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Retro 10 List: Bizarre Films

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Originally posted on Draven99’s Musings on 7/28/04:

Welcome to this weeks Top Ten, back on schedule after last week’s minor disruptions. This weeks list is Ten Bizarre Films. The list is compiled from films that I own and I have limited myself to one film per director, as some directors make a lot of strange films. The list is in no order of weirdness.

Ten Bizarre Films
1. Mulholland Dr.: One of the most unexplainable films (except for the hard to find Lost Highway) I have ever seen, this film from David Lynch started it’s life as a pilot for a television show that got rejected.

2. City of Lost Children: From the director of Amelie, comes this sci-fi film about a circus strongman searching for his little brother and getting ensnared in a child thievery ring. More strange than it sounds.

3. Happiness of the Katikuri’s: A Japanese remake of a Korean film (The Quiet Family), and directed by Takashi Miike, this film is part musical, comedy, drama, and horror. It is about a family that runs a remote cabin, where the clientele keep dying.

4. A Clockwork Orange: I remember disliking this the first time I saw it, my opinion has clearly changed, but it still remains one strange film. Great use of the old Ludwig Van, plus an anti-violence message.

5. Vanilla Sky: Cameron Crowe and Tom Cruise team up to deliver one strange film of jealousy, sex, and science fiction. A thinking man’s Total Recall.

6. Suicide Club: A film about a string of unexplainable suicides, including a group of 54 school girls, and the cop investigating them takes a surreal turn into the realm of the unexplainable at the end.

7. Naked Lunch: “Exterminate all rational thought.” That would apply to most films on this list. Based on the work of William S. Burroughs this film incorporates drugs, bugs, and typewriters into surreal fantasy starring Peter Weller and directed by David Cronenberg.

8. Pi: Darren Arronofsky’s debut is a tale of a mathematician working to unlock the secrets of the stock market while everything else falls around him and he is pursued by stock brokers and religious zealots. Very strange.

9. Six String Samurai: What if Elvis lived? what of there was another World War and Elvis ruled the last city, Las Vegas? What if he died and we need to find a new King? Sound interesting?

10. Songs from the Second Floor: I have no idea how to explain this film from Sweden, it is not to everyone’s tastes but it does help to show the absurdity that is all around us.

I love strange films, as evidenced by the list above. The more bizarre, the better. These films push the boundaries of the film medium, and at times show that a linear narrative is not necessarily needed to tell an insightful story. Whoever believes a film must exist in a straightforward way has not experienced all that the film medium has to offer. Please let me know what you think of these films, and feel free to suggest others that you think may interest me.

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  • I would venture to add U-Turn to the list, though there is some distance between my last viewing and today. Maybe not as Bizarre as Mulholland Dr.

  • rahree

    What about “Lost Highway”? What the heck was that film about!

    Oh, and “Vanilla Sky” is the remake of “Abre los ojos” (“Open Your Eyes”). Just so you know.

  • sonja valentine

    FYI – amelie came out after city of lost children (1995)
    that movie totally freaked me out…

  • Farker

    Fark Was Here.

  • errantp

    I would offer up the list as “The ten most bizarre films other than Brazil.”

  • Heather

    Brazil. Very odd movie and one I’ve never been able to like since my first viewing many years ago.

  • Donnie Darko and Bubba Ho-Tep get my vote

  • marshall

    really. el topo didn’t make this list? that is truly the weirdest film of all time. and usually the one people put at the top of lists such as these. but, your list does skew more towards major releases.

    also, i agree with the brazil guy. but in fact, that guy (who also directed the adventures of baron munchaussen & 12 Monkeys) would probably need his own list.

  • Another “of all time” list with 80% of its entries containing films from the last 10 years. Do some research before you make such sweeping claims.

    Un Chien Andalou trumps all of these with “bizarreness”.


    Pink Flamingoes
    Confessions of An Opium Eater

  • Hi Draven, I found this page through FARK, but have seen you on the IVS forums. Rock on!

  • roscoe

    I dunno. Saying that David Lynch movies are wierd is like saying that ice cream is tasty… it’s such a truism that nobody bother’s saying it.

    And I posit this: Troma films shouldn’t count as wierd movies because they’re trying too damn hard.

    For more oddness/goodness (that have been sold as real movies):
    Tetsuo the Iron Man
    Turkish Star Wars
    The Witches
    Holy Mountain
    Anything by Jon Jost
    Anything by Stan Brakage
    Spider Baby
    David Holzman’s Diary

  • cappadeluxe

    “When the going gets weird, the weird turn Pro.”

    You guys aint seen nothing yet.

    Ken Russell

  • The Rev

    The American Astronaut, without a doubt, needs to be on this list.

  • I love Vanilla Sky — it’s one of my favorite movies. Great cast, great writing… more than anything a triumph of storytelling by Crowe. Beautiful, surreal, funny, bizarre — great, great stuff.

    rahree – Abre los Ojos and Vanilla Sky are based on an experimental French film. Just so you know.

  • Without a doubt… Donnie Darko needs to make the list. Also Lost Highway but I understand that you cannot use the same director twice for this list.

  • J

    You ain’t seen bizarre until you’ve seen Takashi Mike’s “Bizita Q” (Visitor Q).

  • scott

    hmm… seems they forgot
    el topo, santa sangri and holy mountain by Jodorowsky (each one weirder than the last)

    terror firmer, redneck zombies, toxic avenger… well, anything by troma actually.

    salo – by pier paolo pasolini (though i think that would better categorized in sick movies as opposed to bizarre ones)

    …i think most japanese art films fall into this category, i remember this one that was loosely based on pinnochio, but i forget the name right now.

  • will

    Eating Raoul is far more strange than most of these films.

  • cappadeluxe

    Donnie Darko is a bullshit knockoff of Harvey. Why do people like it other than the generational “speaks to me” crap and canned strangeness?

  • Bird

    How about “The Saddest Music in the World”? The Baroness with glass legs filled with beer! Very strange indeed.
    My favorite John Waters film has to be “Desperate Living”. I believe it to be more outrageous than Pink Flamingos.

    Dark City doesn’t need to be on the list but it is a must see.

  • milkweed

    Jacob’s Ladder
    starring Tim Robbins

    awesome movie – i finally understood it after seeing it three times

  • EGAD

    For another taste of strangeness with an allstar cast try Straight to Hell. Stars Courtney Love, Joe Strummer, Elvis Costello, Dennis Hopper and Grace Jones.

  • Harry

    Wow. The absence of “Freaks” on your list is appalling, although perhaps you’ve not watched it. If you haven’t, please do so post haste and update your list.

  • rahree – Abre los Ojos and Vanilla Sky are based on an experimental French film. Just so you know.

    Comment 15 posted by Krono on April 30, 2005 01:55 PM:

    Krono – Abre los Ojos and Vanilla Sky and that experimental French film are all based on a book by some guy who writes books about stuff like that. Just so you know.

  • Steve

    The Forbidden zone with Herve Villachez is another one. I don’t know how to categorize it, except that it’s weird, funny, and kind of disturbing.

  • SupaStarr!

    The Rocky Horror Picture Show is a very bizarre and enjoyable film.

  • anthony

    no one has mentioned Zardoz?
    That was the mother, father, aunt and uncle of STRANGE films.
    Phallacy galore and it starred none other than Sean Connery.
    Laughable… maybe
    Strange…. #1

  • I dunno, I thought “Gummo” was bizarre–unless you think eating cats and raping retarded girls is normal.

  • T. Dunn

    Alice in Wonderland (Svankmeyer version)
    Natural Born Killers
    Confessions of a Dangerous Mind
    Saddest Music in the World
    Anything directed by Peter Greenaway

  • Jakob

    This is a very poor list. The compiler obviously has very little depth to his movie habits. Vanilla Sky and not Open Your Eyes? Does he even know of the original? Although to be fair, he doesn’t say they are the best or most bizarre films of all time, just a list of 10 bizarre films. S

  • yaas0n

    I’m surprised no one’s mentioned fear and loathing and cube.

    good list nonetheless. like all lists it’s subjective.. so i’m not going to freak like some people have and suggest it’s wrong.

  • Erin

    A good start, but if you’re going there you might as well go all the way. I reccommend Even Dwarfs Started Small,written and directed by acclaimed German filmaker Werner Herzog. For movie masochists only. A debacle of rampaging midgets oogling porn and monkeys nailed to crosses. Need I say more?

  • yikes

    You need to add The Dark Backward. Truly, truly, bizarre (but entertaining!).

    Also, A Clockwork Orange really doesn’t have much to do with statements about violence (although it is admittedly violent). It was a counter-argument to B.F. Skinner’s book Walden Two. Replace the violence with some other behavior (smoking, singing, whatever) and you have the same message.

  • Gilbert Nash

    For an unusual movie you would need to check out “The Day before the End of the World.”

  • panda

    if those are the most bizarre films you can come up with you obviously havent seen that many films.

  • Scott

    Good list, several of these are on my favorites list.

    Abre los Ojos, to me, is interchangable with Vanilla Sky – I’ve seen both, but perfer Cameron’s, partly because of the incredible soundtrack. I’m not sure about the comment above stating they’re based on a French film – I’m pretty familiar with both, and had not heard that the movies’ author, Alejandro Amenabar, based his story on another film. Do you have a reference for that?

    I would have added Lost Highway, in additional M.D. FWWM is worth a mention also, for Lynchians.

    Brazil belongs on the list as well.

  • surfdork


    I can’t believe y’all have missed the following cinematic gems.

    BTW, this is going to be a thread to bookmark, I’ve already found films I’ve missed.

    Pleas forgive the spelling errors, I’m pulling this list out of my arse.

    In no particular order:

    The films of Herschell Gordon Lewis, in particular, “The Wizard of Gore”.

    “Trip” with the Monkees and Jack Nicholson.

    “A Chien Andalou”, now that’s fricking weird.

    “Polyester”, John Waters.

    “Bukaroo Banzai”

    Anything else by Cronenberg.

    “After Hours”, Martin Scorcesse.

    No mention of “Eraserhead”? I don’t think “Mullholland Drive” tops that film in the strange category.

