung, I’d prepay for mine now.

    I want to see them perform all their songs. I have seen glimpses of videos made for other songs, but have never caught them on TV, with the exception of Regressa mia.

    Love ’em & can’t get enough of them.


  • allister

    To the lady asking what song they sang on the Young and the Restless – it was Unchained Melody.


  • Martha

    Just bought my ticket to Il Divo for the January performance in CT, need to find out how to get there, love, love, love Il Divo especialls….Urs, does anyone know which solo he sings??? Need a great video of them singing to sort it all out!!!

  • jose

    i am (was) not an opera nor a “popera” fan until i bought the il divo cd to keep me awake on an 8 hour drive. oh boy! i was hooked for the next 8 hours pushing the Repeat button especially on Passera. what a refreshing alternative to all the other groups! i just hope they put out a dvd so that i will know who sings which line of the songs.

  • Liana

    I love these guys! Amazing voices and tons of talent. Each one has an extraordinary voice and i am in love with Urs and Seb…..theyre coming to montreal in February and cant wait to see them… especially the two i mentioned:)
    Thankyou Simon for finding these men who touched my soul and make me feel alive.
    Love ya guys!!!

  • WaGGy

    Nice review.

    I learned about Il Divo just a few days ago when I saw them on TV promoting their album (Philippine TV). From their looks I thought they are just a boyband dressed in formal and so I didn’t pay much attention. Three days after, I read an article about them on PDI, “Il Divo – To swoon over them is human, to hear them is divine.” I never stopped researching about the group after reading that article. Now I have their albums…and I play them every single day. These guys are great! My sister and I developed a habit of picking out who-sings-what and it is a little difficult LOL. It is easier to recognize the voices of Carlos and Seb than Urs and David. I have to agree with the others…Carlos is so charming and his voice is captivating. Urs looks like a male model. Seb reminds me of a young JFK and David has that “boyband” look, but needless to say – all four of them are REAL singers.

    Nice work Simon…and thanks for giving us Il Divo.

  • Patti-Jo

    I only discovered Il Divo by accident. I was wondering our local Barnes & Noble and their Christmas CD was playing. I was awed by Ave Maria and bought the CD. I have since purchased tickets to see them perform in DC and look forward to learning which voice goes to which man!

  • Il Divo is wonderful. It’s so refreshing to have a real alternative to some of the crap that’s been sold as music lately. They’re kind of like the Monks of San Giacomo meet the Backstreet Boys. I’d also recommend Bette Midler’s Peggy Lee Songbook.

  • Danielle

    Bravo!!! I think they are unbelievable! I am 29 years and my father raised his kids to be very cultural. I have seen Andrea Bocelli in concert and he gave me goose bumps, but this group I want to know when I can see them in concert in Florida! All I can say is give me more Il Divo!

  • Catrice

    First I heard them & fell in love with the music. Then I saw them and can’t get enough!!! For thoes who are asking about a dvd…look for the cd that has the 2-sided disk. The dvd side has live performances and the Regresa a mi vidio. I have front row tickets for Feb. and can think about nothing else. They are most refreshing!

    Thank you Simon for bringing such delicious performers together!

  • I have been through the “Sinatra” swooning days; ‘Perry Como’, and the best throughout the ages – the “Beetles” were not my bag – sorry. What means much to me is how they handle their private lives. If this sudden magic popularity and incredible talent infiltrates their personal lives (as did many others in the past), and their lives end up in the gossip columns, it will ruin what God has given them, which is the greatest talent I have ever heard. I am one who plays their CD’s constantly, and can’t wait until January 24th for the next CD. God go with you Il Divo – you have the world at your feet now – keep them on the ground – you have been given a gift that I have personally have not heard since the “Three Tenors” (including Pavorati, of course.)

  • Curious

    I was wondering if there are anymore auditions for groupes like il Divo. if so please comment back.

  • Glenda Carter

    Il Divo’s new Ancora is available in the US now. (check amazon.com) I received mine about 10 minutes ago haven’t even opened it yet. I am saving it for a trip in the morning so I can turn the sound up loud enough to blast the windows out. They are just wonderful….David, Carlos, Sebastian, Urs each have their own special quality and richness in their music. I too wish they would come out with more DVD’s as they are such a pleasure to watch when you can connect their faces to the voices. I want a poster of them, a Christmas CD/DVD a DVD of everything they sing. And will pay a good price. I was able to get a DVD available with an album…what a joy. All my neighbors, kids have seen it a dozen times in the last week and we want more.more.more. Keep up the excellent performances guys and remember the more you can generate for the public to view at home in the US the better. Come to Texas as soon as possible..we have a huge welcome mat waiting for you.

  • hi!there,i find IL DIVO kinda diffrent among other boy groups,they’ve got their own style and touch!each of them has presonality and they’re really spectacular.everytime they sing iv’e always been carried away.first time was on OPRAH!
    keep it up,i know you’ve got a long way to go in the music industry….hope you could come up with
    come up with another album!

  • Justin Baumann

    I really liked your comments here. I hope you’re going to update your site soon. International Chair is always Curious Corner: , Red TV is always Small Mistery when Round is Circle it will Steal Cards , to Lose Table you should be very Black International Round is always Red Player

  • I own this CD and love it. This group is wonderful.

  • I am 80 years old. I have always found the beauty in music, but this truly fills my heart with joy. God Bless all of them.

  • Paula Conklin

    they sang Unchained Melody on the Young and The Restless

  • Brandie

    Wow. That’s all I can say. These guys are fantastic! I am only 20 years old and have always thought “classical” music was for “old and stuffy” people. Was I ever wrong! I absolutely love Il Divo. Their voices and looks!!!:) I have their first album “Il Divo” and “The Christmas Collection” and love them both. I also agree with the gentleman about the track “Passera”, a beautiful song and Sebastien is absolutely fantastic on his solo parts! I just heard samples of their new album “Ancora”, which is coming out next month, and I cannot wait to buy it! I would stand in line for hours if I had to. Amazing!! I also have a great appreciation for music, singing, and especially harmonies, seeing that I am a singer myself and come from quite a music-filled backgound. I just want to say thank you to Il Divo for coming together and to Simon for putting the long and hard effort into finding these fantastic men! The only music I listen to is their cd’s all day long, work, home, in the car, as I’m falling asleep. Beautiful. Gotta love them!

  • Dawn

    To the person wondering about Urs’ solo, the best to hear them all clearly is on “Passera”, First solo is Urs, second solo is David, third solo is Sebastien, and the fourth solo is Carlos. Amazing aren’t they? I am madly in love with Sebastien. He’s absolutely, jaw-dropping, drool-coming-from-the-corner-of your-mouth, gorgeous! Anybody else think that? You can also hear them good on “Regressa A Mi”, Sebastien starts out, then Carlos, then David with Urs coming in as backgound harmony, and then Urs by himself. If you go to rootv.com and type in Il Divo, they have their music video for “Regressa A Mi”, great video!

  • Martha

    First saw ILDIVO on Oprah.Instantly loved their music.Thank you Simon. Enjoy watching all four singers but my favorite is Urs, yummy! Have bought every CD & waiting for new Ancora CD which I have already ordered, know all the words to every song which bring tears to my eyes (why? I don’t know)and have tickets to see them in person in San Francisco. Can not wait!

  • Delightful

    For me it’s all about Carlos. Each one of them has a beautiful voice but Carlos transcends them all. Strange, I always preferred tenors before, but not any more.

    I love the songs and their arrangements. I can’t imagine ever getting bored of listening to them.

