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Review: Chris McNulty’s Dance Delicioso

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Chris Mcnulty has a deeply expressive voice that effortlessly climbs and falls an impressive range and is backed up with beautiful instrumentation. An Australian native, she has been living and recording in the United States since 1988 when she came to this country on a study grant.

With Dance Delicioso, McNulty delivers an album of Jazz that sounds just a classic as her cover of Cole Porter’s “All of You”. She gives this song an updated modern feel, without straying dramatically far from the original standard.

The album opens with a remake of the Annie Lennox song, “Primitive”. In my opinion the addition of piano and the upbeat tempo render a version I enjoy even more then Lennox’s.

In “He Moved Through the Fair” she stays true to the tradition of this Irish folk song, but adds a bluesy feel that makes it sound like a jazz standard. The arrangement includes steel string guitar and cello.

She works similar magic with “Star Eyes,” the remaining cover on the album, breathing a new energy into this classic.

The other five songs are original compositions by Mcnutly. The title song, “Dance Delicioso,” stands out as the highlight of CD. As with the rest of the album, it has swing tempo that is influenced by the blues.

She applies a similar formula to “Meaning of the Blues” and “Last Farewell,” giving a full album of danceable jazz that is also soothing.

Released July 12, on Elefant Dreams, the CD will be treasured by anyone who is a fan of swing and classic jazz.

Track Listing
1. Primitive

2. New Day
3. He Moved Through the Fair
4. All Of You
5. Meaning of the Blues
6. Dance Delicioso
7. Last Farewell
8. Roamin’
9. Star Eyes
10. Only the Silence
11. Last Farewell – reprise

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About Connie Phillips

  • Dear Connie: Just a short note of sincere thanks for this great review, so nice to hear someone covering my originals as well as the standard material. It is also rewarding to read a review by someone who heard the music above and beyond the categorizing so common in musical criticism these days.

  • Chris,

    Thank you for taking the time to comment here. I truly enjoyed this fresh approach to classic jazz.