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Review: Big Brother 6

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Tonight’s Big Brother 6 was a dramatic one.

April had to choose whom to nominate for eviction. She felt pretty strongly about backdooring James. So she approached Janelle and Howie about nominating them so that one might be removed with the Veto. Then April would nominate James and they would all vote to get him out of the house.

James might be the luckiest in avoiding eviction with a record number of ‘Power of Veto Wins,’ but Janelle seems to be the luckiest with winning prizes. She won the pass to not have to eat PB&J sandwiches, ever. She won a plasma TV and Netflix subscription. She won the trip for two from Travelocity. And now she won America’s Choice for a call from Week Two’s evicted houseguest Michael.

Janelle’s luck, and that the call was from Michael, has caused tension in the house to rise. Ivette was upset and cried that she wasn’t able to talk to her girlfriend. However, Ivette said that had the call been from Janelle’s mother she would have felt better. Other houseguests felt hurt by America that the audience voted for Janelle to get a call from a person she has known for two weeks instead of someone from home.

So when it came time for the Veto Ceremony, April had some new things to consider in choosing whom to veto and nominate, if to use the veto at all. All things considered, April still chose to use the Power of Veto to veto Janelle off the block. Amazingly, April kept her word and nominated James.

Who will be evited? James or Howie?

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  • It would be smarter for Janelle to keep James around then Howie. But Howie will protect Janelle and you never know what James will do.

  • -E

    I have a soft spot for Howie, he’s just a big goof. And you know he would do whatever he could to help carry Janelle to the end. James has said he and Janelle could go far together, but there is no telling!

    I can’t stand Ivette.

  • I have read live-feed transcripts and watched some of the goings-on in the house via Realmedia, so I’ve seen stuff those who only watch the feeds don’t know. Including this: Janelle’s 1st choice was to have *her mother* call; Michael was number two. BB made the choice. BB is creating the drama.

    Couple more things: The show tonite only showed a little of April’s post-AC grousing. She kept it up (as did Maggie), charging BB with rigging the America Choice vote against “The Friendship.” Eventually, BB had had enough and called April into the Diary Room (where contestants talk secretly with show producers) and admonished her for her accusations, insisted that the vote was fair and square, and threatened her: If she didn’t stop slandering the show, she would get a penalty nomination.

    Meanwhile, the erstwhile Cappy’s Crew, now led by Maggie, pouted and kvetched about how awful and beneath them Janelle and Howie are. After a seemingly interminable bout of trash talk against them, Beau had a rare flash of insight: Perhaps America voted for Janelle to get the phone call out of revenge: America voted the wildly popular Kaysar (a Janelle and Howie ally) back into the house. The Friendsheep — who claim to be all about integrity, honor, and truth — then promptly backdoored him out using obvious duplicity and broken promises. His alliance mates went quiet as they absorbed what Beau said and shared an epiphany: Perhaps America doesn’t see them as the good guys. OMIGOD! CAN YOU IMAGINE???

    Hee hee hee…

  • Sorry, stuff that those who only watch the TV shows wouldn’t know…

  • -E

    Oh I know they edit it to make it all dramatic. It would be too boring if they didn’t. I wish I had seen April going off even more. They looked like idiots when they said they think its was rigged and no way America would vote for Janelle. (I did vote for Janelle to get it).

    Where do you get these feeds? They sound hilarious!

  • More behind the scenes dirt, please

  • Janelle is an uggo.

    Janelle’s criminal background on Smoking Gun

    That is all.

  • More dirt? Hmmm… this past week, lust-obsessed Howie has been trying to find a place where he can, uh, relieve a certain tension outside of the camera’s view. After giving the matter some thought, he constructed a tentlike structure he dubbed the Jerk Shack and told all the houseguests about it. Right before he was about to enter the shack to, er, take matters in hand, BB called him into the Diary Room and informed him that the shack had to go. Down but not out, Howie finally grabbed a bottle of lotion, a condom, and a photo of his evicted partner Rachel and took care of business beneath a blanket. Bet they won’t show that (or the full-frontal shots of Beau, which gave me the shivers — and *not* of glee or pleasure) on TV…

    You can catch the feeds by getting a Realmedia Super Pass (at real.com); they offer a two-week free trial.

  • RogerMDillion

    I’m sure she’s better looking than you, Bob

  • arlene

    I wish those friendship idiots would realize ivette & beau are the only pair left, she needs to go. Maybe now they will realize America can’t stand them. I would love to see Howie win.

