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Return of the Swallows

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San Juan Capistrano’s most famous day of the year is March 19, St. Joseph’s Day. This is the day the Swallows are slated to return from wintering in Argentina, according to local folklore.

This year’s Swallows Day Parade is coming up.

The Great Church of Mission San Juan Capistrano was under renovation for well over a decade. The construction drove the Swallows to nearby hillsides and not to the Old Mission. This is the first St. Joseph’s Day following the reconstruction of the remains of the Great Church. Hopefully, this year, the Swallows will return in large numbers to Mission San Juan.

Here’s more information on the Swallows’ Festival.

San Juan Capistrano is the heart of California history. What’s left of Old Mission San Juan Capistrano is the oldest building in California, and Old San Juan Capistrano is California’s oldest community.

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  • RJ

    “They shall return.”

    (Apoligies to the late General MacArthur…)

  • We used to drive down to SJC every other Sunday for breakfast at a great little restaurant, Sarducci’s, just down the street from the Mission. Shortly before we left the Southland, they moved to the old brick railroad depot, and became too upscale to host our casual Sunday brunch.

    Just part of the “gentrification” of SJC…