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Review: Brett Dennen

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In this self titled CD Brett Dennen offers an album of inspirational and spiritual ballads. There is an innocent quality to his voice, reflective of his youth, that is perfect for the song’s messages. The one exception to that may be “Desert Sunrise”. On this track the lyrics hint to be more mature then the voice, but Dennen still pulls it off.

That untainted voice is the strongest instrument on the album. Accompanied by very simple arrangements, he features the strength of the songs — the lyrical messages. All of them are hopeful and inspirational. It is perfect background or meditation music to lift a stressed soul. It should be noted Dennen penned all the songs on the album (with the exception of Day by Day).

It is my opinion that this young man is only beginning what will be a long and bright future with spiritual music. For a quiet and peaceful album, seek out Brett Dennen

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