  • Don

    Love their Christmas Collection CD. These guys CAN sing – a refreshing interlude in light of some of todays music?? Interesting that “Somewhere over the Rainbow” should be included in a Christmas album.

  • Sara

    David, people David is gorgeus, sexy, hot, and everything that the rest of them are not. JUST JOKING. I love each one of them.Their voices are absolutely breathtaking. I listen and watch them everyday. im so obssessed. There is nothing better than IL DIVO. exceptional talent and stricking good looks. Their voices absolutely melt my heart. I want to eat them up!! cuz their soo sweet. IL DIVO is my everything. I cant wait to see them perform live. I think i will absolutely melt.

  • Karen

    I am fifty years old and madly in love. I wanted Il Divo for Christmas for a personal concert but didn’t get them so will have to settle for videos on-line. They make my heart jump for joy. Excellent work Simon Cowell.

  • Asian

    I agree with most of the comments in this article. Especially the part about Regressa A Mi ‘only caught my attention once all four guys joined in singing the chorus’. That part was where you heard the power in their voices. I suppose they’re not as good as the Three Tenors but they’re still good, far above some of the nonsense you find around today. Liked the baritone’s voice as well as the Swiss tenor’s. The others are pretty good too. Didn’t like the Ten Tenors when I heard Tenology. Maybe there were too many of them, it sounded like everyone was trying to drown out everyone else’s voice. As for comparing Il Divo to Clay Aiken…there is NO comparison. I used to listen to pop until I discovered the joys of classically trained voices. Operas are wonderful, especially Wagner’s. And I also like popera. No doubt some will think that insulting.

  • Asian

    Wait, I take that back about Clay Aiken. It isn’t fair or right to compare two such different types of music. No doubt he’s good in his own right just like other singers are good when singing their own type of music. What I said earlier was prejudiced. Was just irritated by that earlier person who said they were worse than William Hung. I apologize.

  • Jeannette

    Kudos to Simon. It has been a long time since I have heard “pure” voices such as this group. I hope to hear a lot more from them in future years.

  • If you have seen them perform you will know it is david singing most of nella fantasia, then urs comes in harmonizing with him and then carlos and sebastien

  • Sherry


  • emma

    what can i say?…every time i hear them sing, i get goose bumps.they are simply the best i have ever heard in a long time. bravo!i hope they come and perform here in the u.a.e.

  • Laurie

    I have a friend up the hill from me that has their album and played their version of “Unchain My Heart” It sounded absolutely fantastic!! Simon was right to produce them!! I hope these four men are successful because they richly deserve it!!

  • inna

    i love IL DIVO!!! Dave

  • Ruthann

    The English language, as we know it, does not provide
    words to express the beauty of Ancora. I’m 69 years old and these guys just knock my socks off.
    Thank you Simon

  • marilee

    why has it taken me so long to hear il divo ? i ran out and bought ancora . i’m wearing it out. they are fabulous !

  • NurKai

    personally and even generally,Il Divo is one group we’re waiting for decades.with such amazing talent,excellent voice,charming personality,which human would not melt to their voices? Il Divo are great singers.They’re awesome in every way at all.I do hope someday they’ll come down to Singapore to perform..

  • Manager

    i say Il Divo bust my buttons off!!! soar with the wind guys! Simon Cowell,you are great and will always be!!

  • janet

    please come to florida, or charlotte n.c. i will gladly spend my s.s. check to see and hear this wonderful group. they make my skin tingle. such voices are a gift of god. thanks simon

  • Richard

    I just bought Ancora , FATASTIC as good as the first cd/dvd . My wife and I would love to see them in person . Keep them comming . THANK YOU SIMON

  • Lauren Stephns

    Il divo 4 eva. There sooo gr8 and I cant wait to come and see you in concert at the Odyssey in Belfast. I know for a fact that I will cry when I hear you because you are soo fantastico that it’s human instint to cry when you hear and see 4 fabulous men performing at such a high quality.
    Justwanted to ask how many hours beauty sleep you get because no person could make you look so handsome. se ya later xoxoxoxoxoxox

  • Lauren


  • lauren


  • Kat

    Il Divo are phantoms of popera music. I fell in love the moment I heard and saw them.

    I am seeing them in Minneapolis with my front row ticket. I am sooooo excited to see these sexy men. I even worte them fan letters and will give each of them a red rose. I hope they will sign my Il Divo T-shirt.

    They are not fat, they are thin with angelic voices. How dare someone insult them! It is also an insult to me. Carlitos does have a very powerful voice and does out sing(sometimes)Seb, David and Urs. But each can hold their own(duh). Thank God Simon found them. Kinda wish it was sooner. Oh well, the world has them now. Yipee!!

    Urs, ich liebe dich! You are the defination of a beautiful man. Love those almond eyes and high cheeckbones not to mention the accent. And I am part Swiss! I claim Urs as my ‘boyfriend’ FYI.

    Seb, you are so adorable and I love that you add the pop to the group.

    Carlos, you little latin lover you.

    David, go USA!!!

    Il Divo is nothing but the best and I pray that on their next almbum they sing “The Prayer” and “Music of the Night”. Congrats to Il Divo!!!Love you all(espcially the Swiis guy)!!! 🙂

  • At 62 I have become a groupie of Il Divo. I feel alive again in my quiet retirement. I will fly with my niece from Phx, AZ with my front row ticket in hand to see the “my boys” Feb 26th S.F. A trip of my lifetime. Thanks for making me feel music and life again. Get ready “here comes yo mama.”

  • Tawnya

    I love IL Divo to me they are the best singers for that feel good music that I miss hearing. And can I just say what a babe that Carlos is! Oh, my GOD.

  • Lynn

    IL Divo
    What more can I say, Simon was right on the money with them. They are fantastic! My only criticism is the beat master in most of the arrangements. I extremely enjoy IL Divo when they sing in other Launguages..No more songs done in English Please. Id especially love to here them sing with more simplified arrangments maybe guitar & violin..Thanks again Simon for IL Divo .

  • Barb

    I am in love with Il Divo. Could not find a better singing group. I was so dissapointed when their show was canceled in Philadelphia due to the weather. I had the tickets for so long. I hope one day soon they return. I will definately be there

  • Susan

    The first time I heard “Ancora” I cried. The music was the most beautiful thing I had ever heard. Carlos, Urs, Sebastien and David have wonderful unique voices as individuals and together they produce a sound so perfect to the ears and one that touches the inner core of your soul. Simon Cowell has my total respect for discovering Il Divo. Carlos Marin….forever in my dreams!

  • Susan

    The first time I heard “Ancora” I cried. The music was the most beautiful thing I had ever heard. Carlos, Urs, Sebastien and David have wonderful unique voices as individuals and together they produce a sound so perfect to the ears and one that touches the inner core of your soul. Simon Cowell has my total respect for discovering Il Divo. Carlos Marin….forever in my dreams!