    I think anime is worth mentioning as well. I’m not a big follower yet I’ve seen “Urotskdiji, the Legend of the Overfiend”.

    Strange demons with multiple penises, flying gnomes beating off, like nothing I’ve ever seen.



  • Sarah


    It’s a movie about people turning into snails. I kid you not. Besides being weird, it’s a really shitty film.

  • Stan

    Vanilla Sky is “a thinking man’s Total Recall”?

    Vanilla Sky was a disorganized, pompous mess with no redeeming qualities whatsoever.

  • Stan

    Okay…maybe ONE redeeming quality. It was neat to hear Diaz talking about tasting come.

    But that’s about it…

  • rahree

    I’d like to see “The Cube” by Jim Henson. Heard of it, but never seen it.

  • Surprised “X-Files” the movie isn’t in here. THAT was just bizarre.

    Running an hour and a half at least and touching on scenarios similar to real life, but not clear enough to have meaning. Take the movie as a whole without any knowledge of the X-Files series.
    Makes Brazil downright explicable.

  • For more japano-weird-goodness check out “Electric Dragon 20,000V”

    Alsio Visitor Q really sets new standards in being weird, but every Miike movie is pretty much psycho-hardcore – at least the ones i have seen till now.

  • rahree

    Oh, and I firmly stand by my comment that “Vanilla Sky” is the remake of “Abre los ojos.”

  • oops … my bad. its 80,000 not 20,000 😉

  • The Legend of the Seven Golden Vampires gets my vote. Hell, it gets all 10 of my votes.

  • natezee

    I think a more appropriate name to this list would be
    “Top Ten Bizzare Films That You Have Heard Of”. Of course there are going to be foreign and obscure movies out there that top these- but since so few people have seen then, what fun is it to read/discuss about on a blog? You can alwasy get the self-proclaimed film snobs showing up and flaunting ramdom film references.

  • Look at your comments, they really say alot about you.

    Some people say, “Oh, yeah those are wierd, you know what else is super wierd [Insert obscure film here]”

    While other people say, “You don’t know anything about movies. I will share my movie knowledge is superior…” Like you Panda and Jakob.

    Both approaches are doing the same thing, sharing other bizarre films not on the list. The first approach accomplishes this in a civilway, but the second approach has the added benefit of proving the commenter to be a self-absorbed dick with no people skills. Seriously. Look at yourself and wonder why the hell you write like that.

    My approach to commenting? Rip on you anonymously. Sorry, all that tells you is that I have no interest in continuing the conversation with idiots.

  • WOW! I can’t believe that this column from last year (granted I just put it up here now) is causing this much response!

    Thank you for all the suggestions, some I have seen, some I will add to the ever growing list. Just so you know, this wasn’t meant as an all encompassing list. I was limiting myself to films in my collection which discounts many bizarre movies, and they were generally films I had watched around the time of the writing. I haave watched and enjoyed films from all decades (I think….). ALso I limited to 1 film per director to save the list from being dominated by someone like Lynch or Miike, or whoever. My experience is admittedly weak in some areas. The one thing we should all agree on here is a love of film.

    THis is a great way to discover new movies to see!

    And for a few response:
    I know that Amelie was after City… but it is still the same director regardless of order.

    I know that Vanilla Sky was a remake of Abre los ojos, which I now own, but have not yet watched.

    Never much cared for U Turn

    Lost Highway is incredibly bizarre and my favorite Lynch, but I do not yet own it.

    I liked Uzumaki, it seemed like a film that Tim Burton would make.

    To Robert Berry:
    I make no claims “of all time” This is merely a list of some of the bizarre films in my collection. I do refer to it as a Top Ten column, as that was what I called this when I did it regularly, but I do not call the list Top Ten Bizarre Films of All Time or any such closed minded nonsense.

    Odd comment, thank you for the To Be Fair portion. I feel I do have good depth to my film habits, I watch and enjoy films from anywhere anytime, not to say I like everything, but there films from all sorts that i do like.

    Again. Thanks everyone!

    I am secure enough in my film tastes to take it.

  • I loved Legend of the 7 Golden Vampires!

  • Joe Kowalski

    I think Miike’s Audition would make a great addition to the list. 90% slow paced guy-meets-girl drama and 10% insane gore-fest. In fact you could probably fill the whole list with Miike films.

  • Some others I could add ar:
    Bio Zombie
    Das Experiment
    Evil Dead Trap
    Ichii the Killer
    Mr. Vampire
    Pistol Opera
    Requiem for a Dream
    Running on Karma

  • Joe

    Bizarre? Where’s “two-lane blacktop”? Dennis Wilson (yes of The Beach Boys), James Taylor (the singer) and the ’55 Chevy (it stars a car!?!) from “American Graffiti.” None of the characters have names and it just ends after 100 minutes.

  • That’s evinced. Sheesh.

  • andrew e.

    What, no “Shakes the Clown”?

  • Rob

    I agree with some of the movies listed as bizzare but the one movie I actually stood up after it was over and said, “What the H___ was that”!! was “She’s So Lovely” what a complete waste of 2 hours.

  • Bolo

    For the record:

    The protagonist in Pi isn’t trying to understand the stock market. He’s trying to understand everything–i.e. the natural cycles of the world and what underlying pattern they follow. The stock market just happens to be a very big, complicated system that he can use to try and discern this.

    This is why, in addition to businessmen, religious zealots are also pursuing him. They want him to find a code in the bible. The businessmen want him to predict the future of the stock market. Either way, its just one small application of his knowledge.

    Ok, that’s the end of my little rant 🙂

  • Bolo

    And I forgot to mention some other weird movies that I would consider adding to this list:

    Buckaroo Banzai
    I Heart Huckabees (sp?)

  • Michelangelo

    I like Blue Velvet. Guy finds human ear in a field and it’s all downhill from there.

  • Ed

    Eraserhead, period.

  • Children Shouldn’t Play With Dead Things


    Tetsuo The Iron Man

  • you are a very limmited person if this is your top 10.

    Try Eracerhead, stranger than paradice, night on earth to start.

    good luck.

    Bob Dobbs
    Slack is Good.

    The end of the world was in 2000

  • Please read prior to posting, this is NOT a top ten, just a listing of 10 bizarre films that I enjoyed.

  • Stanley the Movie Guy

    hrm. not a single person mentioned Liquid Sky. I’m not sure you can get much stranger than that.

  • mulholland is all about the way power influences reality. choices that are made create certain outcomes. many current plausible theories suggest that reality exists in multiple parallel universes where various outcomes are explore. now go watch the movie again.

  • Opps sory I was slacking.
    Slack is good
    don’t I feal silly now
    and I apoligze for the limmeted comment I just diden’t finish the statment and it diden’t come out right. and I was about to go fix it but decided to slack a few.

    Bob Dobbs

    Good Luck
    Slack is good.

  • NinjAdaMX5

    The one (David Lynch)movie I always recommend to people to freak their fragile little minds out is
    Man, Lynch at his wierdest. Unexplained siezures, unexplained pregnancy, unexplained freak baby who gets an unexplained illness, unexplained tremors and power surges, unexplained miniature chickens who inexplicably spout blood all over… in fact, the only thing I got out of the movie was the meaning of the title. But that’s hard to explain

  • zach

    what about eraserhead?

  • garrison

    Just have to chime in with

    The cook, the thief, his wife and her lover..

    can’t get too much more bizarre than that..

    and Dark City?

    Just as a coincidence, I first heard of Mulholland Drive exactly 6 hours ago on a trailer on a used video I bought… I immediately thought… “weird… where did THIS come from? hmmm… might be interesting to rent someday… ” Then I find this site.

  • Brian

    Nice list, I wouldn’t argue with any of those selections. You might try “Picnic at Hanging Rock,” an early film by Peter Weir (“Dead Poet’s Society”). Creepy atmosphere, good plot and a bizarre twist that will leave you guessing as to what happened during a school outing.

  • Eric Olsen

    great job Chris, fascinating topic. I’ve only seen Mulholland and Clockwork of those on your list and they are strange indeed. We have discussed Mulholland a number of times including here and here.

  • J

    “Vanilla Sky” is the remake of “Abre los ojos.”

    This got mentioned several times with one person mentioning that they were both based on a story.

    The life of the author of the story was as weird as his writing, even weirder since he had to live it and he never could figure out the strange things that happened to him. Many, including himself, think he was borderline insane. His stories also became Blade Runner and Minority Report.

    Check out his life through a google search – Philip K. Dick

  • i agree on eraserhead and brazil. they out-weird any of the movies on that list.

    the bergman film Persona should be there

    Videodrome (much weirder cronenberg than naked lunch)
    barton fink
    party monster (i thought it sucked, but if the only criteria is weirdness it gets my vote)
    un chien andalou (most disturbing opening sequence ever)
    pink flamingos
    the man who fell to earth
    welcome to the dollhouse or happiness
    solaris (tarkovsky, not the crappy clooney version)

  • JT

    Tetsuo the Iron Man (Holy crap, I have a drill for a penis, suddenly)

    Delicatessen (Odd, but strangely pretty).

    Eraserhead for sure, but basically anything David Lynch, except Dune. It wasn’t bad, just not really all that bizarre.

    Happiness by Todd Solondz was funny, but in the kind of way that makes your friends look at you in disbelief for laughing.

    Un Chien Andalou (Dali+Bunuel = Weird)

  • JT

    PS, the story upon which Total Recall is based (along with many other Phillip K. Dick short stories and novels) was brilliant when it was on paper, Hollywood f’d it up. Same goes for Minority Report and Blade Runner.

  • Rich

    No Peter Greenaway?

    Especially The Cook the Thief
    His Wife & Her Lover
    which may have been the strangest movie I have
    ever seen.

  • drredhook

    Japanese film “In the Realm of the Senses.” Banned in a lot of countries.

  • Lord Brain

    “GUMMO” Once you see it you’ll know why it should be added to the list. But it’s not for the easily offended. I guarantee it will make your jaw drop.