  • Back when BB first started, I used to regularly follow either the feeds or the running Internet commentary about the feeds, but I found that made the actual show boring, since I already knew what was going to happen by the time it aired.

    I also realized that BB, which God knows is the dumbest show ever on television, was simply taking up too much of my life. Three hours a week is all I can allow myself, and that’s way too much.

    Then again, I’m an addict. I’ve rarely missed a single show in six years. I not only remember certain names from past seasons but, much to my shame, their last names as well.

    Yes, I’m sorry to say, I know the full names of nobodies who do not deserve to be celebrities. Like Kent Blackwelder (BB2). And Tonja Paoli (BB3).

    It’s sad.

    Anyway, thank God someone posted on it in Blogcritics so I can vent; in real life if you bring up the show you tend to get looks of pity. Even the dumbest, most retarded, most thumb-up-their-butt blithering idiot thinks the show is beneath them, and regards viewers with looks of disdain.

    Having said that, it is interesting to hear Natalie’s comments — they certainly give insight.

    The funny thing about the show, season for season, is that people inside the house never have a very good read on how they are seen outside of it. The “Friendship Crew” have no idea how pathetic they seem; especially Ivette, with all her endless whining about that fucking Cappy, a fascistic little thug I was so, so, sooooo happy to see leave.I’m surprised she hasn’t by this time erected a Jerk Shack of her own in his honor; lesbian or not, am I wrong in thinking she wants to get seriously hosed by the little fireman? Last night was more of the same, with her crawling off to her pity party after Janelle gets the call from Michael. Ivette up in her room going “I hate her! I hate her!” just like a 12-year-old.

    And then April in the Diary Room, thinking America was just so wrong for giving Janelle the call.

    I wanted to say “Hey, honey, if you were us you wouldn’t give yourself the time of day either.”

    Stupid bitch.

    Anyway, I think what I really want to say is that I love Janelle. James rightly called her a “bad ass,” and she is. That’s what I love about her. She’s beautiful and not stupid. She has a lot of pluck, a lot of drive — she puts herself out there in every way and dares all the meek ones to respect her, rise to the challenge or get the hell out of the way.

    I too have a soft (yet rigorously un-gay) spot for Howie. So I’d like to see it end with those two.

    Truthfully, maybe James deserves to win. I don’t really like him, but he’s played hard and used every advantage he could.

    I laughed out loud when he was in Ivette’s room last night, sidling up to them with his Bible talk about the righteous this and the righteous that.

    Season for season, at least one houseguest (sometimes several) voice their belief that God watches the show.

    Two late notes from the past few weeks:

    *Natalie — what’s the word on Ashleia? Why did she just up and scram?

    *Didn’t you hate it when Kaysar got nailed? And didn’t you hate Jennifer? And didn’t you love it when she got booted? If you opened your window you could hear half of America — the dumb half that watches the show, anyway, and our numbers are strong — scream “SUCK IT, BITCH!”

  • Roger, I’m way, way better looking than she is. She’s not bad-looking, she’s just ugly for trying to be hot and failing.

    I’m not as hot as you, though, Grandpa.
    Angry, impotent white male rage is so sexy.

    That is all.

  • -E

    Rodney- great rant!

    Oh and thanks Natalie for the info, I’ll have to get the trial as soon as it seems to work again.

    I wonder why April and “The Friendship” took it so personally that Janelle got the call? I think it is amazing that they are just now realizing that perhaps America doesn’t see The Friendship as the good guys. Even without any feeds or participation on any BBS about the show, I saw the “Nerd Herd” as not great upstanding folks. They are just people. And while everyone in the house reacts to the stress and tension in some way, all have behaved badly- at least Janelle and Howie aren’t lying that they have done so.

    Sigh. I wonder if when they get out, if they watch the show and go “OOOH, so THATS what I looked like!”

  • Mr. Welch, I have no idea about why Ashlea left sequester, sorry.

    Yeah, it is a dumb show. Perfect summertime shit. If BB aired during fall and winter, I wouldn’t give it the time of day.

    The good thing about following the feeds is that you don’t need to watch the show unless you want to hear nomination and POV speeches or to see how BB hides what really happens in the house via editing.

    Kent Blackwelder? Wasn’t he the bigot who became friends with gay contestant Bunky during his stay in the house? Oh my goodness.

    And yes, I hated seeing Kaysar go — both times. For once, there was a person of intelligence and quality on the show… Of course he couldn’t last. Only stupid people make for good stupid TV.

