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Review: After The Sunset

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This isn’t a film. It was an excuse for the cast and crew to spend a few weeks in the Caribbean. There is nothing here. Its hard to review this, it really is. There isn’t anything here to review.

To dissolve this into its base elements, it is a loose story about what really matters disguised as a heist film. However, it doesn’t really tell you what matters and there is hardly a heist. Sound like a fun way to spend an hour and a half?

Half way through this wreck my long-suffering wife claimed that the only reason a person would have to watch this movie was if they wanted to see Salma Hayek’s cleavage. This is true. They saved a ton of cash not dressing Salma. Every time the plot thinned or they needed to bump up a scene out came Salma’s breasts and pooper. It’s difficult for me to complain too loudly about this, but I must. I assumed that her breasts kept blocking where the writer was hiding the plot. I know he had it in there someplace, I just couldn’t see it.

Skip this “film”. You should respect yourself more than to allow this lifeless crap into your life.

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  • This is a recommendation, right? Sure reads like one. 🙂

  • I cannot condone guys loving movie, I can however understand it.

  • Donna A.

    I rented this a few months back. I enjoyed it as a rental. But I wouldn’t have payed movie prices to see this. It was just nice eye candy for both the guys and gals.
    Donna A.

  • Jatt

    sure any movie with salma in it is a must c movie i even bought it. definitely recommend it. ;o)

  • Mark Muniu

    Well the bedroom scenes were what counted fo me and they spiced up the movie.Salma definitely is a hot mama and at 35 she got it going on for sure

  • Iris

    I like Salma very much, I’ll watch anything she stars in regardless weather it’s good or bad, she;s just great and fun to watch in any roll she portrays.
    Iris from Puerto Rico