  • Infidel

    HA! good call dude. Half those flicks are on my “What the hell” list

  • Lucien

    Have any of you actually read all these posts? How many of you have put the same movie in your posts as others have? This kind of redundancy and idiocracy towards the original topic is the reason that I have abandoned forums and message boards alltogether. If you simply are too lazy to actually read what others have written, then God save you and your small brains. READ, then reply.

  • Wow, you are going in the right direction with a few of those films, but the list really should read something like this 🙂
    (1 being most bizarre)

    TOP 10 bizar movies:

    10) Old Boy
    9) Audition
    8) Tetsuo – The Body Hammer
    7) Being John Malkovich
    6) Pistol Opera
    5) Pi
    4) Survive Style 5+
    3) City of the Lost Children
    2) Electric Dragon 80000V
    1) Visitor Q

    yes, I think it’s fairly safe to say that Japanese directors are f#cking crazy. Visitor Q and Electric Dragon are by far the weirdest films I have ever seen. Visitor Q is likely to offend pretty much everybody, but well worth watching provided you have an open mind and a strong stomach.

    Also REALLY weird, but more of an artpiece than a normal movie: THE CREMASTER CYCLE. The Order (small excerpt) is out on video and that is simply insane.

  • samiam

    FYI, Total Recall was made from ‘Do Androids Dream Of Electric Sheep?’ by Phillip K. Dick. His title should tell you it was weird already.

  • samiam

    Or was it ‘We Can Remember It For You Wholesale’ ?

  • Mugwump

    My comments courtesy of Fark

    Nice List! have seen roughly half of titles mentioned. Got one to add:
    I am Curious Yellow – One of the first XXX films to make it to neighborhood theaters. There was no decernable plot.

  • Greaser’s Palace and/or Putney Swope by Robert Downey Sr.

  • Ron

    Check out another Peter Weir film “The Last Wave.” (with Richard Chamberlain). Way out there, but a very good flick.

  • godoggo

    Hey, what about the Andalusian Dog!?

  • t dog

    I think there has to be a dividing line between weird, sick, and stupid. weird I consider intresting. sick and and stupid are movies you finish watching and go ” that was a f@#^$&* waste of time.

  • Legless_Marine

    Mulholland Drive, which I re-watched just last week, hardly deserves to be on this list. It is noteworth, however, as a vehicle for Jennifer Connelly’s magnificent knockers.

    In addition, any weird movie list that doesn include “Greaser’s Palace” isn’t worth it’s salt.

  • el rick

    maybe it should be renamed “My Top Ten Bizarre Film List” –

  • #1 Bizzare Movie

    Hell Comes Frog Town
    Starring Rowdy Roddy Piper
    circa 1980

    Piper is on death row, but as one of the only surviving fertile men on the planet after the apocolypse, he is spared. In return for his life, his reproductive organs are now property of he government.

    He is fitted with an exploding chastity belt. If he strays too far from his guards, it will explode. Also, if he gets out of line, his guards will trigger a shock to the belt by touching the controls on their earings (did I mention that the future government is run by stern, buff women).

    The govenment sends Piper and his guards on a mission to Frog town to save and impregnate a group of the last fertile women from the mutant frog people.

    Trust me, this is not a porn movie, it’s just insanely bizzare.

  • Black Pete

    Like someone said… Alice by Jon Svankmeyer (or Svankmajer) is a truly bizarre remake of Alice. Definitely worth mentioning. Definitely not for small children.

    For example… the white rabbit is an animated stuffed rabbit corpse that leaks sawdust, Wonderland is a decaying land with worn-down and dirty antiques, and most creatures are animated skeletons. Oh yeah, and jars of preserved eyeballs. That’s only the beginning…

  • DeD-I

    What about “Crash”, 1996 by David Cronenberg? or “Ilsa: She Wolf of the SS”?
    Here’s an interesting book alone these lines: Profoundly disturbing shocking movies that changed history / by Joe Bob Briggs.

  • Mondo Cane gets my vote.

  • or indeed SS Experiment Camp. or Japanese Hell.

  • Quote -“FYI, Total Recall was made from ‘Do Androids Dream Of Electric Sheep?’ by Phillip K. Dick. His title should tell you it was weird already”

    Ummm….I think you mean Blade Runner.

    Abre los ojos was 20 times better then that crap-fest vanilla sky.

    Some good, interesting (weird?) movies:
    Brazil (1984 based)
    Dark City

  • ZwoJ

    Try Wenzel Storch’s “Reise ins Bliss”

    or Journey into Bliss.

    Crazy German film – completely not politically correct and lots of piss. Enjoy.

  • LeeAnne

    My list would include:
    Being John Malkovich,
    Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Adaptation
    All screenplays by Charlie Kaufman

  • patrick767

    Interesting J, I didn’t realize Philip K. Dick was the writer who’s work Vanilla Sky was based on. I knew about Minority Report and previous to that, only knew Dick as a sci-fi author who was a mentor of sorts to at least 2 current fantasy/magic realism authors – Tim Powers and James Blaylock.

  • Brian Penney

    I saw this Russian film channel surfing one time, and it sucked me in big time. I wish I could remember the title – I’ll look it up as soon as I can and repost. The film was basically about 3 guys trying to cross a field. Truly weird, but the cinematography was pretty cool.

  • Jon

    This is an absolutely ridiculous list. You don’t know from weird, man.

  • CivilianCasualty

    I loved “The Ninth Configuration”, aka
    “Twinklt, Twinkle, Killer Kane.”
    At times incomprehensible but wonderful.

  • s_s_s

    Another film you all might want to look at:

    Hombre mirando al sudeste
    (Man facing southeast)

    IMDB link

    It’s Argentinian, and really good. Unfortunately, it was remade into the incredibly lame “Pax”

    The Big Blue might not be strange enough for this list (Jean Reno as a deep diver), but the scene where they kidnap/liberate the dolphin was memorable.

    I’m glad somebody mentioned Old Boy. That was just strange.

  • BAD by Andy Warhol

    … ends with the old hand in the spaghetti trick.

  • nouveau_vache

    I saw the second half a weird film in the early 1990s, from Denmark I believe. The protagonist was a little guy reminiscent of Woody Allen, apparently trapped in an asylum of some sort. Cannonballs fell randomly from the sky. He lost his glasses, and was chased by a stuffed animal tied to his leg, wrestling it on the ground. Finally I think he hung himself. There was barely any dialogue. Does anyone know what film this was? It was truly bizarre!

  • infotropic

    I don’t know, I think it’s a pretty decent list. Any top 10 generally inspired a lot of people getting whiny. I htink it’s pretty well established that Vanilla Sky is a remake. Just like a lot of American movies. Maybe just one rule though, the movie can’t be a candidate for Mystery Science Theater 3000. The original choices all had a fairly wide release. One other thing, I always seem to like Philip K. Dick’s titles better than the title they chose for the movie versions.

    Psst, don’t tell anyone, but I’m a Moderate. [gasp]

  • loser

    That wasn’t Jennifer Connely, that was Laura Harring. Bigger “knockers” but not as nice in the face.

    And yes, the original list is pretty mild. There are many many movies out there that will make pretty much anyone go WTF!?!?

  • Eric Olsen

    did anyone see the Bowie tour in the late-’70s where he opened with a dada Dali short with the infamous sliced eyeball scene?

  • Mr. Obvious

    About half of those movies are quite clear, unless you are retarded. By the way, it is “its” and not “it’s”. That was a clue right there. Too bad, could’ve been a good list.

  • Anonymous

    Mr. Obvious = Grammar Nazi

  • Mr. Obvious

    Yes, I want to kill a race of people. Exactly.

  • Chris

    Mullholland Drive isn’t even Lynch’s strangest film. Clockwork Orange and Vanilla Sky? C’mon, you might as well put every serious SF film ever made on this list -> 2001? The Matrix? Soylent Green? Silent Running? The Man Who Fell To Earth?

    No mention yet of Liquid Sky or Careful?

    The Entity (1981)?

  • Carnival of Souls

    Dementia 13

    The Incredibly Strange Creatures Who Stopped Living and Became Mixed Up Zombies

    Putney Swope

    The Happening

    There are so many more which have been missed here…


  • you suck

    You people suck. You claim to be film critics and offer “the best of all time,” but practically all of those are recent films. What about the Cabinet of Dr. Caligari, one of the first and probably the best horror film out there? I bet you’ve never heard of it. You people sicken me.

  • Takes a suck to know a suck, “you suck.” Dr. Caligari is a weenie.

  • Kai

    Some others:

    Rubin & Ed
    Eversmile, New Jersey
    Candy (1969)
    Paranoia 1.0

  • Caligari is a fine film – I have it on DVD, but if you check the title of this article it’s ‘bizarre films’ not horror films, and Caligari isn’t nearly as bizarre as most of those mentioned here.


  • The film may be fine, Dave; the doc’s a weenie nonetheless.

  • Chris

    What’s about “Manos” Hands of Fate, and the crazy inn-keeper, Torgo?!

  • matt

    How about Altered States??

  • Lufi

    What? No Slaughterhouse 5? Granted, it’s not as effed up as some of these movies mentioned here…I’d describe it at a flashback-within-a-flashback- within-a-flashback-within-a-flashback-within-a-flashback -within-a-flashback-within-a-dude on an alien planet kind of movie. Or something. I dunno. It had a dog and a porn star and World War II, also.

  • godoggo

    “did anyone see the Bowie tour in the late-’70s where he opened with a dada Dali short with the infamous sliced eyeball scene?”

    Well not me anyway, but I mentioned the title above: “The Andalusian Dog,” or “Un Chien Andalou,” which was a collaboration between Dali and Luis Bunuel. Eraserhead always struck me as a longer, and better crafted version of it, but it’s still cool and belongs on the list.

  • Nick Jones

    Bloodsucking Freaks. Definitely not a film to see with your girlfriend.

  • Angel Of Death

    People, note that it is stated that the list is from his personal collection.

