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REVIEW: Gwen Stefani’s new album “Love, Angel, Music, Baby”

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I acquired Gwen Stefani’s new album last night, and have been listening to it all morning. I figured I’d write up a review, for a couple of reasons. First of all, I haven’t done one in a while. More importantly, this album is really NOT what I was expecting. I think a lot of people are going to be disappointed, simply because they have certain expectations for the album. I’d have to say I am enjoying the album, but I don’t think it will become one of my favorites.

The album is a typical studio release in terms of what you get – 12 tracks for a total running time of just over 52 minutes. Nothing spectacular. On the other hand, the CD is appropriately priced, being 10.99 in the US and 12.99 in Canada. The first single off the album is the very catchy tune, “What You Waiting For?” I really liked this song when I heard it on the radio for the first time, and I still like it quite a bit. Just something about it! I guess you could describe that song as “electric-pop”, and unlike a lot of first singles, it is quite representative of the overall sound of the album. Basically, “Love, Angel, Music, Baby” is like an electric version of 1980’s Madonna.

Other tracks on the album include “Rich Girl”, featuring Eve, “Hollaback Girl”, “Cool”, “Bubble Pop Electric”, “Luxurious”, “Harajuku Girls”, “Crash”, “Real Thing”, “Serious”, “Danger Zone”, and “Long Way to Go” featuring Andre 3000. I think my favorite song so far is “Serious”, which sounds very much like something Madonna might have put out and then remixed. A lot of the songs are catchy, and sound very polished. “Rich Girl” and “Danger Zone” are probably my next favorite tracks (and no, the latter sounds nothing like Kenny Loggins’ song of the same name).

Overall I think the album is worth the money. I think Gwen has gone and made an album that she wanted to, but that is different than most people would expect, so kudos for that. I don’t know how she could possibly perform any of these songs live, at least not without backup synths and samples. If you’re not into electric-pop music, you probably won’t like this release. And if you’re expecting something that sounds like No Doubt, you’ll be disappointed. Otherwise, I think you’ll probably enjoy Gwen’s first solo effort. I know I am!

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  • aeriel

    i don’t have the cd but i did listen to every track . i think its great that gwen offers a song to every race. its a mixture of rNb, rock, pop, somethin 4 everyone. my favorite is luxurious thats hott. she collaborates good with whoever she works with cut her some slack!

  • lottie

    i was going to get the cd when i saw it in the shops i didnt now who gwen was then i went home listended to it i thought it was terrible but now ive started liking it gwen your great dont give up

  • Wow, Leo, sounds like Gwen hurt your feelings.

    Anyhow, I think it’s an outstanding album as well and no surprise for those who have been paying attention to Gwen and her numerous outside projects.

    Mick Jagger solo projects don’t sound like the Rolling Stones. Mick Jones’ Big Audio Dynamite doesn’t sound like the Clash. John Lennon solo didn’t sound like the Beatles.

    If you don’t like Gwen solo, that’s fine, and wait and hope for the next No Doubt album. However, to attack her for not sounding like the group seems pointless.

  • Shane

    Make your mind up!

    You either like it or you don’t! Personally feel it is cooooool !

  • Lauren

    I was going to buy this CD but after reading all the comments i think i will give it a miss.

  • this sh!t is bananas

    Gwens album is absolutley amazing..for all those who think its crap i guess its just not ur type of music. Its new its different and its not the typical “perogative”. Gwen can sing and has always had a great style keep up the awsome work..single or no doubt she can pull it off!

  • I also just purchased Gwen’s LAMB.

    Well, I had seen the first two videos and I was a bit shocked.

    I am a huge ND fan: videos, all cds, concerts, purses, clothes, etc. and to think that I am a 33yr mom! My daughter, 15, goes with me to the concerts.

    But I was immensely disappointed. I was hoping for something a bit fresh and more reflective of her personality but Darn! NOT THAT! I, too, get bored with the whole harajuku girls theme.

    I quite understand that they ‘4harajuku girls’ are her muses Love, Angel, Music, Baby…but I think she completely killed the 80s techno pop thing and repeating it over and over again has got me bored to tears.

    I did see her live on one of those video shows and as the previous poster mentioned, how un-like the music sounded on stage with a bunch of the techo missing from the studio.

    Some of the tracks are fun, flirty, and fresh but not the quality, emotional, ‘Simple Kind of Life’ tracks that I was hoping for.

    Overall, this is a cutsie cd that I will listen to a few tracks and put it in a drawer while I pray that ND gets another record out soon.

    Good luck to G and kudos for trying but sometimes colaboration is better instead of solo. We all can’t be good at everything. FWIW.

  • 1.Complete POP!1/10
    2.Duet with Eve,(OK its good)9/10
    3.Says the word shit about 50 times!3/10
    4.Slow, boring.0/10
    6.NOT GOOD!1/10
    7.EXCELLENT!!! Harajuku!!!10/10
    Cant remember the rest!!!!!!!!

  • I think Gwen going solo was a really BAD idea, I have listened to her new album and its complete POP! She should have stayed with No Doubt who were Rock, Ska and Punk!!!! I really loved that band, I just hope her solo career goes down the drain and she gets back with them! Gwen is A great style queen but thats the only good thing she does on her own! Some of ‘Love Angel Music Baby is ok but the majority of it is SHIT! Sorry people but they are my views on it. She also mentions ‘Harajuku Girls’ in nealy every song and she even wrote a song on them!!! Mad! 4/10