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Restless House, M.D. Fans Wonder What’s Next?

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(Mild spoilers ahead for House, M.D. Episode 7×18)

House, M.D. fans are restless. In the wake of the bombshell of “Bombshells” and the seemingly arbitrary breakup of House (Hugh Laurie) and Cuddy (Lisa Edelstein), many fans are wondering if Season 7 has all been a “Huddy” dream (literally) gone bust. 

Some have speculated that maybe House had fallen into more dire straits than we imagined at the end of last season’s finale “Help Me.” Had his disaster-scene injuries more significant than we originally thought? Had he actually OD’d on the Vicodin he’d unearthed in his apartment? Has he been in a coma all season and, along with us, been transported to some alternate universe of House’s mind?

Hugh Laurie in "Bombshells" courtesy FOX


There have been few clues that lend credence to this theory. For example, very observant fans may have noticed that House stopped wearing a wristwatch (the one he got from Kutner) at the start of this season. Interestingly, according to various reports, the decision to get rid of the watch was a specific and intentional detail courtesy of the series star and executive producer Hugh Laurie. But why? What reason would he have had to make that acting choice?

Again, there are a few differing speculations floating around. You might recall that, during the season premiere “Now What,” there is a strong sense (at least in House’s mind) that once Cuddy leaves the haven of his apartment and walks out the door, the entire thing will vanish into thin air. Is House trying, at least metaphorically, to stop time while he’s involved with Cuddy, believing that their relationship is fleeting? That would explain the watch’s reappearance after the breakup.

Or does the watch’s absence indicate that something’s not real about this entire scenario? But if none of this is real and all plying out in House’s mindscape, then why is House limping? Why is he in pain? Why is he using the cane? When we’ve been inside House’s dreams and hallucinations before, he has been pain free (which is House’s ultimate fantasy). Maybe I’m thinking too hard about this!

David Shore and the rest of the creative team have never shied away from dancing on the high wire, making unexpected pirouettes and taking some big risks. And making Season 7 House’s dark fantasy/nightmare certainly would be that. But, like I said, I’m unconvinced—but not un-convincible.

So what is going on?  That, I guess, is the question. The corollary to that question is, of course, a reprise of the question asked in the season premiere: Now what?

At the end of “Now What?” House expresses the same deep reservations that he had about becoming involved again with Stacy in Season 2’s “Need to Know.” He believes that as well-intended Cuddy may be to overlook House’s less gallant behavior, she will eventually not be able to accept him and all his warts. He’s reluctant to “go there” and risk exposing himself. It is one of his worst fears that he will venture forth and allow himself to be vulnerable, only to have his heart broken.

But House is convinced by the end of “Now What?” that it’s worth the risk. All through the early episodes of Season 7, House seems to be walking on eggshells, trying to avoid making Cuddy too angry, while also trying to do his job, which often means making Cuddy angry. He tries incredibly hard to make it work, but there is always a certain foreboding that House feels it’s all about to fall apart. And when eventually it does—his deepest fears realized.

You can argue that it’s a self-fulfilled prophecy, and that somehow House subconsciously sabotages the relationship, but personally, I see no evidence of that. We get plenty of Housian shenanigans, some of it designed to avoid bigger trouble; some just because he’s House and that’s how he acts. And of course by the time we get to toilet seats left up, toothbrushes and taking out the garbage, Cuddy is precariously close to her tipping point. The “little things” become magnified and more than mere annoyances. But sabotage? 

House has always been a relatively reclusive character—very reclusive in the first season as he slowly emerges. He is private to the degree that the only people he seems to share himself with emotionally are strangers and others simply passing through his life—dying patients, hookers, bartenders.

In the first couple years of the series, House’s heart is so guarded that Wilson actually warns Cameron to be very sure she wants to pursue House because “it’s been a long time since he’s opened up to anyone.” If he’s rejected, Wilson cautions, there may not be a “next time” (“Love Hurts,” Season 1).  

Slowly over the seasons, we see House slowly opening himself to the women in his circle, including Cameron of course, Stacy, and then Cuddy. House never becomes emotionally invested in a relationship with Cameron, and they are never together, so when Cameron gets involved with Chase, he pretty much accepts it an moves on—even encouraging helping to repair their engagement when it is on the rocks towards the end of Season 5.

When House broke up with Stacy, long before we ever met him, we are told by Wilson that House fell apart, leaving Wilson to pick up the pieces. When Stacy comes back into House’s orbit, at first Wilson is wary, warning her, like he’d warned Cameron not to “toy with him” (“Need to Know”).

And then House becomes involved with Cuddy, stripping most of the barriers from around his heart, and opening himself to the possibility of love—and even happiness. As House fears it will, the relationship shatters in “Bombshells” sending House off the rails, first into a hedonistic bender and then pushing his over-the-top behavior even further into the stratosphere in many ways.

The breakup with Cuddy is the worst of House’s fears realized; it’s Wilson’s warning to Cameron and to Stacy realized. House’s reaction to it both in “Out of the Chute” and “Fall from Grace” are all about trying avoid confronting the deep hurt he is feeling.

I think the final scene of “Fall From Grace” is a significant moment for House. A two-week bender of drugs, insanity, and over-the-top behavior has not made him feel better. There’s no catharsis; no payback; nothing. And I think in that final scene with Dominika in “Fall from Grace” is a moment of clarity for House.

It is that moment that leads into the next episode “The Dig” (airing on FOX Monday, April 11). And it is House’s first step in the direction of finding himself again.

I will tell you at this point that I’ve seen episode 7×18; I will do a proper preview of “The Dig” at the end of the next week. House seems to have settled down much since we last saw him après Green Card Wedding. Dominika is nowhere to be seen (she’s in Atlantic City with her boyfriend, House explains). But he’s wearing no ring at all. And, although I watched it without taking notes, I do not believe I saw him take one Vicodin. Interesting.

There are strong suggestions in “The Dig” that House, while still mourning the loss of his relationship with Cuddy (and that is made clear), he is beginning to process what happened and also beginning to pull himself together to the point where he is able to something extraordinary: something of which we know House capable, but that no one with whom he associates would really expect. I can’t say more without spoiling it.

The episode has everything in it that we might expect in the best House episodes (except that neither Cuddy nor Wilson are anywhere to be seen). It is funny and sassy, but it’s also serious, emotionally resonant and poignant. 

And to me, “The Dig” doesn’t really fit the “this is all a hallucination” scenario. I won’t say too much else at this point. I know some of you are not very fond of 13, but her return (for House’s 150th episode) provides a perfect vehicle for House to begin to get his life back together, and to demonstrate his depth of feeling and humanity. How that will translate once he has to once again interact with Cuddy, I have no idea.

Feel free to ask questions. I cannot spoil plot points (and wouldn’t want to do that anyway), but I’ll be happy to answer what I’m able without giving too much away.

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  • Liz

    I’ve read that Cuddy is mentioned, in an important scene between House and 13, he exchanges one deep emotional secret to hear 13’s secret. Do you think it will be something that will help or hinder the present House/Cuddy relationship? Or is it simply something that will be used to give Huddy fans closure, and to not expect anything different in their relationship come the season finale?

    With no Wilson or Cuddy, I am worried about the episode, and whether I would enjoy it. I don’t particularly care about 13’s reasons for leaving, but I do care about what revelations House unveils to us. In your opinion, does it lead into the season finale territory, or is it something we won’t ever hear of again like most House threads that go unexplored in the future.

  • I think it’s a significant episode and an important step in House’s growth. If you only watch the show for Huddy (not making a judgment here at all), not sure what you will think. This is not a “closure” episode for him or the series.

  • Liz

    I watch it even if Huddy is not there, it just seems like such an odd episode to me, but I’ll probably end up watching it 🙂

  • Sarah

    Barbara, I don’t remember ever seeing House in as much outright despair as he’s been in the last two eps (zany antics and hookers not withstanding) — does this episode have the same tone of desperation or does it feel to you like he’s beginning to move out of it (or at least through it)?

  • I’ve always read the last two episodes as House in despair. This episode is a halting step forward from that. Plenty of fun in the episode–but no insanity.

  • yahnis

    Barbara!Thank you for this article! I hope authors won’t decide him out from hospital.I am very afraid of this. What do you think? Is it possible that in next season we will see him without team, Wilson and Cuddy? I think that will jumping the shark. All others twists of show acceptaple except this!
    And I am wondering about Huddy, as many fans here, if is there even 1 percent of they being together again?
    I know that this question was asked too often, but it’s prove that so many people are care about this.
    One more time thank you for your incredible work at analysis of show’s characters. Sorry for my bad english.

  • MusicandHouse

    Great article and I am really looking foward to this episode. In the press release, the episode mentioned a “Taub’s Lovelife” storyline as well as the House/13 stuff and the POTW. Is this a really small part of the episode? I like Taub, but I am a little tired of hearing about his marital.divorce problems.
    BTW I’m not buying the whole “This whole season has been a dream/hallucination” thing either. First of all, that would be way to overdone and a cop out for the writers IMO. Second of all, the “clues” that many people have been finding just seem so obscure and irrelevant that they just don’t seem to matter (for example, I hadn’t even noticed that House hasn’t been wearing a watch, and I consider myself a hardcore fan. If thw writers intended for such sublte things to be “clues” the casual viewers, which is the majority of the people who watch, are going to be really confused). Nothing against the people who are comming up with these theories, they are just having fun, but I just can’t believe them, and if they do, by some longshot, end up being true, that may be the one thing that would make me stop watching.

  • Lily

    I’ve read your reviews occasionally and generally really enjoyed them. But I am quite intrigued for this next episode and I was just wondering. having seen it, how do you think it ranks among others this season or other House classics? In other words, what should I expect?

    On a subtler note, could you respond a little bit about how this spud-gun competition fits into the House/Thirteen plotline? It seems a little strange, even for House. Additionally, how were the PotW story and Taub’s subplot? I’m a little concerned at how the writers do with time management this episode– it seems a little full. Does the patient story suffer because of it? And for me, Taub’s subplots this season have ranged from totally unnecessary to absolutely heartrending. How does this one rank, in your opinion?

    Thanks so much for offering a little preview– I’m already in House withdrawal and it’s great to get a few opinions early on, if not outright spoilers.

  • yahnis

    About watch: one russian classic writer Griboedov said:”Happiness takes no account of time” That thought can be translate that House was happy with Cuddy all 15 episodes and don’t need his watch.And now? It’s sad.

  • sherlockjr

    I’m sure I’ll have more to say, but first let me give you my take on the watch: I think perhaps House stopped wearing it because he was finally ready to move on from the pain of the past.

  • Barbara: Thanks for your astute look at the events leading up to “The Dig”.

    I just wanted to add a few observations about the show itself and the episode. From the beginning, the show has been about House and his journey. His relationships, whether they’ve been with Cuddy, Stacy or a green card wife have always been a part of the road he’s traveled. To dismiss HOUSE because the main character is no longer with the person you think he belongs with is doing the show a disservice.

    I’ve seen”The Dig” and it is exceptional. In it we are shown a side of House we haven’t seen before (at least not to this degree). And if you’re not a fan of 13, you may see her in a different light after this episode. As in the very best episodes of HOUSE, we are given an ample mix of pathos, poignancy and humor.

    Go in with an open mind. I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.

  • NLF

    I think many are tuning out not just because of the H/C breakup but because the writing and plotting has been god awful, and I don’t have high hopes for this one – maybe it’s photos of Olivia Wilde looking like she’s stepped out of the salon as she emerges From! Jail! that make me gloomy about more ridiculous efforts to revive the show (and all of these speculations about comas and hallucinations are evidence of how desperate people are to make this badness somehow better). I watched mostly for Hugh Laurie, who has saved a lot of piss poor writing, but there’s only so far the actors can carry this thing.

  • Lily

    I commented earlier, but I just had a thought about the watch: Unless I’m very much mistaken, House started wearing that watch right after Kutner died, and at the time, I remember thinking of it as a kind of symbol of his guilt. Kutner was the fellow he paid the least attention to that season and unlike the other, he really didn’t fixate on what was going on in his personal life. He turned a blind eye and the one fellow he thought was okay ended up killing himself and to top it all off, he couldn’t even solve the puzzle posthumously. That guilt, to me, is the single biggest catalyst for his subsequent breakdown in the hallucination arc. I did wonder, if House kept wearing the watch to remind himself of the price of not knowing, not understanding, not dealing.

    Perhaps then he took it off during his relationship with Cuddy because he was finally able to put aside that guilt and that huge responsibility he has set up for himself– and not just to his fellows, but to his patients, and to anyone he feels relies on his intuition. Correspondingly, he has been surprisingly uninvolved in the fellows’ lives this season– I would think that in a different season, House would have analyzed Chase’s promiscuity to no end and been the direct facilitator of Taub’s divorce. Maybe he was only able to put aside the guilt represented by the watch by putting aside the responsibility and putting his own happiness first– doing exactly what he said he would in that drunken scene in Recession Proof.

    Since House is wearing the watch again in the promo for The Dig, it makes me think that it’s not so much the break up that is the trigger but the return of this sense of responsibility and subsequent guilt. I’ve read from multiple sources that House is surprisingly nurturing (for lack of a better word) towards Thirteen this episode, opening up about himself to get to her secret rather than blackmailing/coercing/forcing her as he might have circa Season 4. That makes me think– and this is pure speculation since I have no idea what Thirteen’s secret is– that House somehow holds himself responsible for the situation she was in or at least for not knowing what was going on with her. Especially if Thirteen’s story is really as heartrending as I’ve heard it was, perhaps this is the Season 7 equivalent of Kutner’s suicide, and marks a return of House’s guilt– the sort of attitude that might propel the rest of the season.

  • RedTulip_Ana

    Well, first of all, thank you Barbara for your article.
    Some time ago I decided not to talk about speculation in your blog, because I know you prefer to talk about what actually we see in the episodes.
    But I appreciate this opportunity to talk about all these theories.
    First, I do not think that this whole season is a dream or hallucination. But I do believe that much of what we have seen in reality is only the head of House. I do believe that things have actually happened, but I also think we have seen through the head (or heart) of the House.
    Right now I’m not sure how to link this with the development of the show. But I sincerely believe that those “clues” there. I think the “journey” of House is in his head: a kind of imaginary journey where House fight against his fears.
    His fears throughout the season have been lost Cuddy. We have seen a House distracted at work, lack of concentration. But not (as he put it) to be happy and love Cuddy, but because for all the episodes where House and Cuddy have been together as a couple, he has always been afraid of losing her. All all all the episodes have been “blotted” by fears of House. Actually, this is one of my main points to believe that everything we see happening but not as we see it happening. House has been afraid of ruining his love relationship with Cuddy … until finally happened just what he thought from the beginning, that Cuddy would leave him alone.
    Perhaps the break up was inevitable (I do not agree with this idea), but the way in which the break occurred is not credible (in my opinion). I think the Cuddy we’ve seen in these episodes is not the Cuddy we’ve seen over the remaining years of the show. I therefore believe that neither the relationship nor the break are consistent with reality, and are part of the fictional journey of House.

    On the other hand, I recognize that the episodes from Bombshells have affected me too much, I suffered a lot with them, I’ve gone wrong. But now in the distance, I see it differently. Everything hurt me because I did not expect the breakup of House and Cuddy. House subsequent reactions were horrible, and the wedding scene extremely painful, even for House. But I think this had to happen for House reached the end of despair and pain, realizing that everything he was doing was not going to erase the pain he felt at having lost the love of his life.
    Now, is when House starts to be House again, to react. I think it will continue in his imaginary journey (against their fears), but in a positive way.

    – Why 13? Do you think that House and 13 share fears?
    – I do not know, maybe you’ve seen the episode that you can clarify me this: Is it credible that 13 has been in jail for every 1 year? Why 1 year? Has been a year already? I think there is a time warp. The writers want us to show that the relationship between House and Cuddy is not over “yesterday” but much longer? This point worries me. For spectators the break up of House and Cuddy is very recent, but if they show that have been “months” … it is long time, does this really show the love relationship is irreconcilable? …

    Note: When I say “imaginary” journey, it doesn´t mean that it not real for House.

