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Review: Axe Deodorant

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Analysis: Good product; bad website.

Somewhere between graduating from college and three years of marriage, I realized I no longer have a deodorant preference. For the past couple of years, I’ve been drifting from deodorant to deodorant with little care to which stick I picked up. Last week, as I approached 25, I decided this cycle of deodorant negligence had to end.

There were three things I wanted in a deodorant: 1) Availability: I had to be able to find it regularly in order to use it regularly. 2) Simple stick: I shy away from gels and sprays. 3) Gender neutral smell: Call me strange, but I don’t want my nose assaulted by a strong man-smell all day long, but smelling feminine to others would be just as strange (I bet it would cost me my job). A gender neutral smell seemed the most appropriate; consequently, it is the hardest to find.

After a careful perusal of the deodorant isle, I chose Axe’s Invisible Dry Deodorant in Phoenix scent. There’s a lot of things going on with this deodorant. First and foremost, this product has an incredibly dumb advertising campaign. They want you to believe that women will jump you if you use their product. I’ve tried it; it’s not true. In fact, I shied away from the product because of the marketing; I’m a married man after all.

Once you get beyond the adolescent ads, it’s a real good product. The deodorant comes in spray, stick, and invisible varieties, a good selection for almost everyone’s needs. The delivery types are backed up with four scents (I don’t recall them all). I choose the Phoenix scent for two reasons. One, I like the name Phoenix; two, it was the most gender neutral smelling stick. So far, I have been pleased with the choice, and I’m even getting used to the smell. Still, no women have jumped me though.


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  • Eric Olsen

    hilariously straightforward – I’m an unscented gel man myself. Thanks Nicholas and keep the product reviews coming!

  • Dawn

    Didn’t you read the disclaimer?

    “Product does not work on men wearing wedding bands, in fact, if married don’t expect any kind of sexual activity at all.”

    Sorry, dude, your days of getting jumped and humped are in over.

    Carry on.

    Good post 🙂

  • Thanks for the comments. I tried a Gillete gel for a while, it didn’t work for me.

    I missed the disclaimer, but I’m sure my wife will be glad to know about it. 😉

    Another thing about their ads, the TV commercials with the imprints on the ladies’ backs kinda grosses me out.

  • Dawn

    I kind of like the one where the women in the grocery store jump over aisles to get the guy after he tests the product out – I find that a very pro-feminist notion.

    But of course, I am notorious for attacking men, so I may be unique in that view.

  • RJ

    “this product has an incredibly dumb advertising campaign. They want you to believe that women will jump you if you use their product. I’ve tried it; it’s not true. In fact, I shied away from the product because of the marketing; I’m a married man after all.”

    True story:

    I tried on AXE body spray for the first time today. And one of the hottest chicks at work asked for my number!

    And another cute chick kept touching me when she talked to me!

    Must be pheromones, or something…

  • That wasn’t Axe that was oxytocin!

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  • Axe is awesome. I started using the spray and added the Body Wash and Deodorant to my collection. Unfortunately, I started recognizing a number of my friends were wearing the same stuff. Somehow, the scent overwhelmed me and now I’ve gone back to my trusted Old Spice High Endurance Body Wash and Anti-perspirant.

  • Bob

    Old Spice!

    “Aye, yer a strong man, but ya STINK!”

  • amylou

    I’m a happily married woman and my husband uses the axe products and I just love them there like an orgasm in a bottle i mean the sents and feel of the body after useing the product really turns me on like horny all over.This product weather your married or not can make you wanna hump and bump so to all those guys out there married or not this is a good way to have a good time with that special someone.Shower together,wear the spray on a date,get close and romantic let your imagination take you to new leavels of fun.

  • RJP

    Of course it works ya bums! Its a scent signal. Good scents to girls are like visual imagery to us – its a turn on. Look at AmyLou’s comments. Talk to any single girl for 3 minutes, yourself being neatly dressed, confident, joking on her and wearing that scent and she’ll be touching you.

    Its not like the commercial, but they’ll definitely find an excuse to touch your hands, squeeze your arm when next to you, hug, sit close, etc.

  • mda

    Axe Essence is an amazing aphrodisiac! I agree with amylou 100%. Girls, get it for your man!

  • Shawn Barber

    I can not get the shi*$& top off the Anti-perspirant and deodarant “touch”,,, you have to have the magic touch to deal with the idiotic top. Otherwise grand,,, but not for me if the can’t get the ribs facing down instead of up where they are usless to get the ‘TOP OFF”

  • Hey everyone. I’m curious to know if there are any scientific studies concerning these products. I an generaly succesful with women (knock on wood). and sometimes i wear axe spray. but im almost certain that scent is not the major factor. of course being a man, success is never a given. But really, anybody know where to look for studies? ones that address placebo effect, unbiased data, etc. just curious. i really get into stuff when something strikes my interest. thanx-marc

  • wakawaka

    I;ve been using axe touch for a while now and i find that it doesnt really get chicks. if any of u disagree, post a comment or tell me about an atiperspirant that really gets the chicks .(or deoderant)

  • Michael

    I am allergic to Axe Bodywash (Body Wash). The “Fragrance” in Axe is much higher up on the list of ingredients than in most other body washes – which implies there is a higher percentage of it in the mixture. If you suffer from skin allergies, I’d suggest not using this product. My worst symptoms appeared around my ankles and lower legs, but the itching was everywhere!