    BTW, what about:

    1. The Vampire Lesbians Of Sodom
    2. They Saved Hitlers Brain
    3. Highway To Hell (with the demonic cop, I state that because they were several movies by that name)
    4. American Flatulators
    5. Hick Trek

    Of course, Kevin Smith is not spared.
    Check out “Vulgar”. The cast of “Clerks” in a movie that is ignored by many. The rape of Vulgar the Clown is worth it.
    And Kevin’s other “opus”, “Drawing Flies”. The cast of “Vulgar” in diapers is a hoot.

  • jd

    Last Year at Marienbad
    Belle du Jour
    Juliet of the Spirits
    Some Warhol films

    should at least be mentioned.

  • BH

    Got me a movie
    I want you to know
    Slicing up eyeballs
    I want you to know
    Girlie so groovy
    I want you to know
    Don’t know about you
    But I am un chien Andalusia

  • Dave B

    I have to agree with Eraserhead as a definite for “The List”. Videodrome and Brazil were possibles. Great responses from all…..

  • Orp

    One I’ve not seen anyone mention that some of you might enjoy is “Dancer in the Dark,” featuring Bjork. I really, really, thought I would hate it, was practically forced to watch it (gf) and was pleasantly surprised. It’s worth a go.

  • Amfortas

    City of the Lost Children isn’t even close it’s bizarre predecessor, Delicatessen (1991). Strange people living over (and under) a delicatessen in a post-apocolytic world. Let’s just say they all have an incentive to pay the rent on time. Also stars Dominique Pinon.

    Aurora …….

    The “squeaky-bed sex” scene is a scream.


  • I want to thank all for the continued response. And I also wanted to restate that these films were from my collection, this was back in July of ’04, it has expanded greatly since. I was also not out to make any type of Top ten list, it was just a listing of ten films I thought were bizarre, I have seen and own more bizarre films. The main thing I was hoping for when I wrote it was for some more suggestions for bizarre films and maybe let other people see some titles they may or may not have been familiar with. Also bizarre does not necessarily equate wih gore/violence/sex, sometimes bizarre is just that, Six String Samurai for instance is just bizarre, but not terribly violent or anything like that.

    Thanks again all, keep’em coming!

  • Meh

    Not the weirdest film out there, and relatively tame to most of the other films mentioned in the responses, but
    “Pink Floyd: The Wall” is still a weird film and that’s what the list is about.

  • MadDaddy


  • gimme a break

    huh? what about attic expeditions?

  • Nick Jones

    Altered States, the last great film Ken Russell made.
    Casino Royale. Round robin filmmmaking; five directors, almost three times as many (mostly uncredited) writers, cast ranging from David Niven and John Huston to Ursula Andress and Woody Allen, with cameos by George Raft and Jean-Paul Belmondo. Great score by Burt Bacharach. ?The first post-modern film?

  • As far as I know, Vanilla Sky / Abre Los Ojos is NOT based on any Philip K. Dick story.

    For those who mention it: the experimental French film is mentioned as a basis for the “original” feature film (Abre) in the Vanilla Sky DVD by Mr. Crowe himself. It’s a black-and-white film from the ’60s I believe… possibly silent even? Or without dialogue perhaps.

    I’ll stand by my statement that Vanilla Sky is brilliant: incredible story telling, a perfect blending of ideas and narrative and the surreal.

    One of the best lines in film that no one has ever talked about (to my knowledge), when Cruise responds to a person who asks how he’s doing:

    “Living the dream, man,” he says. “Living the dream.”

    Sets up the entire film magically.

  • hazmatt

    peanut butter and jelly solution????

  • Jesse

    – The Acid House

    – Beyond the Valley of the Dolls

    – Lost Highway

  • -E

    Little Otik is pretty bizarre.

  • HW Saxton

    Let’s see here:
    Cronenberg’s “Rabid” – The armpit scene
    gets me every time.

    “I Spit On Your Grave”- Taking a bath w/
    your girlfriend was NEVER the same after
    this film. Know what I mean gentlemen?

    “Los Olvidados” – Nothing like a happy
    ending. And this is NOTHING like a happy
    ending. Bunuel at his best IMO.

    “Perfect” – John Travolta in that Unisex
    leotard is just plain disturbing.

    “L’Age D’or” – This is such great piece
    of experimentation I had to mention it.
    Lot of folks find it hopelessly& utterly
    pretentious. And bizarre. I don’t.

    “Last House On The Left” – This film is
    just so damn VIOLENT I can’t believe it
    ever got released. Bizarre, I dunno know
    but,I guess that’s a matter of taste.

    “Straitjacket” – William Castle outdoes
    Hitchcock on this “Psycho” knock-off.
    I saw this as a kid when I was home with
    a high fever once.It gave me a freaking
    nightmare. Re-watched it recently and it
    still gets under my skin. Joan Crawford
    as a crazy lady. Who’d a thunk it?

    That’s a lucky seven anyway. Great post
    by the way there, CB.

  • Webgrunt

    Jacob’s Ladder.

    Bizarre, with elements of both a horror and a psychological thriller, but not fitting neatly into either category. If you like strange, grim movies, this is an absolute must see. If it weren’t for the sappy, tacked-on disneyesque ending, this would be one of the top five films of all time.

  • Wickerman.

    Christopher Lee’s best film (according to him) and a truly astounding bit of horror, religious commentary and period peculiarity.

  • Yeah, Jacob’s Ladder is just about the best surreal, psychological horror film I’ve ever seen. Really hard to pull of that level of story telling, but they managed to do it. Everyone I know who has seen this film has gone through their own process of discovery to figure out what really happened.

    There’s some of the most disturbing use of imagery I’ve ever seen lurking in this movie as well. That party scene still creeps me out, matter of fact. And that hospital? No better hospital for the damned has ever been shown on screen.

  • Disembodied Vioce

    If you want bizarre, just pick up some Japanese movies At least half of any random sample will be more bizare tahn the wierdest AMerican Made film .Plus thei wierd ones will also be most excellent.

    Try “Battle Royale” on for size with one of the commentators from MXC as a sadistic murdering government teacher

  • I have to concur with at least one other poster: Liquid Sky is probably the strangest film ever made, at least that has been seen by more than five people.

    Of course, it is strange, confusing and boring. Of the films I’ve seen on the proffered list in the original entry (four of them), all are strange confusing and at least nominally interesting.

    Tom Knapp

  • maphead

    Good points, all of you. What about:
    My dinner with Andre
    Time Code

  • pravda.ru

    in soviet russia, the films watch a strange you. also, im goin with bubba-hotep because you just cant explain a geriatric elvis with an erectile dysfunction.

  • HW Saxton

    “Breakfast With Blassie”-Andy Kaufman is
    just plain bizarre here.And it’s all an
    improv piece!

  • Just thought of one:

    Head, starring The Monkees and made with the help of Jack Nicholson and Dennis Hopper… weird man!

  • Comment 100 – that was Stalker, by Tarovsky.

  • 4foot1 Sir

    There’s something to figure out about Jacob’s Ladder? I thought it was as straight-forward as they come. Try acid and then tell me there was anything remotely surreal about the movie. I mean, that’s what the entire movie is about…(A government-altered version of LSD) Mmmm, flashbacks
    /one of my favs

  • Monk

    As for the Philip K Dick movies…

    Bladerunner is “Do Androids…”

    Total Recall is “We Can Remember…”


    Minority Report is, I believe, from a short story of the same name.

    I have no idea what the orininal stories that Imposter and Paycheck were based on are called, but those were both PKD.

    I don’t think Vanilla Sky and its predecessors were PKD, but they were definitely PKD-ish…but so was the Matrix, The Truman Show…anything where reality is questionable, or your place in it, at any rate.

  • I agree with the lists’ top two and many of those suggested by users. “godoggo” has it– “Un chien andalou” is THE strangest film ever made– why isn’t it #1?? Consider these titles as well…

    “One Armed Boxer vs. the Flying Guillotine”
    Wire fu, decapitation by blind people, exploding coffins, and a chick whose “fighting style” consists of disrobing men with her fingernails. Did I mention the guy walking across the ceiling??

    “Superstar: The Karen Carpenter Story”
    It’s illegal, directed by Todd Haynes, and acted entirely with Barbies.

    “Bad Taste”
    Aliens open a new fast food chain and guess who’s the main ingredient? Peter Jackson is a sick mutha…

    “How to Get Ahead in Advertising”
    Richard E. Grant’s neck pimple turns into a second head, which starts talking and eventually takes over his whole life. (Grant is one of my fav actors and joins Willam Defoe and Christopher Walken for a future list entitled “Strangest Filmographies”.)

  • Stephanie

    Cube and it’s sequel. Those Canadians are an odd bunch.
    Also, Mommie Dearest is exceedingly bizarre, right down to the eyebrows.

  • Almost forgot! “200 Motels” starring Frank Zappa’s band and Keith Moon as “the Naughty Nun”.

    Did anyone mention “Magic Christian” yet? Yul Brynner in drag, vampires, a musical tribute to interracial gay love, and a surprisingly sweet Ringo Starr. ‘Almost makes up for “Cave Man”, yeech.



    “I have no idea what the orininal stories that Imposter and Paycheck were based on are called, but those were both PKD.”

    Hey, “Monk”, there’s this amazing tool called the “Internet” where you can search for info before you post. There’s even a nifty site *just* for movie info, called “IMDb”. You should check it out sometime. It lists *all* of Dick’s credits and which movie was based on which story. Wow!

    After you get all the info at IMDb, you can actually *buy* these books online, at a place called “Amazon.com”. Try searching for the titles “Paycheck: And Other Classic Stories” and “Selected Stories of Philip K. Dick”–nifty, huh? 😉

  • JimC

    The Tin Drum
    Hedwig & the Angry Inch

  • mugwump

    Just saw a French film called SKIN which come to think of it is as bizarre as they come. The plot? self mutiliation in exacting detail.

  • Harold & Maude

  • Greg

    Did you consider “The House of Yes” Of course I told my sister who really appreciates a weird film and she watched it with my mother. “Greg told me I had to watch it.”

    “Kiss of the Spider Woman” might also be considered.