    Which is why I like Janelle — vain or not, she isn’t dumb (or at least she isn’t as dumb as the Friendsheep).

    And yes, Cappy made my skin crawl. That little Hitlerite was a monster obviously suffering from a Napoleonic complex — and he thought America was in love with him! No, Eric, only Ivette.

    And don’t get me started on Ivette. We FINALLY get a lesbian on the show after years of swishy men and she is a completely immature, loud, nasty, backstabbing bitch who is besotted over… Cappy? Ugh.

    Seeing Jennifer walk out of the house? That felt good after the way she lied to, betrayed, and backstabbed Kaysar. Honor? Integrity? Truth? Puh-leeze. Problem is, she got jury — Kay didn’t. In fact, the jury will be primarily made up of Sheep. Ugh.

  • Yeah, Natalie, that’s what sucks. It’s such a polarized house. It would be great if there were two good people at the end.

    I so wanted Kaysar to win. That damn button. I had no idea Jen was such a liar.

    And yes, Kent was the gay-baiter who wound up liking Bunky.

    Know what the worst BB ending was? When it came down to Jun and Allison. Both were kinda trashy and neither had compensating traits.

    I liked it last year when Drew won. That was okay. Which reminds me. Most physically unappealing BB Houseguest: Nokomis. I think tattooed tits are ugly and EXTRAVAGANTLY tattooed tits are REAL ugly. But she was a smart player. Another strong contender for the title: that fat middle-aged teacher who never washed his hands after using the potty.

    My all-time favorite BB moment: first season, when Chicken George (the roofer who seemed to have sniffed a little too much tar) presented a message to America about how parents should volunteer at school. It was so poignant: life in the house had convinced him he was a celebrity, and could make gooey public service announcements just like Kelsey Grammar. Bless his heart — he probably thought a little “CBS Cares” had popped up next to his head.

  • And yes, I hated seeing Kaysar go — both times. For once, there was a person of intelligence and quality on the show… Of course he couldn’t last. Only stupid people make for good stupid TV.

    I loved Kaysar. He was fun to watch and more fun to listen to. He was a positive face for Islam and nobody knew it.

    And yes, Cappy made my skin crawl. That little Hitlerite was a monster obviously suffering from a Napoleonic complex — and he thought America was in love with him! No, Eric, only Ivette.

    Cappy is a great exercise in mental illness that affects sexually ambivalent short men. He was a little twerp who should have been bounced in week #1.

    And don’t get me started on Ivette. We FINALLY get a lesbian on the show after years of swishy men and she is a completely immature, loud, nasty, backstabbing bitch who is besotted over… Cappy? Ugh.

    Tell me about it. Now I’ll write this in code. As far as I am concerned the commonality between Ivette and Cappy is that their respective appendages are the same size. The question before us is which has a cli-tor-us?

    My all-time favorite BB moment: first season, when Chicken George (the roofer who seemed to have sniffed a little too much tar) presented a message to America about how parents should volunteer at school.

    I miss George. He was a sweet, harmless guy.

    Insfar as BB6 is concerned I want Howie to go all the way. He’s a himbo with a heart and I am in total love with him. If Kaysar couldn’t win, Howie is the runner up in my book.

  • Win or lose I want Howie and Rachel to move into a Jerk Shack of their own.

  • Howie & Rachel? Damn. I want Howie to move to Massachusetts so we can get married. Rachel can be the surrogate mother who carries our baby.

  • Are your tits as nice as hers?

  • Um, no, but I have other talents that Howie would appreciate.

  • I’m sorry, Mr. Kain, but I’m afraid the script really does call for a girl, so it doesn’t appear there will be a use for your talents. However, if you leave your name and number with the receptionist, we’ll be sure to let you know if something suitable materializes. In the meantime, thank you for your interest in our productions, and please accept these ten percent off coupons toward your next purchase.

  • I dunno about that. Howie, I suspect, has the potential to swing both ways. I also suspect that there is more to Howie and Rachel than even they possibly realize.

    Oh, Chicken George… had forgotten him. He was wacky but nice.

    Jun and Allison — double ugh.

    Oh, the filthy teacher! Ewwww.

    And does anyone remember Nicole, the bigot who was caught on feeds (never aired on TV, so most viewers never knew about this) referring to a dark-hued contestant and people with similar coloring as “those people” and intimated that “they” all have no command of the English language? Ignorant filth. And BB is famous for hiding that garbage — the next year, Jun, who is Korean, said bigoted stuff about Robert, who is Cuban, that feed viewers saw, but that CBS refused to air.