  • Anna

    I am a huge fan. I love Sebastien’s voice. I could listen to him forever. I love this type of music, and sang in this form is perfect. I think David carries himself with most dignity, love his attitude and personality. Sebastien is still my favorite, fellow pisces, Anna

  • I just love Urs’s voice…I think if I’d ever have the chance to meet I would love him too…

  • marge

    Hi guys when will you world tour cd and dvd be in the stores. how tall are you all.its hard to tell from a dvd enjoy your music

  • alice

    A few days before Xmas, in 2005 in Italy, I woke up to the radio-alarm playing this wonderful Italian version of ‘Unchainned Melody’. Later, I did a heavy search for this Italian version over the Internet. Thank God I knew the name of the original song. I have never heard of this group until that day. The USA stores did not carry the Album ‘Ancora’, so I had to order it from the UK. It arrived just in time before leaving for Xmas vacation in the USA. I heard this album so many times, and still can’t have enough of these voices. I grew up listening to all types of songs – thanks to my parents diverse taste for good music – and ‘En Aranjuez con tu amor’I knew it from the late 60’s from the album ‘Caravelli’. In Brazil(a Portuguese spoken country), the Spanish, French and Italian origin songs are commonly spreaded there, and comes handy when albums from the like ‘Il Divo’ hits the market. Now, living in Italy, I feel blessed to be able to also understand the lyrics in Italian. This group is the next generation, following the great Three Tenors, Julio Iglesias, Engelbert Humperdink and Ray Conniff who helped to keep alive the ‘older’ songs within us. Thank you so much Simon for your great idea!! I’m sure that you’re pleased to know that are so many people out here who are greatful for your existance! Unfortunately I don’t know who’s voice is who’s. I’ll do some research to see if I can finally connect the voices with these facinating young men. Keep up the great journey, guys!!

  • Milli_Molli_Mandi

    Saw Il Divo last Wednesday at Cardiff International Arena. Absolutely spectacular. They are coming back to Cardiff in July to play outdoors at Cardiff Castle and I have booked my seat. I can’t wait. They are by far the best thing to happen to the music scene in a long while. Apart from looking amazing (especially Sebastien!), these men can really sing. Anyone who actually listens to them and says anything different needs their ears syringing!!!!

  • sue

    they are just magnificent an assault on the senses and carlos sings most of nella fantasia but hear him on passera feelings in fact he has the purest voice that almost performs vocal acrobatics

  • sue

    saw them on tuesday and wednesday at wembley and it was awe inspiring both nights

  • sue

    i’ve never ever enjoyed opera but these 4 amazingly talented men have changed that for me … well, josh groban was really the beginning of new/different music for me. il divo is fabulous and each man’s voice (solos as well as chorus) have truly excited me. i’ve sent email ‘clips’ of their internet video performance ‘heroes’ to friends ’cause i want everyone i know to experience this fascinating foursome. even with all the internet info, i know i’m not alone when i write “i can’t get enough” of il divo. to simon cowell, you’ve done something wonderful!!! thank you!!

  • tony

    Il Divo have a beatiful sound and GQ style looks. They along with Simon have turned a lot of people onto opera which is a great thing. The guys have wonderful voices that flow together beautifully. I have had Ancora since it was released and listen to it at least once a day. “Isabel” and “Hasta Mi Final” have to be my faves but all are great. To describe as “popera” is a misnomer because opera is first and pop is secondary. If you wish furhter surround yourself with this beatiful sound try Josh Groban(as seen on “Ally McBeal”), and the incomparable Andrea Bocelli, he has a lot of pure opera CDs but try Amore and you will be happy. These three artists help push the beatiful opera sound back into its rightful place that it hasn’t nejoyed in over one hundred years.

  • Duchess

    After traveling from Phx to S.F. in February to see and hear Il Divo and having a marvelous time, I find out they will be in Phoenix to sing on June 25th. I want the “boys” to know that I will not attend their concert here in my own home town; you ask why? It is to be held outside that’s why. Phoenix on June 25th will be too hot to perform or attend a concert. I am hoping they don’t faint from the heat. Wear some ice packs on your necks my precious & perfect singers of songs, you will need it. Forever a fan, the Duchess

  • I attended to the Radio City concert last feb. and, I really enjoyed this fabulous concert. They are not only four HANDSOME GQ GUYS, they really are GREAT SINGERS with great performances on stage. CARLOS has a powerful voice with the passion of the latin guy, DAVID has also an impressive voice (specially in high notes), SEBASTIEN has a TENDER voice that made the balance in the group and, finally URS the other tenor, has a powerful VERY SWEET voice with elegance and, sensuality. BRAVO for Simon!!! Thank you! 😉

  • olivia


  • Kirin Davids (Ms)

    I adore Il Divo, particularly Urs who’s voice has such a wonderful rich and powerful texture. But I also admire the musical arrangements and the performances by the musicians. The accompanying music on both of the Il Divo CD’s is the best I’ve ever heard.

  • Chers Lecteurs,
    Bravi,Bravo,Bravissimo pour les “Divo’s”.
    Voix somptueuses et sublimes,surtout le baryton.
    Je sais de quoi je parle puisque je suis professeur de chant lyrique dans une Academie Russe de Musique à Bruxelles.
    Pour mieux faire connaissance,je vous invite à visiter ma page”perso” sur le “web”:

    Ceux qui le désire peuvent m’envoyer leur “mail”,ainsi je pourarai leur envoyer une chanson en piece jointr:Valencia.
    Meilleures salutations musicales.

  • dana parker

    I just adore Il Divo, each and every one has such a unique rich voice, their CD I play ALL the time , just cannot wait till they record more CD’s, and if one thinks their CD,s are just the most, see them live in concert as I did , months later I am still getting over the absolute unbeliavable experiance, they are truly masters of music, and bring spine tingling experiance to the audiance listening to they absolute sensational arrangement of their wonderful choice of music, what can I say I adore them in every way, kissing Carlos and telling him I loved him just topped it all off beautifully.

  • Marissa

    This was a great review. I really enjoyed it.

    Amo Il Divo! Con tutto il mia cuore! They are absolutely fantastic. I own both CD’s and the Christmas album, and love listening to them all the time. Carlos is definitely my favourite. I also enjoy listening to Urs. Seriously though, I adore Carlos! He voice is flawless and breathtaking, and he is incredibly handsome and sexy! : ) I prefer the Italian songs, not only because I am Italian but they just sound amazing. I really like the Spanish ones as well. Heck, I like them all! No matter what Il Divo sings, I will love it!

    Simon Cowell, thank you for creating IL DIVO! <3 And thank you for bringing Carlos and Urs into the group! And Sebastien and David, too! : )

  • Ed Bisoux

    Just heard about them last night for the first time…. I’ve been mesmerized all day listening to their music on napster.com.

    Great Job Simon! Fantastic job guys. Spellbounding!

  • olga m

    im in love with il divo sience november 2005 they were my life! im serious!!!
    tatally in LOVE with them ecspessially URS!!!!!

  • Mumu

    Quand j’ai entendu ces voix, j’ai tout de suite voulu connaître le nom du groupe. Les entendre chanter me fait vibrer le coeur. J’écoute souvent Ancora et même si je ne comprends pas un mot en italien, j’adore. Maintenant je préfère entrendre la chanson “Pour que tu m’aimes encore” par eux que par Céline. Ils ont des voix qui s’armonisent extrêmement bien et ils ont le malheur d’être beau, que dire de plus.

    Merci M. Cowell pour ce beau chef-d’oeuvre. J’espère qu’un jour ils pourront venir chanter au Québec

  • Il Divo are the best voices of the new century. Thank you Simon for introducing them at the end of the 2005 American Idol season. Right away I went on line to purchase their album. Such a beautiful sound as they sing seperately and together! I hope the CD’s last forever! Both of mine are played constantly. Il Divo, please get back home to London and create more and more of the unique sound of your gorgeous voices. Although I favor URS all the men are very talented and so handsome. Thank you for adding such beauty to my life. Doris

  • phantom

    i am a 11 year old girl,and everyone thinks i am crazy because i like this kind of music, but their wrong,too me IL DIVO IS SEXY,and i like sebastien the best,he is the hottes one up there.