  • AAHH

    Man Bites Dog is a very strange movie, with fantastic acting. Here is a summary from imdb – “A camera crew follows a serial killer/thief around as he exercises his craft. He expounds on art, music, nature, society, and life as he offs mailmen, pensioners, and random people. Slowly he begins involving the camera crew in his activities, and they begin wondering if what they’re doing is such a good idea”

    If you watch it, make sure it is the uncensored version…

  • HCE

    Thanks for your list
    Shows me some things to look for
    And the list is not definitive, so all you naysayers and name droppers who are trying so hard not to poo-poo other peoples opinions, can do well to take a few notes and see what else is out there outside of your petty little lives
    This dirties me, typing this note, because participating in one of these online debate forums is like running a race in the special olympics – no matter who wins you’re still a retard.
    So, for the original post, thank you. For those of you who said ‘Think that’s weird, try this one’ thank you, too because I’ll take notes and learn a little bit more.
    Everyone else – Jesus Christ – go and take the garbage out like your mother asked you too.

  • PMNoir

    Well maybe not top 10, but what about “A boy and his dog”? And my all time favorite, “Hell comes to Frog town”

  • Jayne

    I didn’t read all the comments but I have to mention a very strange Hong Kong film whose title is, in English, “They Call Me Mr Vampire.” It features a magacian who can control people by eating some of their hair, hopping vampires who can be put on pause by taping a piece of paper to their heads, and a pitiable succubus. Good stuff and howlingly funny at times.

  • Someone mentioned The Wicker Man earlier – there’s a remake of this great film in the works, starring Nicholas Cage in the Edward Woodward role. I can’t imagine who they’d cast as Lord Summerisle who could hold a candle to Christopher Lee, though.


  • monolith

    Nobody mentioned Incubus.
    A horror film entirely in Esperanto.
    Stars pre-Trek William Shattner.

  • Shark

    Can”t believe no one has mentioned Peeping Tom (1960) dir by Michael Powell

    Already mentioned, but worth repeating: Everything by Peter Greenaway, but especially “A Zed and Two Naughts”

    (Saxton, thanks for mentioning “Los Olvidados”! Love that happy ending!)

  • Shark

    Oh, almost forgot:

    “Wings of Desire” by Wim Wenders

  • Kilaban

    I’m surprised noone has mentioned Koyaanisqatsi or Powaqqatsi- both very bizarre and very powerful.

  • A few years back, I was dragged down to the musical version of “Hedwig & the Angry Inch,” in San Francisco of all places. It was quite an experience, to say the least…

    Couple of truly kick-ass glam rock tunes in there though.

  • Lee

    What about Videodrome. That is a pretty bizarre Movie.

  • Anything by Cronenberg could easily make a Top 10 of this variety. My favorite of his is eXistenZ.

  • HW Saxton

    Eric O.,David Bowie used the short film
    “Un Chien Andalou” to open up shows on
    the “Station To Station” tour back in

    Didn’t he go into his “Berlin” phase not
    long after that? “Heroes & Low” et al.?
    The film was,of course the colloborative
    effort of Luis Bunuel & Salvador Dali.

  • un chien andalou….isn’t that what Black Francis was yakkin’ about in, uhm…Debaser?

  • un chien andalou is amazing. any of Luis Bunuel’s flicks can fit on this list. Phantom Of Liberty or L’Age D’or, i’d wager.

    Also, Herzog’s Aguire – Wrath Of God could snugly fit.

  • and chris, im gonna be checkin out six string samurai thanks to you. i totally missed that number. cheers!

  • an Katakuri’s is weird, certainly, but i’d wager Miike’s Visitor Q is much weirder. But then most of Miike’s filmography could go on here. Dead Or Alive would make it purely for the ending.

    And then there’s that brilliant moment in Ichi The Killer when the fella cuts his tongue off, then answers the phone immedately after. hah, that Miike, man. what a crazy sonnabitch.

  • HW Saxton

    Mark,I’m not sure.I’ve heard The Pixies,
    but never willingly listened to them.

    I’d venture to guess YES though. It’s a
    staple watch for many hipster/scenester
    types and a great watch at that.

    A lot of people find it pretentious and
    over the top. But,that’s what makes it
    so fun to watch IMO.

  • Pixies are one of the greatest bands to ever be produced by Human-kind… definitely suggest you get on a listen right about now.

  • HW Saxton

    Eric, They’re not my thing.I have heard
    enough to know I don’t like them though.
    To each his own,live & let live,que sera
    and all that.On the same hand I’m tired
    of 99% of all Rock Music anyway.I’ve got
    friends who went totally ape shit mad at
    the chance to see them at Coachella,but
    personally speaking, I’d rather listen
    to obscure old Blues 45’s by groups like
    Shorty Bacon & The Rhythm Masters LOL.

  • Skyloaf

    Nice list, but pretty pedestrian in its ‘bizzareness’.

    “Eraserhead” is clearly Lynch at his most bizzarre. It took me several years of therapy to watch it again.

    Nice call by Roscoe on “Tetsuo the Iron Man”, but you might want to limit the scope here to US released or English-speaking films. If not, Japan would fill the list up in a second.


  • HW Saxton

    A very strange film no one has mentioned
    here yet is “The Dark Backward”.

    It starred Judd Nelson who was looking
    to break out of his brat pack image. It
    is a really creepy movie that will leave
    you feeling uncomfortable as all hell.
    It uses only “natural” sounds(electric
    lights buzzing & popping and the likes)
    as opposed to soundtrack music.It came
    out in 1991 and didn’t make much of a

    It’s a very hard movie to explain w/o a
    lengthy review but you can find many
    reviews of it online as it does have a
    small cult following.

  • Kudos on the addition of Vanilla Sky. Most online folks are too pretentious to admit that (1) it is a great film; and (2) it is better than the original.

  • HW Saxton

    Duke,I don’t know that I’d put “Aquirre-
    Wrath Of God” on a bizarre films list.

    It’s a fucking beautiful film though and
    is on my personal Top Ten Of All Fucking
    Time Motherfucking Movies That I Could
    Watch Over & Fucking Over Again Fucking
    Forever list though.

    Ditto for “Fitzcarraldo” and “Woycjek”
    (spelling probably wrong)& the ski lift/
    suicide scene in the latter flick is a
    mindfuck for definite.Been a while since
    I’ve seen any of this German stuff.

    Have you ever been brave enough to watch
    the version of “A.W.O.G” that was dubbed
    into English? Aaaaaarrrrgh! Klaus Kinski
    FUCKING hated it and any Herzog fan will
    as well.

    Actually now, come to think of it at the
    end of “Aquirre…”, when Herr Kinski is
    surrounded by those monkeys as the raft
    drifts away…

    Just maybe it would qualify at that.

  • Reedster — I’m not too pretentious, it’s an amazing film. But you hit on a good point: Vanilla Sky rarely gets its due. Hard to say whether it’s because of the Cruise factor, it was a commercial release, or it was too odd (for whatever reason) to strike a chord.

  • Film Guy

    No “bizarre film” list worth it’s weight would miss these:

    Even Dwarves Start Small : Herzog
    A Zed and Two Naughts : Greenaway

    And if you’re going to mention Lynch, then why wouldn’t Eraserhead make the list. No plot, barely any dialogue and certainly stranger than Mulholland Drive. In my opinion, Cronenberg was off the mark on the Naked Lunch…but I give him lots of credit for trying.

  • HW Saxton

    Film Guy,I agree that “Naked Lunch” was
    off the mark.There is TOO MUCH going on
    in the book to adapt it properly to film
    and keep it cohesive.

    Many good books make lousy films. On the
    other hand, many average books can make
    great films.When a good writer gets his
    himself an average story that can be
    embellished upon he can turn it into a
    film that’ll shine.”Angel Heart”,IMO was
    a great movie, but the book (which I now
    forget the title of)was mediocre at best
    to me.Interesting premise though, so the
    writers had a good jumping off point. As
    I was saying though it’s often just the
    opposite with good books. Every once in
    a while the twain meets and you’ll get a
    great film that was also a great book,in
    the case of “One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s
    Nest” for example.

  • Mat

    Salon.com has a good explanation of what Mulholland Drive means here

  • truehead

    You guys seem to know your stuff
    Looking to put together a collection of sick,disgusting films. mostly 1970s italian cannibal flicks.Bless me with your knowledge and suggest a few films that are out right nasty and a place to purchse them. Much thanks

  • HW Saxton

    truehead, Go to the “Mondo Irlando” blog
    site and talk to the Duke. He’s wild on
    Eye-Talian Zombie flicks. Lucio Fulci &
    the like. For sleazeball Italian flicks
    you can’t go wrong with “Gates Of Hell”.
    An early 80’s gore fest that twist your
    stomach a bit. Seriously though,ask The
    Duke De Mondo he’s mighty scholarly on
    the genre and could likely answer you as
    good or better than anyone else around
    here on the subject.Thats Duke De Mondo
    at http://www.mondoirlando.com.

  • HW! What a kind fellow you truly are. thanks man.

    Italian cannibal flicks don’t get one iota better than Cannibal Holocaust, although i have something of a soft spot for Mountain Of The Cannibal God.

    Cannibal Ferox is wretched, but in its uncut form does certainly have some inventive head and willy-lopping madness.

    As for zombie numbers, Lucio Fulci is THE man. Zombie Flesh Eaters (also known as Zombie 2, or Zombie, on account of its an unnoficial sequel to Dawn Of The Dead, released in Italy as Zombie) is just wonderful. Zombies Versus Sharks!! What more do you want? How about plenty biting of necks and eyeball puncturing.

    City Of The Living Dead is his masterpiece.

    Although plenty folks (myself included) love The Beyond. Gotta dig that total disregard for “conventional” plot and just stringing together a series of amazing set-pieces.

  • Duke,
    Did you happen to see the homage to Fulci on Malcolm in the Middle a few weeks back? The last place I’d expect to see something like that….

  • To come back to theatre of the bizarre, though, try Repo Men&#8212stellar cast includes Emilio Estevez and Harry Dean Stanton, plus Tracey Walter as a truly “out there” advisor.

    Very Area 51, though nowhere near as great as the vampires melting into ashes in Legend of the Seven Golden Vampires.