    And Drew! I couldn’t stand Drew. And now, I have more antipathy for him and the way he treated Diane after the game. I mean, she was no prize either, but it appears he dissed her big time. No class, that Drew.

    Those who only watch the TV have no idea how truly vile some of these folks are. Some are quick to say that the houseguests would not behave like this in the real world, which is probably true. But for some of this stuff — pigmentation, homophobia, sexism, duplicity, etc. — to even come to mind for them shows how awful they are deep down. The stress of the house brings out covert truths.

    So why do I punish myself by watching it? It’s my summer sociological research project: It reminds me that my misanthropy has a solid justification while testing me to retain faith that some good must reside deep within each of us, however invisible it seems.

  • -E

    Oh I signed up for that free trial. I understand how there exists the possibility to become addicted. But I agree, if it were a show that came on during another season it wouldn’t make it.

    I always liked Amy. Something about her… “Hi, you’re on Amy TV!” Sigh. She was a hoot!

  • It reminds me that my misanthropy has a solid justification while testing me to retain faith that some good must reside deep within each of us, however invisible it seems.

    Oh Natalie, come on — that sounds awfully smug and self-righteous. That’s what gets me about misanthropy; it’s hatred of humanity for not being up to one’s own imaginary level. Boiled down, I don’t think these people are any better or worse than most people. All people are racist and homophobic and prejudiced deep down; the key is to recognize it just as you recognize all your other sins, and to not act on it.

    But this show doesn’t really merit that kind of discussion.

    Didn’t like Drew? I was glad to see him win, and ditching Diane seemed pretty smart. I thought she was lucky to have him for even a short term basis,

  • El Bicho

    “I so wanted Kaysar to win. That damn button. I had no idea Jen was such a liar.”

    Yes, but if Kaysar would have won, he was going to stick with the plan of getting rid of James, unless something had happened to change his mind, so the Nerd Herd would still have had the numbers, 5 to 4, with the next HOH being 5 vs 3 in favor of the Nerd Herd.

    The best play of the game so far was Maggie getting that idiot Howie to put up James and Sarah.

    PS – please don’t tell people I watch this.

  • -E

    We don’t have you, you just did it for us!

    I never liked Drew, but I really didn’t like Diane.

  • Tara

    I understand what you all say about people looking at you weird when they hear you watch this show….but I gotta tell you…lol…I LOVE IT!!!! And not just that but I’m proud of loving it and I have NO PROBLEM admitting it to anyone! My friends, family, co-workers, they all know better than to interupt MY SHOW. I am glad it is only on three nights a week although I did miss the majority of Thursday and Saturdays because of previous engagments ie: camping, vacation, outdoor events. However, if it were on in the winter, I would be thrilled to watch it every single night…and TELL EVERYONE I was.
    I think Ivette is OVERLY-DRAMATIC, but very amusing. I think Howie is extremely funny…and I think he thinks so to which even makes it better. I would love for Howie and Janelle to finish last(or first, however you take it). James SHOULD win for how he has played but that isn’t going to happen so I can only hope that NONE of the “friendship” “nerd-herd” “girl scouts” take home any cash.

  • Why hasn’t anyone mentioned the ultimate closet case extraordinaire? Hardy-Har-Har. Pretty boy Hardy. So heterosexual. So full of testosterone. Barf.

  • Can’t it just as easily be said that Beau’s alleged homosexuality is just a ruse to get in the pants of the entire Friendship Crew?

  • with karate ill kik ur ass

    is thsi the british big brother or the american 1?

  • thsi is the the american 1

  • with karate ill kik ur ass

    oooooh, the british 1 is so much better though.

  • Beau? He’s about as straight as an ex-priest turned floral designer. That boy has so much estrogen in him that Dykes on Bikes are attracted to him. Beau = yuck!

  • Mr. Welch, feel however you want, but that is how I feel about it. And I disagree that everyone is “racist” and homophobic. Vehemently.

  • Well, I suppose not everyone is homophobic — but racist, definitely. I think that’s genetic. My overriding point is that the best of us carries the worst of us.

  • Baloney. Not everyone belongs to a “racial” group. Not everyone believes that the concept of “race” even exists.

  • Race is a sociobiological fiction, but racism is a very real and dangerous fiction turned social reality that hurts the lives of real people in complex and pernicious ways every day.

    That is all.

  • I had no idea that so many of you watch this show. It is highly addictive.

    Natalie, regarding your comment 3, how does it go with the friendship now in regards to their perception of America?