  • I thought you loved those 8 seconds…

    I’m looking forward to see him opening up.
    Too bad he coudn’t do it to Cuddy…I guess their story is not over yet…if tptb won’t kill her in the finale^^
    I’m a fan of HOUSE&CUDDY relationship…I wanted to see real, hard,complicated relationship after all those seasons, this storyline deserved/deserves this!…and all I got was Huddy- just too sweet- house lied to her/done sth wrong-she is pissed-he is confused-she said he’s an idiot -he admited he is an idiot -he apologized – “House, comeover for dinner tonight” moment and here we go again…ehhhh…
    No I’m not the one who thinks that they’ve to get married and drown in their own happines,NO!
    I don’t want it, I wanted character exploration, complications, uncommonness!
    There’re a few good moments but overall it was handled terrible imo…After all years of H&C dance, tptb just crashed it…I wonder if they handled the realationship this way just to make viewers hate it.
    House was growing thru the 6th season and 7th season but in ep 16,17 all was back to sqare one…Have you heard about character development?

    House who didn’t try to win her back? Maybe it’s too soon after break up, but he is not kind of quitter.
    I’m missing the banter, back and forth playing and intimate, meaning moments and convos about important stuff between them…I’m missing strong, witty Cuddy, funny and interesting convos with Wilson…

    Another thing: Where the clinic scenes disappeared?
    Are Taub&Forman personal lifes and relationships really so interesting? Taub cooking skills? REALLY?
    Where is House talking to his patients (this season Masters took it from him mostly) about ethics etc? Where is House sitting in his office, thinking, meditating?

    Misery is based on problems,so since Cuddy is House’s problem, and he’ll always be miserable…what do you think?

    Recently House was more in funny style than drama…

  • RedTulip_Ana

    @15 – I thought you loved those 8 seconds…
    I agree with you greatly. I believe that most House fans don´t agree on how developed the relationship (and subsequent breakup) of the two doctors who from the beginning had a chemistry and confidence (one in the other, and the other in one) . I have not seen (from Unwritten) or the House or the Cuddy I’ve known for seven years. I hope this has an explanation.

    I also agree with you on this other point: One of my questions (still unanswered) for DS was “Taub’s character has much protagonism this season. However, Foreman is missing. And Chase is too superficial. Why?”

  • Committed

    #11 Mindy –
    My mind has pretty much always been open in regards to this show, it’s just about a prerequisite for long time fans and I have always liked 13 so I am really looking forward to this upcoming episode.

    That said, I don’t think you can fault those of us who really wanted to see the relationship work for being concerned and somewhat anxious about how it will all end up. We have been a patient group and we waited and watched many seasons leading up to this one enjoying every minute of the journey but that journey, like it or not, involved Cuddy and their story was a bit more significant than many of the others. This was not just about them as a couple but more importantly it was somewhat of a measure of how far House had come on that journey – had he come so far that he could finally get what it seemed he really wanted? Well at least for now, apparently not. That’s tough for fans to take on both fronts and it leaves many angry and at a loss.

    I’m curious to hear what is said in the exchanges between House and 13. I trust based on the reviews that we will learn a little more and that’s great.

    All I ask is that if the end result of this season is that the journey returns to House as he goes through it without Cuddy, end it already. The sooner there is a definitive and plausible ending to the romantic relationship with Cuddy, the sooner people will get back to viewing it as a simply part of the journey. Anything less than that would be a disservice to the viewer.

  • I thought you loved those 8 seconds…

    @16 – RedTulip_Ana
    Thanks for reply!

    I know that show is about HOUSE(that’s why I started watching it) and the company is in the background…if it’s true why we even haven’t seen him talking about his relationship to Cuddy(besides end of NW and his declaration of love in Recession Proof) about HIS worries, about his ADDICTION, about serious stuff…
    It was great to see House in all those awkward and torturing situations(Rachel,beeing with Cuddy,her mother etc) and how he was dealing with it – it was something NEW we’re learning about him.
    Handling their relationship in uncommon way would be interesting! And knowing what writers were able to in past seasons I know that they could’ve done it!
    Other thing is that tptb are always repeating that Huddy was dommed from the start…
    They say Huddy is dead, ok.
    I’m lookin forward to see proper, real HOUSE and CUDDY relationship.And I don’t want it to be now, we need to see proper build up to this. “Maybe a year from now”. MAYBE it’s just another point of journey, cause I don’t belive that this story is over just like that, it’s not credible at all (Cuddy is too big part of his life).
    If tptb decide to give up at this storyline, then I just want to congratulate them wasting 6 years of great material…but I still hope they won’t.

    If show is about House then make it the way that even if he’s in relationship it’d be STILL ABOUT HIM!

    Also bring back the characters I fell in love with!
    Especially Cuddy(Thanks God Lisa E. is there, working hard trying to win over this mess her character became) not this whiny, – i-don’t-know-what-I-want or I’m-changing-my-decisions-with-the-speed-of-light sth.

    I’m really missing Chase this season…Boreman(Taub and Foreman) bores me to sleep. Replace them with clinic patients and it’d be ok :>

  • Red Tulip:
    – Why 13? Do you think that House and 13 share fears?
    I think they are both extremely guarded individuals, never wanting to appear weak, and believing their vulnerabilities make them appear weak. I think they are both sensitive–far more than they want anyone else to know, and in that way they are kindred spirits. House has always been nurturing to 13 ever since she’s been on the team.
    – I do not know, maybe you’ve seen the episode that you can clarify me this: Is it credible that 13 has been in jail for every 1 year? Why 1 year?

    The episode takes place a couple of weeks after the break up, but the timeline seems to have skipped ahead about a month 🙂

  • I thought you loved those 8 seconds…

    @17 – Committed
    “That said, I don’t think you can fault those of us who really wanted to see the relationship work for being concerned and somewhat anxious about how it will all end up. We have been a patient group and we waited and watched many seasons leading up to this one enjoying every minute of the journey but that journey, like it or not, involved Cuddy and their story was a bit more significant than many of the others. This was not just about them as a couple but more importantly it was somewhat of a measure of how far House had come on that journey – had he come so far that he could finally get what it seemed he really wanted? ”

  • Annie

    First off, thank you so much Barbara for the new article! Your words have always been my rock through the ups and downs of the show.

    However, question: this is related to @14 – RedTulip’s post, about Thirteen’s stay in jail. If she has actually been in jail for a year, and yet ‘The Dig’ only skipped ahead about a month, the timeline doesn’t make any sense. In ‘Bombshells’, Cuddy tells her sister that she and House have only been together “a few months”. TBH I was expecting some huge time jump, but now the timeline’s just confusing me…

  • Annie–They got together last May at the end of “Help Me.” 13 also disappeared at the end of that episode. The timeline works within that if you add a month.

    And as we all know: time is not a fixed construct (especially on House)

  • I thought you loved those 8 seconds…

    @21 – Annie
    in BS Cuddy said “few moths”
    in Out of chute House said to Carnell”Why I haven’t met you 6 months ago” in reference to his relationship.
    There is also a mention that she broke up with him a week ago.
    So “the Dig” should be 6 months later(after Fall from grace)?
    GregYaitanes said about it on twitter that we should stop paying so much attention to the details – yeah, after all those years where DETAILS were the important part…;-/

  • I thought you loved those 8 seconds…

    @22 – barbara barnett
    13 disappeared at the end of Now What 🙂

  • ITYLT8S:

    Details like that have always been a bit lackadaisical. The timeline itself has been a cause for vigorous debate and many a forum thread (in various places). Yes, there are important details, there are little details that turn out to be clues and then there are lapses.

    Fanwanking has been a popular sport in the House fan community for nearly 7 years.

  • Committed: Don’t get me wrong. I was looking forward to the House/Cuddy relationship too. And when it happened, it was fun and heady and sexy and a breath of fresh air. Yes, it was a long time coming and though it was lovely to see for a time, it didn’t work. That’s reality.

    I would love to see House be happy. It could happen yet because this is his journey. I know I keep saying this but I’m simply repeating what David Shore has told us time and again.

    I have a feeling whatever happiness House may find will never be the ‘walk into the sunset with your best girl’ kind. It will be Housian. And like all things Housian it will be a bit left of center, kind of twisted and bent and broken. But it will be his happiness, after all.

    Trust the writers.

  • Mindy–Amen to that.

  • RedTulip_Ana

    @19 – barbara barnett
    Thanks for your answers…I’m anxious to know the “conversations” House and 13.

    @23 – Well, point. You´re right with the times: 13 disappeared after Now What, it´s just when began the relationship between House and Cuddy. Although there is a time warp … it’s too long! Become the subject of the famous clock. I also remember the twitter of GY on the time shift. In my “disturbed” head I keep thinking of the fictional journey of House. In this imaginary journey, it is possible these temporary breaks. But if I’m wrong about imaginary journey, then I must be successful in my question that The writers want to show the relationship between House and Cuddy was broken long ago? Yep, and this is part of the past!

  • Emily

    Hi Barbara-
    Thanks for your reviews. I read them every week!
    I have to admit, first and foremost, I am a Huddy. But House is the character I actually follow the closest.
    That said, I don’t expect House and Cuddy to get back together. I’m aware of TPTB’s stance on this. However, I’m worried that they aren’t taking the relationship as seriously as the viewers. Is there anything you can tell us (even a “they are, don’t worry) that could calm my fear? Are TPTB taking Huddy as seriously as they claimed to be in the promotion for Now What? Or, is it all going to be forgotten as not important?

  • genagirl

    I hope season 7 is all a dream. Well, more like a nightmare. I hated Huddy with a passion. It made House boring. Cuddy has known him for years, why would she think he would change? House doesn’t change, I think he might have mentioned that once or twice. I hope it goes back to being interesting. I would like to see him and Wilson move back in together. The Odd Couple thing never gets old. Laurie and Leonard have the best chemistry of any couple on TV.

  • RedTulip_Ana

    @30 – genagirl
    Cuddy never said that House would change!Quite the contrary. She did not want House to change. She feels guilty because she is the one that “supposedly” was wrong. She thought she could have a relationship with him. But she at no time asked to change, just the opposite.

    Anyway, I’m still on the boat that this relationship was not quite real. I agree with you that Cuddy knows House for a long time and knew how he was.
    I do not think Cuddy’s character (we know from the first season) had surrendered so soon.
    And yes, I also agree that the writers have shown a House boring at times, and a relationship boring and common, even though we knew that they could not have a common one. Cuddy said “common is boring, is common” …
    Honestly, I think it’s a failure of script, or back to back … Or maybe the writers were looking for people who do that were betting on a relationship between House and Cuddy, we end up giving up.
    By the way, what happened to the sexual tension and chemistry between these two doctors this season?
    Also, I want House and Wilson, too. But it is possible House has a friend and a girlfriend, perfect!

  • Committed

    26 – Mindy

    Not looking for anymore reassurance that it is over – I get it. I was just commenting that I thought the story needed a little more closure to this part of the journey in order to move on to the next.

    This was not an insignificant part of the journey and it shouldn’t be treated as such. I need to know why it ended in a little more depth and it has to be believable. This was too long in developing and too short in ending -I just need to understand why that was. Maybe I just missed that part at some point, maybe I should just accept it on face value or maybe I just misjudged everything that I thought I saw after all of these years and should give the show up because its just too hard to for me to see it and trust it the way you do. I don’t know what it is but I do know that I need a little more in order to “Move On”. Hope it happens.

    Thank you for your comments – we might not agree but that’s okay – this show tends to spark that kind of discussion.

  • Betty

    Thank you for this article! I am looking forward to this ep and continue to watch this show for House’s journey. I am devastated by the breakup but am keeping faith the writers are working it into House’s journey in a surprising way in the end.

  • RedTulip_Ana

    @32 – Committed
    I agree with everything you say. I also need to know more. A love relationship developed over a ton of years, but finished in a few hours. This is not enough to look the other way. I need more to “Move On”, yep.

  • sunnysea

    To Mindy Peterman I agree with @Committed and I’d also like to say that we really haven’t been shown that the relationship between House and Cuddy didn’t work. In my opinion, it can’t just be dismissed as a “reality” in such a simple fashion. Many, including me, don’t see an honest effort to explore the relationship. It began rather nicely as you pointed out and we had a couple of episodes of H/C speaking honestly and openly (for them) while acknowledging the difficulties inherent in their relationship. It seemed to move rather abruptly from this to some pretty strange writing which, in my mind, seemed to be the point where they decided to hurry up the end of the “ship” and inserted tooth brushes, toilet seats and garbage as the basis for the breakup. In my opinion, this was a real disservice to the earlier writing of a dis-functional couple trying to make something seemingly impossible actually work. I never expected House and Cuddy to “walk into the sunset together”. That’s never been true to the character of either one of them. I did and do think that the relationship between House and Cuddy could have been “a bit left of center, kind of twisted and bent and broken.” Very Housian. In fact, it more or less started that way. At some point, in my opinion, the focus and direction abruptly shifted. I think there are some of the best writers in television on the staff of House. While I don’t think you meant to be judgmental or disrespectful of others opinions and I don’t think you meant to be dismissive, your comments did seem to to be a little critical of those who have a different viewpoint or see the show differently than you might. People watch the show for many different reasons, enjoy many things, and take away from each episode something different. I think we have to be accepting of the multitude of reasons why people watch and what they expect and need from the show. It’s not necessarily a disservice to the show or a lack of trust in the writers when one is honest and open in expressing their opinions.

  • Tsou


    Without revealing any significant plot details for the upcoming episode, could you possibly tell us if TPTB explain/clarify at any point during “The Dig” if Thirteen is still able to practice medicine even though she’s been incarcerated for nearly a year? At the very least, given the possible seriousness of her crime(s), her license should’ve been suspended by the New Jersey State Board of Medical Examiners.

  • rjw

    @26 Mindy and @27 Barbara,I fully agree with you.I watch the show to follow House’s journeys.It doesn’t matter much to me who he’s with,just that the writers continue writing their wonderful scripts.

  • dvbfan

    Dear Barbara, thanks a lot for your great article .
    Like you, I do not think everything happen in this season was House dream or his hallucinations .
    About House wearing watch again , I think he is starting to know himself again and in this special period of his life, House wants to realize the precious value of time and his life that goes in time with misery and unhappiness and he wants to change his life style and deal with reality .
    Can not wait to watch new episode .

  • Andrea H

    Why no Wilson (again?) and Cuddy!

    Barbara, do you think that Wison and Cuddy will now be more than friends in season 8?

  • Housefriends

    We hope so! We think the two of them will be AWESOME together – so much in common (and dare we say so gorgeous together) and both lonely people searching for love.

    Barbara do you think that this is where this relationship will be heading?

  • OMG

    Barbara do you think too that House never started again to take vicodin? I thought about it in the previous ep when he swallowed pills just in front of Masters.

  • Sacha

    I do miss Chase this season and I don’t think I can bring myself to watch next ep. If Thirteen and House are “kindred spirits”, then why did they bother to build the dysfunctional father/son dynamic between Chase and House at all? Chase has always been a lot like House, he’s been guarded and he’s been having a hard time with Cameron and the Dibala aftermaths, yet they don’t explore anything about it (except letting him roam and making him look like a juvenile jerk).

    I am seriously disappointed with S7 and the lack of Chase. I was hoping for more Chase/House interaction but it seems they have forgotten of the character almost entirely. Which is very sad because, with all due respect, Jesse Spencer outranks Miss Wildes acting skills anytime.

  • OMG

    Sacha : “the lack of Chase”
    You’re right, but for me it’s the lack about everyone in the team that I don’t understand, where’s Foreman? and we know nothing about Masters. Just Taub and his boring life is still exploited.
    And where’s Wilson? no storyline for him after his break-up with Sam.

  • OMG

    “I was looking forward to the House/Cuddy relationship too. And when it happened, it was fun and heady and sexy and a breath of fresh air.”