  • Eric Olsen

    #171, thanks HW, you are a fount! I’m somewhat surprised you don’t like the Pixies, but not shocked

  • HW Saxton

    Thanks,Duke.As they say “You the man”…

    Speaking of Zombies: DDM, You’re aware
    of Romero’s return to the screen around
    Halloween of this year with his “Land Of
    The Dead” right?

  • Eric Olsen

    and thanks Farkers, very happy to see you – been a nice couple of days!

  • Any editors here to break Lufi’s #121 string of hyphens?

  • i am indeed aware of this HW. i just hope it rocks as i imagine it will, and not how i fear it won’t.

    Chris – a fulci reference on Malcolm! holy god. an just last night i learned that Bright Eyes made an appearance on The O.C, meaning i have to hunt the fucker down.

    These Network cats. they know just how to grab the duke’s attention. Like the time Kirsten showed up on The Waltons. “I’ll only go out with you, John Boy, if you amend your writings to include more talk of zombies and motherfuck”

    And regarding Aguire, it was indeed the madness with the monkeys on the raft i was thinking of.

  • HW Saxton

    Thanks,Eric. Coming from you it’s quite
    a compliment.Truly.

    Duke,The Romero flick is set for release
    in the US the third week of October.I’ve
    heard from well informed friends that it
    will be the equal of if not superior to
    “Dawn Of ” “.. The zombies are supposed
    to be in a state of evolution from the
    shambling, slow moving zombies of “Dawn”
    to fast moving, killing machines within
    this flick. Speaking of Romero, you ever
    seen “Martin”?

  • Keiser

    Well…I think we can all agree that this list if flawed, but still…

    Anything Gaspar Noe has touched should be considered. I Stand Alone, irreversible, or Carne are all weird ass films. Really disturbed but amazing ina Kubrick kinda way.

    Agreed that a Jodrowoski film (Sante Sangre probably) should be included. Did you know that he was hired to do Dune with a Dali set design? That would have been the best film ever!

    Of course, the Brazil people have that right.

    Vanilla Sky was a crappy version of the original. Where the hell is 2001???

    A lot of the films people are mentioning (Bunuel, and others) aren’t all that bizarre to me. Just because they are differnt (Man Bites Dog, U-Turn, etc) doesnt mean that they are a really that bizarre. Blue Velvet is hyper realism…not at all bizarre in it’s look or feel. Cept for that whole Dennis hopper thing. Lynch deserves mention, but not Mullolland…definitely Eraserhead.

    All right…no more drunken/high rants. I could go for hours.


    PS- Everyone should listen to more robbie williams. It would make the world a bettr place.

  • HW Saxton

    Dr. Pat,I can’t believe that you’ve seen
    “Legend Of The Seven Golden Vampires”.
    It is likely the best Kung Fu & Vampire
    exploitation movie of it’s kind ever to
    be made. Also, the only one & rightfully

  • Yogi3939

    After reading through this long list I am surprised that no mentioned an early Johnny Depp offering “Cry Baby”. That is one wierd movie. It is so wierd that it is campy.

  • RedWookie

    OK, great list. Just wanted to throw in my two-cents:
    Time Bandits (1981)…great cast and a definitive ‘WTF?’ factor
    The Piano (1993)….I think it’s a remake, and is listed by more than one woman I know as a great romatic story, HOWEVER it has an uber ‘WTF?’ factor for just about any guys that sees it.

    Any others I may mention have already been beaten to death…….

  • HW, i saw Martin many moons ago. I recall it being something close to wonderful. I quite like his Season Of The Witch, too.

    And i must offer a musing with regards all this Gasper Noe banter. I think maybe there is confusion between disturbing and weird. Irreversible is a fucking masterpiece, no mistake, but it’s not espeically “weird” unless you take the sick-enducing camera work and backwards narrative into account.

    he has moments of weird, like the warning in I Stand Alone advising you to get the hell out if you don’t wanna see something utterly degrading, but i think he’s more distressing than weird.

  • Shark

    Not TOO weird, but for those who think an “old classic film” is the original Star Wars — I gotta throw in two of my all time favorite semi-weirdos:

    The 5,000 Fingers of Dr. T


    The Seven Faces of Dr. Lao

    Must see!

  • Shark

    Would you like to see what happens when a “BIG CHILL” type reunion of empty-headed, egotistical 30-somethings gets invaded by bugs that eat humans from the inside out?

    I can’t miss an opportunity to plug “INFESTED” — a film written and directed by my best friend, Josh Olson, who also wrote the script for Cronenberg’s next film, *”A History of Violence”

    *loose adaptation of graphic novel of the same name

  • HW Saxton

    I love “The 5,000 Fingers Of Dr.T”. But
    I’m a sucker for most anything Dr. Seuss
    had a hand in. The whole dream/nightmare
    sequence is genius!!!

  • mitch

    the #1 bizarre movie of all time is 1953’s , “The 5,000 fingers of Dr. T” staring the kid from Lassie and cowritten by Dr. Suess.

  • truehead

    Much love to Duke De Mondo for the heads up. Is Battle Royale banned in the US? A friend told me it was a must see and no one has ever heard of it.
    You guys have hit all the nails on the head but I feel that I must put this one down, “The Brood”, showed my friends on fungus and killed the mood pretty quick. Also to who ever that was at the top that put down “the 9th Configuration”, thatta boy!!
    FARK RULES!!!!!!!

  • Eric Olsen

    Shark, very nice call with Seven Faces of Dr. Lao: Tony Randall as inscrutable Chinese carnival owner with truly frightening (for a kid) assortment of wonders for the unwary to behold – sort of Willy Wonka taken to another level of retributional sadism. Bugged the hell out of me when I saw it in the elementary school auditorium

  • Antfreeze

    An unmentioned and tasty little film is Sweetie. Fat naked girls falling from collapsing tree houses get me every time. Umm, oddly mainstream, but not right, Slingblade.

  • Jim

    Slaughterhouse five
    Killer Clowns from outer space

    Need to categorize. and create several lists. Best Bizzar foreign, best bizzaro comedy…etc.
    Wickerman….#1 for me…not sure which category. Horror, Musical..
    Good 1st attempt

  • i think one of the weirdest films i’ve ever seen was something called “La Luna”, with jill clayburgh.

    the movie taken in its entirety wasn’t so strange…but it had this bizarre incest thing going on between clayburgh and her drug-addled son.

  • Has anyone mentioned Blood Sucking Freaks? Snuff film, or art house classic?

    Some unnamed friends of mine revered that film for a time back in the day.

    It’s certainly one bizarro film.

  • Surferess

    How about Boxing Helena?
    I couldn’t sleep for 2 weeks!

  • greezyfast

    Pink Flamingo’s is far and away the strangest, most bizarre movie I have ever seen. Divine is too much!!!

  • Charles Box

    I’d put “Freaked” by Alex Winter (blonde guy in Bill & Ted) up for wierdness any day of the week!

  • Wasn’t that called Freaks?

    Whatever it’s called, it’s a great great and often overlooked comedy, but no where near the bizarro level of some of these other films.

  • Eric, the alex winter one was freakED. freakS is the Tod Browning masterpiece from the thirties.

    I just picked it up the other day on DVD. (the browning one). I’d forgotten how incredible it was.

    And the Winter number is indeed sorely underrated.

    And i’m watching Birth at the minute, which A- is amazing, and B- is fit to be ranked alongside the most bizarre mainstream flicks of the last five years, for certain.

    fucking great film, man.

  • AARGH! I couldn’t stand Birth, worst film of ’04 and one of the worst of recent memory.

    Freaks on the other hand was freaking fantastic!

  • worst film of 04??? Chris! I can’t get behind that for a second.

    I can, though, see how it’d be a love it or hate it kinda thing. I’d imagine there ain’t many “ah, it was alright” lines of thought regarding it.

    But god almighty, that beautiful, beautiful cinematography, that hypnotic pacing, that score, how the whole thing feels like if Felini had made Ghost straight after La Strada, my god. Those performances! And the tragedy of it all! and the ambiguity!

    Sweet mother of mercy, there’s just too much for to adore.

  • Well, every film will have fans and haters. I found nothing in Birth to get behind. I thought the pace was coma inducing (I have nothing against slower paced films), the story ludicrous, characters without any brains in their head, lingering shots for no purpose. It was a pretentious mess.

    But I won’t hold that against you, we will just have to agree to disagree. I am sure there are many films that I love that you hate. 🙂

    To be honest, I am truly surprised at the attention this column has gotten!

  • well, everybody loves a good list. and this was better than most, so, stands to reason.

    And i totally agree with Suicide Club. the moment when it suddenly bursts into a full-on Goth Music Video jsut nails it for me.

  • oh, and chris, did you review Birth ever? do you have a link? i think i recall a couple reviews around the theatrical release.

  • Yeah, I need to go back and revisit that title. And track down a bunch listed here.

    I did pick up Japanese Hell the other day, that looks suitably bizarre.

    I should probably put together another list. I have been thinking of doing the occasional listing of films under a theme. I had to reread what I wrote for this one, I wrote it last July!

  • yeah here it is:

  • thanks Chris.

    and you got Japanese Hell! brilliant! how much did it cost you?

    it got released a couple weeks back on region 1, i’m aware, but i kinda been hopeing it might show up on region 2. looks unlikely, though. guess i’m just gonna have to hit the ol’ import sites.

    oh, and mentioning Asian mayhem, i can’t believe i forgot to mention Guinea Pig – Mermaid In A Manhole. One of the most bizarre, weird and bloody well disturbing flicks i’ve ever seen. Certianly in my top 3 of most disturbing flicks ever, alongside Irreversible and Salo. Maybe top 4, since Cannibal Holocaust would be above it, i’d wager.

  • I found it at Best Buy for $20.

    Irreversible was the only film to make me physically ill, then I found out about the sound they put in the opening club scene to help induce that. I hardly slept that night!

    A Guinea Pig box was recently released over here too, I’ve been thinking of picking that up. I’ve heard the legends of Cannibal Holocaust but have not experienced it yet.

  • chris, guinea pig is a relentlessly harsh series of flicks. the first two are especially notorious. poor ol’ charlie sheen called the FBI on account of he was convinced #2 was a snuff flick.

