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‘Restoring Truthiness’ One Rally at a Time

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First, we have Glenn Beck and the Tea Party’s “Restoring Honor” rally (lame).

Now, we just may have a more entertaining one: a “Restoring Truthiness” rally, in which Stephen Colbert, and possibly Jon Stewart, parody the ridiculousness that happened in Washington, D.C., on Aug. 28. It’s preliminary, of course, and Colbert hasn’t said anything about an actual rally so far as I’m aware, but a group of supporters have begun a “Restoring Truthiness” campaign to try to persuade Colbert to hold one in Washington.

Supporters have flooded DonorsChoose.org (Colbert is a member of the organization’s national board of directors) with donations with the goal of raising $101,010 by Oct. 10.

Goal met and more.

As of 11 p.m. today, more than $167,000 had been donated to the charity with more than 45,000 students reached. After looking around for a few minutes at the DonorsChoose website, it seems like a well-deserving giving opportunity. Teachers or school administrators post items they need for their schools (new books, easels, etc.) and the amount that it costs, and donors can give as they see fit until the total is reached and the project is completed.

Obviously, a site such as this is extremely useful in a time when many public school systems are attempting to maintain educational opportunities at a high level with fewer resources.

Back to the rally. In response to the groundswell of support the organization has received thus far, Colbert penned this letter to the Reddit community, which has teamed with DonorsChoose, ColbertRally.com and the Restoring Truthiness Facebook page.

According to Colbert, a rally might not be out of the question, as he said in the letter, “You have inspired me by helping untold thousands of students; with the momentum you’ve created, we could stage a hundred rallies. I might just call on you, Redditors — for nothing is more terrifying than tens of thousands of Heroes taking to the streets with the faint odor of bacon wafting behind them. Except for bears, obviously.”

We can only imagine that Colbert’s possible rally will be laced with equal doses of truthiness, honoriness and satiriness.

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