    I found this storyline a little dumb and meaningless, Stacy’s arc was better written. In fact, Huddy is only interesting at work, not with thing as babysitting, toothbrush…
    House character (and Cuddy too) are maybe more interesting alone. I don’t think House can have a girlfriend, he’s so tormented, he’ll try but unfortunetaly he’ll be alone for ever. Sad but good for the show! lol

  • Mandy SE

    Yes, where is our Wilson. They must give Wilson a bigger storyline and screentime – RSL an awesome actor (and singer for that matter!)

  • Sacha

    #43 OMG – while I do agree that Chase and Foreman and Wilson are terribly under-used this season, I find it extremely annoying how Chase is once again on the backseats after giving him such a great storyline in the beginning of S6. The guy can act, yet they don’t let him.

    Also, Chase has always been the one who didn’t want House to ‘change’, didn’t critisize him for what he did or what he is. Instead, he opened up to him about his father (Cursed in S1), and honestly felt threatened about losing his mentor in Half-Wit when he hugged him. In 4-02, House obviously wanted him back on his team. – Where did that go? Why doesn’t House care? I feel like Chase is more isolated than even House this season. I didn’t enjoy the Huddy fest at all and it is beyond me why they would exploit yet another fanfictional scenario with Thirteen.

  • If one regards the episodes from the second season up almost not even recognize the relationship between House and Cuddy. Where ‘is over the complicity, the’ special psychological understanding? The comprehension of Cuddy el ‘House in the intelligence to understand it deeply. Where ‘s finished the game and curiosity for each other? They were together when they were not together anymore. Are ‘s agreement with those who say that we have lost a’ chance to see them together, even in combat, but building an adult relationship and special.
    And then, how is it that Cuddy has left House in that way, and that he did not do the ‘impossible to win her back? There is no consistency with what we had seen so far. I hope it’s over here, that there is an explanation for all this. Thank you for your updates are always interesting. Sorry for the translation.

  • OMG

    I agree Cristiana, the relationship between House and Cuddy was so interesting in S1 since S5. And about House not fighting after what she told him in ep 15, I can’t understand, maybe we’ll have an explanation in the end. Maybe Cuddy was right, he can’t do better and will stay in his “world”, alone, depressive and sad. But can I say that the show is more watchable with a poor House alone in his apartment? lol

  • vicpei

    I’m a canon kind of girl. I was ok with a possible relationship with Wilson when it was hinted, and grew interest in Cuddy because House did so. One thing they always failed was to get me interested in Thirteen, though. I have no interest in her fate. But a roadtrip with House and Thirteen means more screentime for HL, and I am more than OK with that. SO, if you say the ep was good, I’ll watch it.
    I marvel at the fact that I’m still upset one month after Bombshells AND the interviews given at the time. Greg Yaitanes would gloat about it, saying they did it well if we care so much, but I feel he is deeply wrong. Like a lot of long-time House viewers, I am a reasonably mature, intelligent enough woman. I can understand that a Huddy relationship would not work. But I can’t get past this feeling of carelessness and unfinished way they handled it. There is a lot missing here. Whether is was voluntarily and will get explained later, or just poorly done does not really matter : it is a job badly done if you can’t tell the difference. It shows that a lot of us are not that confident in the writers any more. And there is the constant affirmation that it is real (we should be convinced of that while watching) and that they don’t want to jerk us around (which is exactly how some of us, comfortly numerous enough, feel). I have real reservations about their PR department. In the end, I am not sure any buzz is a good buzz.
    Well… I have hope we will get a season ending good enough to redeem this mid-season mess. Starting with more HL screen time is good. I think this man is the main reason why a lot of us are still watching. He is still fascinating.

  • fanofvdo

    one can hope… let’s leave Huddy behind and bring back Hameron 😉

  • Committed

    #35 – sunnysea

    “While I don’t think you meant to be judgmental or disrespectful of others opinions and I don’t think you meant to be dismissive, your comments did seem to to be a little critical of those who have a different viewpoint or see the show differently than you might. People watch the show for many different reasons, enjoy many things, and take away from each episode something different. I think we have to be accepting of the multitude of reasons why people watch and what they expect and need from the show. It’s not necessarily a disservice to the show or a lack of trust in the writers when one is honest and open in expressing their opinions.”

    Thanks for saying that the way I couldn’t. Actually I find it quite a compliment to the writers that we can discuss this on so many levels with so many viewpoints. None of which are wrong because there is no one way to see it.

    I come to this forum because the article written by Barbara and the comments that are shared are thoughtful and thought provoking. It is easy to get hooked into to trying to make it play out the way you personally want it to play out. I did that for awhile, I have given up on that mainly due to the views expressed here. If it is to end, okay, I just want it to end in a clear and definitive manner.

    Enough said for me. Enjoy your day everyone.

  • Sal

    ”House never becomes emotionally invested in a relationship with Cameron, and they are never together, so when Cameron gets involved with Chase, he pretty much accepts it an moves on—even encouraging helping to repair their engagement when it is on the rocks towards the end of Season 5.”

    Sorry, but you don’t understand nothing about House/Cameron storyline.

  • Switman

    Thank you again for another excellent article. I hope at some point you’ll have a chance to interview David Shore to find out if he feels he made a mistake in the way he handled the Huddy relationship now that the ratings are down all over the world.

  • RedTulip_Ana

    @35 – sunnysea
    You expressed very well, which many viewers feel about House, now.
    I never expected House and Cuddy to “walk into the sunset together”. That’s never been true to the character of either one of them.
    Remember what Cuddy said in Unwritten, “what we have is Uncommon. What is common is boring … is common.” Indeed, this is the relationship we expected. But above all, after so many years of knowledge of the characters, after many years of true stories between them. It is not credible, that Cuddy would break with House after Bombshells. But neither is it credible, that House would not fight for her anymore.
    So, all this story we have seen (on the relationship between them and the subsequent break up) seems to me more suited to be at the head of House, than to be the “real reality”.
    Actually, I need an explanation for continuing with the “famous” Move On.

  • RedTulip_Ana

    @51 – Committed.
    “I come to this forum because the article written by Barbara and the comments that are shared are thoughtful and thought provoking.”
    I hope you keep coming back to post to this forum. Do not give up. I think it’s good to have a place to express our feelings about the current development of a TVshow that has offered us so many good times for seven years. Now, we (the fans of House for years) are simply baffled. We still have seven episodes. Right now, I do not think I’ll like the end of the season but hopefully I’m wrong, and can say at the end that David Shore has become a very positive surprise to me. He was brilliant in creating House, I hope that it remains bright and not disappoint the viewers.

  • ark

    I read that Cuddy gets mentioned in this episode, does Wilson get mentioned at all?

  • nitemar

    I’m always hopeful with the element surprise like in Help Me. Why would I want to give up now after having vested 7 years to the show? I can only hope.

  • Eloise

    Why do Huddy fans keep saying we waited seven years and its what we deserve, this show is not owned by any one other than DS and perhaps to a lesser extent the cast epescially HL. I just want to see House and his life and his feelings and this episode looks very promising for that! Hl is so compelling when he has emotional scenes, and OW who I have no objections to anyway will no doubt up her game as most seem to when playing against him, if you know what I mean! I seem to be unusual here that I have enjoyed S7 in the main and can’t wait to see how it all pans out. Also not convinced that this is not real time but feel something is going to happen which will shock us somehow, especially intrigued by the recent picture GY tweeted.

  • Vicpei

    As a devoted and invested viewer, there are two things I think I deserve : some respect in character development, and a story worth watching, no “back to square one”.
    Other than that, I agree, I don’t own anything. But since they always emphazised it is about “how” and not “where” it is going, I wish they give us more appealing “how”.

  • huddycat

    Great article, it makes sense in many ways and helps to understand some House’s actions.
    I think that 13 may help House to be back on his feet and find a new way, a new direction in his life, and I hope it will bring him a kind of peace with himself first, and with Cuddy.
    I don’t know where the writers are going with House and Cuddy, but I hope they’ll find a way for these two characters to get back together, not necessarily in a love relationship, but at least in a close friendship. After all they’ve been through, it would be very damaging for the show that they don’t have anymore interactions.
    I’ve heart some rumor about Cuddy’s death, can you confirm it or was it a “very bad joke”?
    Do you know if all the actors have already renewed their contract for a season 8 ? Omar Epps hat tweeted something about a 8 season, but will they all be there or are some of them going to leave the show?

  • Sneaky Microbe

    Barbara, if I may, I love you! I’ve been reading your reviews and commentaries since I got hooked on House in Season 5, and, like so many others, your insight fosters my own interpretations of the story. I feel utterly devastated (like House) by the turn of events in the storyline and turn to your writings and other fan comments for meaning.

    I learned to love House (both the show and character) through Cuddy and Wilson. Devoted fans at this stage of the series are clearly in it for the characters and love of the actors. Honestly, as someone in the medical profession, to me the patient stories and diagnostic process are just sheer nonsense. To be told that “House is just a jerk” and “has no humanity” . . . seriously?! I feel painfully jerked around and am considering the end of this season as my series finale.

    Anyhoo, that you SO much for this latest commentary!

  • Jackie

    I am looking forward to the next episode on April 11th with the House/13 revealing or confessional moments. I’ve read preview notes regarding the episode on this site as well as others, and am having flashbacks to the “One Day, One Room” episode from season 3 (after the Tritter arc) – where House opens up to Eve when leads to her reveal of what happened to her. Many have voiced their displeasure with “One Day” but I thought this was an episode that showed House’s softer, more human side (which has always been there anyway).

    I don’t know if this season has all been a dream or just wishful thinking!! House’s return to sitting on the bathroom floor at the end of “Bombshells” turned the clock back to the end of last season, and I even went so far to look at House’s hands to see if there was dirt from the cave in on them -nope. I am watching until the series comes to an end. I did not watch the show from the beginning – I did start during season 3, went back to the video stores for seasons 1 and 2, and now own all six seasons on dvds. Had I watched from the pilot – all it would have taken me is the House to Wilson exchange – “Got change for a dollar?” to have been reeled in at that very instant.

    Hugh Laurie consistently delivers memorable performances week after week and never ceases to amaze me with the subtlety or the boldness of his acting.

  • Joan

    I am glad to hear House will start to acknowledge and deal with his hurt from the breakup this ep but if its just to be able to pull himself together and ‘move on’ I really don’t know how excited I can get about this. The writers have been treating it like two casual friends who dated for a little while but it just did’nt ‘work’ and thats it. But, forgive me, I know today to speak out for Huddy is to be dismissed and ridiculed for ever believing in them, but they were each others BASHERT (Barbara you know)the one who completes them — and just to treat it like any old breakup (all breakups suck, you have to just find ways to feel better) seems like a lot of BS to me now. House has thought about having something with her since school, they’ve danced around each other and ‘been there’ for each other for years (she lies to keep him out of jail, holds his hand after the brain trauma,etc. etc., he gives her IVF shots and keeps her secret, he is the only one to go see her after she loses the baby) and after all this Cuddy ‘can’t handle House being House and drops him after one slip-up when frankly they portrayed the relationship as going much smoother than I ever imagined and that he would then go and do crazy awful things to push her away instead of crazy things to fight for her?

    I agree with Mindy and everyone else that this is House’s journey and no one really expects him to have some walk into the sunset happiness but that was why so many people saw Cuddy as the one woman who would be able to have a messed up insane wonderful relationship with him. I and others felt that Cuddy is an integral part of his journey and any cockeyed happiness he can get. House fans who just want to see him back at square one as a closed-off miserable jerk who spouts one-liners I don’t even understand. But if the Cuddy ‘arc’ (I never thought it would be turned into an arc instead of an integral part of the show!) is going to be used to show that now House took down his barriers for her that even tho he was hurt, he can do it again with some random woman they will find (Dominka much?) it does not sit right with me, sorry, I just think they developed Cuddy to be his endgame and not to be treated like its some three week affair everyone will get over and go back to the way things were and laugh about it one day. House takes people into his heart very sparingly (remember five plus years with Stacy and still now over her for years?) so I cannot see anyone replacing Cuddy in his life (or her ever finding anyone) so where have they been taking us on this journey? It feels like we hit a roundabout…

  • #35
    sunnysea: Thanks for your comments on my comments.

    I understand what you said about the whole House/Cuddy relationship turnaround being abrupt. But for me, much of this might have stemmed from Cuddy thinking about what was going to be five years or even five months from now. House was trying hard to make things work and perhaps if Cuddy’s illness hadn’t come into play, they would still be together.

    She said she didn’t want him to change but when it really came down to it, when she had her daughter’s welfare to consider, his addiction WAS an issue. And that abruptness on her part was her defense. She didn’t want to give herself time to think it over because she would have probably changed her mind. She does love him and that will never change.

    Perhaps she regrets what she did (her actions at his ‘wedding’ made it seem like this might be so). But I don’t think she would go back with him now, even if she could.

    Much of what goes on in the show is subtext and everyone has their opinions about what’s NOT said. That’s what makes forums like this great.

  • RedTulip_Ana

    @63 – Joan-
    I just think they developed Cuddy to be his endgame and not to be treated like its some three week affair everyone will get over and go back to the way things were and laugh about it one day.
    Yes, that’s why most viewers say that the relationship between Cuddy and House is more special than any other. In my opinion, using this relationship of love like a stone in the way of House to do him again descend into hell, is not a good idea. Even if this descent into hell, serves to fix his own life. I don´t think this does justice to a character as strong as Cuddy.

  • yahnis

    “but they were each others BASHERT”and I understand too:)))
    It’s destiny! And I am totaly agree with Joan!
    We all 6 seasons are getting their relationship development with very strong scripts and it’s was all for 15 episodes of a little happiness and many tears? We got nothing but Fridman words that House jerk and people don’t change!We don’t deserve this twist, because they make us to love this idea of them being together.

  • Thank you all for your kind comments and your insightful observations. As someone said, a lot of how each person understands the show comes via subtext, silent moments and what not’s said. This is something I adore about the show.

    #36: Tsou–they do address the issue of 13 practicing medicine.

    #39: Andrea–Cuddy and Wilson are already very close friends–do you mean romantically involved? I don’t think either of them would do that to House. I think House would see it as a profound betrayal, but human nature is human nature. If W/C got involved it would lead to all sorts of interesting problems for House.

    #41: My theory is that he took vicodin, was self-destructive and is now beginning to try and put back the pieces, but on his own this time (that’s only a theory)

    I like Chase very much in “the dig.” Based on the last few episodes, I think Masters has a crush on him.

    “The Dig has a lot going on with all the characters–Wilson and Cuddy are not in it. Patient story is also very interesting with some surprises.

    Sal–I just think we see their relationship differently. House was never romantically in love with Cameron. that’s my opinion. I understand it as I see it. I’m not saying there wasn’t mutual attraction and a huge amount of affection. There was.

    Mindy–“She said she didn’t want him to change but when it really came down to it, when she had her daughter’s welfare to consider, his addiction WAS an issue. And that abruptness on her part was her defense. She didn’t want to give herself time to think it over because she would have probably changed her mind. She does love him and that will never change.”

    I think this is a really, really important point to make. There is no real blame here. It’s just tragic.

  • Committed

    #55 – RedTulip_Ana –

    I’m still around – thank you for your concern. I like to read what everyone writes. It’s nice to see that folks love this show. I believe all involved in the making of it deserve to see that.

    In regards to the end of the season, it may not end exactly the way we want it to but I’m fairly sure we will be okay with it regardless – at least I hope so.

    Again, thank you very much for your concern, you are very kind – I look forward to discussing things again soon.

  • josie

    I truly hope House starts to work on his recovery from drugs and depression. Last season, he basically sat around Wilson’s apartment and moped that everyone was moving on with their lives, but him. Even on the one episode where he had fun at the karaoke bar with Chase and Forman, he refused to accept that he could truly be friends with them. David Shore would be doing a disservice if House ends of alone by the series’ end. I think people are inspired by television characters, and seeing House do what one needs to do in order to be emotionally healthy, is important. I’d like by the series’ end House not to be so needy of Wilson and Cuddy, to have some friends, whether at work or not, and to be in love. If his love is not Cuddy, so be it. People should not settle for one great love. Hearts can be mended, allowing us to love again. House deserves to hear someone say that she loves him, and not that she wishes that she didn’t (oh, was that cruel in “Help Me.”).

