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Review: Gilmore Girls Season Premiere

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Opening with Lorelai asking Luke to marry her again, and his answer, Gilmore Girls started a new season tonight.

Lorelai and Luke have the task of deciding what to do now. And Lorelai wants something to be happy about. Taylor is the first to know because they need him to open the store to find champagne to toast the occasion, but they come away with a case of Zima. When the town finds out Lorelai was the one to propose, Luke seems uneasy—as does the town. Lorelai is upset because her parents are taking care of Rory in a way that they didn’t for her. She tells the story of the frog and the scorpion calling her parents the scorpion.

Richard Gilmore phones Lorelai to tell her about Rory’s meeting with her lawyer the next day. Apparently still upset that Rory is not going back to school, Lorelai is cold and pretty much not interested in having any role in that meeting.

Emily Gilmore is using Rory living in the pool house as an excuse to redecorate. Rory’s lawyer is a friend of Richard’s and she appears out of place at the meeting. She is told that her family’s standing in the community and the fact that she is a first time offender will help her to get off easily. The prosecutor is willing to let her off with 20 hours of community service, but the judge seems unhappy with that. She demands one year of probation and 300 hours of community service. However, the judge leaves the option open for her to appeal to have this taken off of her record in five years.

Rory’s boyfriend, Logan, throws her a “Jolly Good Felon” party. Everyone is dressed in black and white stripes. Logan gives her a month before she goes back to school because it is a huge passion of hers. She’s determined to be the Queen of the Sloth.

Paris goes to Lorelai to complain about Rory quitting Yale. Luke agrees with Paris, but Lorelai is content with letting Rory make her own choices and mistakes. But when Emily goes to her house to collect Rory’s things, Lorelai makes herself scarce and stays busy at the Dragon Fly Inn.

Next Week: Luke tells Rory about his engagement to Lorelai and Rory starts her community service.
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  • Logan didn’t seem happy at the party.

    I think Lorelai is in escapist mode. She wants the comfort of Luke, because she doesn’t feel anyone else is on her side. Where’s Sookie?

  • That kid who plays the annoying, super-smug rich cad Logan got fatter during the summer. He should really diet if he’s going to be playing the pretty bad boy on the show now.

    That is all.

  • -E

    Yeah, because he is oh so fat… I think he’s attractive.

    And I agree David- she wants Luke to make her feel safe. But I don’t think the things with Rory are the reason she wants to marry him.

  • Seems like Lorelai is still not forthcoming with her feelings: In the final scene she dries her tears before Luke can see them. And it looks like Paris is going to be the surrogate daughter (and how many times will Paris call Lorelai, interrupting some tender moment with Luke, as has happened so many times in the past?).

  • I thought the begining was great, made me giddy, but I was a little annoyed that they waited so long to hug, or kiss or do anything for that matter- I don’t know about you, but if I just made a life decision like that, I think I would have wanted to go directly into embrace. And I love how happy Luke was at the diner the next day. I’m so excited about Luke and Lorelai, I’m not even paying attention to Rory’s dumb-ness.

  • emily

    I loved Rory with Jess… i hear he’s coming back in november or something. I also lovev luke and lorelai… they’re perfect together

  • Love the Luke, Lorelei engagement — Please din’t have a break-up here–they are very comfortable and beautiful together,Luke obviously adores her. How about just a bit more passion between them–scenes where they are in bed they are always turned away from each other. How about a baby for them to take the attention off Rory?

  • christina

    I THINK Rory should go back to school to me I like her in school and doing bad things I don’t like she a smart girl make her be journalist that travels her mother will be happy. luke always had a thing for lorelei and I want them to get married with Rory there and have another baby boy of their own and that will spice thing up

  • jen

    rory was sooo much better off with dean, they need to bring him back and get rid of logan

  • i hope luke and lorelei will get married and have a baby girl.

  • Kelly

    I think Dean is a goody two shoes, Jess should come back because Rory and him should be together.

    rory and him where to HOTTTTTTT!!!!
    something dramatic should happen to them

  • im with that JEN girl DEAN should come back!!
    he was way better and good lookin than logan
    he was the resson why rory went to jall
    but when and if they do get back together naw that logan is goin away rory should have like deans kid or somethin mack things wild and diffrent!!
    and for Lorelai , Luke and her have been puting this aside to far
    i know Jared has his other t.v show naw but all he has to do is come in every once in a while and then rory and dean have a kid but then like a few days latter dean cant be a dad so he takes of and rory says to give the kid up but her mom thinks diffrently and they dont talk for a while but then all of a sudden they do talk and go vist the kid and then dean calls rory asin about the kid but rory hates him becouse he gave her all these promises and then just walked out so she ends up with jess
    i will be here for more stuff to btell u

  • Michelle

    Jess MUST MUST MUST MUSTx10 should come back on gilmore girls!!!! Rory and him made SUCH a cute couple and i cried when Jess had to leave in the 3rd season to be with his dad!! 🙁 I didnt think Dean & Rory made a good couple because Rory didnt act like she loved him!


  • Sarah

    I sooooooooooo agree w/michelle! Jess should come back on GG or I’m not gonna watch it anymore! (lol)

  • Kirsten

    jess! jess! jess! rory and him r like, 21 right? well this may b really stupid but i hope they end up getting married 🙂 🙂

  • amy

    Jess has to come back, the relationship he had with Rory was amazing!!!

  • shelby

    i love luke-lorelai thing going on between them, it is so stuiped that she sleaped with chris, and thier not getting marred, thay are so “romantc” i kinda hope loagen and rory get together agean, that was nice, but loagen was the only one that seemed that he cared for her. i hope the gilmore girls stay on tell at least the 10th season. in this past season it seemed that jess has gotten it togher and much – much – much cuiter!

  • Michelle

    i hope chris and lorelai get married

    sorry, but i dont want luke & lorelai 2 get married cuz then jess and rory will b cousin and wont b able 2 date!