    Irreversible had the same effect on me, and ditto the sound revelations. I watched it a couple nights later at my ex’s (she as asleep, i had insomnia, so i brought a bollock-load of dvd’s with me) with the sound next to muted, and the effect was totally different.

    i have never, ever experienced the like of that first viewing, when i had to turn the damn thing off just after that fire-extinguisher carry-on. Much as it rattled me senseless, it was a hell of an experience. And i think, even though i didn’t put it on again for a couple days, i enjoyed the sensation immensely…

  • I had ehard that about ol Charlie. I am not sure I wan to subject myself to them, but at the same time, I am so dang curious.

    I have only been able to watch Irreversible that once. I have told people about it, but I always feel the need to warn them that they have to be ready for it, I went in cold and I think it was a bit of a mistake. I can take it, but there are curious friends who probably wouldn’t be able to.

  • yeah, i went in knowing it was fairly harsh,but then i’d jsut picked up cannibal holocasut a couple weeks back. how harsh can it be?

    much friggin’ harsher, it turned out.

    and G.P 1&2 are pretty much FX reels. a woman gettin tortured an dismembered for 40 minutes. especially nasty. but yeah, you like to say you’ve at least seen these things.

    Mermaid… though is something altogether different. it’s a piece of dazzling, grotesque art, is what i would announce to the world. One of those things that are somehow beautiful even as you can feel the vomit rising.

  • -E

    I’d say any of Rob Zombie’s films qualify as a WTF?!? bizzare kinda film.

  • Danny Wright

    I highly recommend “Santa Sangre” from Alejandro Jodorowsky. A very VERY strange film that haunts me. An older (60’s) but offbeat film is “Micky One” with Warren Beatty. Both are an antidote to the summer glut of formula films.

  • Has anyone seen the unfinished Hwy., which was being made by Jim Morrison? I imagine that would qualify for the list, or perhaps the unfinished list.

    It’s about a killer on a road…

  • Eric Olsen

    Duke and Chris, I freely admit I cannot comprehend in the slightest the aesthetic impulse to make or watch extreme horror: life is short, the birds are singing, there is an endless supply of real tragedy in the world.

    And I understand the humor and kinetic rush of such obvious limb-lopping excess as in Kill Bill, for example. But you are talkign about something else entirely, as far as I can tell.

    A post on such things might be very revealing to those so blinded such as myself.

  • daveg

    The Holy Mountain by Jodorowsky is probably the most bizarre film available anywhere.

  • i’m in eric’s camp on this…i saw a tv thing about horror movies and they played just a bit of the japanese movie “audition”.

    yech…that was enough for me.

  • Eric Olsen

    we are delicate souls, Mark!

  • this reminds me a little of the mini-discussion that dawn was a part of…about how she doesn’t see what other see in death-type metal.

    part of what i like about it, even if there’s no groove, is the sheer adrenaline rush of the thing.

    this is probably what folks who like extreme horror draw from it (among other stuff, no doubt).

    i just can’t take it! a horror movie wuss for sure.

  • Eric Olsen

    yes, I not only “can’t take it,” but I can’t imagine why anyone would want to take it – that’s what my question is about

  • You want weird? I’ll give you weird.

  • gee, sounds like a typical blogcritics political discussion!


  • Taloran

    Just a few to add – sorry if any of them have been mentioned above.

    Bagdad Cafe – Jack Palance, CCH Pounder and Marianne Sagebracht – even stranger that they made it into a short-lived TV show.

    Liquid Sky – an undecipherable, though not unwatchable, mess about some androgynous and/or gay and lesbian folks and tiny aliens who get power when the humans copulate.

    I Am Curious (two equally weird but different versions, “Yellow” and “Blue”) – Two people have sex in odd places while speaking Swedish and researching a documentary. Either the subtitles are way off or it’s completely incomprehensible. I’m not going to take the time to learn Swedish to watch it without subtitles.

    Betty Blue (French title “Le Matin”) – French-language film in which a sexually aggressive woman who spends most of the film nude meets a handyman, who cuts off his privates while talking to her on the phone. Different, to say the least.

    King of Hearts (Le Roy de Coeur) An English infantryman in WWI is sent to a town that the inhabitants have abandoned, but not before setting free the inmates at the local loony bin. A fabulous, strange, funny film.

    And some of my favorite weird movies as mentioned above:
    Harold and Maude
    The Cook, The Thief, His Wife, and Her Lover

    Why do people think The Wicker Man is weird? I’m very sorry to hear that it’s being remade with Nicholas Cage – I can’t see him playing Sgt. Howie anywhere near as effectively as Edward Woodward did. They’ll probably Americanize it too.

  • When I was a kid, a bunch of people were into that Faces of Death tripe, which supposedly showed real executions, torture, even autoposies and all other manner of stuff.

    Now that I really don’t get!

  • regarding the extreme horror type shindigs, a lot of the tripe i have on dvd or have otherwise observed has been a result of nothin other than curiosity. i suposse when you’re up to the teeth in movie speak all day you wanna see these things gettin discussed in however obscure an outlet.

    In saying that, there is a sensation a fella feels when sittin down with Mermaid In A Manhole or something, the kinda feelin you ain’t gonna be getting with the, admittedly fun, Cabin Fever. I’d still rather watch Manhattan of an evening, but that white-knuckle jaunt through the first half-hour of Irreseversible is somethin i enjoyed, even at some level so deep that it took about six months to realise i actually DID enjoy it.

    It’s the old thing about the rollercoaster. Terrifying and sickenin at the time, but exhilirating none the less, if done right.

  • an i have seen that faces of death pish, again, becuase i was reading a book at the time that referred to it a lot, and rather than take thier opinion i thought id see it and form my own. detestable pish, it turned out.

  • Taloran

    ‘Scuse me – my French is out of practice. The French title for King of Hearts is “Le Roi de Coeur”. See it in French with subtitles – save the poorly dubbed English-language version for a second run.

  • The fact that a movie does not have supernatural elements doesn’t mean it can’t be weird, so I wouldn’t call Blue Velvet “hyper-realistic.” It’s a nightmarish wet dream.

  • freakin’ lynch…eraserhead was one of the few movies i’ve seen where i was glad it was over. as in: “man, i’m glad i’ve seen it…never again!”

  • and a sickening, vile one also.

  • actually, i loved the bizarreness of the first part of the movie, the claustrophobia, the chicken, etc…

    …but then that gaddamn ‘baby’ came home and my discomfort level went through the roof.

  • ah, sorry mark, comment confusion. i was referring to blue velvet. your comment hadnt appeareard on my side yet.

    Eraserhead is one of the handful of Lynch films i actually think is amazing.

  • i’ve been tempted to watch it again…but then i remember the baby-thing.


    i s’pose i’d rather see it again than Audition.

  • ah come now, Audition was brilliant!!

    heh, i always think of The Dead Kennedys when musing on Eraserhead. “You bawl like the baby in Eraserhead” hollered Jello in Too Drunk To Fuck.

    God bless that man.

  • I agree with The Duke regarding Lynch — Eraserhead is the only thing I can sit through. And even that one is a bit tough for me, I’ll admit.

    Has anyone yet mentioned Pi? To me, that was a brilliant film as it was bizarre and a bit surreal, yet delivered on story. Buffalo ’66 is another that falls somewhere close to that category for me.

    If I were to do my own list, which would be tough as I’ve not seen many mentioned here, simply being “bizarre” wouldn’t be nearly enough. It’s easy to be bizarre (I should know — I’m living proof everyday)… but can you deliver a good story? Ah… there’s the rub.

    There’s the magic bit.

  • Just noticed Pi is on the original list. Word up!

  • absolutely loved Pi.

    also, Zabriskie Point…though all i can remember about it was a buncha people having sex outdoors…and then a house blowing up.

  • grintwin

    To whom may care:
    PKD didn’t write “Total Recall”
    It was an old bird named Piers Anthony.

  • Audition was brilliant!

    As far as the hardcore horror stuff, I have watched some pretty whacked out stuff, but have not made it to the Guinea Pig or Cannibal Holocaust stuff, although I am willing to give it a shot.

    As for why I like this stuff, I am not sure. I think it is part the adrenaline rush. When I was a kid my mom tried to shield me from horror, so I think that maybe it started as a rebellion sort of thing, but it is also curiosity. I am a bit of a dull kind of guy, so maybe it is the vicarious excitement I wouldn’t get otherwise? not sure….

  • sverdlovsk

    I believe that Charade, with Cary Grant and Audrey Hepburn should definitely be in the top ten

  • Ja undt?

    Donnie darko is bizarre

  • Taloran

    re: comment 256
    Dick did indeed write We Can Remember It For You Wholesale, the short story on which Total Recall is loosely based.

  • doot

    I think “Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep” was actually made into several movies (including Bladerunner + Total Recall), but perhaps I’m mistaken.

    The Brothers Quay(sp?)

  • In my opinion, several movies SHOULD be in this list:

    Amores Perros (2000) (Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu); Brazil (1985); Following (1998) (Christopher Nolan); Intacto (2001); The Qatsi Trilogy: Koyaanisqatsi (1983), Powaqqatsi (1988), Naqoyqatsi (2002); Das Weisse Rauschen (2001).

    With warm greetings from Saarbruecken, Germany,
    Vitaly Friedman,

  • My addition:

    Meet the Feebles (Peter Jackson…Yes, the same Peter Jackson)
    Bad Taste (Again, Peter Jackson)
    Jacob’s Ladder (whether you buy the ending or not, it’s a bizarre movie)
    The Nineth Configuration (William Peter Blatty, if nothing else for the crazy kook doing auditions for a “Hamlet” production done entirely with dogs)
    Pink Flamingo (can you have a bizarre list without it?)
    Gummo (just watch it)

  • reverend ken

    Jesus Christ – Vampire Hunter

    A kung-fu Jesus, hunting lesbian vampires with a leather-clad nun and Mexican wrestler with musical sequences.

