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Reverse Sexism, Mista-ogyny, and all that Ying Yang…

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Screen shot from Jacki-O’s “Fine” video. Not for the kiddies!

Stop! It’s the m’fukken remix. Just found the lyrics for the ‘Wait/The Whisper Song’ remix and Jacki-O’s verse is, well, interesting.

“[Jacki-O] I know you see me calling won’t you answer your phone im trying to tell ya baby that im home all Alone im on queen size sheets and there made from silk and my mouth wide open cause im waiting for Milk shh just listen i want you to hear my kitten she goes purrr meow especially when you put her in Your mouth i got a big fat cat and she loves to purr cause she always hot so i shave the fur i got the Lollipop candy and i licked it im here with nothing on but some fish nets and im wetter than niagara Flicks on the plasma ohh i just pop the viagra stop what your doing and come get it ya stick ya fingerIn it now lick it what Wait til you see my clit (purr) Wait til you see my clit (hey boy) Wait til you see my clit You gon eat this pussy up Wait til you see my clit (purr) Wait til you see my clit (hey boy) Wait til you see my clit You gon eat this pussy up like Aw aw aw aw aw aw aw aw aw aw aw aw aw aw aw aw Eat the pussy up, eat the pussy up (X29)”

Then there’s some chicks named Spoil’d Rotten who’ve cut an “answer” to your boyz…download that and look at their photos (if you dare) right chea… Apparently there aren’t too many variations on the hook’s lyrics coming from the Strip-Hop rappers, Spoil’d Rotten’s dirty version says “wait til you see my clit” while their clean version says “wait til you see my lips”. Something in there as well about making the Twinz pay for it… There were rumours that this “answer record” came from Kelis, but they were unfounded. For posterity, check this blurb from SOHH.COM, “Free gets nasty with Twins. Free always warns 106 & Park Freestyle Friday contestants to abstain from cursing and using sexually explicit lyrics during battle, but she sure doesn’t practice what she preaches on the Ying Yang Twins’ “Wait”(Whisper Song) remix [listen: hi/lo]. On the track, which also features Busta Rhymes, Lil Scrappy and Missy Elliot, Free borrows the twin’s whisper flow and blasts a hole into her PG-13 image when she offers, “I got a nice little … and my ass poke out / automatically I can ride a… no doubt/I’m known for getting all the haters mad / I can go slow but go crazy fast/ I give amazing head / Backside a little softer than a baby’s ass / And that’s wild soft / I let a rich ni99a hit it on his golf course.

Not to be outdone, West Palm Beach femcees, Spoil’d Rotten recently dropped their own solo version of the “Whisper Song.” Mistaken by many (including SoHH.com) to be Kelis, the indie duo signed to Breakin’ Bread Entertainment get XXX-rated with lines like, “If you want me to get in your bed / You can lick it while I grab on your dreads / If you like to fuck / Well I like to put my legs up / Let you lick all in my butt.” Spoil’d Rotten switches up the Ying Yang’s chorus by offering, “Wait till you taste my clit” moments before instructing to “Eat the pu$$y up.” The hook is then followed with a series or orgasmic moans. Believe it or not, SR takes it up a few notches on the second verse. Building on the oral sex theme, one of them woman requests, “Just eat this cat like a dog / Don’t stop till you hear me go awwww and oohhhh!.”

So the problem is that none of the women recording these so-called “answer tracks” are NOT dissing the Twinz! They’re co-signing the date-rape raps with their own brand of Hoe-Hop! I’m WAITING til I hear a real female MC drop some karma on they ass. Where ya’ll at?

In other Ying Yang news, according to MTV, they’ll be getting their own “reality” show wherein a stranger will become their roommate. This brings up a convo I had with my best friend in the wash-house the other day. If you HAD to get with one of the Ying Yang Twinz, HAD TO, like if you didn’t you’d spontaneously combust or some shit – which one would you choose? We both chose the bald one.

I’m never too shocked by the outrageous things folks say to justify their dirty music and business, but this one really take a lot of cake… “People think that just because we speak about those women in that manner, it must mean that we disrespecting them. But how you look stripping to “Mary Had a Little Lamb?” – Kaine of the Ying Yang Twins, XXL, June 2005 (thanks to Crunk & Disorderly for that one, filed under the “Nigga Please” section)

Last thing, in the “shit happens” category, Eve’s pissed off ’cause a “personal sex tape” of her and her ex-old man ended up online. I feel her, but I’ve also seen the flix of her “dancer” days and she was doing more than dancing with one of her fellow pole-swingers, like whoa. I mean with Heather Hunter and Gloria Velez making records, and former strippers Eve and Jacki-O rhyming, no wonder the wires are crossed when it comes to feminism and empowerment within Hip Hop.


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