  • phantom

    i wish they whould read this and come to jacksonville n.c.,where i chould at least meet them in person…Because since i have heared them,and brought their CD’S,thats the only think i can think of is IL DIVO,i go to bed watching the video “ENCORE”…And get up watching them, they are so talented.Phantom

  • jesus,cirino-velez

    mr cowell you have the best of the best with ildivo and listen il divo allthe time special the spanish song *all they are nice to listen iwould like to see the bond girl playing their violing and ildivo singing their music they are fantastic just like ildivo thank you ildivo for you beatifull music

  • Ethel

    I think Il Divo is Fantastic. I hope they do an album called “Il Divo does Doo Wop”. They would be GREAT.

  • Jennifer Gatlos

    I was at the Phoenix show on June 24, and theres no way you can put words to such PERFECTION!!!!
    They are Gods with angle’s voices. They are the perfict blend. Simon will never top Il Divo with anouther group again, in fact no will ever be able to top Il Divo. They are one of a kind that will never be abled to be copied. Just like Elvis is the king of rock, they will for ever be king of popera. And this is comming from some one who hates OPERA!!!!

  • Marge D.

    Finally – great music to listen to – great guys singing – great blend of voices. Saw them in Tampa. What a terrific performance, notwithstanding a huge rainstorm prior to concert. Hope they come back real soon. Enjoyed seeing and hearing them in person. I play their CDs all the time. The music touches my soul. Keep it up guys.

  • Donna M.

    Was lucky enough to see “my boys” in Boca Raton two nights in a row. I paid for tickets the 1st night and won a radio contest for front row center seats the 2nd night. Letting fans come up to them when they sat on the stage while singing was endearing. The venue was an open air ampitheatre. My friend and I made the 3 hour roundtrip drive each night. They make their moms proud and have worked hard.They deserve every success. Simon is a genius. Il Divo is for everyone….even this 60 year old grandma(who listens to them on my iPod)! PS. I have tickets to see Barbara Streisand and am more excited about Il Divo opening for her!!!

  • dana parker



    Simon thank you so much for finding these boys for all of us. They are extremely talented, good looking, and they could be my sons. Matter of fact I call them, “MY BOYS”. I love how they compliement eachother, with a smile, as they sing their songs. I have seen them twice in concert and will also be seeing them with Barbar
    Streisand in October. I listen to them everyday and enjoy them each time,they are wonderful.



  • We saw Il Divo at Birmingham (UK) 18th April
    they were absolutley outstandingly wonderful.
    We cannot wait for 20th July at Edinburgh Castle,
    and then who knows where after that. They all have wonderful voices and send tingles down your spine, just listening to them. Thank you Simon for giving us Il Divo.

  • tess

    i first saw il divo on oprah..couldn’t hear enough..my children gave me tickets to their show in houston..it was amazing..i hear they filmed a video at the greek theatre june 28..i’m waiting impatiently to hear when it will be released..thanks to them for such beautiful music and voices

  • phantom

    did you know that carlos got married a couple of days ago?anyway i got really mad…And AMRITA THEY DONT LIKE TO BE CALLED THAT…THEY LIKE TO BE CALLED OPERATIC..

  • phantom


  • Urscelticbabe

    Having seen the guys perform in Glasgow and Edinburgh this year they were outstanding. Listening to the CD’s produces more goosebumps than I have ever experienced. Each voice has an individual quality that when they are combined produces an explosion running the full length of my spine. Experiencing them live gives an opportunity to feel and see the professionalism which they have developed over the years in their individual careers. There is a magic in their voices which is there to appreciate.
    While Simon had the vision Il Divo provide the talent and committment I wish Urs, Carlos, David and Sebastien continued success
    (Phantom Carlos’s wife is his long term girlfriend Geraldine who also happens to be a well respected beautiful and talented performer)

  • lover of everything Il Divo

    I was at the Greek the night they filmed their video, and am waiting BREATHLESSLY for the release!! They are wonderful and keep my drive home from work painless!!!


  • AMRITA WHY DO YOU CALL ildivo A BOY BAND they are all over 30 years old

  • ARDY


  • lover of everything Il Divo

    ARITA, Il Divo is NOT a boy band they are MEN in every sense of the word!!!

  • marge

    phantom the girl he married is Geraldine LARROSA
    she has her own website just put . com on the end of her name

  • lover of everything Il Divo

    Lucky girl.

  • jakegal

    I just read the very nice review … very refreshing indeed, even if there were several inaccuracies in it. These guys just knock my socks off (if I wore socks), and I’m one of those grannies that can’t stop listening to them. Fabulous fabulous fabulous, sweet, generous to a fault towards their fans, smart, talented, sexy … you get it. (Oh, did I mention gorgeous??) I went to two concerts in So. California, and they are awesome. Keep up the good work!! You have many many many hopelessly DIVOted fans and you will be a huge success for a very long time.

    BTW, the new album, SIEMPRE, is coming out in the USA on November 21 I believe! Can’t wait!!!


  • jakegal

    Jakegal here again … I forgot to mention one thing. I would like to know what’s wrong with cheesy? I LOVE cheese! ;D

  • lover of everything Il Divo

    Does anyone know when their video that was done at the Greek Theatre will be released??? I am dying for more more more from Il Divo!!


  • A Guy

    il Divo… what can I say?

    Words cannot express my gratitude to Simon and the other producers and backers that brought these guys together.
    However, their talent and ability made it work.
    They are what the world of entertainment has needed SO BADLY. Class, charm, sophistication, TALENT, and so much more.
    I hope their success excites record companies and Hollywood to clean-up, and focus on TALENT, not bottling something up and trying to force it to be successful. Actually find TALENT, and let it be expressed.
    I am writing, as most of the bloggers on here are women, and I want you all to know that a “straight”, and masculine man truly enjoys and appreciates all that il Divo brings.

    I will be sure to see them when they come to Atlanta, it will be the first time I have spent over $200 for a concert, but I have seen the DVD, heard the CDs and their is no doubt it will be worth it.

    Good Luck il Divo and take care of yourselves… We need you to continue for years to come.

    T. Paul, Atlanta

  • lover of everything Il Divo

    A Guy, you are most certainly a MANLY MAN to admit that you enjoy Il Divo, most men would not.
    They are fantastic singers, and of course it doesn’t hurt at all that they are GORGEOUS. Enjoy your concert, I’ve seen them twice and they were wonderful.

  • Napster

    I love IL DIVO sice I first heard them on radio two years ago and still is! Good music, good looks, good voices. they’re simply extraodinary in their own way! Glad the third album is coming soo.

  • marge

    lover of everthing
    the dvd from the greek theater
    will be out the 4th december
    hope that help

  • lover of everything Il Divo

    Thanks for the info, I can’t wait!!!

  • Beth

    I love everything about Il Divo. When is their latest CD available in the US?

  • lover of everything Il Divo

    November 21 for Siempre
    and December 4 for the Greek Theatre video

  • Intan Fuhaira

    Just read Il Divo is coming to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia on January 16th 2007! Details, please.

  • Donna M.

    Just saw Il Divo and Barbara last night in Ft. Lauderdale. They sang Somewhere with her. Blown away doesn’t describe it. Can’t wait for Siempre and the Greek. What a great way to enjoy the Holidays!!

  • jolenesiah

    woah.. ildivo is coming…. to malaysia.. no matter what im going.. going to call to check on the ticket price….

    by the way… carlos voice is powerful… well i enjoy listening to his voice… 😀

  • lover of everything Il Divo

    Il Divo will be on “Dancing with the Stars” tonight, November 1!

