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REVIEW: Ashlee Simpson’s Debut CD – “Autobiography”

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You might have heard Ashlee Simpson’s lead single “Pieces Of Me” on the radio recently, just as I did. I liked the song, so I decided to get the album and see what the rest of her songs were like. And I can safely say, if you like that song, you’ll like the rest of the record as well!

Her debut CD “Autobiography” has 12 tracks for a total playing time of 44 minutes even. I think my favorite track is still “Pieces Of Me”, though I really like “Love Me For Me”, “Giving It All Away”, and “Nothing New” as well. One of the most upbeat tracks on the disc is “La La”, kind of a neat song! Other tracks on the album include “Autobiography”, “Shadow”, “Better Off”, “Love Makes The World Go Round”, “Surrender”, “Unreachable” and “Undiscovered”.

I think I like her CD better than, say her older sister’s first release, if only because it sounds much less teeny-bopperish. I am tempted to compare her music to Avril Lavigne, but I think I will refrain – Lavigne’s new album is better in my opinion. However, if you like Michelle Branch, Jessica Simpson, and similar artists, I think you’ll like Ashlee Simpson.

For the record, shes pretty good looking and the sister of Jessica Simpson. Need I say more?

[Listening to: Pieces Of Me – Ashlee Simpson – Autobiography (03:39)]
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  • George Samson

    In the key of fake
    Teen songbird Ashlee Simpson had a microphone malfunction on “Saturday Night Live” last night, scurrying off stage when a production glitch caught her lip-synching the wrong tune.
    The pop star, younger sister of singer and TV star Jessica Simpson, sounded great belting out “Pieces of Me” in her first segment on the show. It was the same song that she butchered at August’s MTV Music Video Awards, drawing withering reviews for a flat, out of key performance.

    But the triumphant moment turned into a debacle when she came out to debut the song “Autobiography” for a second set. But whoever was responsible for piping in a studio-engineered rendition for Simpson to mouth screwed up, playing “Pieces” once again.

    The raven-haired beauty hopped around briefly, then slinked off the stage as her hapless band half-heartedly faked away. It didn’t take long for critics to vent their rage on Ashlee Simpson’s official Web site.

    “Finally, you’re exposed for the fraud that you are,” wrote an E-mail poster named drdrewby minutes after the embarrassing performance. “You have cheated your fans and people who actually thought that you had a lick of talent. You should quit the music business because you are now and always will be a complete and utter joke.”

    Said CowboyJeff99: “I knew she sounded like crap live, so I was ‘wondering’ what was going on when her voice sounded just like the radio edit.”

  • Samanta

    Hola soy Samanta desde Venezuela soy Fan numero 1 de Ashlee Simpson quiero recibir toda la informacion sobre Ashlee, sobre su disco, giras y recibir fotos de ella, estaria agradecida con ustedes un millon.

  • Kristen

    I think that Ashlee Simpson is one of the best singers out there i mean really even if she lip sinks it doesnt matter shes still teh same voice when shes behinde teh mic most of the time Ashlee i love you!!!

  • osea la mina es a toa raja y porfa io soi su fans numero uno de ella osea y porfa mandenme too lo q sepan de ella porfa too es a toa raja chau te kiero mil ashlee xau galla

  • Colt

    I am Colt and I’m definetly mixed in with a different genre the Ashlee, but, I love ashlee. I actually lke her music, and she’s the most beautiful girl I’ve ever seen. I wish we could hook up when I’m older and in a well respected band playing the drums. I would take care of that girl. She’s cool as hell. By the way, I’m 16 and I hope she somehow sees this. Love ya girl

  • Eric Olsen

    dude, she’s only three years older: go for it

  • Colt

    Hey Eric Olson, I don’t know if you have any connection with Ashlee, but if you do or if there is any way you can get some kind of a connection…maybe you could tell her to like email me or something man that would be great. (im not even kidding)

  • Eric Olsen

    I have no more connection than you do

  • What a whore, I hope she burns in hell.

  • Jeff Walker

    She was booed after her awful halftime performance at the Orange Bowl. If it wasn’t so funny, it would have been sad. When will people stop falling for these corporate manufactured “Superstars”?

  • Trisha Moore

    That talentless bitch got what she deserved! Other lip-syncing fakes should be exposed for what they are. If she was actually a dancing entertainer, I could even understand her using a background track. They get winded easily and would sound like ashlee if they sang alone — but she only uses it because those notes she hit were once in a lifetime hits for her or manufactured just like her image. Kudos on the great pudblicity though.

  • Sonia

    Im sorry that everyone booed ashlee in Miami. I dont think she deserves that kind of treatment. I never thought my city would be so rude. I believe her when she said that her voice was messed up for the SNL show. I love her music and i think she sigs great.

    ashlee’s #1 fan,
    Sonia from Miami

  • Sonia


  • Real Deal

    Ok so Ashlee is a fake, but does anyone know if her ‘milkers’ are real?

  • jaime

    hola!!! a todos m encanta ashlee simpson canta super bien y es guapisima m pueden mandar fotos d ella porfavor bye sigue asi ashley

  • (El) Smegma

    Qual chica tiene ‘cones’ mas grande, Jessica o Ashlee?

  • Eric Olsen


  • jon mistaj

    shut up, i’m her fan + i dont appreciate this!!

  • (El) Smegma

    Settle down Jon! I was just wondering which sister had the bigger set of milkers. Which do you say?

    It didn’t take Eric long to decide.

  • sarah

    all my friends hate ashlee, but i think she rocks. i wathced her show and her voice really was messed up that day on SNL! don’t bring her down for that! luv ya ashlee!

  • sarah

    yer song shadow rocks!

  • robyn

    i think ashlee is the best she rocks who cares wat happened on saturady night live it wasnt her fault her voice went on her ASHLEE YOU ROCK !!!!

  • El Smegma

    Qual chica tiene un culo mas bien?

  • Adam

    Yeah I don’t think it was fair that they booed Ashlee off cos u know she has performed live before and after and sounded fine a lot of artists use their voices as backups. But I do think that if Ashlee knew she couldn’t sing why didn’t she re schedule her performances?????? Ashlee you are one of the best singers ever!!!!!!!!! I Love you i got your cd like a week go and i alredy know most of your songs off by heart you rock girl keep on keepin on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ana

    She doesnt sings she yells and her voice sucks

  • jordan

    i like ashlee and you ppl dont understand what it is like to be famous and put up with all this crap. you all should be a little more sensitive and understanding.i am still a strong supporter of ashlee and jessica simpson. and there are more things to life than the size of girls’ milkers. stupid boyz.

  • Stephanie

    I think Ashlee is the best singer out there, and that she has an amazing voice, and that she should keep on singing.

  • Aussie

    She can’t sing and neither can her sister. If the size of a girl’s milker don’t count, why did they both have beast implants? To increase their singing abilty?

    Fake tanned, fake breasts, fake all over including the electronically altered voices. They and their incestuous father care more about them than anyone real ever will.

  • Brittany

    I LOVE ASHLEE. I can’t believe how rude people are to her,she’s only human, she makes mistakes too. I love her raspy voice. Her songs are catchy, and she’s way hotter than Jessica. I’m a huge fan. God bless her, I hope nothing but the best for her!!!