  • OMG

    “My theory is that he took vicodin, was self-destructive and is now beginning to try and put back the pieces, but on his own this time (that’s only a theory)”

    Yes but how can he stop vicodin alone with no help? When a drug addict just starts again to take drugs, he should have some exterior help. Maybe we’ll see again Dr Nolan.

  • OMG–He’d been off Vicodin for two years, he went back on it for a couple weeks. Probably not long enough for him to become physically dependent on it again. House can do a lot of things when he’s motivated. And maybe he is already reconnected with Nolan.

  • OMG

    Josie : “House deserves to hear someone say that she loves him”

    I agree but look at this man, he’s so tormented, complicated, that the poor girl won’t be able to endure this very long. As Stacy has said in S2 (almost same words as Cuddy), they feel alone with him.
    Cuddy’s situation in ep15 (how horrible it is to be alone in this situation) was exactly the same thing that Stacy told him. They’re living with a ghost. He’s here without being there. Vicodin really never helped him to connect sincerely to people, as Shore has said, it would be interesting to know what Vicodin brings to House on an emotional level, maybe ep18 is the beginning of this big therapy.

  • josie

    That’s the point, he should have therapy and hopefully get his act together, and then be able to truly connect with someone. Since this show has been linked with NAMI, it should provide hope for individuals struggling with mental illnesses, such as depression.

  • Sneaky Microbe

    I just want to add that I am one of many who feel that the House-Cuddy relationship was not properly presented and explored in Season 7. It was too … sweet? simple? uncomplicated? To wrap up one of the greatest and most complicated romances on television in 15 episodes is criminal. I was expecting a fun, scary roller coaster ride but instead it kind of fizzled (was exciting at beginning but was kinda flat, then derailed, slamming passengers into a concrete wall). The writers could so easily have had fun with that relationship, create ups and downs that would appeal to both Huddy and non-Huddy fans. But I simply cannot digest that it’s over. House’s progression appealed to many, and the REgression has been more than painful to watch. I did not expect a happy ending and slow walk into the sunset. But I expected fireworks, ups and downs, and a difficult journey for them both.

    I do think House deserves an ounce of happiness. And I’m very sorry that his connection with Cuddy was used in this way, even if their relationship was a spring-board for House to find happiness and strength by himself. There was much potential there for great writing, and now … they preach that Huddy was doomed from the start and that our beloved crazy doctor is a shallow “jerk.” Sad. Very sad.

  • OMG

    With House, it will be a therapy for life! 😉 baby steps…

  • ruthinor

    Mindy–“She said she didn’t want him to change but when it really came down to it, when she had her daughter’s welfare to consider, his addiction WAS an issue. And that abruptness on her part was her defense. She didn’t want to give herself time to think it over because she would have probably changed her mind. She does love him and that will never change.”

    I think this is a really, really important point to make. There is no real blame here. It’s just tragic. (BB)

    Actually, while I agree with these sentiments, that’s NOT the way it was written. Barbara, you spent a lot of time telling us how much House had REALLY tried and that Cuddy ending it was abrupt and pretty much uncalled for. At least that’s the way it came across to me. Likewise, throughout the “fandom”, it was Cuddy was a bitch and House tried so hard etc. I don’t blame folks for thinking that way…it’s the way it was written. They went from crap like toothbrushes and toilet seats to House not being there for Cuddy when she really needed him…and I’m talking about from the beginning of Bombshells when she was worried about the blood in her urine. It was a stupid and silly progression and it downplayed the importance of House’s actions (or inactions) in BS.

    Furthermore, I think a lot of people interpreted “Two Stories” differently than I did. Except for the House-Cuddy scene at the very end, all the other scenes (toothbrushes, toilet seats) were House’s version of events. This is House thinking that Cuddy must be REALLY upset about this stuff, but it’s NOT necessarily reality. Hell, at the end of the episode, House has pretty much screwed up in every way possible and Cuddy’s reaction was NOT to be upset, but to ask him to dinner.

  • RedTulip_Ana

    A question for everyone:
    Does anyone really think we have seen the relationship between House and Cuddy was the relationship we expected to see? It really has been a love´s relationship “Uncommon”?
    When I speak of the “relationship that we expected to see”, I refer to it, after we have had knowledge of the characters over 7 years. I never saw Cuddy never as “homemaker” or a House “so dirty” or even “very worried ” or “so soft”.
    Perhaps the failure of House is precisely the “emotional failure (I think BB talk about it many times).
    House told to Nolan: “a person’s brain stops working, at the time who someone thinks he can lose the person who really loves”
    House has been afraid of losing Cuddy the entire season, until finally all his fears have come true.
    But, perhaps, their fears have come true, because their fears are those who set the tone of their relationship. His brain stopped working from Now what? It is possible …
    I’m wanting to know the House and 13 talks about …

    @78 – ruthinor
    “…House has pretty much screwed up in every way possible and Cuddy’s reaction was NOT to be upset, but to ask him to dinner”
    This you have said is in line with what I have just commented. The whole relationship between House and Cuddy has been “smudged” by House´s fears.

  • “Barbara, you spent a lot of time telling us how much House had REALLY tried and that Cuddy ending it was abrupt and pretty much uncalled for. At least that’s the way it came across to me.”

    He did really try. And her breakup was abrupt and arbitrary. But it wasn’t (in Cuddy’s mind) unjustified. She said his behavior would not be an issue. She was wrong. House thought it would be; he was right.

    “Perhaps the failure of House is precisely the “emotional failure (I think BB talk about it many times).
    House told to Nolan: “a person’s brain stops working, at the time who someone thinks he can lose the person who really loves”
    House has been afraid of losing Cuddy the entire season, until finally all his fears have come true.”

    Yes. Some of House’s behavior (like the lie that fueled several episodes) was driven by his desire not to lose Cuddy. In a sense he became victim to his own desire not to screw it up.

    Next episode’s patient story seems to comment (whether intentionally or not) on this trope.

  • ruthinor

    Barbara, I guess we differ on what the word “arbitrary” means! If someone can’t be there for you when you are ill and frightened, when will they be there for you? Cuddy had no prior experience with House under these circumstances. My guess is she really thought he would be there for her. Also, I doubt she was expecting House to tell her he would always choose her, but she made him a crappier doctor. And then to go from that scene to the beginning of BS…makes no sense at all to me. It’s all warm and fuzzy and THEN we get the break-up. I will never understand the sequence of events.

    RT_A: I totally agree with you about House’s fear. But I would go even further..I think he was consciously or subconsciously trying to sabotage the relationship. House is not a slob so why did he play one at Cuddy’s house? Ever see toothpaste on House’s sink?
    Did he really not want to screw it up? Or, because of his feelings of non-worthiness, did he “subconsciously” do everything TO screw it up.

  • Joan

    About the breakup — I still have not found any satisfactory reason for them having to break up when they did except for it being on the schedule for ep 15.

    Re Mindy’s post that Cuddy is thinking about her daughter and the future — I agree with ruthinor, that was not the way it was written, nor does it seem to me a very credible subtext to hang this on. I am a mom and a professional woman so I can see a lot of Cuddy’s point of view, but I feel somewhat offended that we are playing the needy woman card here. Cuddy is shown as a single workaholic (and for good reason) career woman who has been managing a hospital and her personal life and her child (after some initial sorting out)and her insane genius employee for years with the support of housekeepers, handy-men and nannies and she has not had any man about to be there providing reliable steadfast and loving support every day (much tho she deserves it!). Frankly we never even saw family or friends for poor Cuddy for years. Everyone falls over themselves trying to help House, G-d love him, and he gives them a shove, but she has been strong and capable ALL BY HERSELF. In Bombshells she says she had to breakup because she deserved to know he would be there for her. I absolutely think Cuddy deserves a great deal, she is a wonderful person and deserves a prince among men. But that’s not necessarily what you get in life (where you probably have to make compromises and live with what you can get and even have to deal with family members who are not 100% mentally or physically healthy)and that certainly is’nt Shore’s view of what people get. If she starts dating someone new who’s to say he will ‘be there for her’ and support her the way she deserves? Its just a crapshoot. The likelier endgame for a 40 something workaholic mom is she’s going to be doing it all alone with what support she can get.

    Cuddy was alone for years except for those one time dates and then the writers said maybe she would want a stable reliable guy to be there for her and Rachel even if it was’nt her great love or she had to compromise for it…enter Lucas. If what the writers really thought this character needed was a guy with babysitting time on his hands then he was a perfect match and they should have married them. Oh, but it was’nt, it just sounded good on paper and he did’nt provide for all her needs or even give her the support she needed (9to5 plot was clearly showing that Lucas did not give her the support she needed — I always thought her “You can do this” in the mirror while Lucas was clueless was very poignant and we all saw that House was who she needed for real support/guidance in a crises, while Lucas upped her stress by very inconsiderately taking all the cell phones etc. and lets not forget the 2 minute man..) so even ‘Mr. Reliable’ is not actually right for her and her daughter.

    Then, knowing House for all these years as the narcissistic, insane genius addict that he is, but loving him anyway, Cuddy finally decides that the ‘uncommon’ relationship and love she would share with House were worth the inevitable challenges of a relationship with him. In fact, they resolved their hospital issues pretty quickly (one ep?), House babysat and actually bonded with Rachel over time and they worked on those little annoyances of living together re toilet seats and toothbrushes (I never saw that as the straw that broke the camel’s back) and Cuddy was fairly understanding of a lot of House’s typical behavior and issues. So we come to the addiction — which would certainly be a bigger issue if he had’nt shown he could stay clean for 2 yrs and had one slip in a very stressful time. If he had actually relapsed while in the relationship and not gone to therapy/rehab etc. then I could see her keeping him away from Rachel or breaking off then but the theoretical possibility that he would be a negative influence on her daughter in the future, is not really clear and that does not seem to be whats on her mind. To me, saying that she deserves someone more supportive/reliable than House is still oddly hollow because I don’t see anyone stepping up to her door to fit the bill and no one person can every fulfill all your needs, Cuddy should recognize that better than anyone, so even with his clear weaknesses, House did fulfill Cuddy in a lot of ways and frankly has been there for her a lot (IVF shots, Joy, her mother, babysitting Rachel/there for preschool) so that if he stumbled when in fear of her life she might still understand where he was coming from. I am certain that she did not go into the relationship thinking that he was going to turn into the Mr. Mom of her dream sequence and frankly seemed more than pleasantly surprised at how he and Rachel did bond together so pulling out Rachel as the reason to break off a relationship that was making mommy happy even warts and all seems a cop-out. Sorry I am going on, I get started and can’t seem to stop. 😉

  • RedTulip_Ana

    @79 – ruthinor
    “I think he was consciously or subconsciously trying to sabotage the relationship. House is not a slob so why did he play one at Cuddy’s house? Ever see toothpaste on House’s sink?”

    Yes, I agree with what you say. House “unconsciously (or consciously) to final ruin things, because he “… still not believe you deserve this, “(EP12). Are his fears which operate. As Barbara just said: “… He became victim to his own desire not to screw it up”

    But that’s what “we see”. But Are we sure that’s what really happens? I still think that things we are seeing, has gone through the “filter” of the head of House.

    Or if not, back to what I said before: House and Cuddy have not acted as House and Cuddy this season. House is not a dirty person or vague. Cuddy is not a typical housewife. If the characters do not change, what happened this season?

    Therefore, actually House is a victim of his own fears, House ruin their relationship because he believes not deserve…in short, is the head of House what shows us the story.

    I hope that at the end of the season we put all the pieces of the puzzle, and understand what we can not right now!

  • Sneaky Microbe

    Funny. Barbara opened the floor for us to submit queries regarding the next House &13 episode. But we all are fixated on House and Cuddy … (Personally, I find 13 to be one of the most boring characters on the show. But I do appreciate the tidbits to get us talking again. And that the episode starts to address what we’re all wondering about.)

  • Lor

    Sigh, this show used to be so smart and now it’s all about a stupid relationship: if you guys want a romance so bad go watch a soap opera or read a harlequin romance!
    I’m glad that the huddy nonsense is finally over, hopefully it’s not too late to save the show

  • morphine a violin a friend and a mystery

    Yeah, when I saw the finale last season, I thought he had od’d, because cuddy just appeared in his apt. It was disjointed. I’m so happy to find that others saw something similar!

  • RedTulip_Ana

    @80 – Joan
    Oh, I love everything you said!
    I love how you described to Cuddy. You expressed very well what I think about this character. Cuddy is a strong woman, single mother, director of hospital … she is self-sufficient. If Cuddy really would have needed one so simple as Lucas in her life, never had left to embark on a relationship with House.
    Cuddy’s character we’ve seen this season (after Unwritten) is far from the Cuddy that we know (or think we know).

  • housecomelately

    80 Joan, wonderfully presented post based on the ‘facts’, i.e., what the series has shown us through the years, as opposed to what we want to see.

    Really like your logic!

  • RedTulip_Ana

    @83 – Lor
    Sorry, this TV show about the life of a doctor named House, his “journey”, his problems and his relationships. If the relationship we are talking about is stupid (as you say), How do you explain that House was too affected about its break-up, as back to the Vicodin, prostitutes and crazy past life?
    I think you’re very wrong if you think that people who talk about the relationship between Cuddy and House seek a romance. If you read our comments, you will realize that we go further. We try to find an intelligible explanation for the behavior of House.
    The entire TVShow of House Md, has treated about the life of House. As DS said, patients are secondary.

  • Betty

    This show has always showed the characters’ personal lives. Even your standard procedurals like CSI show some aspect of this. So don’t understand when people object to this. Cuddy came in at that moment in Help Me to act as House’s savior once again. This time unlike others it was to finally start a real relationship. But I think it was to show that House cannot depend on a love of a woman to create a solid emotional foundation in life. He must do that on his own, which is something I hope to see by the series’ end. It’s much more satisfying and also a boost to one’s self-esteem and confidence to get back on your feet again on your own with emotional support from friends rather than depend on someone else for this, which I think was what House was doing and hoping to achieve through Cuddy. I think both these characters thought they were ready for a serious relationship that could last, but clearly neither one was, especially House.

  • yahnis

    “If she starts dating someone new who’s to say he will ‘be there for her’ and support her the way she deserves? Its just a crapshoot. The likelier endgame for a 40 something workaholic mom is she’s going to be doing it all alone with what support she can get.”

    YES! That what I told after 715! Whether anyone can know about future and to be sure 100% in other man behavior? I guess even parents don’t know their children well enough. And Cuddy suddenly decide that man who love her stronger that he be capable to,isn’t match? She is very smart woman and her decision isn’t match to her character.I think it’s or weak plot or TPTB want to keep fans in tension to end of season( I wish second version).

  • housecomelately

    76 – ruthinor,

    I also don’t think House tried hard enough in the relationship. Come on, he couldn’t even be there for her as she went through all the medical procedures and surgery?

    This is the same guy who risked his life to figure out who was on the bus with him and was in danger of losing their life for his friend Wilson?

    This writing is just a bit lame to me.

    And the speeches they wrote for Cuddy where she told him he doesn’t seem to care about her, and then told him ‘pain happens when you care’ seem contradictory. Is she saying he’s in pain in BS? Well then, he must care, and that’s what you wanted him to do in the previous episode, so why dump him?

    And again, don’t blame Cuddy, blame lack of script continuity between episodes.

    House was great because of intelligent, mature writing, but now the writing seems to have become self-indulgent (with horror scenes, juvenile pranks, and gimmicks like Segways) and a victim of its own cleverness.

  • I thought you loved those 8 seconds…

    @80 – Joan
    THIS! Couldn’t agree with you more!