    I can’t stand the friendship. April questioned the ‘character’ of viewers for giving Janelle the phone call. I wanted to hit my tv, the friendship of all groups, talking about character. Ugh.

    Beau is probably an alright person in real life, but in the show he’s like an annoying wallflower. He hasn’t contributed much to the excitement. Ivette is a basket case, a good person inside, I’m sure, but she’s got some issues.

    April has surpassed Maggie in terms of me not being able to stand her.

    Janelle is my favorite, although I think James has been one of the best players of the game since it’s inception. Although I think now he’s in a spot he can’t get out of.

    I came across a playboy spread of Janelle on the net the other day. Did you all know she’s a playmate?

  • She’s not a Playmate, she’s too ugly for that.

    She was in a group spread for some Internet calendar girls thing after going to a party at the Playboy mansion. The photos on that site you saw just zoomed in on her from the original group picture. She looks ugly in that picture too with the flowers in her hair and in bad lingerie. She was never in the pages of Playboy magazine, nor a Playmate. I don’t even think they’ll call her after this show (even though it’s quite obviously her life’s dream), because she needs a nosejob and bad.

    The only modeling she’s done, as far as I can tell, is skanky pictures for some motorcycle magazine from when she lived in LA. That’s why she’s a cocktail waitress in Miami now, which suits her well as an ugly hot chick.

    I don’t know why, but ugly hot chicks bother me, especially when they mistakenly think they’re hot.

    That is all.

  • P.S. — I think Steve/Boom has turned straight on us 🙂 Looking up Playboy spreads online?

    First, he became this Don Rickles comedian. Now, he’s looking at Playboy pictures.

    Someone get that man a martini and two dames, kid.

    That is all.

  • Oh great. The far right will claim another convert. So who gets the toaster oven? Janelle? Playboy?

  • no, actually it was a gay blog/hub, that put up the pictures. There she is, in front of a hammock, completely naked with the playboy logo all over the place. She is pretty. She’s pretty, intelligent and is great fun. I love women and appreciate them, but seeing nude images online doesn’t change my sexuality.

    (I know you all are just playin)

    Do you doubt me Bob? Do I need to flash a little Janelle your way?

  • Steve — Janelle is my favorite, too. I thought I’d hate her because she seems like just the kind of gorgeous babe who thinks the world owes her a living — to her credit, she really “stepped up to the plate,” as they’re so fond of saying on The Apprentice, and proved to be a really strong competitor.

  • Steve, I haven’t even had time to view the feeds and all since Tuesday. Life crises and too much work. For one, the engine in the car died. Gotta run (literally) to see what’s what right now.

  • I love women and appreciate them, but seeing nude images online doesn’t change my sexuality.

    LOL, Steve. I must confess if it was a choice between Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt, I’d take Angelina Jolie every time. I think she is God’s gift to humanity. Now if it was Angie Baby and Christian Bale, I’d be in a hell of a pickle.

  • OK, finally peeked: The sheep are still grousing about America. Ivette bitched that America doesn’t see what they see. Um, those watching the feeds see MORE than what the houseguests see. Amazing — these people claim to be BB experts. They can quote chapter and verse of what happened in previous seasons. Yet they still don’t grasp that people watch — and judge — their every move in the house. Amazing.

    The plan remains to vote James out tonight, but he is still lobbying hard for Howie’s eviction. Guess we’ll see at 8PM Eastern and Pacific.

  • Steve, put up a link to those pictures, because she just doesn’t look pretty to me at all.

    Silas: are you gay too?

    I don’t get why a gay man would find Christian Bale attractive other than his angular, sharp facial features. He’s a little too smarmy and not particularly sexy a guy. Very good actor, though.

    That is all.

  • oh, Bob, she’s beautiful, and she has a very warm charming personality too.

    I agree with you Silas about Angelina.

    *Warning – The following link contains nudity*

    Here is one pic, it seems the others are either taken down or may be buried in the thread now.

    Note the playboy logo in the corner.

    She now has her own fansite too.

  • yeah, click on the comments by dreamer. He/She is posting the pics in the comment section.

  • Silas: are you gay too?
    As a florist at a wedding.

    I don’t get why a gay man would find Christian Bale attractive other than his angular, sharp facial features. He’s a little too smarmy and not particularly sexy a guy. Very good actor, though.
    Dude, he is as hot as it gets. Those chiseled features, that British accent, those piercing eyes. Not to mention that he’s phenomenal at his craft. Lord, I am weak kneed. Time to go watch Gia.