  • A Fan

    Does anybody know when the World’s Women Award Show will be broadcast on Lifetime TV? Il Divo performed 3 songs there and I don’t want to miss it. It was supposed to be broadcast early November.

  • A Fan

    Sorry, that was Women’s World Awards

  • Jolenesiah

    the price ticket for il divo concert is out… and is kinda pricey for me… im still a student cant afford it……cry

  • Intan Fuhaira

    The ticket prices are ridiculous, not just expensive, extremely expensive. They are making a killing…Jolenesiah, try singapore. the tickets are much cheaper. MUCH!

  • Intan Fuhaira

    RM500 to RM2000 (that’s about USD 130 to USD 500, is that how much every one else around the world pays? Very curious. Dollar to dollar (without conversion, that would mean like spending your USD2000 on a ticket like we are spending RM2000 here.

  • josh lee

    I transitioned to opera singing seriously a short whie ago. And it was one of those days when i was at a singing rut that I walked to a nearby DVD store to look for some inspiration. As I flipped through the DVDs, I found a rather strange sounding group: “Il Divo.” But ya know what, since I popped it into my DVD player, it has never been ejected.

    Il Divo has tho whole package. Great looks, awesome voices, immaculate production, superb music arrangement, et cetera.

    David has an amazing top. He’s astronomical when it comes to the high C’s. Listen to his finishing in Oh Holy Night. Talk about power, resonance and high notes all in one. In Si Tu Me Amas his tenor part above Carlos’ high notes rings into the stratosphere. Also isten to Passera. Unbelievable falsetto in the second phrase.

    Carlos is simply solid. His rich thick dark tone lends the lower fondation to Il Divo, although I would agree with Urs that he tends to grab the highs where he can. He can be so gentle in approach and yet so full and robust ascending to the chorus.

    Sebastian has an unbelivably smooth pop, yet transitional voice that can swing into opera quite naturally. His falsetos are amazingly soothing especially in Si Tu Me Amas.

    Urs is angelic. His face and voice embodies this angelic and pure resonance in the group. Isabel showcases his angelic voice in the pre chorus

  • Ann

    I don’t know too much about “Il Divo” but from the little that I’ve heard, I think they are terrific and I will certainly buy a CD of theirs very shortly.

  • intan : woah… u mean singapore offer cheaper price? is shanga ri la.. trying to make some “uncommon” earning from us?
    ah… i just need to pray hard for light n easy to have the contest so that i can win the ticket or so….
    im a bit mad with the price set my shang ri la …. later it gonna turn out to be no audience….

    well…. Il divo latest album is out soon… 24 nov or 27 nov not so sure… but i checked on the official website it say is 27 nov.. so i think it must be 27… i cant wait to get my hand on the cd… 😀

  • lover of everything Il Divo

    The cd comes out on the 21st in the U.S.

  • Intan Fuhaira

    Jolenesiah, guess what!! My husband bought me the RM800 tickets for Il Divo concert for our anniverssary. Good seats. Right behind the royal box. I almost just wanted to go Singapore and see the concert there. I am just thankful although I still think it is a bit of a waste to pay so much. But hey, you know what….the RM2000 tickets are SOLD OUT! Can you believe it? Guesss there are creazier people than we are.

  • Jolenesiah

    woah… lucky u to have such a lovely husband…. ahhhhhhhhhhh i dont get a chance to go… gonna wait to hear from ur experience….

    yeah i agree lots of crazy ppl in malaysia now.. whahaha

  • Toni K

    I saw Il Divo for the first time yesterday on PBS, and as a rule I do not like this type of music, but the first song I heard, I was instantly hooked!!! They are awesome and Id love to see them in concert live. They send chills and goosebumps all over my body. Their voices are angelic. They sang a song called Mamma and I was in tears as was every other woman in the audience at the Greek. Thank You so much Simon for discovering these gorgeous young, talented men!!!! Yesterday was the first, but Ill tell you it will NOT be the last time I listen to them.
    And anyone that insults them, just has no taste. It must be all in their mouth????????? AND they also know NOTHING about music!!!!!

  • Maggie, M.

    I had to get up and e-mailed you. I bought Il Divo’s ANCORA CD and played it all the time because I love it. Since I signed in their website, I knew that they were going to be on PBS on Monday, 11-27-06. I set up my DVR to record it. As I was in bed unable to sleep I decided to watch it. MY God, they are FANTASTIC, FANTASTIQUE, FANTASTICO. Simon! Simon! Simon! THANK YOU. Il Divo revive me. I can’t wait for their concert in New York City. I will check my e-mail often since I signed in their website for their concerts schedules. I will buy the DVD “Live at the Greek” and the SIEMPRE CD. Simon, keep up the good work agin Thank you for these gorgeous and very stylish gentlemen.

  • Intan Fuhaira

    Is the Siempre out in the states yet? I have looked everywhere in Malaysia but every record store does not have it yet. Anyway, if Il Divo members ever read this, I hope they perform Passera and Isabel in Kuala Lumpur when they come.

  • Jolene

    is not out yet… maybe today or tomorrow… i called and they said did not arrive yet… i also hunt for the cd on 27 nov…

  • To all Malaysia’s Fans…. il Divo latest album will be available on 12 December 2006 (this is the information i get from Speedy.. so i do not know do it apply to other shops..) hope it helps 😀

  • Mitch

    I have seen Il Divo twice now. The first time was at the Cardiff International Arena and my god, they were mind blowing, their voices together with the fantastic orchestra and lighting was the most amazing experience. I just wanted to get up there with them and touch them ! The second time was at a picnic in the grounds of Petworth House in Sussex in the summer. It was an incredibly hot evening and to sit in that fantastic environment on a hot summer evening and see and listen to these guys was just something else. Needless to say I already have tickets for their 2007 tour of the UK at Cardiff again and I have tickets which are virtually on the stage – I can’t wait ! I have their DVD Encore and I sit at my pc and watch them over and over again with really close ups of their faces – wow !!

  • I heard Il Divos on Oprah today for the 1st. time! They are the greatest yet! Love that Carlos Pat Hayes

  • Gail G.

    I just saw Il Divo for the first time on the PBS special of their concert in Los Angeles. I was very impressed. I am an opera lover and attend regularly in Seattle as well as elsewhere. I am glad to see this group helping to popularize this type of music. I worry about the future because I see lots of gray hairs at the opera. Is that because of the cost or because of a lack of exposure among younger people? If Il Divo can generate interest in operatic voices, then I am glad. I join with the rest of the ladies who say they are easy on the eyes too! It is true that some of the smirking is a bit cheesy but the voices make up for that. This is a very fair review and thank you for that.

  • Joyce C. Smith

    I’ve seen Il Divo live, and have all the videos and CDs. I’ve given them as gifts to my opera buddies and to my son, a trained tenor. I really do feel that Il Divo has something very special, particularly in the ultimate harmonies; the build of sound at those points is simply spectacular!

    Four handsome young men who sound really good singing love songs in a close-to-classical style–that’s hard to beat for my money!

