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REVIEW: Future leaders of the world

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Fresh, political and addictive. These are the words that first come to mind when listening to The future leaders of the world disk LVL IV. (Pronounced level 4) Produced by GGGarth (Rage, Chevelle and Mudvayne) the disk has savage teeth and they dig in fast & furious from the start.

I have to confess that I had not heard one lick from this group before I held their disk in my hands. I do have to say that I’m glad that I was accidentally subjected to their sonic campaign. From the first track I quickly became a partisan listener and by the third song I was absolutely fervid. I will definitely be telling others to check this one out because LVL IV kicks ass.

You see, this disk is not really just music — it is a campaign. Similar to the message of other bands like Rage Against the Machine and System of a Down, this is a campaign to transform and inform — an attack on your senses and your intellect. The campaign message is right up my alley too because it is all about the decline of western civilization and (like myself) ring leader Phil Tayler is looking for someone to blame.

On the closing track “Your Government Loves You”, Tayler screams:

“Though I saw a flag with stars and stripes
That stood for equal rights
Civil liberties pursuit of happiness in life
Now I know we’re all just hoes spokes on a wheel of fortune
Lost tones in a song eternal souls scorching”

Tayler, who sounds a bit like Wesley Reid Scantlin from Puddle of Mudd at times sends a message that is very clear, “WE ARE PISSED” and the emotions will be dripping from your speakers. If you are not a fan of Puddle of Mudd don’t let that stop you from checking this one out. Tayler is not just another Puddle/Nirvana clone, he sounds like he ate Scantlin and Cobain for breakfast and the guys are drowning in the acid of his stomach. The emotion and pain are real and you feel it in every pulse pounding beat of his fire-eating poetic delivery.

The song “Let me out” is an instant favorite because of this painfully, emotive delivery. Tayler slashes out and sums up their album as he screeches:

“Let me out, let me out I’m singing I’m a liar and a cheat in prison, Accused of telling the truth”

Now that the group has finally made it to major label status Tayler finally has his chance to share his opinions and he is out to convert. His message is clear that he wants to tell the world his opinion — and he believes — he KNOWS he’s right.

Another element this band has right is the ability to simply kick out the jams even if you are not into politics and saving the world. Crank it baby, just crank it and you will be left begging for more.

The FLOTW attacks cover everything from our government leadership (Your government loves you) to the sad state of the music industry (Kill pop) and the campaign is furious. Taylor leads his bandmates to the fight and he is guaranteed to win because this particular attack ad simply rocks.

Winning tracks on this disc are Unite, Spotlight, Let Me Out, Kill Pop and For Sale.

Sample the tunes on their web site and watch the new video for “Let me out” by clicking here.

If you are interested in their message, lyrics can be found here.

Vibe: 98%
Production: 92%
Songs: 95%
Length: 90% (Only 10 songs – could have been better)


Total score: 94% out of 100%

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  • I’m intruding here to let you know I posted your review of this to the Advance.net Web site.

    I’m the new music review editor guy at Blogcritics.

    The review can be found at a few different places on the Advance network around the country, but here’s one of them.


    It’s at the top right now but that will change as I catch up and add more reviews. Then you can find it by hitting the archive on that link for 11/04.

    – Temple Stark

  • mitch

    I like your music it pumps me up when i’m going into wrestling match. i feel what your saying its is really true.

  • yanna

    i love the music and the lyrics as well as the message they’re trying to convey. it’s excellent and sadly all true.

  • logan

    the first time i heard this disc i was blown away by the passion & hatred & pain in taylers vioce it was up there with the way i felt when i first heard kurt cobain for the first time. i am a kurt cobain follower & scince he died or shuold i say got killed i have been looking for someone to come forward & sing like him & not to afraid of telling the truth. in evevyday when you start out the band &you sound so much like nirvana that i got goosebumps & had to sitdown. it was scary. i will follow you guys until the end. i love you guys.


  • Stetched Across Shame

    My Favorite Song Has To Be “Kill Pop”.. Good Lyrics Good Beat.. It Makes We Want To Dance.. Lol

  • LVL IV is my favorite cd of 2004!!!
    Phil, to me, is the voice that every generation needs. I f**king adore you guys and I cant wait to see you again. Spread the f**king word, dont ever give up, and rock the f**k on.

  • Melanie

    Wow…I was truly speechless when I first heard this CD. I feel like Phil puts his heart and soul into every song, I haven’t gotten the oppurtunity to see or hear them live but when I do, you bet your a$$ I’ll be there singing the lyrics right on with them. I will be an avid listener until the day I die. Thank you so much for creating this album.
    Your fan forever,

  • Amber

    Just got back from your show last night in Lafeyette and you guys kicked some serious a$$! We loved being front row and seeing all of you! Thanks to Carl for hanging out on the Submersed bus after the show – my all time favorite drummer! You guys put on a great show…couldn’t have asked for better!

  • jess

    i love flow….cannot wait forthe next tour to hit my area!

  • selina

    omg I totally agree with logan I too am a lover of kurt and the first time i heard LET ME OUT on the radio last year I thought to myself wow that guy sounds like kurt then i saved my money went out and got there CD and I have to say that it is the first since nirvana that I have been able to listen to every song and love them all. PLEASE Phil continue on for us even if your bandmates are gone somehow I feel It does not matter you have awaken what was once dead (due to a crack whore of a wife)Your fan base is and can be forever if you do it right i know i still jam it everyday no matter how much crap is said about you on the website!!!!!

  • ladyzepplin

    Hey! I saw FLOW twice in texas..they kicked ass on stage! i even got to meet them both times. i really enjoyed their music…but i’m pretty sure they’ve broken up & been dropped by their label.Has anyone heard official news cuz their message board is gone.
    i miss them already!! 🙂

  • Court

    I love the music…love the ideals and values more…good to know theres still people like them out there. Phil also has one of the sexiest most unique voices Ive ever heard

  • sammy

    I’ve only heard one song off this album and man Future Leaders Of the World are amazing….and i am asap going to go out and get it whenever and as soon as i can….and i will have all your upcoming albums and/or demos…..ROCK ON DUDES