    I agree with you Silas about Angelina.
    Yeah, Ms. Jolie is mesmerizing in so many ways.

  • Christian Bale’s not British. I like how he talks and how sarcastic he is in interviews, but he’s not British at all.

    Boom, I think I agree with the astute gay men on that site who think it’s a fake, airbrushed Photoshopped pic. As far as I know, she’s never been in Playboy, certainly not naked.

    Someone took an airbrushed picture of her head from one of the bikini modeling things she has done for her bike mags and such things and put it on the head of a Playmate. The one where she turns around and looks over her shoulder is an especially bad chop — her head is way out of proportion with the rest of her body.

    I’m sure she has a good body in her own right, but she looks way thicker than that girl as well. She’s a classic butter face, as classic as you can get.

    That is all.

  • I like the tan on her, I even like the really fake platinum blonde hair, I just don’t like the nose and man-face.

    Maybe that’s why you boys love her 🙂

    We can agree on Angelina though. I’d give it to her fortissimo and she even agrees with my politics. That’s hot.

    That is all.

  • well, Bob, like I said there are multiple pics and multiple poses in the comment section. Somebody’s good at their photoshop job if that’s the case.

  • -E

    Oh I love Christian Bale too, he is totally hot!

    But I still don’t think Janelle is ugly. But whatever Bob, you are entitled to your own opinion.

  • For the record, Christian Bale is a British subject. He was born in Wales and was raised in England, Portugal and California. And though I am not into most boys — ack, cooties! — I consider him a very handsome human.

  • Thank you, Ms. Davis. I knew you had class.

  • That “human” thing cracks me up every time.

    He’s really a Brit? The name sort of fits, but he’s lost his accent completely if you hear him in recent interviews. He really does talk like more of a laid-back California kind of guy. But being British would explain sort of his weird, detached energy.

    That is all.

  • Someone referring to “cooties” has class? That’s funny.

    OK, show’s over on the East Coast, so, time for a…

    get ready for it…

    stop reading if you haven’t seen tonight’s broadcast…

    ******SPOILER ALERT******











    ******SPOILER ALERT******

    James was evicted by a unanimous vote.

    Howie won HOH; he is the first BB6 houseguest to win the power for the second time.

    Julie Chen then told the HGs that this is another double-eviction week, so Howie had to put two people up on the block immediately. He chose two of the Friendsheep, Ivette and Beau, the members of the only remaining pair.
    (I suspect the hope is that he and Janelle can backdoor Maggie, but we will see. Over the next two days, they may or may not have a Power of Veto competition, which would allow the opportunity to replace one of the noms with someone else. If not, then the last pair will be broken and no one will have a chance to win $1 million.)

    Back to post-show life in the house:

    Ivette ran upstairs to bawl. Again. Then she started to whine that she thought God wanted the Friendship to win, saying that she guesses God has a plan. (Yeah, like perhaps concentrating on people with real problems, such as Katrina’s victims — which Ivette probably doesn’t know about — and the loved ones of those who have died around the world, or people dealing with illness and poverty and all, etc.)

    Meanwhile, the kvetching began anew: Maggie started accusing BB of rigging the HOH competition to benefit the Sovereign Two (Howie and Janelle; the game was a kind of bowling contest and H&J were the last two to compete). Man, I would LOVE to see Maggot get a penalty nom.

    And in yet another part of the house, Howie and Janelle did the smart thing for once: They celebrated quietly. And yes, they stated their hope that they will get a chance to backdoor Maggot. If not, Ivette, who angered her fellow sheep by being friends with the now-ousted outcast James, will be the target.

  • Howie. How do I love, thee? Let me count the ways…

  • One thing is for sure — the Nerd Herd will be reduced by one on Saturday. The best the noms can hope for is to a veto, which only means April or Maggie will go up on the block. That will knock it down to three nerds versus two sovreigns; in the HOH competition, make that one sovreign, Janelle, who will have to win to keep herself and Howie off the block.

  • BigBroFan

    Maggie is a big fat domineering pig and April is the nastiest person I have ever seen. All those two slobs do is eat and pick thier nose. Ivette whines too much. I say send the fat pig home to her worthless life and then send April packing if you can get her finger out of her nose long enough.

  • TheKing

    I find my self hoping that the fat one called maggie is voted out next. she is a turn off. no personality and looks and dresses like a slob. the blonde one april is gross. i have to agree with the previous poster there. ivette is a crybaby but I can tolerate her better than the hog maggie and her cohort and liar ,april