  • Betty

    #80 Joan

    Excellent points. But I think we all know by now that DS and the writers were going to break up the relationship before it went out of the gates. So cough it up to sloppy writing and short memories and the feeling of wanting to hurry up and get it over with. Sad really. And then you have these video blogs, interviews, and tweets from the writers and the producers who spin it in such a way that sloppy writing did not happen at all and that it was completely justified in the realm of their version of House’s head and who he is. So they never really gave the relationship a real chance even tho they said they would because they never believed in it to begin with. To them they see House as a miserable loner who is not on a journey for growth. Very sad. But as I’ve said, I will continue to watch and hope they change their narrowminded stance.

  • ruthinor

    Joan, enjoyed your post.

    What bothers me most about the House-Cuddy relationship, as written, is that they made the two characters LESS than what they were before the relationship. If we were going to see a break-up, it should have been done after we could see the fall-out from House’s relapse, and some discussion between the two of what this meant for their future together. Too much time was spent on trivial nonsense like toothbrushes and door slamming. IMO Cuddy’s decision to break it off was not well written or explained. The foundation just wasn’t there. Was this the House we know saying “I can do better” over and over again? Was that the Cuddy we know who would be upset by all that trivia?

  • morphine a violin a friend and a mystery

    Season 6 finale on bravo right now! EST

  • Lee

    Thanks for the preview Barbara. I’m one of those people who don’t mind House and 13 together and think that the two have the type of connection that Nolan wanted him to foster. I also think she will play a pivotal role in his journey, if only for the fact that the number 13 has been mentioned umpteen times this season. I’m in it until the end, although I do have to say that I really don’t know where they are going at this point.

    “he is beginning to process what happened and also beginning to pull himself together to the point where he is able to something extraordinary: something of which we know House capable, but that no one with whom he associates would really expect.”

    I’m really looking forward to seeing this, but I’m not quite sure what I’ll make of it since we’ve been told repeatedly that he is NOT capable of what we thought he was. Which is it? DS said he didn’t want to jerk the fans around, but man do I have whiplash. It’s either some master plan or just more inconsistent, sloppy writing with a heap of horrendous PR.

    @76 ruthinor
    “Furthermore, I think a lot of people interpreted “Two Stories” differently than I did. Except for the House-Cuddy scene at the very end, all the other scenes (toothbrushes, toilet seats) were House’s version of events. This is House thinking that Cuddy must be REALLY upset about this stuff, but it’s NOT necessarily reality. Hell, at the end of the episode, House has pretty much screwed up in every way possible and Cuddy’s reaction was NOT to be upset, but to ask him to dinner.”

    This is the main reason why I continue to engage in speculation that it has all (or most of it) been House’s version of how the relationship would play out. He says it in Unwritten and the writing after that was exactly how he laid it out. It’s like his worst nightmare coming true–him sabotaging 20 years of history b/c he is a worthless, undeserving person who could never possibly make Cuddy happy no matter how hard he tried. If it’s all real, then that means the writers sabotaged 20 years of history (6 of which we’ve seen) and want the viewers to forget it all, accept that the relationship was just one arc among many (and a very short one at that–in fact, the same or shorter than Luddy!), and that he is, at his core, just a jerk who deserves to be alone. I’m not sure how I’m supposed to do that and ‘move on’ since it was a 20 year history in which Cuddy was not a whiny bitch (and BTW, who wouldn’t be if their spouse/partner used their toothbrush repeatedly after being told not to!) who would drop him a few short months into a real relationship and a history in which House could walk and chew gum at the same time without being an irredeemable ass. It just doesn’t make any sense, but if that’s what happens I think I will have to move on.

    I see Barbara already mentioned above the dialogue from Baggage (it was just on Bravo) where House said that people’s brain stop working when they think they are going to lose someone they love. I’m just hoping that is literally what occurred. If something happened to him around the time when he realized that he COULD make Cuddy happy and that she did in fact make him better, his fear of losing her would likely overtake his rational mind and allow his guilt of the past and his self-loathing demons to run amok. If he’s in some altered state (like Red Tulip, I don’t think it is a dream or a hallucination, but some kind of brain injury/infection, perhaps after Unwritten although some clues trace back to NW) without his SSRI’s and intervention by those who care about him (e.g. Cuddy, Wilson, team–especially 13 who seems to reach him in a way the others don’t), he’s left to fight them all alone and what we have seen up until now is him losing. I do believe he quit therapy too soon and real or not, we’ll only know if he is strong enough to face his demons and find some modicum of peace in the finale. There are enough things that stick out like sore thumbs to make the speculation vortex still attractive to me, but again, I’m also smart enough to recognize that it could very well be over (I really don’t see how they can repair the damage done to Cuddy’s character and increasingly House’s character).

    Another thing from Baggage that relates to it being in his head: Nolan tells him he’s choosing diagnoses that are related to him, that he sees his past as a threat and therefore his past is coming up in his diagnoses. Think about how many POTWS reflected House’s physical (brain injuries), psychological (mental illness), and emotional traumas (abuse). Once again, I know that I’m relying on, and seriously taxing the tiny part of my brain that processes hope (another Baggage reference), and also suffering from delusions, but right now it is the only thing that softens the anger, depression, and bitter disappointment over what could have been.

  • tired.

    Huh. After reading all of these comments I’m not really in the mood to see this episode anymore. It’s all so gloomy. People are gloomy and the interviews that have come out recently are gloomy. Huddy was doomed; House is doomed. That’s been made clear. The only way House is going to find any happiness before he loses it again on this show is if he dies. Actually, that’s still losing it. But at least he won’t be in pain anymore and I don’t have to sit watching him struggling in vain to be happy anymore. I feel like I’m fighting to hang on to this show because it has been so great.

    As a Huddy, I don’t hate the show, the writers, or David Shore or think we were entitled to Huddy. It’s great they gave it to us. I have always felt that way. But it wasn’t nearly as in depth an exploration that I would’ve expected after watching them journey to get to this point all this time and after the sort of exploration I’ve seen the writers capable of over the years. That is a valid point. And then to find out right after that that’s it? They’re cutting it off forever? It doesn’t seem right for a show like this with so much creativity to do either of those two things. But what do I know? So that killed one of the reasons I watched for.

    The main thing I watch for is to find out more about House, Cuddy and Wilson and what will happen to them and where will they end up? But first it’s for House. Well, I know the answer to that too. House will never find happiness so who cares what other things he tries in the future? It’s like watching a hamster on a wheel. Yeah, he can be entertaining, but he’s going nowhere and you know it.

    As for the episode, I’m not really interested in Thirteen or why she was gone. I’m not hating on the character or anything, and I fully understand every character should get his/her share of screen time, but she just doesn’t interest me at all. So to know the main point of this episode is about the mystery of her being gone and what she did, turned me off right there. Knowing we’ll learn more about House made me interested again, but if it’s just so he can stand on his feet again, what does that mean? Will it mean happiness? No. Will he always be searching for it? Yes. We were told this by David Shore himself. House will always strive to find happiness but will never find any that lasts. Period. Most of the people who are still watching for House still hope that he will “find a little a little bit of happiness even if it’s at the end,” but he won’t. Back to the point of this piece by Barbara, it is well written, especially the first paragraph. But for someone like me, who doesn’t think the writers or Huddy are the devil but am just uninspired after the deluge of interviews that told people to give up hope on House/Cuddy and House, I did. And now it feels like there’s nothing left. I’m pretty sure this will be my last season and that makes me sad because this was my favorite show.

    Sorry to add to the gloominess. I just haven’t read anyone who quite fully voiced my particular feelings lately. Just bits here and there, and I wanted to at least put it out there once.

  • Susan

    Tired #96 – you just gave me a new word for my Season 7 House dictionary (I already have depressed, apprehensive, nauseous, etc.) Gloomy is good.

    I also could care less about 13. I like her as part of the team but not enough to make me watch for an hour. Taub, though, makes me laugh.

    Joan #80 – agree with you on no reason for the break up.

    I also don’t know why most people say they always knew there would be a breakup. They love each other and House was working very hard at being what Cuddy wanted….the writers killed her character by having her break it off. I give up, everyone else has said it better.

  • Lieueitak

    I honestly dislike how some of the writers (in particular, John C. Kelly) conveniently bring up Rachel’s existence to illustrate how Cuddy broke up with House to not only “do what’s right for her life, but, more importantly, what’s right for her daughter’s.” Logically, however, that train of thought doesn’t quite work out if you factor in a concern for Rachel’s overall well-being. If Cuddy were seriously trying to protect her daughter, would she really have been blinded to House’s drug addiction and emotional problems? Or, when she was considering ending her relationship with Lucas, someone whom her daughter had presumably grown close to, wouldn’t she have been even more aware of the vast complications that dating someone like House would bring into her family life? Would she not use those potential problems as a reason NOT to start a relationship with House? Given her reluctance to introduce him to Rachel, I can only believe that Cuddy was well aware of the issues being in a relationship with him would create.

    Now, someone will surely say, “But knowing is different than experiencing those problems.” My response to that is threefold:

    1) Cuddy isn’t naive or delusional; she’s confronted House and his myriad of issues for 6 seasons (longer, actually, if you factor in the years preceding the Pilot).

    2) She saw him about to relapse in “Help Me” and STILL thought it was a good idea to date him.

    3) If she’s so concerned about the impact all of this has on her daughter, wouldn’t she be somewhat reluctant to cut House out of her life as quickly as she did? Wouldn’t she be slightly more disposed to forgiving his particular screw up that led to her dumping him?

    I’m not saying House didn’t do anything wrong. I can understand why Cuddy would be upset. However, in that situation, shouldn’t you weigh the reasons behind the relapse against the emotional ramifications of the relapse itself? Wouldn’t there be the slightest tinge of sympathy once you realized that your illness affects more than you? And even if you’re angry, if you’re thinking about what’s best for your daughter, wouldn’t you consider that nearly losing grandma AND mommy in a relatively short period of time would be more than enough upheaval for your kid at that moment without losing another budding father figure in less than a year? I know Rachel’s young, but children pick up on those things. Also, I don’t think any of the scenes post-break up have indicated that House and Cuddy are better off as friends. If anything, those scenes tell me that they are better off not being in each others’ orbit for the foreseeable future this season.

  • Jaim

    I think that people should stop focusing on Cuddy’s line in Now What, when she says she doesn’t want him to change. I think she meant that then, but that doesn’t mean she had to accept everything he did within the relationship. Accepting someone doesn’t mean getting treated like a doormat. I think that people who make the argument that she was alone for a long time and therefore shouldn’t have needed someone by her bedside in Bombshells, is not really looking at this character fully. Of course, she can be on her own, but when she got involved with House she thought she was getting a partner.This relationship was a big commitment for both of them and most likely they both considered the other to be significant. Even the strongest and most independent person longs for their loved ones to be by their side when facing scary life and death situations. The fact that he could not share the pain and fear that she herself was feeling, demonstrated to her that this will never be a deeper partnership…at least for now.

    He’s still too afraid to feel vulnerable with another person. He has problems accepting the fact that just holding her hand is enough to give her some solace, finding a diagnosis is not the only way to help a situation. She hoped that this closed-off mindset had changed because he finally did show up by her bedside, but the later epiphany about his drug use made her realize that he is still too afraid to really be vulnerable with her. Love really isn’t enough in these kinds of situations. She can not be his replacement vicodin nor his trigger to use it. I think that’s what she meant in Out of the Chute when she told Wilson that she was House’s problem. I think it hurt her deeply that the way he handled his love for her and his feelings, was to take those pain pills that in the past nearly cost him his own sanity. Remember, it was his hallucination of her that got him to realize that he had never stopped taking vicodin and then forced him to go to Mayfield. I wish they had explored the emotional ramifications of this for Cuddy. I think we needed to see an in-depth conversation with them in season six, in which she tells him how bad she felt about being one of his triggers for the delusion. Of course, it wasn’t her fault but that is probably how she felt, knowing her guilt complex. Looking at all of these past and present events, I can understand the reasons behind her decision. Cuddy even admitted that she was turning a blind eye to the very real addiction problems that he had because she so wanted to believe in their relationship. I think she now knows that at least when it comes to the drug issue, he does need to make a change, and keep up the self-maintenance(therapy, getting a sponsor, NA) in order to better handle emotional situations in the future. He needs to want to do this for himself. Once he really deals with his demons and realizes what the Vicodin represents, then he can manage a relationship with more self-confidence and faith. I think because he is still so damaged from past events, he has lost a sense of self. Once he finds himself, he can be a more emotionally open partner that one can lean on.

    I think that if they had shown this internal struggle that Cuddy had been having about House’s emotional/addiction issues, for a few episodes prior to Bombshells, then the audience would have had a better understanding of her decision to break up. I think since we saw so much of this relationship through House’s eyes, it’s hard to empathize with another character’s point of view.

  • ruthinor

    Terrific post, Jaim. I totally agree with you. The way the two characters were written this season, most of the sympathy goes to House. I know he’s the central character, but listening to the writers, or at least most of them, they think House is a jerk and because of that, the relationship was bound to fail. But, that’s not the way it played. Cuddy comes off with most of the blame because of their failure to present her point of view more clearly and the fact that everything is seen from House’s point of view.

    I finally got to see Fall from Grace and all it did was reinforce my lack of sympathy for House. As usual, showing Cuddy’s feelings, aside from a few brief scenes, was small change.

  • G-Ma House

    I’ve been looking through the various discussion threads and none of them really fit what I wanted to discuss about Cuddy; we have numerous love/hate comments on Cuddy’s actions since the airing of “Bombshells” as well as intense analyses of the supposed rational and/or irrational aspects of her POV since “Now What,” which often do bring up some valid thinking points on her. However, there’s been nothing substantial that delves deeply into her personality. In fact, I’m still trying to figure the woman out. Maybe you all can help.

    First of all, it has been long established for Cuddy’s character that she’s always been unsuccessful at relationships, self proclaimed that every one she has ever had she has screwed up. That seems to have held true considering recent events. It appears to me that when a relationship for Cuddy becomes too serious, or too complicated, she dumps it. Fear of real commitment perhaps, or some underlying baggage that she just can’t seem to get past. I’m not saying she doesn’t want real commitment, she obviously does, but the perfect relationship doesn’t exist (at least on this show). When it gets tough, or a little scary, or maybe too adult, she runs. Her 6 day marriage, her relationship with Lucas, and now House.

    House was honest from the beginning on how the relationship would turn out, and tried to express his fears because he had seriously considered all possible outcomes. Unfortunately, Cuddy chose not to deal with those points House brought up which were painfully honest. How could she expect the relationship to turn out any differently than what House projected if she was unwilling to discuss those potential problems? Was she just pretending they would all magically disappear because of love? Does she just want it to be fun? I don’t understand her complete lack of realistic thinking as well as her refusal to allow House to be rational about it either. It was all emotional from her perspective.

    Did Cuddy really believe she could boss her way through it all whenever there was an issue between them and that it would all be okay? “What I say goes because I am the boss” never works in a romantic partnership. It works being a mother (for a while, until the kid gets older and rebels) and it works treating people that way in the workplace (until they get fed up and leave). House was right about her early on in the series, she is a good boss. She can see things as they are, and how they could be (or should be), but the gaping chasm in between, the part that others can see, she misses (i.e., how to work through those conflicts to achieve the goal). Therefore, she will never be happy with anyone. House wanted to fix himself and be happy, but he knew he wouldn’t really change. She knew it too and denied she wanted him to change — they both wanted to believe they could overcome their fears and be together. House knew that going into the relationship, which is why he acquiesced to her in so many ways in the beginning to try and make the relationship work. It is also the reason House didn’t discuss with her when he had doubts, he went to Wilson. Even though Cuddy said she wanted House to talk to her whenever he had problems with the relationship, there wasn’t really a discussion. It was either, “you’re right” or “you don’t get to do that” from her side of their “discussions.” She couldn’t separate being his boss from being his girlfriend even though she wanted to, whereas House did pretty well with compartmentalizing it.

