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Review: Gilmore Girls The UnGraduate

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Tonight had the third episode of Gilmore Girls’ sixth season.

Lorelai is bugging Luke by entertaining the workers and giving them free food. However, they hit a pipe and Luke offers to let Lorelai stay with him. Luke also offers to take care of her dog, Paul Anka, while she works late. Paul Anka made a huge mess and must be rushed to the vet after eating a huge brick of chocolate. After telling his tale of the vet, Lorelai tells Luke she doesn’t want to set a date until things are right with Rory again.

Rory seems to be leading the volunteers in her community service. She is also invited to hang out after trash duty, but has more community service to do. Rory has also taken a job at the Daughters of the American Revolution. Emily uses her as a spy to get dirt on Constance—who may be vying for Emily’s spot as president of the DAR.

Paris is bombarding Lorelai with her boy issues since she doesn’t have Rory to bother anymore. Paris has driven everyone crazy at the Dragonfly Inn. They are not looking forward to her coming in to meet with Lorelai twice a week for the next three weeks. Lorelai promises to “break up” with Paris. But in classic Paris style, that plan backfires.

Sookie pressures Lorelai to set a wedding date so she can plan all the details. Lorelai informs Sookie that she is committed to Luke, even without a wedding date set.

Lane is still drumming for her band that just returned from their summer tour. Successful in that they had fun, they didn’t exactly live in luxury. Lane having been the band manager, was the record keeper and they came home with $9,000 making it a pretty lucrative tour.

Logan returns from his summer to Europe. He is sensitive to the fact that Rory isn’t going back to Yale. Rory shares her stories of community service, all 125 hours she’s served thus far.

Anyone else notice Rory’s new bangs this episode?

Next Week: Rory and Lorelai finally see each other again when Sookie asks them to be godparents.

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  • Just love it a lot!!! Been looking for a complete season in DVD format at e-bay but it’s price cost a fortune… Love also their rapid dialogue of which sometimes confuses me… But mostly, I admired most the unique beauty of Rowry(Alexis Bledel)… God, she’s so charming…..

  • HI!! i’m from brasil… and here the new season haven’t started yet! if someone can send by e-mail de resume from the episodes that had already gone on air..please…. do!!


  • JoJo

    Gilmore Girls used to be cheerful and funny, but now, it’s sort of frustrating, there’s so much problems going on with Rory and Lorelai…I really, really, really hope Lorelai and Rory become best friends like in Seasons 1,2,3,4,and beginning of 5! Anyways, Gilmore Girls still rocks and I really enjoyed it!

  • -E

    Paris… hmm she’s the character that is easy to love to be annoyed with. I agree the episode jumped around a bit. It was almost as if they just had to do certain things to set up future storylines, but didn’t exactly know a smooth way to do it. I still enjoyed it though.

  • I’m ashamed to admit I watched this. Might I become a regular viewer of this show? I’ve watched the first two episodes this season and nothing’s on against it that I’d watch, but I dunno.

    The Paris character is annoying, but sufficiently narc-y.

    I do hate the little acoustic guitar “lalala” music they have during the show.

    There’s still very little chemistry between Luke and Lorelai, but their relationship thing is getting somewhat cuter and it’s clear that the show is trying to give the audience what it wants so people will tune in and make sure that the show stays on the air.

    Rory’s too annoyingly cutesy and perfect with the dialogue around the old folks.

    Logan’s still a smug, short pud. He’s one of the worst-written characters I’ve ever seen on a show I think is otherwise pretty good. I don’t blame the kid who plays him because I’m sure he was told to try his very best to seem Gatsby-ish and self-satisfied — I mean, he has to say “Ace” repeatedly.

    That is all.

  • J.

    I liked the episode. I laughed, but I did have a few problems with it. One being there were LOTS of commericials. They might as well have put the whole twelve minutes of the show they actually aired on then just had commercials following it. then I didn’t like how everything was jumping back and forth, that got annoying. Logan seems distant with Rory, they are still together it seems. But I have a feeling if she doesn’t go back to Yale he will cheat on her. which would be bad. Can’t wait for the next episode =).