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Review: Bewitched

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Walking into the film, I wasn’t wild about the concept; I didn’t care about the plot; and I thought Nicole Kidman had a horrible nose wiggle. I left the film with quite another impression. Bewitched conjured up a 5 out of 5 from me. It’s possible that I liked this movie so much because I hated the first 5-10 minutes of it.

Once it started, I felt a ball drop in my stomach. It wasn’t funny, not very entertaining, and I disdained the characters. It started to look like a long hour or how ever much time the movie was going to take. Then, the movie started unfolding. I realized I was supposed to disdain the characters, and it became quite entertaining. What’s more, the annoying nose wiggle from the trailers wasn’t annoying, quite the opposite really. Actually, I rather enjoyed Nicole Kidman’s naivety.

The movie wasn’t hillarious, but it was funny. In fact, some of the funniest moments were from the TV show inside the movie. I absolutely loved it when Darryl’s arm became a giant lobster claw. Easily, it was my favorite moment of the movie. All in all, the movie was another good date movie, but it becomes a classic because it sets a clear precedent for old TV remakes.


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  • I enjoyed the movie. Nicole Kidman was adorable, her voice lighter than air.

    I agree, it’s not hilarious. But we did laugh, and there was a “feel good” buzz throughout the film.

    Favorite scene: When Iris (Shirley MacLaine) tries to stop Mr. Bigalow (Michael Caine) from picking up women at a party being thrown by Jack (Will Ferrell). The lines delivered by the two women Mr. Bigalow lusts after are priceless.

  • Shirley McLaine was a PERFECT fit for Iris. She was uncannily like the original.

  • Iris? I thought Shirley MacLaine played the Endora equivalent role. Who’s Iris?


  • She plays an actress named Iris, who in turn is playing the part of Endora.

  • Wow, that was a really confusing. I guess that’s what happens when there’s a movie about a TV show that is a remake of an old TV show.

    Thanks for clearing it up David.

  • Nancy

    Who (if anyone) plays the nosy neighbor? She & her blase husband were among my favorite characters, mostly for their actions/reactions.