    Joyce, New Jersey, USA

  • what can i say? IL DIVO is a pure bliss for me…i can say im instantly converted to ‘opera type’ music! i love andrea bocelli but not all his songs, but IL DIVO, LOVE THE WHOLE PACKAGE! just checked their profiles at wikipedia and these 4 men are well respected in their own field!im not surprised they can create such heavenly music…i feel like they are serenading me exclusively if you look at their individual faces (amazing looks!)…first thing that came in my mind when i first watch their at the greek concert is, hope i can find a look alike to either one of them somewhere here in Barnet, UK! i love all their songs but im particularly keen on ‘everytime i look at you’, ‘isabel’, ‘regressa a mi’ and passera!!!!keep up the good work guys and hope u wont break up together like other groups/bands did. I ADORE YOU FOUR! a bubbly cheers to Simon Cowell for giving us IL DIVO.I just know that you know what ur saying in X-Factor coz u have excellent eye and amazing instinct for talent!

  • dora

    i have to say just one thing: I love Il Divo…guys are great, good looking with beautiful voices. I like them all. And they (their music) has changed my life…I’m not the girl any more that I used to be…I am much better person now and all people around me have noticed that. So, thank you Il Divo, thank you Simon…I love you all.
    and just one more thing…I have all your music, and I’m buying it for all my friends, my family, people around me who I love. Soon there won’t be enough cd-s in shops any more, lol!:)
    I’m joking a little bit, but now I’m serious…PLEASE, COME TO CROATIA. I’m sure that many people here love you and it would be nice if you would visit us and have a nice concert here. That is my biggest, and most important wish. I would be very happy if it would come true. Please, think about it. And continue with your great music…you are the best. I love you!!!
    with best regards:
    dora (from croatia)

  • Nicky

    I cannot wait for my christmas presents this year, new CD, DVD and 2007 calendar!

    This link is going on forever! Congratulations to Sebastien, David, Urs and Carlos, cannot wait to see you at Wembly on the 17th May

    Merry Christmas and best wishes to everyone for 2007


  • Intan Fuhaira

    Just got Siempre! I love what they did with the song “Somewhere”. I cannot wait to see them in concert on January 16th in KL.

  • dorothy U.K.

    got “live at the Greek” for christmas and absolutley loved it! “Siempre is wonderful,especially “nights in white satin”.Have got tickets for the concert at Manchester in May.can’t wait to see the boys again!! not a day goes by i dont listen to their music and feel better for it! LONG LIVE IL DIVO!!!!!!!

  • jolenesiah

    oh my god.. i get to take pic w Carlos and David… they r such a gorgeous man

  • Sonia1566

    A little belated but I loved the review Steve…..and agree that ALL the contestants for American Idol and our own X Factor shows only really want Simon’s comments on their performance. He is the most important judge there…he is honest and that’s what is needed, anything is giving the wrong impression to those who will not make in the pop industry.

    IL DIVO are amazing and yes I am a huge fan, got all the albums/DVD’s and many tickets for this year, but have learned to appreciate the skill involved in other Classical music……thanks to some of the tracks the guys perform.

    Thank you Simon Cowell for IL DIVO…..don’t care WHY you got the idea but will be forever happy that you did !!!!

  • Debby

    I am thrilled with Il Divo. When they first appeared on a morning talk show, they quickly got my attention. I found myself smiling at the television. What wonderful voices they have.

    Having listened to opera most of my life (my mother was an opera singer), listening to the three tenors, and others have always been my passion, but to hear Il Divo, just gives me goosebumps. Quality singers.

    I have since purchased all thier CD’s, Video’s and have even watched their performance on PBS. Needless to say Simon Cowell is to be complimented on his selection. Carlos, the baritone is amazing, as well as Urs.

  • Intan Fuhaira

    Jolenesiah!! How did you get to take pictures them? Anyway, their KL concert was simply FANTASTIC! I thought my favourite, Urs, was a bit off that night but overall, they were absolutely great! I was seated behind the royal box. Yes, even our King went to see Il Divo!

  • katja8

    Il Divo are simply the best ever!

  • katja8

    I can’t waith for our concert at 15 june in Ljubljana-Slovenia!
    They have greate songs and amazing voices!

  • A Music Teacher in Texas

    Il Divo is the biggest overproduced piece of crap on this earth. If they want to sing opera, then sing opera. If you want to sing pop, then take that damned vibrato out of it and stop trying to create a genre of music that sounds like overproduced microwaveable crap!!!

    Il Divo, GO HOME!

  • Dorothy UK

    Sour grapes is it music teacher from Texas you Sad Sack!!! so all the millions of people from round the Globe ,including Barbara Streisand and Celine Dion have no taste and are listening to “crap” according to you .I don’t think so !!Il Divo give pleasure to their many fans c’os they 4 nice guys with the voice of Angels and great looks!! and i am sure if the lads saw your comment they will be laughing all the way to the bank!! I suspect your “Other Half” is as besotted as the fans are and you are jealous and thats why you are so nasty about Il Divo!!!

  • estie

    Ummmm…music teacher…..they don’t proclaim to sing opera. They are “opera-trained.” Obviously, 20 + million people don’t agree with you.

  • Dark Angel

    What a fantastic review, thank you, I am a BIG die hard fan, rarely listen to anything else, they are in a word, simply AWESOME !!!! (especially URS)

  • You know, I have read some of the negative reviews of Il Divo. Each one has made the mistake of pointing out that “popera” is not opera. When I read comments like this, I lose some of the respect for the author because he (or she) is assuming that the reader is stupid. I think most music aficionados know the difference between singing opera and singing operatic pop. “Popera” was merely the term applied to this subgenre of popular music.

    I had begun to lose hope for popular music. It seems that in recent years, at least here in the United States, pop music is more about commercial appeal than actual talent. I had listened to Bocelli’s “Cieli di Toscana” and fell in love with it. As a person that enjoys buying music, this is the type of music that I would like to hear more of.

    And why does music have to be neatly placed into specific genres anyway?

  • Donna

    Il Divo. Super.
    Only music I play. What’s with the music teaacher? Glad she wasn’t mine. I think all the guys have wonderful voices. I particularly like David’s but thet are all great.

  • I’m astounded that 2 years after I published this blog entry, people still comment.

    @ Anthony Bertorelli — to me, “popera” means lighter-weight voices who would probably not succeed well on stage without a mike doing singing that jumps across genres. It can also mean pop singers with some training, who can “fake” an operatic sound in the studio. Might also mean artists like Josh Groban, who ranges from Italian songbook classics to contemporary pop.

    But the essential difference between opera and popera for me is the power in the singing. If Bocelli had not lucked up and tweaked Pavarotti’s considerable ego by sounding a little like Pav (a recording of Pav being played on a turntable in another room, really, not the real deal) his weak, strained tenor would never have gotten past provincial Italian houses. Pavarotti, whatever his flaws as a musician or person, got his start honestly — he could learn the roles and then essay them onstage with a vibrant voice that carried easily to the back row.

    I guess I’m just guilty of having more respect for performers like that, based on my own training.

    I liked Il Divo because overall the guys render the sort of sound I’m accustomed to hearing, the kind of sound I like, and they take it into a realm previously only dominated by weak, pseudo-operatic vocalists.

  • dorothy UK

    another wonderful concert in Manchester uk.last night.The boys were truly amazing and sang to perfection once again.and GEE WIZZ,I got to shake hands with Urs. .A wonderful night Long live IL DIVO !!!!

  • cathy

    Just want to say that Simon Cowell knew what he was doing when he put Il Divo together. They are the greatest singers EVER!!!!!!!!!!

