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Review: Big Brother 6 Finale

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It was only 80 days ago when 14 people walked into the Big Brother 6 house to battle it out for the half million dollar prize. It came down to just two contestants—Ivette and Maggie.

CBS’s Summer of Secrets was a somewhat disappointing theme. The secrets basically boiled down to there being 7 pairs in the home playing with each other. As far as other secrets, there was nothing new. Someone was voted back into the house after their eviction on America’s Choice. That’s happened before.

Tonight they had a quick recap over The Friendship and The Sovereign Six through the course of Big Brother 6. We saw the lies and betrayals. Oh wait, those happen every year.

The finale brings the jury of the last 7 evicted houseguests to vote on the winner. And it was interesting to see them discuss Ivette and Maggie on not just a personal level, but evaluating their playing of the game. Each juror was given the opportunity to ask the remaining houseguests a question. Ivette and Maggie were also given the chance to make a last plea as to why they deserve to win.

The voting process is similar to the eviction process. Each juror is given the keys for both Ivette and Maggie. They each place one key in the box and make a statement not giving away their decision.

The first five evicted houseguests come back, and tell what they’ve seen from watching the show. They shared words, they told tales, they hugged.

The vote? 3 for Ivette. 4 for Maggie. Maggie won.

Did anyone else notice Ivette totally snubbed Beau and hugged Cappy first?

Janey still won America’s hearts though.

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  • Since when did she become Janey?

    She’s an ugly gold-digger cocktail waitress convicted criminal who dumps her sugar daddy on TV.

    That is all.

  • Friendshit! Maggot, Crappy, Toilette, Busto, Bo-Bo, and Jerkifer can spend their half-mil in hell.

  • Ms. McMaster, perhaps this should have waited until after the West Coast got to see the travesty, er, show? Just a thought.

    That said, how I hate the Friendshit! Maggot can spend their half-mil in hell, and I hope she takes Crappy, Toilette, Busto, Bo-Bo, and Jerkifer with her.

  • -E

    Eh, if someone hasn’t seen it yet and doesn’t know what is going to happen, they shouldn’t read a review of it. Kinda how I don’t read reviews of movies before I see them.

    And seriously, does Jennifer have ANY redeeming qualities? Did she not grate on your last nerve even tonight?

  • El Bicho

    You did it fine, EM. No mention of who won until coming into article. That makes their own fault.

    Jenn is an idiot. Her response to Kasar. “I do think for myself; My group swayed me.”

    And I et tired of hearing him whine. “Waaahhh. You lied.” It’s a game and you are just mad you were stupid enough to believe it.

    Howie’s speech at the end was the best. You coulc tell Ivette was pissed that she lost. HAHAHAHAHA.

  • Howie, Kaysar and Janey were stars of the show. James was the runner up. I’m glad that Howie cast the deciding vote for Maggie, she deserved it over Ivette. I also LOVE that Ivette is devastated by coming in #2. She thought she had it sewn up, joke’s on her.

    And as far as that two faced lying troll, Jennifer is concerned I hope she just falls off the radar and the public never has to deal with her again. Kaysar is a positive example of how a Muslim man can make it in the Western world. Janelle proved that being a bleach blonde doesn’t make you dumb. She’s quite intelligent and a fabulous chess player. Eric (Cappy) is a dude who suffers severely from Napoleon syndrome. His attitude even came through tonight and I could have done without it. Howie could be the love of my life. He’s dorky, cute, funny, loud, irreverent. I want to have his babies in the worst way. All in all not a bad season for BB.

  • ND6680

    This season finally just made me sick. This whole world is messed up, thanks BB for reminding me. That was the weirdest finally show I have ever seen! I never LOVED anyone on this show or HATED anyone. They all did and said horrible things to eachother. The funniest thing was Sarah telling James that their mistake was not sticking with the S6, did she miss all the episodes of everyone trying to get rid of James, not just the nerd herd? There was alot of tention in the audience…speaking of audience that was a strange bunch of people, did they stand outside the studio and ask people walking by to come in and watch for an easy $20 bucks? I couldn’t help but feel sorry for Ivette, the look on her face wasn’t disgusted or disapointed, it was the shame and guilt that was put upon her for choosing to be an honest person over money…it’s really sad when you get critized for doing the right thing. Also Howie gets the Ass Award for his remarks as he cast his vote…that was just spiteful and mean, that really says alot about charactor. They should’ve showed clips of ‘Janey’ stooping to an all-time low and deciding to follow in Howies footsteps and start personally attacking people because they are sore losers. Thats what made her lose the game, like anyone who she attacked would’ve ever voted for her in the end. That was a definate dumb blonde moment. After this I don’t know if I can bare to watch next years season of BB…maybe after 9 months I might be ready to come back for more but for now I am glad its all over with!!

