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Review: Corpse Bride

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I think I can sum up my feelings about Corpse Bride in one word: disappointing.

Yes, the visuals are stunning, and it is a technological marvel. You could easily mistake it for computer animation, rather than old-fashioned stop-motion. But the story is predictable to the point of being boring, and the music has got to be the least interesting thing Danny Elfman has ever written. Ever.

The acting is fine and all, but it suffers from the Sinbad syndrome. Other than Christopher Lee and Albert Finney, there was no reason to waste money on getting names like Johnny Depp, Helena Bonham Carter and Tracey Ullman for it. Lee and Finney have unique voices and bring their distinct style to their characters. The rest could have been played by any good, no-name voice actor. (I didn’t even realize Ullman was in it until I looked on IMDb.)

I can’t bring myself to call it a bad movie. It was cute. Really. But, fair comparison or not, it was certainly no Nightmare Before Christmas. Disappointing.

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  • The Theory

    i agree about it being predictable.

    But I really liked the music.

    Perhaps the best part was that it was the first Tim Burton film I’ve seen that hasn’t made me wonder why the hell Tim Burton makes a career of directing movies. He is simply no good at it.

    The story line was really nothing more than a vehicle for the fun animation. And I think it was worth the trip.

    But if I had not liked the music I might disagree.

  • I haven’t seen this yet, but although, as a huge Burton fan, I am excited – I’ve also had a feeling of “over-produced” about this. It seems too much like something he’s done to appeal to the new generation of Nightmare fans; produced to order.

  • I took a bunch of kids to see this. It’s really not a children’s movie, IMO. It’s a movie for adults, and I enjoyed it. One of the kids I took was scared, she was 7. The rest thought it was weird, and kept asking me when it was going to be over. It moved a bit slow. I loved the use of color in it, but found the plot dragged a bit.