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Review: Fantastic Four

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I’ve always been a big Human Torch fan; I definitely like the Fantastic Four team. Needless to say, I was excited about this movie. Then, came the wash of bad reviews and impressions. So, I didn’t lose interest, but I did lose all my expectations (which turned out to be a good thing). Fantastic Four is a fun movie, but don’t get me wrong it has no uplifting value or worth. I give a 3 out of 5; if you’re a penny pincher, wait until it comes out on cable.

Cool Powers
Let’s face it; the Human Torch has one of the coolest super-powers out there. He turns into fire, and he can fly. That’s up there with Superman and Spider-Man in my book. Not to mention, the Thing is cool. He’s a gigantic, indestructible rock. Sure nobody really wants to be him, but he sure is fun to watch crushing through walls and stuff. The Invisible Woman, well, let’s just say that to really use her powers, she has to ditch her clothes (they don’t turn invisible with the exception of her special suit). Then, there’s Mr Fantastic. I’ve never been a fan of the stretchy thing. It’s a little creepy, but it does translate well to the big screen (most super powers do).

Falling Short
This movie does fall short in a lot of areas. The story isn’t that great. The characters don’t use their super-powers nearly enough, and there’s really only one big fight. However, the Fantastic Four is a team, and that’s just plain cool. Plus, I liked seeing the Thing crash through things. Did I mention the Human Torch catches on fire?

Sure, there’s not much to this movie besides some action and special effects, but the characters are cool. Don’t see this movie if you’re expecting a lot from it, but if instead you just want some F4 action, it can be a pretty fun movie.


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  • Maurice

    my boys saw it this weekend and basically agree with you..