  • ND6680

    Oh yeah, a few more things!!

    If you noticed, Ivette looked upset during the entire show, not just after she lost.

    Did anyone notice that Ashlea and Janelle pretty much avoided eachother during the show? I’m sure Ashlea’s pissed about all the things Janelle said behind her back after she left, like how Ashlea has ‘an ugly face.’

    BB seemed to shine a spotlight on Janelle throughout the whole game and even at the finalle…seems like CBS must be desperate for ratings.

    I think this show really shed some light on the way the world is. Let’s support someone who has a boob job, gets through life by their looks, materialistic and uses the ‘ditzy’ act even though you’re secretly rather smart to boost your career. The world needs to change, does anyone else see that??

    OK I think I’m done. 🙂

  • I think this show really shed some light on the way the world is. Let’s support someone who has a boob job, gets through life by their looks, materialistic and uses the ‘ditzy’ act even though you’re secretly rather smart to boost your career. The world needs to change, does anyone else see that??

    Duh, like totally. We’re a superficial society. These nitwits this season are a great reflection of what the mainstream demographic has become in America. At least when Bunky and that Wind Bag were on BB things got interesting. The token black gay this time was a total jerk who bordered on the left fringe of the GAYole party. Ivette, the token Latina, happened to be lesbian, boo hoo. Kaysar was by far the most intelligent of the bunch along with Janelle.

    As much as Howie grates on people’s nerves, I can’t get over how adorable I find him. He’s just the sweetest, silliest guy. After Janelle got kicked out last week I wasn’t sure I’d watch the finale. I’m glad I did — it brings closure. So much so that I may miss BB 7 altogether.

  • El Bicho


    I have to call you on “Kaysar was by far the most intelligent of the bunch”. His giving Jenn HOH was was tied for dumbest movie of the game alongside Howie’s putting up James and Sara(h). I thought Maggie was a very smart player even though I didn’t like her.


    “CBS must be desperate for ratings” All channels are desparate for ratings. Just ask NBC.

  • Yeah, Kaysar made a fatal mistake but overall I’ll bet he had the highest IQ. Maggie was a smart player by keeping her mouth shut as much as she did. Howie’s move with James & Sarah was the fatal blow to the Sovereign Six. And I am sure Howie knows it but I’m not in love with Howie for his intellect.

  • This was the most disappointing finale since 2003. Just as there you had the lowest of the low, Jun and Allyson, who made it to the end, here you had the weakest players, Maggie and Ivette, vying for top spot.

    All I could think sitting there was how the best players were on the jury: Janelle and James, mainly. Now THAT would have been a contest.

    I found it hard to choose between Maggie and Ivette. I couldn’t stand either one.

    But I loved it that they made April watch herself calling the people who voted for Janelle for America’s Choice “pieces of shit,” and I loved Howie pointing out that America’s Choice was not among the final two.

  • April got called out for her comments about the fans? Awesome! How did Busto the Plastic Surgery Wife react?

    It could be argued that Maggie was superior to Ivette by virtue of her seemingly quiet masterminding of the Friendsheep. The Nerd Herders were guided into doing Maggot’s bidding via “their” decisions throughout: “The Friendship wouldn’t like that,” “The Priendship would not approve,” or “You would be seen as going against the Friendship,” she would say softly but seriously, her visage marked by a slightly stern look. Every time a Herder won HOH, Maggot would grab the willing dupe and TELL them what to do and then assure him or her that they were free to do what they will (so long as they didn’t rock the Friendship boat). This was certainly apparent on the live feeds, even if the edited TV version didn’t show it — Maggie stepped up after Cappy’s blessed departure, took charge, and didn’t relinquish control until the very end. That she still won’t cop to it shows how specious her claim to integrity and honesty is. I hate to do it, but I have to give the lamentable crybaby Ivette props for coming clean (on today’s “Early Show”) to the fact that the friendships within the Sheep Alliance weren’t as tight as Maggie wants to claim. And kudos also to Robo-Chen for being visibly skeptical (and surprisingly animated!) when Maggie insisted that everything she did was for the Friendshit, not for herself.

    But yes, hands down, the best players, in this order, were Janelle and James. Of course, the best, most qualified player does not always win. C’est “reality” TV… and, in fact, that is the one thing that makes this genre at all true to life.

