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Reuters Photographer Hajj Manipulates War Photos – Pluto Transit Through Sagittarius: Astrology In Real Life

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I’ll tell you, this story upset me greatly. Reuters photographer Adnan Hajj doctored photos of the bombing in Beirut and it just sickens me. Because photoshopping the images to be more dramatic and then publishing them worldwide has the effect of inflaming the situation. As if people aren’t stirred up enough as it is.

beirutAnd I thought of Pluto’s transit through Sagittarius. The shadow side (Pluto) of publishing (Sadge). And it made me wonder how common this is. Surely, he’s not the only one.

And I thought of it in terms of another Pluto in Sadge phenomenon, the doping of athletes.landis Barry Bonds and the Floyd Landis and others, in the Tour De France. We have learned as a collective that doping is widespread. We are aware of this hidden, shadow side (Pluto) of sports (Sagittarius).

So what about the journalism (Sagittarius)? Will we discover this is the tip of the iceberg as far as manipulated images go? I wouldn’t be surprised. This bastard was making his career off the blood of others. What’s more repugnant than that? And as for war images in general, hey! Why put yourself in danger to get the shot when you whip up something in photoshop?

It smacks of Kaavya Viswanathan and other plagiarizers in recent history. kaavyaWhy do your own writing when you can use someone else’s and just slap your name on?

Click here for extensive report on the photos from The Jawa Report.
Click here for earlier Blogcritics report on how Pluto's transit through Sagittarius is manifesting in the collective.

And what do you think? Are these pictures an isolated incident? Or no?

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  • Ruvy in Jerusalem

    My knowledge of astrology stops at the line of knowing that the symbols were based on the Sumerian calendar that we Jews use (if you check the dates of the astrological symbols, you will see that they correspond roughly with the Hebrew calendar, and the symbol for judgment, for example, the scales, are roughly in the same time period as the Hebrew month Tishri).

    But faking photography is a well known art in the Middle East. The Arabs faked the massacre at Qana, the massacre in Jenin, the killing of Mohamed Dura, and numerous other incidents. We call it “Paliwood” out in this neck of the woods.