    So does Cuddy really still view House as the 12 year old boy that needs constant supervision at work and at play? Or was she the one wishing she could be more like the women she thought he wanted to be with? Because to me it seems that is how she viewed the relationship all along. I think she tried seeing him differently, she treated him as an adult in the beginning, but she couldn’t overcome the mom/boss issues about what he could and couldn’t do. She deferred to him on what was fun. From the beginning she didn’t wanted the relationship to be analyzed to death with everything talked out, just let it be “nice.” She wanted to be the 12 year old girlfriend. But their relationship is and always has been complex, that is how they work together — everything out in the open and brutally honest. Then when she needed him to be an adult and step up, as she put it, he failed because he wasn’t prepared to be that strong and brutally honest adult partner that she needed him to be. He acted like a frightened child about to lose his mommy. How could she expect him to act any differently given the circumstances? But I digress…she wasn’t given the whole story from him either.

    As the season progressed, Cuddy started holding back more and more. House had to spy on her to know what was really going on with her (hacking her computer, etc). Cuddy obviously was not sharing, or discussing her real problems with her partner, and House was afraid to confront her out right, he wanted to be there for her. But I believe she was the one that held him at arms length, pretending everything was fine until suddenly it wasn’t. The only issues discussed were House’s issues, until we got to “Family Practice.” Then it changed, Cuddy’s family dynamics that she kept hidden pissed House off and he confronted her about them, made her stand up to her mother. Things seemed to change from there and the bigger things manifested in her being mad about minor inconveniences and blaming him for them. I’m not trying to “bash” on Cuddy, and I am not saying it is all her fault either. I know a lot of people side with her POV, but I really believe Cuddy might be more screwed up than House is.

    It’s possible that Cuddy’s never really known what she wants in her personal life, she just knows that she needs something. At first, she thought it was a baby (how many times did she change her mind about that?), and when she finally got one she didn’t know what to do with it and almost gave up on motherhood. House was there for her again, being brutally honest with her about motherhood trying to get her to make an adult decision, and in the end she finally bonded with the child. Later on, she discovered House really does have feelings for her as he has his breakdown, but she can’t be with him after he returned from Mayfield because by then she’s in an easy relationship with Lucas, the man-child. She hid it from everyone, especially House, because she denied her feelings for him while trying to move on with her life — do the mom thing, be an adult, and stop playing games with House. When House finally stopped playing games with her and gave up on her completely near the end of “Help Me,” trusting she had made her choice at long last, she folded again and admitted she really did love him all along.

    I think Cuddy was truthful with herself in one thing, she is stuck (in the present and in the past). Moreover, in a lot of ways, she still sees House as a child, but while he can be childish, he has often been more of a rational adult than any one else on the show. In fact, when her adult responsibilities have smacked her in the face, House has been there with Cuddy when he thought she really wanted him to be, and when he has discovered she has been hiding things from him he has confronted her. He’s always kept tabs on her and her problems, and when they got serious he’s been there by her side in some manner or another. Cuddy always knew House would show up when/if she really needed him to, and he has.

    What I don’t get about Cuddy in “Bombshells” is that in her dreams she blamed House for not being there with her/for her on his escaping the situations with “candy.” But in reality, she left the “candy” out where her own child could be tempted by it. House did take some Vicodin when he believed he was going to lose her, but it wasn’t him taking the pills she couldn’t handle, it was what they supposedly represented. I have to argue her reasoning. If House didn’t accept that loving someone would eventually lead him to pain, to being hurt, he wouldn’t have agreed to start the relationship back in “Help Me.” In fact, he knew exactly what the consequences of loving someone were, he told her then what his fears were, but she never told him hers. He wasn’t there with her because she didn’t allow him to be, not really. Only afterwards did she begin to share what was behind all her locked doors with him.

    When House gets over being hurt, I sure hope he does some deep analyzing of Cuddy, because House isn’t her real problem…it’s what he represents.

  • Jaim

    G-Ma House,
    You do bring up some good points about Cuddy.I think her whole life she has been unsure of her own worth to some extent. She felt this way due in large part because of her relationship with her mother. Even though she told House she had been rebelling against her mom for her whole life, when you really look at what she’s accomplished, she became a successful woman because her mom was always pushing her to do so. She didn’t really drastically go off the paved path. I think she has always looked for a truly loving and nurturing relationship because she never received that from her mom. It may also be why she has, in the past, always been a ‘mom’ figure to House. She sees her own childhood pain reflected in his eyes. They are very similar in many ways which makes sense to why they have had so many missteps in a romantic relationship. I do not want to say that one is more screwed up than the other because I just don’t believe in those kinds of labels. I think that House has many trust and emotional issues that he has yet to confront head on, which led to his Vicodin relapse. I think Cuddy has some trust and emotional issues that have led to her abrupt relationship decisions. The thing is they have been apart of each others’ lives for over 20 years. I think that this first real foray into a romance while not always very smooth, at least gave them an understanding of the self-reflection and inner work that they must do for themselves. If they get back together down the road then they will have both gained better skills in handling a complex yet fulfilling romantic relationship. I am not in agreement with the creators in saying that this is doomed or completely done. I think this break-up is just a needed wake-up call for both characters. They both need to understand that they are worthy of love and affection. They both need to know their own worth outside of their jobs and their professional images. I for one think that the characters should be dealing with this break-up as a teachable moment, because all relationships are meant to teach us something about ourselves.

  • troyica

    Jaim #99 I agree completely.
    “I think she meant that then, but that doesn’t mean she had to accept everything he did within the relationship. Accepting someone doesn’t mean getting treated like a doormat. […].”

    Exactly. I think both of them made mistakes in this relationship (House more than Cuddy, but that`s just my opinion) and to blame everything that happened solely on her is just ridiculous. After Bombshells, most people were saying that Cuddy is a cold hearted b**** who dumped poor innocent House for no reason. They were saying how he was trying so hard to change and be in a relationship and she just gave him nothing. Now, I understand the show is about House and we are supposed to root for him, but many of those viewers should really look at the bigger picture here. Just one episode prior the breakup he told her she made him a crappy doctor, but he would always choose her. On the surface this may seem sweet and it`s certainly the biggest confession of love House could ever give, but imagine what it was like for Cuddy to hear this. She knew medicine and his puzzles have always been the one thing that he valued above everything else. And now he`s telling her that he can`t do his job, his one thing effectively because he is with her. I don`t think for a moment that this is true, but for House there is only one option – either be in a happy relationship or be a genius doctor. There is no middle way. But what is it like to live with the notion that your partner thinks he has to suppress and sacrifice such a big part of himself to be with you? What if he started to resent her some day, what if he started to blame her for all his failures and misdiagnoses? I was really hoping they would develop this somehow, that we would get to see Cuddy`s point of view on this, but there was no follow up. We can only guess how she felt, but in my opinion this drunken confession was too big of a deal to just keep us guessing and never mention it again.

    The way I see it, House basically just changed his drug of choice from Vicodin to Cuddy. He was using her as his crutch (as many have already said). He told her he needed her and to be the one thing an addict needs more than anything else is just an enormous task. Cuddy deserves a partner, not someone who will run away no matter what happens. He couldn`t be there for her when she was getting an award. He couldn`t be there for her when she thought she was dying. Those are the events where everyone would expect their partner to be there for them and anyone saying that Cuddy demanded too much from him should really think again whether they would tolerate House`s behavior if he were their partner. Granted, Cuddy should`ve also reacted differently. Addicts slip and she knew that. She should`ve talked to House, try to find a solution, maybe say he needed therapy (which he does, I don`t know why they haven`t addressed this when they got together), not just break up with him with no hope of ever getting back together. I understand she was scared and in shock and I could understand if she told him that he needed to find help before they got back together, but to just end everything like that after all they`ve been through to become a couple is completely unrealistic and was done so abruptly just for the shocking value.

    I think the main problem this season has been lack of communication between House and Cuddy. I know they are both very guarded people who take some time to open up, but we didn`t get any meaningful conversations between them. Nothing. How are we supposed to make sense of their actions if the writing is completely out of character and without any depth?

    I also don`t like that being a Huddy (I hate that name) fan has become an insult. Like we are all a bunch of inarticulate immature fangirls going around screaming OMG HUDDY SEX IM DYING!!!! I completely understand people have different opinions and it is obvious some would hate the idea of House and Cuddy together. But I`ve always enjoyed their interactions and in my opinion they really have great chemistry and could be one of the most intriguing, interesting couples on TV.

    That said, I think the writers completely screwed up. If some people think the majority of those who were excited to see H/C as a couple were satisfied with the way they were portrayed, they are probably greatly mistaken. I, for example, was looking forward to deep conversations, to them addressing real issues (House`s childhood, his pain, her relationships and why she is so bad at them, his inability to open up, her fears he would slip back to addiction, her problems with how the hospital would accept her dating House…) But we got none of these. I wasn`t expecting them to confess their undying love every time they saw each other, I wasn`t expecting to see House become a perfect father figure and Cuddy a housewife and them living happily ever after. I wouldn`t even want to see that. But what we got was so poorly written I`m not surprised at all that people who don`t like Huddy hated it. I didn`t like how their relationship was portrayed and thought it was extremely poorly done, and I was actually looking forward to seeing them as a couple.

    And this is what I think is the problem here. It isn`t that House and Cuddy broke up. It`s about how badly the episodes were written this season, how we got 15 episodes of them being a couple that were in my opinion so bad and out of character that I found it hard to watch them and then their break up that didn`t make any sense. Seriously, after Bombshells and all the gloomy interviews that made it undeniable that H/C is over, I couldn`t help but ask myself “This was it? That`s all we get? Really?” They didn`t even scratch the surface of the problems this couple would face, there was no depth, no point other than to say “ok, we gave you Huddy, now move on”. If TPTB think they satisfied any fan base with this half-hearted miserable attempt of writing a complicated relationship, then they are watching a different show than I am.

    *Sorry for all the mistakes, english is not my first language.

  • OMG

    Tired : “Will it mean happiness? No. Will he always be searching for it? Yes. We were told this by David Shore himself. House will always strive to find happiness but will never find any that lasts. Period. Most of the people who are still watching for House still hope that he will “find a little a little bit of happiness even if it’s at the end,” but he won’t”

    I agree, House won’t ever be happy but his therapy trying to find some happiness could be interesting to watch.
    But that’s why I want some other storylines too with the team, with wilson and maybe why not with cuddy again as a Dean of Medicine instead of the girlfriend.

  • Jaim

    I agree that the writers could have shown the relationship in a more developed manner. I think a big problem was that they did not utilize both perspectives effectively. Everyone either blames Cuddy or blames House, when in actuality they both had valid feelings about the relationship and the subsequent breakup. I don’t think that the writers know how to write a relationship that can work, can last, and that is relatively happy. I also think that David Shore is so focused on the misery of House’s inner life that he fails to grasp the fact that the audience wants the character to eventually find some contentment. The character will always to some extent be jaded but with new knowledge, better understanding of himself, and a stronger awareness of other people’s feelings he can attain a happier life. No one has watched this show for over 7 years with the hope that House will remain miserable, angry, and alone. Why David Shore believes that fans will be fine with such a goal is behind me. I think that since Cuddy is a significant woman of House’s life, for over 20 years, the writers should give this bond the exploration it truly deserves. It is possible to write a relationship that can last. I really thought David Shore would do something unpredictable and prove that Cuddy and House could make it. But now this plot-line has become like every other romance plot-line on the show.

  • troyica

    you`re right. There comes a point when you just can`t blindly follow the vision you had in season 1 with no consideration of what would make sense now, after 7 years. But I don`t think DS gets that. He`s fixed on his idea of House never evolving, always pressing the reset button and cancelling every development that might naturally happen. Maybe this was one of the reasons why they didn`t explore H/C relationship in more depth. They were afraid it would stray them away from »House is a miserable drug addict who will never find anything resembeling happiness.« Or maybe you`re right and they are just not capable of writing a believable romantic relationship.

    I don`t know how you feel about the last 2 episodes, but for me that was the absolute lowest point of the show. I always found the character of House to be this incredible, brilliant man with amazing insight into the way people think and so much emotions buried beneath his tough exterior. But lately I am finding extremely hard to find any sympathy for him, because he has been reduce to a sad, pathetic juvenile jerk with emotional capacity of a 12 year old, and the only reason we still see some humanity in him is because of HL`s brilliant performance and definitely not because of the writing.

    I am kind of looking forward to the next episode because maybe we will get some interesting conversations and learn new things about House if he opens up to 13. But if they manage to do that, I will still feel betrayed – why couldn`t he do this with Cuddy? He opens up to a whole bunch of other people but can`t have an actual conversation with the woman he loves?

  • vicpei

    @ OMG 104 : “I agree, House won’t ever be happy but his therapy trying to find some happiness could be interesting to watch.”
    Could be? I don’t watch TV to find things that could be interesting, but follow what used to be interesting. I don’t wanna waste time being deceived by watching something that could be (or not) interesting. I already feel I lost time enough considering the last interviews.

    Sadly, most of us are not in the mood for House and Thirteen, it seems. A lot of us are not okay with the direction of this season. Since we have been hammered on the head that it is real and definitive, this summarizes in two points : bad writing followed by horrendous PR handling. After these interviews (and particularly Liz Friedman’s, sorry), I felt dumb, naive and delusional. Very unpleasant feeling, especially because it lasts.

    That said, TPTB managed to anger a huge amount of fans : those who wanted a House/Cuddy dysfunctional and twisted relationship and did not get it, those who did not want any of it and got lots of even more difficult to watch Huddy drama, and those who don’t care about Huddy but are upset on the “back to square one” Vicodin and hookers relapse. That alone counts as some kind of achievement. 🙂 Greg Yaitanes may be proud : there is reaction. Think there is an Emmy category for worst PR move?
    Thank God they have the acting. Even now, RSL, LE and HL acting is flawless. Worth watching in itself, even if it is heartwrenching.

  • troyica

    “That said, TPTB managed to anger a huge amount of fans : those who wanted a House/Cuddy dysfunctional and twisted relationship and did not get it, those who did not want any of it and got lots of even more difficult to watch Huddy drama, and those who don’t care about Huddy but are upset on the “back to square one” Vicodin and hookers relapse. That alone counts as some kind of achievement. 🙂 Greg Yaitanes may be proud : there is reaction. Think there is an Emmy category for worst PR move?
    Thank God they have the acting. Even now, RSL, LE and HL acting is flawless. Worth watching in itself, even if it is heartwrenching.”

    I couldn`t have said it better myself. Don`t they have some focus groups, do some research to see what the majority of the fans would like? I wonder if they realize what they`ve done this season. I`d really love to see their conversations after they saw reactions to the last few episodes.

    And is there an Emmy for brilliant acting of the biggest bullshit possible? Because HL, RSL and LE definitely deserve one. God, if they didn`t have these amazing actors, the show would be so cancelled.

  • RedTulip_Ana

    In line with all those who are “analyzing” the character of Cuddy, I think it’s very interesting that you see this video:Interview with Lisa Edelstein. This video is an interview where Lisa Edelstein talks about his character. It’s an interview about the episode “5to9”. Interestingly all she says of her character. A character who (to date of the interview) she has been playing for six years. Around the minute 6 of the interview, Lisa Edelstein, talks about her relationship with Lucas and how in the important moments she was alone. Also she refers to what at that time House is the only one that really helps. Of course, also she says that actually Cuddy prefers to choose a relationship “simple” with Lucas before a relationship “complicated” with House (which is the one she truly feels “passion”). But the background of this election is that “Cuddy is self-sufficient” and basically “needed” a couple “only” for “sex” (well, a little deeper than that…). I like you to listen to the interview. I think it is clear that viewers are NOT wrong with our vision of a character as strong as Cuddy, since even the actress herself which interprets it, reflect this.

  • RedTulip_Ana

    @108 – troyica.
    “Don`t they have some focus groups, do some research to see what the majority of the fans would like? I wonder if they realize what they`ve done this season. I`d really love to see their conversations after they saw reactions to the last few episodes.”

