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Review: Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

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I came into this one with my expectations set pretty low. Most of the reviews I had heard or read were not very enthusiastic. Every review that I heard that compared this one to the original said that it paled in comparison.

I disagree completely. This movie is better than the original. The original was an o.k. movie, but was very cheesy and the acting was pretty lame. My best theory is that the reviewers who preferred the original Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory are letting nostalgia get in the way of impartial analysis. Note to movie reviewers: Sometimes remakes can actually be better than the original!

Depp was great, and I was not at all reminded of Michael Jackson by his performance, as one “professional” movie critic has claimed. The other actors were great too, especially compared to the crappy performance of the actors who played Charlie and the Grandfather in the original.

My 4-year-old thoroughly enjoyed it. So did my 7-month-old! To me, if a movie can hold the attention of a 7-month old, that says something!

I would rate this movie 8 out of 10.

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  • Welcome DMC! Any connection with Run?

    I disagree and feel the original was far, far better. Depp was great as always, the sets and design were amazing (as is always the case for Burton) but other than that, it just wasn’t that interesting.

    I loved Wilder’s cheesey, bizarre portrayal. The original held a level of playfulness and danger that the remake couldn’t touch.