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Review: How Beauty Saved Beast by Jax Garren

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I’ am so excited to be reading Jax Garren second book: How Beauty Saved the Beast.
This second installment of the, Underlight Chronicles, still draws me in with action and suspense. As the Underlight’s nemeses,Hands of Atrops and Ananke set their attentions on Hauk exclusively. This brings in their brand of sinter magic. Magic, that they use on Hauk, “the Beast”. In hopes to defeat him during his hell-boy blackouts. These blackouts can cause Hauk to take out each groups with in seconds.

Because of their involvement and what’s seen on a memory stick. A memory stick, that was picked up, when a fight ensued between, the villainous group, Hauk and Jolie. Jolie, “Beauty” ,however, was able to nab the chip during a scramble on the ground. And, again, it’s what’s seen on this chip, that alliances shift. As well as, an old friendship between Brayden and Hauk. We, also will read that Brayden, (the computer tec and engineer for the Austin, Texas branch of the Underlight)has a crush on Hauk’s Ex Fiancee Ashley.

Ashley, who’s a lawyer and was transferred from another chapter of the Underlight. Her new arrival stirs a romantic pot of jealousy for our hero and heroine. To even further complicate the relationship between saucy two. Jolie’s ex- boy friend reappears too. The appearance of the two ex lovers brings in some hilarious confusion. Yet, with Ashley, we have some answers to Hauk’s past.

No-one knows much about Hauk’s past. Other than, he was deployed in Afghanistan for the U.S. militarily. Also, while there he was in a mysterious accident that left 90% of his body burned.
Along with some answers to the mysterious Hauk. It’s nice to see that, Jax’s has kept the romance evolving in: How Beauty Saved the Beast. Not, just with Jolie and Hauk. But, The spicy Tally and her boyfriend. Her boyfriend, is the scientist of this steampunkish crew. His fresh jamaican accent, dark skin and dreadlocks are refreshing to read. Just as much as my favorite character the transgender Catrina.

Catrina, is the owner of the cabaret club and the burlesque dance troupe that, Jolie dances for. It’s because of characters like Catrina and LaRouche. That keeps her books current with today’s times and issues. As, this second installment, finds some of the action happening during a fundraiser for gay marriage/ rights.

Besides, the above need I say anymore about this awesome second book of the Underlight trilogy. I can’t wait to read this fantasy fiction’s third book: How Beauty Loved the Beast Due out: May 13, 2013 !

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