  • Victoria

    Oh my gosh.
    I agree with with Bob here….what does this say about us as a society that people were cheering for a gold digging slut, who said nothing but mean things about everyone from day one??
    Howie and Rachel are truly classless idiots as well.
    I just do not understand why ANYONE could think that making comments about how people look is funny??
    Janelle called people “bitches”, Howie made fun of peoples looks and made fun of family….and america thinks this is “good TV”?????
    I give up…..

  • Well, it was “good TV,” no question about that, Miss Prissy. Janelle is a beautiful, spirited and very talented player of this type of game. She’s my idea of America’s Sweetheart. Hell, I voted for her enough times to win prizes.

    Natalie — Busto squirmed a good bit watching the embarrassing tape of herself, but she kind of wormed out of it by saying she didn’t mean it, blah blah blah, the house is a whirlwind of emotions, blah blah blah. Janelle kept her compusure, but her visage was the essence of “Fuck you, you stupid bitch.”

  • What kind of bizarro America do you live in if that big-nosed, ugly phony is a “beautiful sweetheart?” There’s nothing sweet about her. The only reason you folks liked her on the show was that she was honest about being a snake while the goody-goodys were disgustingly nicey nice Nazis.

    They’re all horrible people and this show wasn’t interesting enough to watch this year. It was boring and stupid.

    That is all.

  • Ivette said the word “bitch” more than anyone else. And her sour look throughout the show was par for the course.

    I miss the original BB when the people in the house represented more than just the younger, prettier crowd.

  • Striider

    Re: posting by ND6680 :

    I hope that English is not your native language, or your posting evidences the deterioration of the education system. To wit, your repeated use of “finally” for “finale”, “disapointed” for “disappointed”, “alot” for “a lot”, “tention” for “tension”, “charactor” for “character”, “definate” for “definite”, “bare” for “bear” – please don’t bare it to us – and, well, enough of that, but please do try to find time to improve your spelling skill.

    As for your reflections on the show: I disagree with your thinking on Howie’s final comment. His mouthing drove me crazy, but his final remark referring to Ivette and Maggie as America’s “last choice” was brilliant and perhaps the best quote and moment of the entire season. Who’d have thought? I don’t believe, even for a moment, that Ivette chose to be “an honest person over money.” Ivette’s decision to take Maggie over Janelle wasn’t a matter of “honesty” or “friendship” – it was that she feared that if she took Janelle instead of her own teammate the whole of her team would turn against her for the betrayal. Fear does not equate to “honesty” or “friendship.” Finally, you dish Janelle for her “attacks” on people and you attribute her loss to that. Let’s remember the caustic “farewell” message of Ivette to Rachel. Likely, that single-handedly is the reason for Ivette’s well-deserved loss. What a fool she was for that. Kaysar: You were my champion, but you do have to go down in history as tied with Marcellus for making the biggest blunder, the most stupid decision of all time. *sigh* Oh, and please, all future Big Brother contestants – I beg you, I implore you on bended knee — please, please, please do not play the “I need the money for my family” card that was the constant mantra of Ivette and her predecessor, Danielle. Amen.

  • Karnak

    How in the world is janelle America’s sweetheart? Has the definition of “sweetheart” changed to mean “low-class conceited b**tch”?

  • Alicia

    I think that Ivette is a dumb ass. At first i loved her because she was so funny but then she made the stupid decision to cut Janelle. BEcause if she evicted Maggie then mabye she could of won. But she didnt think about that and picked friend over money.

  • Striider — You make good points both about Howie and Ivette, and how the latter’s fatal kiss-off to Rachel came back to bite her in the ass. That could have been the vote that saved her; Instead, it only confirmed Rachel’s opinion that Ivette is trash. And Kaysar really did make a stupid blunder, true, but it’s easy to see how someone could fall for Jennifer’s seeming honesty.

    Feel-good moment of the season: America’s Sweetheart’s subsequent HoH win, when she went up to Jennifer and said “Give me that key, bitch!”

  • ND6680

    Dear Striider,

    I’m so glad I was able to get you going so much that you analyzed my complete opinion and spelling!! Thank you so very much, I am so completely flattered!!

    The only thing I got from your post is that I’m sure you’d make a great spell checker!! 😉

    Oh yeah, you might want to learn how to spell ‘Marcellas’ or as you might spell it ‘Marcellus’.

    But you can relax, I’m not going to personally attack you about your education or anything though…to me that’s really low and dirty. I also have nothing to prove to you!!!!

    K Thanks Bye 😛