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Retro Corner: A Partnership with Digital Press

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Retro games are a hot commodity. With the Xbox Live Arcade and Wii’s Virtual Console, it’s quickly becoming a prolific segment of the industry. Blogcritics is going to start looking at gaming’s generally under-appreciated past in a different way.

Teaming up with classic gaming database Digital Press, Blogcritics will be presenting some lost or under-appreciated classics in short reviews. Extras may include odd facts, the title’s impact on the industry, some personal retrospective, different ports the game may have received, and how well they hold up on today’s market. Our hope would be to introduce a new generation of gamers, or even those who recently purchased a game console for the first time to those games they missed and the legacy they left behind.

Some of the games will likely be familiar to a die-hard gamer. In this case, Blogcritics should be able to bring back some memories and help you track down those lost or ignored classics to play them again. Given how many games are released, it’s only natural for some to end up on the back burner, and these are the games that deserve a second chance.

What does Digital Press have to do with this? Many of the games we’ll feature have been reviewed on their site, and some of the data, particularly their accurate release dates, rarity on the current market, and developer information, will be culled from their extensive database. The “Digital Press Stamp of Approval,” if you will, ensures what you’re reading it accurate.

So, if there are any games you’d like to see featured in our new feature, let us know (either here, or in our forum) and we’ll take it into consideration.

You may even mention a game we’ve long since forgotten!

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