    Well, I sincerely hope they are not acting according to what the public wants. That is, I hope they are clear about what they want to do with the character of House. Because if they make decisions based on what the fans want (or they think the fans want), it is very dangerous, because they can lose the “North” of the series.
    But sadly, that is what seems to have passed. And that’s what I do not like.
    After hearing the latest interviews, gives me the sensation, that they gave us the Huddy, because they thought that was what the public wanted (though the writers, as has been demonstrated, did not believe in this relationship). And later, they realized that was not what the public wanted (then they broke up this relationship and began to justify the unjustifiable).
    It may also be that they did not want the Huddy, as reflected on the screen as something boring and senseless, then break up it and then the public won´t want more of that relationship.

    Important note: I HATE the word “Huddy”. I do not like it. I prefer to say “relationship between House and Cuddy”. I think using the term Huddy takes this relationship without seriously. Because, to be sure, not everyone who can see this relationship as possible, are girls of fifteen years old crazy by the scenes of love and kisses. I am a person with a responsible job (I’m boss like Cuddy) and I am interested in a TV series that reflects on the inside of a person (like House) filled with internal problems, depressed, insecure, full of fears…and I would like the “journey” of House contemplated the possibility of finding a “rainbow” at the end of this “storm.”

  • Joan

    Jaim, troyica — I agree that the breakup cannot all be blamed on Cuddy but it is natural that most sympathies go to House just due to the writing (and Hugh’s baby blues…who can stay mad?). Saying a person does’nt have to change certainly does’nt mean they should not be considerate or take your feelings into account. None of that is fundamentally ‘changing’ who you are and House did try and I think did make some changes in behavior to keep the relationship, which is as it should be, but was not making deep changes. I don’t consider Cuddy a demanding bossy bitch because she asks him to not use her toothbrush or to stop getting hooker massages. They only showed little snippets of their relationship that lasted several months so it is necessarily incomplete as to what was going on. It seems to me that yes, House did want to talk in the aftermath of Now What but then we also saw Cuddy trying to talk about why some of his little behaviors were bothering her and he blew her off and basically told her to shut up and watch tv. Was that typical that they did not talk? I think hard to say. Probably they did not talk as much as they should have, clearly.

    Jaim, G-Ma House, I think your analysis of Cuddy and her behavior is very interesting, but I think again that we have hardly been shown much about her or her past so her issues are less clear than ie. House’s that we see every week. For example, we get the storyline that she is no good in relationships and she tells someone she screwed them up but other than seeing she gets one time dates via online dating etc. we don’t actually see what the issue was. I agree she may be screwed up and more insecure at home than in the office, etc. but we don’t really see it. On the other hand, given its just one-two dates for so long, that is partly blamed on House but also I think being a gorgeous, successful, executive career woman who is kind of an obsessed perfectionist might well be a big issue, intimidating some guys and turning off others like the Lube Guy said, he works but his passion is music or other stuff and he did not seem comfortable with the fact that Cuddy’s passion is medicine and her job (‘I like music too’) and he did’nt give her a chance. So I don’t think we saw commitment issues ie. the way they develooped it with Cameron. We find out about a quickie marriage when she was very young, possibly a drunken prank or college romance that went too far, but who knows? With Lucas, there is a sense of the proposal/commitment being what brings her feelings to a head and combined with House’s heroic actions make her step back from going ahead with marriage to one man when she has feelings for another. I think that was an honest thing to do rather than play Lucas by pretending or worse cheating. One quality I like in Cuddy is she has a no-games bluntness that may be hard for some guys, but not House. The fact that they would go toe to toe was part of the attraction for them.

    With the relationship with House, I think there is some very interesting speculation based on what we’ve seen, but given that it is mostly House’s side and a snapshot view of just scenes the writers needed for their plots, its hard for me to say it was this or she was like that and that is the cause of the problems. I don’t think it was so much a problem of Cuddy in boss mode ordering House what to do and expecting compliance — most of her ‘demands’ were asked of him as a girlfriend and like I said, I don’t think she was exactly asking him for a personality change, and its also clear that, as at work, if House really did’nt want to do what she asked, he found a way out of it. I thought he did try and was rather impressed by some of the things he did outside his comfort zone – attending social functions with her when we know he tends to be reclusive (Not the party guy of the last ep or two), he did babysit in emergencies and had dinner with her mom and was ‘nice’ in his own special way. For House,. what he wants out of the relationship is perhaps a lot simpler than for Cuddy (my hubby of 25 yrs will agree) — he had a beautiful girlfriend who was happy to give him sex when he wanted, willing to cook him meals and hang out in front of the tv and tho he is not much on deep heart to heart discussion, she was there as a companion, so he does not ask her to do other things the way we see her doing in several eps. Holding sex over his head so frequently was pretty immature but I don’t know, maybe she knew it was the thing that would definitely get his attention that he had to deal with this; certainly talking it out would have been more mature, but for plot, especially with the way the writers have been characterizing her, they probably found this more entertaining. I don’t think that overall Cuddy had a childish/teen view of what a relationship should be., but it may be that she had expectations that were still beyond what she should have realized were realistic for her and House. I think anyone would want a full partner etc. but sometimes you have to accept what is possible. I am not saying to settle for anything — I think her dumping Lucas shows Cuddy will not go so far — but people give what they can and for some, like House, that are emotionally stunted, he can only go so far right now. I thought Cuddy saw that he was trying to help her by sending Chase as what he thought was a better comforter and then he finally showed up, he held her hand and joked with her and did comfort her himself before surgery and she saw him there when she went under. Realizing later he needed drugs to be able to do that was no question hurtful and she had every right to be upset with him but I would have liked, as so many others, to have seen her confront him (not right out of surgery bed) and let it be a real crisis, not a toilet seat made up crisis, that they have to deal with together, because she knows he has real issues that they have to get through to have a better partnership. That is the relationship ups and downs I had hoped for, like others, to see them really have to deal with this, not dump it all at the first big test.

  • troyica

    “Well, I sincerely hope they are not acting according to what the public wants. That is, I hope they are clear about what they want to do with the character of House. Because if they make decisions based on what the fans want (or they think the fans want), it is very dangerous, because they can lose the “North” of the series.”

    No, no, no, that`s not what I meant. You are completely right that they should stick with the storylines that they feel are right and have characters behave the way they envisioned (although I don`t think all of the writers agree on the exact characterization of the characters). You probably won`t agree with me, but I was just reading a lot of comments about how the quality of the show is declining and was wondering if they get any kind of feedback of how an episode comes across before they put it on air. Sometimes when you are too close to some project, you know what you want to say but when you finish it, it comes out completely differently than you intended to someone not involved and might even lose the whole point you were trying to get across, so it`s sometimes good to have an outside opinion. Especially with the TV show, where whether you like it or not it is all about the ratings and you can think you have the best story possible, but if you know 90% of your fans would riot if you do it, you just don`t.

    Of course I wouldn`t want them to just grant wishes to every fan base. I didn`t mean that they should resort to reading forums and fan fiction to get their ideas for storylines. That would be ridiculous. I`m not talking about specific stories here (like, they read somewhere that people want House and Wilson together, so let`s do it even if we are completely opposed to it). I`m talking more about the feel of the whole story, the quality, not about making big decisions about where the show is headed based on what fans want. If you decide to go with some story, go for it, not make some half-hearted attempt and then dismiss the fans when they complain and call you out on it.

    For example, this H/C arc seems to have made a lot fans angry. “Huddies” because they didn`t get the in depth exploration of the characters, House/someone shippers for obvious reasons, those who watch for medical mysteries because there were very little interesting cases and those who watch House be miserable and on Vicodin were also not satisfied. So if you trigger so much anger and it doesn`t have so much to do with the actual story but HOW you presented it, I think you should listen. I mean, if you have H/C as a couple and even the most hard core “Huddies” (I hate that term too, it`s so juvenile) are saying “no, we didn`t want this, it`d be better if you didn`t put them together at all, it was so poorly executed”, then maybe something is wrong.

    But if you`re right and they didn`t even want to put them together (I have that feeling too), then it is even more ridiculous that they actually did. If they did it just to satisfy House/Cuddy fans, they might`ve known the way they portrayed the relationship wouldn`t be satisfying for anyone, not for them, not for the fans. Because it was forced. Because they were just writing filler episodes to the inevitable break up. You know, with the attitude of “let`s just get Huddy out of the way”. That`s what I`m saying – some outside opinion that the way they`re going just isn`t working. So if they were opposed to the idea of House and Cuddy together, then I completely agree with you, they should never have done it. If they see House ending alone and miserable, fine, I don`t like the idea of him never evolving, but if they can pull it off and make amazing episodes like in previous seasons, then the majority of the fans will still be happy about it. But if they write some story because they think the fans want it (again, I`m not for that at all), and they butcher the whole arc because they are basically forcing themselves to write it, then they should listen to fans when they complain that the show isn`t what it used to be.

    So basically, yes, I agree with you, if writers didn`t want to H/C as a couple they definitely shouldn`t have done it just for the fans, but if they were going to do it, they should listen to fans when they say it is poorly done.

  • Sneaky Microbe

    I simply love reading all these comments. Thanks so much to those of you who have time to post your deep thoughts, as I don’t. Several have perfectly described my feelings about this season, and I find comfort knowing that I’m not alone in my despair. I watch little TV, but I’ve become emotionally invested in House, only to feel completely blindsided by the past month. Like others on this forum, I am a mature, ridiculously over-educated professional in an academic/medical career. I sympathize and empathize with House—a little less so with Cuddy—and I spend way too much time thinking about these characters. Fans of the House and Cuddy relationship are NOT a bunch of squealing young girls who just want sappy romance and lots of sex. I enjoyed (yes, past tense) this series for the intelligent writing and character development. Both now an apparent thing of the past.

  • I thought you loved those 8 seconds…

    “I simply love reading all these comments. Thanks so much to those of you who have time to post your deep thoughts, as I don’t. Several have perfectly described my feelings about this season, and I find comfort knowing that I’m not alone in my despair. I watch little TV, but I’ve become emotionally invested in House, only to feel completely blindsided by the past month. Like others on this forum, I am a mature, ridiculously over-educated professional in an academic/medical career. I sympathize and empathize with House?”a little less so with Cuddy?”and I spend way too much time thinking about these characters. Fans of the House and Cuddy relationship are NOT a bunch of squealing young girls who just want sappy romance and lots of sex. I enjoyed (yes, past tense) this series for the intelligent writing and character development. Both now an apparent thing of the past.”
    Exactly. It’s good to know that many viewers/fans thinks alike.
    “I thought I’m just beeing paranoid”

  • huddycat

    #63 completely agree with you and with the description you give about Cuddy’s character and her place in the show, couldn’t have said better, thank you

  • Kim

    huddies before the ending of BS:

    this is the best season ever, I’m enjoying it so much, the writing is still superb and the ones who don’t like it are just haters!

    huddies after the ending of BS:

    the writing is not good as it used to be, the writers have lost their way, this season is a dissapointment and so on.

  • Betty


    Do we know why an extra episode was ordered relatively late in the season (I think it was in the past month or so it was announced)? That’s been bothering me. Does this mean there could be no season 8? Hope not!

    Great comments everyone, can’t really disagree with your points. But I’m still keeping my faith in the writers and will continue to watch the remainder of the season and then form an opinion about this season. It is too easy to get down and negative with these comments even though they are valid.

  • Committed

    Now that we are a few weeks past the all of the drama, it seems to me that the H/C relationship was used as a vehicle to propel us forward in House’s journey. I didn’t think that it was going to go that way but yet here we are. The problem for me has come in really accepting that rather than the sign of hope and reward that I thought it could be. No, I never thought it would be a walk in the park for them – anyone who ever watched the show for five minutes would know that but I guess I didn’t think if would be used like a tool to pass us through to the next phase either.

    So, weeks into the aftermath of it all, I find myself on an episode by episode basis – not fully able to trust where it is going and not fully willing to take the risk. I guess I’m being cautious and weary of another trainwreck. These two characters got to me – it took awhile but I cared about them and wanted it to work. Did I ruin the show for myself by doing that? Should I have known better? Not sure. I know I feel a bit foolish about it now but maybe that just says something about me and many others that post here. We might not all say it the same way but we are simply looking for hope and understanding. It is echoed in our desire to see consistent storylines, our search for clues in the characters personalities, and our persistence in following House’s journey. This world is a dark enough place sometimes – some days of course more than others – you don’t need to see it repeated time and time again in a show and in a relationship you anxiously watched for so long – it is just a TV show afterall.

    In the end, how the fans in general react to all of this will best be reflected in the ratings and just like the unfolding of this story, that has yet to be written. I still hope for the best for both.

  • ruthinor

    Kim: Actually, you’re wrong. Lots of us “Huddies (also hate that word) didn’t like the writing way before Bombshells. I’d say it started after Unwritten. No depth to the characters involved in this relationship, especially Cuddy, who we know less about to begin with.

    Joan, Jaim, Troyica (by the way, I would never have guessed that English is your second language!): enjoyed your take on the way this season has developed (or not developed).

    While I’m not enjoying the content of these recent episodes, I found “Out of the Chute” to be quite riveting. The music helped. However, “Fall from Grace” was just pitiful, IMO. Unlike many others, I like 13 and so I’m interested in seeing how she and House relate in the next episode.

    RT_A: I saw an interview with some House cast members a while ago. I remember Jesse S., Omar E and Lisa E being present. I can’t recall who else. Anyway, the questioner asked whether any of the cast disagreed with plot developments for their characters. Everyone turned and looked at Lisa E who seemed to be quite uncomfortable. The gist of it was that she never liked the” Lucas arc”, although she has always been the “good soldier” for the show in public. So I guess those of us who could never see Lucas with Cuddy were not alone!

  • housemaniac

    ruthinor #119: Interesting about that interview. I always thought there was *zero* chemistry between Cuddy and Lucas, and maybe this is partly why.

    On a different note, I have always been curious why this upcoming episode with 13 has been hyped so much by TPTB. They seem to think much of the audience has been REALLY curious as to what happened to her and that this episode is going to blow our minds. I can’t imagine either of those things is true.

  • Betty

    #119 ruthinor

    I agree with your comment about Kim’s #116. Making sweeping generalizations like Kim’s is not terribly accurate nor is it helpful in this discussion.

  • Betty

    #120 housemaniac

    My take on it regarding this upcoming episode is that it is the 150th one. The other reason is I think Olivia Wilde is TPTB’s favorite darling on set, and since they were only interested in having one woman on House’s team last season, they wrote off Cameron, since she’s clearly not the hot, sexy one who is on quite a few fashion and men’s mag covers. There was sarcasm meant in that. Don’t get me wrong. I actually like the actress and 13, but I do think the producers handled Jennifer’s sacking very poorly last season, and from recent interviews with her, Jennifer is still hurt by what had happened. But kudos to Jennifer who had handled herself professionally and with such grace. And no, I’m not a hameron, if anyone was wondering.

  • RedTulip_Ana

    @112 – troyica

    Well, I think you and I are in complete agreement. Perhaps before I expressed badly(or I don´t understand what you told) But actually, What I meant was that if the writers did NOT want to put together House and Cuddy (because, they say, the relationship would not last), they should not have put them together. For so, they have left dissatisfied both: the viewers who bet on this relationship, and the viewers who did not believe in it.

    So I have my two theories:
    1. Everything we’ve seen this season is only through the head of House. That is, in its “journey” imaginary (not to say a dream, I say not quite real). And so, everything is passed through the filter of his thoughts. And so, all bad predictions of Now What have come true. “If you think something will go wrong, it will go wrong at the end”.
    2. The writers (who did not believe in the love relationship between House and Cuddy), have used this “very bad” version of the relationship, to silence all those voices “Huddies”. Ie, showing a relationship boring, normal, senseless…could achieve its goal: to kill any chance of winning the love and happiness in the life of House, and continue the life of House (leaving aside that “pending” in his life: the desired to realize a love for twenty years).

    I sincerely hope that everything has an explanation, and my 1st theory is the correct . Because I share with you (and most viewers) disappointment, for a badly written script, a badly written relationship and a badly writen break up.
    And YES, perhaps now it would be good for the writers to move away a bit of the paper and listen to their fans.
    But, perhaps they are not doing this because they have everything very well tied up and now they are run a risk, but finally we will see a very good result, that justify all this horrible script.