  • Adarsh Malik

    What is the difference in different spays of Axe.

  • Dianna

    My husband and my Son just love the products of Axe and go through alot of it too..I bought it for my husband and then my 11 year old son took it over as well and now it’s his favorite hygeine product.

  • Damien

    I like Lynx Pulse deodorant it reminds me of lynx java and lynx unlimited is lynx oriental and lynx phoenix is lynx mirage and lynx touch is lynx voodoo and lynx click smells like lynx tempest and apollo overall these are my favourite lynx of all!

    I think all they do is change the scents slightly and repackage them i have been buying lynx now for years and i can remember how the old ones smelled and to be honest they don’t smell much different to the old ones.

    They all smell so nice i can’t decide which one i like the best.

    OH wait a minute Lynx is the same as axe in case you were unaware.

  • John

    I always used to love Lynx Java. Unfortunately can’t get it anymore. Thanks for the suggestion of Lynx Pulse.

  • Samuel


  • Cologneguy

    I don’t know about everyone else, but I personally don’t like a very strong smelling deodorant, body wash, etc. Why? Because I use cologne… Mixing two different scents (i.e. Axe body wash and cologne) will usually have unpleasantly smelly effects.

  • Kim

    I’m a woman, and I have smelled a few of the Axe scents. No, not jumping on anybody because of it, sorry. My husband does have certain scents that really turn me on, but I’m so glad that he won’t touch the stuff! And for the commercials…well they’re all bad, everybody is trying to buy and sell someone’s body. Bad stuff.

    But yeah how about that, about not being able to find “unscented” deodorant anymore? I hate this!!! I don’t want to smell like baby powder, sun kissed peaches or any of that crap. AND it gets in the way of my perfume!!!

  • Danielle


    I think that axe should make a girl version

  • OverKill

    “I like Lynx Pulse deodorant it reminds me of lynx java and lynx unlimited is lynx oriental and lynx phoenix is lynx mirage and lynx touch is lynx voodoo and lynx click smells like lynx tempest and apollo overall these are my favourite lynx of all!”

    When I found out Java was discontinued I purchased in bulk. Thanks for the tip, I planned on using my last can to find the closest thing. It’s my signature scent and it’s never not worked for me.

  • Joan

    That ad is disgusting!!!!

  • Cindy

    I’m a female who uses Axe because of the gender neutral smell, just like you said. No other deodorant worked for me at all and my perspiration was stronger than a mans. Axe is the only one that managed to cover it up really well – it is the absolute BEST.

  • I use Rancid Polecat. It keeps my skin nice and scaly. Yerrr!!!

  • lol, this is a funny thread. What is a gender neutral smell?

    I wonder if one can win a law suit for being fired for smelling like the opposite sex.

  • Ken,

    Is a rancid polecat is gender neutral? Or do you use it because it has a manly scent?

  • Oh, God, I can’t believe I was once an AXE user! I’ve evolved. I shower with Yardley Old English Lavendar and use Alfred Sung deodorant and cologne. Manly smell, rich in lavender, sandalwood and cedar. Light application during day, and extra spritz at night.

    You’re right, Cindy, it IS a funny thread. I smelled Jean Nate on an elderly lady the other day. I can’t believe that women still wear that horrific scent. Every time I smell it I think of Bride of Frankenstein.

  • Charlezzz

    I luv using axe deoderant and/or body spray cuz it makes me feel refreshed. My girlfriend luvs it too! She says that it makes her feel energized. I really liked the axe touch but now it’s gone… So I use axe essence now. Personally I think that cologue is my #1 choice but axe body spray is a close second!

  • J Howells

    The commercial with “sweat” spraying all over others and everything is the most discusting thing I have viewed. It does not sell me at all!!!!!!!

  • Dee Knight

    Thinks its very sad that I have to turn the channel so our 5 year old doesn’t repeat this vulgar commercial slogan!! I would never purchase this product even if it was free!

  • george

    true story:
    i was wearing axe marine; and was purchasing an item at a local pharmacy when this elderly lady turned to me and said “Wooow what is that ur wearing!!” she was soo impressed and i said axe. she said she will tell her husband about it. ok she’s a bit older (am not old! lol) but there must be some kind of thread of truth to axe commercials. also a girl told me once that everything on the commercial is true except girls go though it in their MINDS.and rarely act it out

  • neil

    Axe deoderant has a very foul smell or I should say stench. It’s cheap smelling and gives headaches. Teens wear it like cologne because it is cheap unlike good quality colognes that men wear.

  • chandan

    yeah very dumb advertisement 🙂