  • massimo

    Hi all, this is my first comment on this post.
    I found this post casually, I read through ALL the posts, and decided to write something.
    I simply love Cinema in general, but in particular “bizarre” films.
    i’ve always had problems with my best friends (film lovers) trying to explain the beauty of such films.
    What exactly does Chris and all of you mean by Bizarre??
    Dunno! But I know what I mean, and by the list made by Chris and by some others (not all) I see I’m not alone (AT LAST!!)
    Bizarre directors for me are Cronenberg and Terry Gilliam and David Lynch and Caro/Jeunet and Bunuel.
    I agree completely with Lost Highway, Naked Lunch and Brazil for example.
    Also the City of lost children was astonishing and Donnie Darko.
    Many films are Bizarre, it’s easy to make bizarre films, but not GOOD and WELL made, that’s a different matter.
    Bizarre is like Chaos with an order.
    Difficult to explain.
    Has anybody seen Altman’s Brewster McCloud?
    Or Tornatore’s “a pure formality”?
    I think for most of you “L’ANNO PROSSIMO… VADO A LETTO ALLE DIECI”, translated it’s “next year i’ll go to bed at ten”,
    Italian will be difficult to find but I assure you it’s bizarre.
    Thanks for many of your posts.
    I will start watching those films I never saw and let you know!!
    Ah… in literature, Franz Kafka is according to me the most Bizarre of all.
    Nobody has ever (although we have some attempt by Orson Welles, the process
    ) managed to express his very weird atmospheres.
    Ah, try reading The stranger (albert camus)
    or Beckett’s “waiting for Godot”

  • Joseph

    What about Glen or Glenda by Edward D. Wood jr. That was, to say the least, strange.

  • Joseph

    Also, Waking Life, The Sacrafice (Tarkovsky), Nakoyquatsi or the first of its trilogy Koyonisquatsi, Baraka, The Return, and many more that I can’t presently remember. But tune in next week folks…

  • Derrick

    The Trial
    Easy Rider
    The Tenant
    Altered States
    La Vallee (Obscured by Clouds)
    Zabriskie Point
    The Discreet Charm of The Burgousie
    Land Without Bread
    Persona (c’mon people, Ingmar Bergman! This is more of a psychological film than anything, but I suppose it is bizarre to some extent as well so it deserves to be on the list)
    Cries and Whispers (another fantastic Bergman film!)

    …and I could seriously go on and on and on with this.

  • Derrick

    and oh yes…

    How could I have forgotten:

    Steppenwolf (!!!)



  • Derrick

    ok, last one:

    Count Dracula (made-for-tv British film that stays as true to any movie based on Bram Stoker’s classic book. Louis Jordan owns all Dracula actors with this classic)…

    Unfortunately, it is very rare. If anyone is interested in checking it out then go here:


  • Derrick

    This is seriously becoming a habit…

    I’ve thought of others I neglected to mention:

    Run Lola Run



  • dani

    first off,i would like to say.i found this site by accident searching out bizarre movies,but this place has me quite perplexed and a bit irritated(and i dont get irritated easily, i believe live and let live, they will get theirs in the end.)(wink) at some of the childishness and lack of comprehension of what the author actually said and meant. i have found many, many movies that i did not know about and will look for and research out for myself,thank you for the info!)
    it seems that like a few others have said, that you are confusing bizarre with stupid,worst,etc?
    for instance manos:hand of fate is number one on the all time “worst” movies list? and baby genuises:2 is the 6th on the worst ever movies?
    now the definition of bizarre is: (courtesy of webster, as good as any other dictionary i suppose)
    markedly unusual in appearance, style or general character.whimsically strange. odd.
    hmmm, i can only guess that some did not look up the meaning of the word before they typed or that they are testostorone laden young men without taste or…?
    i do however think this was an excellent thread, amusing at times and have learned a lot. and no i am not “putting” anyone down, (before you get your knickers all in a bunch), these are just observations, questions, as i am not entirely sure of the answers for some of the movies picks on here. sorry for this in advance, and i do like to stay positive but yikes it was hard to do with some of the posts and you all know and we all know who you are. this is a forum to discover “good” (i would hope) bizarre movies. dani

  • Welcome Dani, Thank you for your thoughts and I hope you look around BC, we have lots of good stuff here!

  • dani

    i did an unofficial/informal count:
    here are the results on this thread only.
    eraserhead 11or 12 votes in favor
    brazil 9 liked it
    2 didnt
    un chien andalou/andalusian dog 9 liked it
    vanilla sky or abre los ojos
    6 liked it
    3 didnt
    lost highway 6 liked it
    irreversible 5 liked it
    jacobs ladder 5 liked it
    4 liked it votes for the following:
    city of lost children
    pink flamingos
    naked lunch
    japanese hell
    donnie darko
    the following 3 liked it:
    liquid sky
    the qatsi movies
    the legend of the 7 golden vampires
    visitor Q
    slaughterhouse5 (i think had three)
    all others where 2 or less.
    i do understand that a lot were repeated, but all that tells me is that they are the movies everyone likes.
    so i have an idea of what to go and rent/or buy now. thanks! dani

    if you can comment again on the movies as to what you liked or disliked about them that helps for folks to decide for themselves on what to watch.(hint)

  • Bix Dugan

    I just read this entire thread, and have a lot of films to put on my Neflix Queue.

    Ps. the guy who couldnt understand why Mulholland Drive was on any Most Weird list….
    You are thinking of Mulholland Falls which starred Jennifer Connely.

    also Piers Anthony wrote the NOVELAZATION to Total Recall ….PKD wrote the original short story…

  • Bix Dugan

    OK, in the spirit of the ORIGINAL INTENT of this thread….
    The top 10 Weird movies in his current personal DVD collection….

    I dont have 10 strong ones, but I offer these wierd movies in my collection…

    ZARDOZ !!!!
    Picnic at Hanging Rock
    Tin Drum
    Un Chien Andalou
    Bad Taste
    Man Who Fell To Earth
    Spider Baby
    Cemetary Man

  • Bad Taste is a good one! I remember the Man who fell to earth many years ago, looking forward to the upcoming Criterion release.

    Cemetary Man (aka Dellamorte Dellamore) is one of the best zombie films ever made!

  • Nick Jones

    I have checked to see if these have been mentioned above, and I post them for your consideration:

    Dead Alive – Peter Jackson
    Lizstomania – Ken Russell

  • Tin Drum is pretty weird.

  • Joshua Klein

    I saw a real weird film at the Chicago Indiefest. It’s called Girl in 3D and is one of the sickest yet fun films I’ve seen this year.

  • Antti

    two more for the list / / /

    Bad Boy Bubby, 1993

    Leningrad Cowboys Go America, 1989

  • hi! Reading all the list, I realized that there are great movies that are pretty bizarre. I have seen some of them and I´m downloading others.
    I think you forgot to mention some films such as:

    Pulp Fiction

    They are not weird or odd, but they have some scenes that are.
    Anyway, I consider Peter Greenaway the strangest kind of director on this genre…he is very crazy man…I suggest watching The cook,the thief,his wife and her lover, seriously it is his masterpiece.
    According to Vainilla sky, I didn´t like it at all,it was awful.It was hard to understand it didn´t make any sense.
    I loved the clockwork orange, it was flmed so long ago, but its plot is so gripping and up-to date…I don´t know if its bizarre,perhaps the part when he is going through the Ludovico test.
    I loved the idea of this open space to talk about this foreign style of movies.

  • as regards to literature, there are no better bizarre writters than Franz Kafka (metamorfosis is very odd) and Julio Cortazar.
    And, on art I think Escher is rather strange,he is kind of obsessive and freak with his pieces of work.
    well, it´s just that…if you like bizarre things you can visit my fotolog,which is QueMundoBizarro.

    There are some funny and bizarre snaps, perhaps you won´t understand what´s written there, because it´s in spanish, but the pics are cool
    see you =)

  • Las peliculas de Pedro Almodovar son las mas extrañas.

  • I agree with this post for the most part, but “bizarre” is totally subjective. I thought “Showgirls” starring Elizabeth Berkley was bizarre.

  • Nick H

    Possession (1981) Dir: Andrej Zulawski

    A Really moody and intense film from the usually intense director. So over the top and intense that it is often classed (and sold) as a horror film, but isn’t really. (It has a kind of supernatural sybolism there to express “Something” – but there is no terror or suspense intended.) Isabelle Adjani’s performance is incredible. So good that you forget that there is no specific plot or anything in the film. It is really a heart wrenching account of a disintegrating marriage, fueling the characters into obsessive and maniacally cruel and selfish acts. Neither of them able to stand the sight of each other, nor be apart.

    The film works precisely because it is over the top with hateful passion, and the strangeness underlying it all is the perfect implication of madness.

    So if you have just had a REALLY bad relationship, have taken to wearing a long black coat and plan on drinking for the next 2 years, I recommend watching this. It will clear your sinuses.

  • Just been reading through all this – fantastic! I added a lot of interesting items to my amazon shopping basket thanks to this post! Heh. However – i dont think anyone has mentioned Sweet Movie, by Dusan Makavejev – a totally outrageous and very weird and anarchic Yugoslav film.

    Another is the director Shozin Fukui, who did Rubber’s Lover and 964 Pinocchio. Totally totally madcap hallucinatory and very underground films.

    Both of those out-weird everything else that i have ever seen and leave such familiars as David Lynch et all totally in the dust, good though they are.

    Finally, The Piano Tuner of Earthquakes is an amazing bit of surreal cinema by the Quay Brothers. Beautiful and very strange.

  • marc

    EX-DRUMMER ….i got nothing else to say

  • Ryan

    I dont know if anybody has said this yet, but Begotten is one of the most fucked up videos I have ever seen. The entire movie is watchable on google video. It starts out with god cutting open his stomach with a straight razor. Just the extremely grainy black and white way the film was made made it even creepier.

  • PizzaBob

    ^^Yes Begotten is indeed one weird fucking film.

    I’d like to put forward a recommendation of my own. It is another miike film.
    “Gozu” – Strange, funny, bizarre, outlandish, provocative, eccentric, wonderful…TAKASHI MIIKE!!

  • Ismael

    What about “Pig Fucking Movie”?