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Review: Cleaning Just Got Easier – iRobot Roomba series

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Even if we don’t admit it, we’ve all had thoughts about how wonderful life would be if we had a few more of the technical conveniences a la the Jetsons. iRobot may just have the answer to some of those wishes. While Rosie the Robot may not currently be available for home use, the iRobot Roomba series could bridge the gap.

The Roomba vacuum cleaners have definitely changed the way we clean. No more lugging out the heavy vacuums with all of the accessories when you can simply schedule a time for the vacuum to run, and you don’t even have to be home for it to happen. The Scheduler model with its “. . . artificial intelligence and sensors navigate between walls and furniture legs and adjust for carpet, tile, and wood floors.” Its “low-profile design fits under beds, sofas, and other tight spots where conventional vacuums can’t reach” and even detects stairs and will not go near the edge.

I, personally, have five indoor cats and three indoor/outdoor dogs who tend to create an enormous amount of fur that finds its way to the hardwood. It seemed that no amount of vacuuming with a standard Oreck, or sweeping with a broom and dustpan, could keep the fur accumulation at bay. Now, each morning, with a single touch of a button, the Roomba zips around throughout the house and, voila, a clean floor in an hour!

The unit comes with a base charger, which Roomba returns to after it completes its vacuuming duties, and recharges until its next use. The only maintenance that it requires is that the receptacle and filter should be emptied and cleaned after each use, and the roller and brush should also be cleaned after each use, or as needed, depending upon your levels of accumulation. A cleaning tool is included with the kit that is useful in removing hair and other debris from the roller and brush.

Although we were promised our own flying cars, and all sorts of technological gadgets to make our lives so much easier by the year 2000, this is the start of something big. I’ll definitely be buying the Scooba (iRobot’s mopping version) as soon as it is released as well. If only they would also invent the dusting version, and the kitty-litter cleaning version, and the laundry version, and the grocery-shopping version, and the . . .

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