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Review: Game of Thrones – “And Now His Watch Is Ended”

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Oh how the mighty have fallen. And Jaime Lannister has fallen lower than even his brother, Tyrion. He is The Kingslayer in name only, now that he’s lost his sword hand. He doesn’t eat, he barely speaks, and as a reminder, Jaime must wear his severed hand around his neck as an ornament. Yes, The Kingslayer has definitely fallen. But Lady Brienne will not see him surrender to his fate. She chastises him, basically telling him to suck it up and move on. Will Brienne’s words move Jaime to remember that he is, first and foremost, a Lannister and that they always pay their debts? Let us hope so.

Bran continues to dream about the three-eyed crow. In his latest dream, the crow has perched itself high up on a tree, which Jojen says Bran must climb. The young Stark is apprehensive, since the last time he was in a tree, he was pushed and lost the use of his legs. But he climbs anyway, reaching the crow until Catelyn appears out of nowhere. Mama Stark is not happy to see her son has climbed yet another tree and grabs Bran, demanding he promise not to climb again. Bran loses his footing and falls, thrusting himself out of the dream and back to reality. It is obvious the three-eyed crow wants Bran to see something, and Jojen must help. But it will probably be a while before all is revealed.

Arya, Gendry and The Hound have all been taken to The Brotherhood’s secret lair, where they meet Beric Dondarrion (played by Richard Dormer). Beric is the leader of The Brotherhood and a follower of the Lord of Light. He does not abide anyone who preys on the weak and has a bone to pick with The Hound, who Dondarrion calls a murderer. Our girl Arya agrees, reminding The Hound about the murder of her friend Mycah while on the road to King’s Landing. Clegane, ever the charmer, admits he killed Mycah but was only following Prince Joffrey’s orders. Dondarrion then sentences The Hound to trial by combat, which will take place during next week’s episode.

Beyond the Wall, the men of the Night’s Watch have had enough of Craster and his rules. The Brothers are tired, cold and scared. But more than anything, they’re hungry. They know Craster is hoarding his food and they want it, even if it means they have to kill him for it. Lord Commander Mormont does what he can to contain the already tense situation. But desperate men are dangerous men, Craster and the Lord Commander learn the hard way. During the chaos, Sam and Gilly make a run for it, taking her newborn son with them and saving him from a most certain death.

In King’s Landing, the Tyrells are making their own plans. Margaery is learning how to handle the volatile King Joffrey, earning his trust and advising him on how to deal with his people. Much to Cersei’s chagrin, the King is listening to Margaery and moving further and further away from his mother. Margaery’s grandmother, Lady Olenna, is doing her part to bring Houses Tyrell and Stark together, conferring with Lord Varys. Although the Spider has proven to be a dangerous man (just ask the sorcerer who cut him), he is no match for the Queen of Thorns. Will the Tyrells succeed in their plans? Or will the Lannisters beat them at their own game?

No one plays the game of thrones quite like Daenerys Targaryen. In last week’s episode, the Mother of Dragons agreed to purchase all of the Unsullied from Kraznys mo Nakloz in exchange for one of her dragons. In this episode, the exchange was made, but it was done the Targaryen way: with fire and blood. As with most men in power, Kraznys underestimated Dany, believing she was nothing but a stupid girl not used to the ways of the world. But wait! She knows more than she let on, as we all found out when Dany commanded the Unsullied to kill all of the slave masters, speaking to them in Old Valyrian. The look of surprise on Kraznys’ face when he learned that bit of news before being fire-roasted was absolutely priceless. Dany freed the slaves of Astapor, including the Unsullied, who now fight for her as free men. Now that she finally has her army, will Dany make her way to Westeros and claim the Iron Throne? Stay tuned.

Game of Thrones airs Sundays at 9:00 p.m. on HBO.

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