  • Eliza

    Wonderful ! Handsome guys, beautiful voices . They really seem to have a lot of fun together on stage. I would agree with the review: why is Seb often singled out? I was disappointed to see wikipedia classify his voice as “vox populi” because he does not have formal opera training. His contribution to the team is substantial, and I think that the choice of the music pieces should accommodate his distinctive voice and allow him to show off, like it is the case for the others.
    I love them all, but he IS the most handsome and classy one, and is genuinely friendly with the public. Carlos, although very friendly, is clearly a player, and as a woman, I sometimes feel irritated about his demeanor (latin lover style).
    Urs and David seem to be more distant with the public. But as a whole, they’re fabulous, and I wish them all the best !

  • julie

    I’m a 54 yr old woman and I never did like opera, but when I first heard this group sing, it sounded like angels from heaven. All four of them have voices that everyone would die for. I’ve seen them on many different talk shows but never got around to buying ther cd. My husband got sick of me braging about how good they are, and always on the computer seeing them on the You Tube practically every day. Then on August 2007 he surprised me with all three of their cd’s so I could shut up, but it got worse because everytime he comes home from work I have it on. I can not get enough of ther voices.
    I didn’t care much for todays music and artists, so I always listened to the oldies and Soft Rock on cable, until Simon Cowell created Il Divo and my attitude toward the music and artists of today has totally changed. It is true that you cannot get enough of them because they are addicting, and I love it. I hope that they continue to be successful and most of all continue to be sincere and don’t let fame get to their heads because that will ruin a good group that is appreciated by people of all different ages. I am looking forward to more of Il Divo cd’s.
    Il Divo is the best thing that ever happened in decades. I know that New Jersey is a small state but I wish that they could have a concert at our PNC Art Center, so us New Jersey fans could also be part of a good experience in watching them perform.

  • Cinthia

    I think other wonderful POPERA singers like Gershon Bradley, Josh Groban, etc..are emerging and we should support their talent. I love IL DIVO but also Gershon Bradley, Andrea Bocelli, Josh Groban.

  • Julia

    Oh My God, I just heard IL DIVO, I never really like Opera, but I love this music style. I also have heard Andrea Bocelli and I love the song “Con Te Partiro”. I heard good reviews about Gershon Bradley, but I can’t seem to find his music, anyone knows? I will search and see if he is as good as IL Divo.

  • Joshua

    Go to the dude website or google it.

  • Jewel

    For the person who wanted to find Gershon Bradley‘s music, you can hear some samples on his website.

    They’re like a minute long or so. They sound promising but they don’t do justice to the actual full songs. I bought my copy of “Journey” last week and I am obsessed with tracks 2 and 9. It’s kinda different from Il Divo, though, because these songs are all new and original. Also, he uses some more modern sounds in his songs (there is one that includes electric violin; that was awesome!).
    In general, it is a pretty cool cd.

  • Rose

    You mean Journey by GERSHON BRADLEY. Oh yes, I bought his CD. I am hypnotized by those songs. I have to say, I was never a fan of traditional opera, especially the meso soprano sound, but I totally enjoy this classical pop style of music. Another thing I had no appreciation for is songs in other languages. But listening to Gershon Bradley’s CD, transforms my mind to Spain when I hear the Spanish songs, and to the Italy when songs are in Italian and to broadway, with “Last Days Of November”. One is not bored listening to this CD; it is not the same sound over and over, but each in unique in a style all it’s own. With these newer found artists and sounds, I find them a pleasure to listen to. I, too, was STUCK listening to the oldies; the same thing over and over for years. Now Gershon Bradley sings, with his heart and soul, 13 original songs that he has written HIMSELF. That alone is an accomplishment and rates at the TOP of my book. I do listen to Vittorio Grigolo, Josh Groban, Andrea Bocelli,and Il Divo, Sarah Brightman (and I am sure more. Gershon wil move to the TOP of my music playing collection and stay there for a long time. Gershon…If you read this, I hope to hear more from you soon so keep up the fantastic work! I sent you my email address through your website, so keep in touch. Ciao, Rose

  • luixander

    im one of those opera listeners most people dont like. but just as steve i like some pop music. it is true opera purists and critics consider this musi an offense, but dont worry they actually consider an offense any type of music in which i microphone is included :).

    but , i like il divo. specially carlos and davids voice is outstanding, now carlos being called “primo baritono” (steve knows what im talking about), and david , well a very well trained light tenor with a well educated voice :)…. rest of the voices (urs and seb) are sweet. urs just like steve said, maybe the less of a pop singer along with david, their vibrato is very powerful and they costantly singing high, i actually havent heard of urs singing low notes :).

    my fav version is “nella fantasia” which i think is the best version i’ve heard. carlos just loves those high notes as much as david, they totally owned that song.

    but i would love them to sing at least an opera aria as “nessun dorma” and ofcourse a duet of carlos and david singing “pearls fishers”…….what do you think steve? pearls fishers is not a very easy aria and i think it would be a good test to carlos and david:)

    other then that, just like steves other review, other popera groups i have not liked, or any other solists i have not liked. only i like over il divo is andrea bocelli. it is true, weak voice, but good technique according to my understanding. from him i specialy like “e lucevan le stelle” and “lamento di federico”….

    very good for il divo. you see im not such an opera purist at all or maybe just a hater:)

  • Wow.

    First, I can’t think of another thing I’ve published online that continually receives commentary like this article. Since writing this I’ve become a professional journalist, even been featured in a TV special earlier this month on Court TV — I mostly write about high profile crime, not music, anymore. I don’t contribute to blogcritics only because I don’t have the time. I should be finishing an article due in to a magazine I freelance for right now 🙂

    But I really like it that folks still leave comments on this post, and I truly appreciate it when they address me as you have done, luixander.

    I couldn’t ignore your knowledge of the genre.

    On Bocelli, luixander: Ok… he’s improved. I’m sorry, but when he first hit it big, I loathed him. Recently, though, a pleasing darkness has begun to color his sound, and he seems to sing in tune better than he did before. I expect tenors to sharp when they sing — I know I’ve had a problem with that — but Bocelli used to be distressing in part because he would flat — his vibrato, so similar to Pavarotti’s, had one big difference from the King’s — it tended to loop under the note, not over. Pavarotti, for most of his career, sang “on top of the note,” and his protege Mr. Bocelli for a long time sang under the note. It’s a purist’s distinction, but I just can’t avoid it. Singing on top of the note is always more pleasing to the ear than the under. Bocelli seems to have licked that problem. Am I a fan, yet? No. I still don’t like the fact that I’ve personally known tenors who were far superior vocally to a Bocelli, but I don’t hear about those guys unless I’m reading the back of Opera News.

    On Carlos and David essaying Au fond due Temple Saint, from Pearlfishers: YES. That would be awesome, I think. Carlos has that classic, hearty, Merrill-esque sound that seems to fit that piece perfectly. I’d love to hear something like that. I’d like to hear Carlos try his hand at some of the Verdi classics like “Eri tu,” Iago’s creed, and anything from Rigoletto, to boot.

    Thanks for the comment, luixander — it put me in the mood for music.


  • luixander

    hey steve!

    hey thanks for the reply.

    about bocelli, i wasnt a big fan of him neither when he performed on whether on detroit. and i really havent heard or him lately live neither. so i dont really know how much he has improved. i read he tried the acoustics on the MET but it was just practice. i agree with most of the criticism the critics make about bocelli’s singing, but one thing i like about him. and i kno its going to sound weird, but i like his high notes very much, specially his high C and high flat b at the end of nessun dorma, i tell you, it sound so clear:). maybe his voice has darken a little since it has matured , but i dont know about his volume. i hear him on maestro Pav’s tribute, and it seemed to me he did improve. he should have some professional help from the masters at least i think that way. when he came with the release of the verdi album he wasnt very good. but then he got some professional training in a week or two, then the critics say that i could have been the right moment for him to record that album because he improved after the training. so i think that, maybe if he gets some help on his breath support, how to eliminate the rasping tone, we could have a prospect for opera 🙂

    about carlos, well i totally agree. his got one of the most addicting baritone voices i’ve heard. when i heard his voice i just couldnt help but think of him singing pearls fishers with david. somehow david’s voice reminds me of maestro alfredo kraus, maybe its just his liggero tenor voice. but hey! who knows, i might get to their fans sight and ask them talk to them and consider singing this aria:)

  • Peter

    What’s IL DIVO talent other than sing well? They don’t write music as others do. I mean I Like Il Divo but it’s only the singing, nothing else. And Only Carlos and David sing well. The other two are not impressive at all. I like someone who creates and then express. I will check this new singer Gershone Bradley. It seems he writes his own music. I will let you know what I think.

  • kathy

    I absolutely love il divo. I have all their cds and have seen them live. I could have stayed for hours more and never tired of them. Please tell me if there are any new cds or concerts coming up. I tried finding out how to get in touch with Simon Cowal, but can’t find and email address anywhere.

  • Tracy

    hi Kathy – like you I am a huge fan of Il Divo. They released a book at the end of last year which tells us about all their backgrounds – it is a great read.

    They are planing on releasing a new cd in October and are also planning a world tour for 2009.

    Havn’t seen much organised for this year – but they are supporting Celine Dion for 1 night in a concert in Dublin this May – I have tickets and am really looking forward to it.

    For the most up to date info look on the forum on their official website which is at http://www.ildivo.com hope this helps

  • Lisa

    This is for Peter who said that none of them write songs. That sir, is Incorrect. Sebastien for one, is an accomplished songwriter and has expressed the desire to write an opera with Il Divo.

  • survivor

    Well all i can say is thank god for Simon Cowell!!3 years of everyone talking about these pure voices and gentlemen of music, i was busy not taking any notice of music or news as it made me sad! I involved myself in raising my beautiful daughter on my own with no help! whilst my ex husband had a life of luxury!(no im not bitter i know ive done a good job!!)Then!!! one of my good friends played their CD in her car as she had been to two concerts! My whole body shuddered! since then i have bought all CD’s DVD’s Their autobiography and its only been two months,so im sure there are people thinking? where the hell have you been!Im back now and feel like a teenager in awe!!!Thank you IL Divo for having faith in yourselves and in people who believe romance and beauty is not dead!

  • Trishala Robertson

    I need a new Il Divo moment in my life. There do not seem to be any new CDs, Videos in 2008 so far. With all their touring that they have done, I was thinking that maybe… there would at least be a video or two available of one of their concerts. Please say this is true.Where? PLEASE>

  • Sadly there are no videos – I’m having serious ID withdrawl myself – don’t know what their management is thinking with such a hugely long break in between tours. I know they were probably exhausted after the ’07 tour but over a year is too long to be out of the public eye. People on the official forum are getting bored with the same old songs and pix. Urs, Carlos, Seb and David – we miss you guys! Roll on 2009!

  • nancy

    it is getting to a point where i am thinking “who’s IL DIVO”?? Come on you guys, this is not fair.

  • I’ve never heard Il Divo so I can’t comment on the quality of their work, but I have trouble imagining an opera singer even LIKING pop music. The stuff I grew up with (in the fifties) is mostly plain boring, with some of it being a bit of a racket, but today’s stuff is just a hideous din.

  • I had the misfortune to hear Il Divo for the first time this weekend, performing a truly dire version of that sad dirge called Amazing Grace. Let’s just say I was not amazed and they were not graceful…

  • Sue (Ursybabe)

    Ooooh, how good it is to have our guys back on the scene, after a break that seemed like an absolute eternity to all us fans. Not only have they returned with a NEW & UTTERLY AMAZING album, but also with the promise of a heart stopping world tour. Their concerts are like no other, as these TRULY GORGEOUS & COURTEOUS guys have a magical way of making each & everyone of their fans feel real special at all of them, and that is a gift in itself.
    Their BEAUTIFUL VOICES are to die for and if the truth be known, they could even make the song ‘My Old Man’s a Dustman’ sound romantic!!!! (Them doing a magnificent cover version of the very unlikeable ‘Frankie Goes To Hollywood’ song ‘The Power Of Loves’ proves it.)
    As for Christopher Rose, not enjoying Il Divo’s version of Amazing Grace ….. never mind eh? …It could just be that you are a male, so don’t fully appreciate & enjoy the same feelings and thrill us females get from these guys and their songs. Check out the comments made on the You Tube site to see how well their beautiful song, Amazing Grace, was received. I and many others found it simply AHHHMAZING!!!!

    Sue ~ Ursybabe

  • Sue, I can tell from your incisive analysis of my gender that you have a really discerning mind; it must be the explanation for your truly mind-boggling claims about this trite vocal group. If you think their singing is amazing, you clearly don’t know much about music at all. Maybe it is their “good looks” that is getting you so excited…

  • Jet

    Oh Dear God, I knew something would set him off eventuallly… Thanks for nothing Sue… sheesh

  • Sue (Ursybabe) Fitz

    Trite, Il Divo?? I don’t think so…, but then, that’s your opinion and you are entitled to it of course.
    But for the majority of us(the 22 million and over, who have bought their albums that is) I’d say it was a case of ….

    ‘They are no doubt a feast for the senses and the soul and are heart-throbs every one of them! Opera always was top-era in terms of live arts, and these guys are just kicking the form right into the mainstream for all to enjoy making the towering majesty of the human voice impossible to ignore’.

    Oh and btw EVERYTHING about these guys excites me!!! Long live Il Divo!!!Thank you so much Simon Cowell for this beautiful creation!! Thanks also to Steve Huff for this long running article and good luck in becoming a professional journalist. 🙂

  • Hi, Sue Fitz — thank you for the comment, and I AM a professional journalist. I write for Village Voice Media, the same folks who own the Voice, LA Weekly, Denver Westword and several other papers.

    I write mainly about crime now, but I do believe this article is the only one I’ve ever written that continued to receive such a steady stream of commentary. That’s pretty cool, and I’m usually pleased and surprised when I find out there’s a new comment here. Thanks, everyone.

  • Cheryl Edwards-Harkless

    My daughter exposed me to Il Divo just a few months ago. In that time I have come to love them. They are indeed some special young men. Their voices are so melodius and relaxing. Thank God first and Simon Cowell for them. When I saw the video Live at The greek, it blew my mind. I live about 90 miles from Houston and wish I could be there for their upcoming concert. I am in wheel chair and my finances won’t afford it but to all who attend and read this message please have me in mind as you enjoy the concert. God’s Peace


    I am TOTALLY addicted to IL DIVO. I saw them in Orlando and my heart has been full of their voices ever since. Thank you Simon Cowell for your genius in puting these four incredible voices together.I pray I get to see them live again, it was THE most incredible night of music I have ever experienced. I now have all the cd’s/video’s waiting for the next one.

  • zaya

    i’m writing from mongolia me and my high shcool’s friend really really love ildivo i’m big fan of carlos his voice eyes smile really wonderful mayby everybody think like me but my friend love david in my opinion he’s nice figure and seb, urs are handsomeand gueys we love il divo’s regres a mi, isabell, una noche, la vida sin amor,adagio and more those are drop dead gorgeuos,aren’t those il divo is big light of my life thanks for cowell