    I understand perfectly what you say to me about to be more objective (have a need to put a little distance from a proyect). I am an architect, and many times it has happened to me. Days and days I’m turning over a project, looking at all the details until the end … and sometimes someone comes out and tells me an error that I (who have lived day and night with this project) have not seen. And I ask myself, How I have not seen this error?.

    Someone said (in the famous ghost comment): “You know very well the characters, so be sure of that…If you are not seeing your characters act as (after seven years) you know they should act, it is because they are really acting out a script”. He said: “Be patient and trust”. So I still believe in this “imaginary journey” of House through his mind.

    But if eventually I am wrong, and this whole season has been written so badly, I start to think that the writers are bored with the series after so many years…a shame!

  • Lee

    Terrific analysis, G-Ma House. I love Cuddy. I love her strength, her loyalty, her determination to set things right, and the fact that she can “play with the big boys” at work. But there is no denying she is screwed up emotionally as you have pointed out. We see Cuddy taking very bold choices. She decides to have a baby without having a partner, she dumps a somewhat reliable boyfriend for somebody like House.

    But then, when things don’t go her way, she just quits. She quits IVF after some failed attempts, she quits the adoption process after the Joy debacle, she almost wants to give up on motherhood when she doesn’t immediately bond with Rachel, she quits the idea of a relationship with House (by finding a boyfriend) while he’s recovering at Mayfield, she quits her one-day engagement when she realizes she can’t stop thinking about House the whole time she’s with Lucas, and she ultimately quits her relationship with House at the first real difficulty.

    And then when she quits, she sticks to her decision by pretending that it’s the most rational and “right” thing she could do, when actually it isn’t. See the relationship with Lucas who obviously wasn’t right for her and not just because she was in love with House – and yet she was almost marrying him – and the abrupt way she ended her relationship with House. Once she has made up her mind, then the opinion of others means nothing, so it doesn’t matter what they have to say. Certainly with House, she had made up her mind before he ever opened the door. Whatever the reasons, it seems to be a pattern. She chooses inappropriate men and then dumps them with no opportunity for real communication or compromise.

    I’m not saying she didn’t have her reasons, she did. But as a whole, her rationality seems irrational and driven by her insecurities rather than honest inner reflection. I long to have House confront her about this, but right now he is hurt and unfortunately that is interfering with his ability to compartmentalize. Perhaps he will one day run a diagnostic on their relationship and come to the same above-mentioned conclusions – then he can force Cuddy to face some unpleasant things about herself and hopefully they will be able to move on from there with a stronger relationship. Or is that too much to ask?

  • housemaniac

    #122 Betty
    Thanks for your insight. Where can I find these interviews with Jennifer Morrison?

  • DanaCuddy

    For a while I’ve been trying to pinpoint the moment where I think Cuddy decides to break up with Lucas. Unfortunately, we never actually got to see that moment, but it’s an interesting question because I do think Cuddy makes very quick decisions in her life. I think a key scene is when House tells her that the last thing he wants to be with her is friends in “The Choice.” Here, Cuddy realizes she has a choice and fights it until the very end of “Help Me.” But I wonder if House had never said that or had been vulnerable in front of Hannah, would she have still broken up with Lucas? Really, was it even Cuddy’s choice at that point? She doesn’t seem to think she had one when she goes to House.

    I do think she is a screwed up character. She is beautiful but emotionally flawed and I think House has always known this long before anyone else. I think that’s also why he’s so drawn to her. They are similar that way. That’s why he felt comfortable finally kissing her in “Joy” – they were emotional equals at that moment. However, I’m not sure if they were ever emotionally equal throughout the relationship. One of my favorite scenes is from “Massage Therapy” where Cuddy confronts House in his office about sending her a male prostitute/masseur and House turns the tables on her when he basically says, “What about you? You won’t let me sleep over. You’ve basically never introduced me to your daughter.” Here again, I felt like they were on common ground for a second and that is when things actually got to move forward.

  • Lee

    Two Lee’s here now, so I think I’ll have to change my screen name (I posted @95, not above–although I agree with everything the other Lee said!). From now on I’ll be LeeBeth.

    Kim: I was rooting for the relationship and I never said the writing was fantastic up until BS. Like ruthinor, I saw the slide begin after Unwritten and from then on it was just plain weird and well, common.

  • Kim

    “Actually, you’re wrong. Lots of us “Huddies (also hate that word) didn’t like the writing way before Bombshells”

    Really? I’m quoting you here.

    “One thing all the gripers have in common…they are all House-Wilson shippers and hate Cuddy. If you no longer like the show, don’t watch! And go to websites that appreciate your point of view instead of coming here to bitch and moan about the unfairness of it all.

    Keep it coming Barbara. Lots of us agree with YOU.”

    Also: “I’ll just say that I don’t buy into the show’s decline.”

    I don’t think I have to point out that BB has always praised this season’s writing so all I can say is:

    Hypocrisy, your name is huddies!

  • Lee

    Kim: I think what many of us were doing was being patient and expecting the writers to eventually go deeper as the relationship progressed. No such thing happened and instead it just got shallower, weirder, and then blew up without any real exploration and tons of OOC behavior. We trusted the writers to go there and they didn’t. I’m in it until the end, but I continue to question why I should give them the benefit of the doubt anymore when they said they were going to do the characters and the relationship justice and now keep telling us we never saw what we thought we saw. I don’t think it is at all hypocritical to have had faith in the writers to present a relationship between two complex, screwed-up, and incredible people and to then be disappointed with the rushed and weak storyline we got. Moreover, the idea that those rooting for the relationship only wanted a sappy, romantic, happily-ever-after storyline and that we would only be satisfied if this is what we got is really insulting and belies the history between House and Cuddy that the writers gave us over the last 6 (total 20) years.

  • Oops. Forgot to change me screen name on post above.

  • LadyBird


    Is it explained in “The Dig” how House is able to leave PPTH without Cuddy’s approval on a road trip not directly related with the POTW, or that a plot point the writers leave dangling?

  • cjd

    I am at a loss to understand the Boyfriend of Mrs. House. If she has someone, the last scene of the last episode where she said she really liked House and wanted to have a real marriage doesn’t make sense. I like the idea of the boyfriend so that it won’t ever be a real marriage just the green card/make Cuddy upset marriage, and then she’s gone. But that doesn’t make sense if the SPOILER ALERT-stop if you are unspoiled!

    interview with Hugh at the HOP premiere is true that she is sticking around and coming and going. Is there any way that House tells 13 about the boyfriend and he’s just deflecting her for some reason? Is there anything you can shed on this, Barbara, without giving too much away? I’m spoiled, but I don’t want to be “too” spoiled!

  • OMG

    @cjd : don’t worry, Cuddy will marry the russian boyfriend of Mrs House in ep20! lol
    Don’t forget she’ll do something immature in future eps, let’s hope for some adult behaviors in the finale and in S8.

  • RedTulip_Ana

    Well, I will introduce a new theme.
    I know it will not be as interesting as the theme for House-Cuddy, but, well, it is something that is there and I want to discuss.
    My theme is called TAUB.
    We’ve all seen how Taub this season has been very present. We met various situations about the life ofTaub:
    – Taub is the only connection of Masters with her past. Taub interviewed Masters for Hopkins University (well, I did not even know that Taub had been a college professor).
    – We have seeen the developed of the Taub´s marital problems, to the final outcome: his divorce. It is curious that his divorce is quite linked with the POTW of that week: “How can you love someone you know always will be going to disappoint you?”. Remember, this was the episode of “hero” who jumped to the tracks.
    – We have seen Taub problems with the brother of his ex-wife.
    – Taub divorced and went to share a flat with Foreman (what a strange couple).
    – We saw Taub studying for a test. Taub suspended a test and then bought the next exam questions!
    – House did not invite Taub to his wedding (not yet understand the reasons), but ultimately he went.
    – In the next episode, Taub’s personal life reappears. That is why I brought it up.

    It may not be anything interesting, but it is talking about the next episode of House, no?

    @Barbara – Could you tell us something about Taub in the next episode? We know that he should address personal problems, and we will have, again, the appearance on the scene of his ex-wife.

  • RedTulip_Ana

    @133 – OMG
    Yes, actually, I’m waiting for that immature behavior that Lisa Edelstein talked to us about Cuddy . And yes, I think that Cuddy is getting married to someone this season. It’s the best way to kill all chances of reconciliation with House. This is going to be fun….(ironic, of course)

  • troyica

    @ Kim:
    What exactly are you trying to do? What`s your point? If you love where the show is going now, than good for you, enjoy it, we aren`t trying to take that away from you. I think I specifically stated in one of my previous comments that I completely understand that people have different opinions and it would be ridiculous to expect everyone to think H/C is one true pairing. But don`t try to put words in our mouth. What we are saying NOW (not several months ago when everything was yet to be played out) is not hypocrisy, it is seeing how H/C arc played out as a whole and realizing that this poorly written, superficial and completely out of character storyline is ALL we will EVER get. Wouldn`t you be disappointed if this happened to something YOU wanted to see on the show?

    As for the post breakup episodes – House just married a random hooker, after conducting differentials in a monster truck and in bed with his n-th hooker, while his team stood in front of him hardly blinking an eye. Do you really think most of us don`t like this JUST because we wanted to see House and Cuddy in a mature relationship? (Again, if you are enjoying it, you absolutely have the right to your opinion.) I think you have come to the wrong place to complain about “Huddies”, or you just have a completely wrong idea about us (god, that sound like we are some kind of a weird sect :)). I suppose for you a Huddy fan is some immature fangirl leaving death threats to GY on twitter because H/C broke up and screaming OMG HUDDY SEX THATS AMAZING IM DEAD!!!!! Hate to disappoint you, but the majority of us here, while enjoying H/C interactions, firstly and most importantly want quality writing, interesting stories and witty dialogues. H/C romantic relationship, while very interesting and intriguing, is NOT a priority if it means we get a horrible season like this one so far.

  • RedTulip_Ana

    @134 – RedTulip_Ana
    Well, I forget one more thing: Taub was the image of the hospital at the publicity poster…Be Better! Remember…

  • Committed

    # 135 RedTulip_Ana –

    It will kill all chances of reconciliation …. until the affair which will undoubtly happen because they never resolved it one way or the other in the first place.

  • Betty

    #125 housemaniac

    Here’s the link to Jennifer’s recent interview done earlier this year.

    If you can’t access it, it’s on the cbs.com site under the show How I Met Your Mother in the podcasts section under “Desperation Day”. She talks about her acting career. While she doesn’t understandably outright say anything negative about “House”, it is what she doesn’t say that is very telling and glaring, at least to me. Because in the past Jennifer’s always said glowing things about the show and the cast. This time when she was asked about the show, it was only in the context of her audition for the part of Cameron. She could have but didn’t add anything glowing about the show in general and her experience there. Also later in the podcast (which is half an hour long btw) she talked about this new show she was on for a few episodes and made mention how a lot of other shows she worked on were not like the new show and she said less than glowing words to describe these other shows, which I read as “House.” You can be the judge after you listen to the interview.

    And it was also other things. She didn’t speak publicly about her leaving the show for months. Not until she was interviewed for TV Guide a year ago right before “Lockdown” aired. And where she spoke about what had happened. But even at that point, she still said nice things about the show. Curiously enough, her interview followed HL’s essay on his directorial debut. And if I remember correctly, the producers didn’t make as big of a deal of Cameron’s return as they seem to be w/ 13’s.

    Jennifer has made it clear that she would never voluntarily leave the show. She loved it so. Unfortunately, like so many female characters on “House”, the producers and writers couldn’t see how to develop Cameron even though she was another character who could have seen a lot more growth. And I believe Barbara and other viewers felt that Cameron’s sudden departure was poorly written.

    Sorry for this long post but I just feel that Jennifer who is a lovely person in her interviews was shabbily treated by the producers and undeservedly so. She was one of the biggest advocates of the show if her past interviews were any indication. Also I know that HIMYM was shot on the same studio lot as “House”, and it looks like she never visited the “House” set when she could have, or else someone from the cast or crew would have tweeted about it like they did when Olivia visited in between shooting her movies.

  • RedTulip_Ana

    @138 – Committed
    YES! Because, with no sense, TPTB, decide…jump in the time! The story about House and Cuddy happened so long time ago…Seriously, do you still remember that? (again, ironic)

  • RedTulip_Ana

    128 – Kim – Please, pay attention to this:

    Well, I need to say the following:

    1. I have never said anything about any TV series on any blog.
    2. I started watching House since the first season.
    3. I live in Spain. As you know, we see the episodes later, because they must be translated into Spanish.
    4. I have seen all, all, all episodes of House.
    5. I was interested in the series since the beginning, because it was “different”, it was very interesting, it was intelligent.
    6. I was interested in the relationship between House and Cuddy at the first season. But not because I see things that are not there. The writers have shown this relationship from day one. A relationship based on a friendship of many years, a working relationship boss-employee, a chemist and a completely obvious sexual tension … a special trust between the two characters. In short, I do not see ghosts, and still I am not crazy if I say that the writers have been feeding this relationship over seven years.
    7. I like the character of House. I like the way to study the interior as complicated of a person full of complexes, insecurities and fears. I like (or liked) the evolution of the character (I said evolution, I did not said change…the characters do not change)
    8. I don´t like the term Huddy, for disrespectful comments like yours. Huddy is a term “fool”, which erases seriously to the relationship between House and Cuddy.
    9. Over time, the series began to interest me so much, that I began to see the episodes in English. Waiting for an internet download, the day after you watched it in USA.
    10. But never, never, never felt the need to go into forums and start commenting, until after Bombshells. Why? Because until that moment, my head could understand the development of the TvShow (though I didn´t like how the writers were treating the relationship between House and Cuddy).
    11. Yes, Bombshells, woke me up. As you saw, I have no comment before Bombshells in any forum (in case you take for questioning, do not try, you will not find anything.) After this episode, I was so disappointed, I had the need to look online to see what happened. How was it? What I missed? And so, I found Twitter (until then, I only used twitter for business issues, with my professional email account). And on Twitter, I found people interested in House as I do. I met Greg Yaitanes and their commentaries. I could follow Lisa Edelstein ,which I feel a deep admiration. And finally, I found Barbara Barnett (unfortunately, until now, I had never heard of her and her book Zebras). Then I started to post in her blog (again, thanks to BB for the opportunity to talk here.) And although I was (and I still am) disappointed with the development of the series, I am encouraged that there are others who think like me (or at least, their raises the same questions as me).
    12. And, that because, I’m here. I do not like being called Huddy, but as one, I have to tell you that I never spoke well of Huddy before BS, because (I repeat), although the relationship was not seeing the “uncommon” relationship than I expected, I still had hopes for a good script for this relationship after seven years.
    13. I will continue to watch House until the end of this season. I think David Shore is brilliant, and if he could create House, he can surprise us all in the end.

  • Committed

    All I know is that I want to see this storyline end. I never thought that I would say that in a million years but it has been disappointing at best. I hated it when they broke up but it’s been a few weeks now and that part is over. If it was just used as a way to keep us coming back, well the game is up. It’s over now – that tool in the tool chest is gone. Finish it up, let’s move on already.

    Thankfully I do like 13 – always have. She is very interesting and she has a very nice repore with House. I like the other cast members too – I miss them. I even like Taub – he has more personality than Foreman who is really due for his own substory and soon.

    Whatever they do, I hope it never involves another romantic relationship. They have a horrible track record with them. No one is every happy which is in and of itself unbelievable. How many times has Wilson failed at it, Chase and Cameron, Foreman and 13? You really don’t even need to look to House or Cuddy for that.

    Maybe they should go back to making House’s journey more focused on the medical piece of this show – it was much better then. I’d rather see the ingeniuous side than the depressing, never happy side. Maybe in the end, that will make him the happiest.

  • Jess


    Well said, I find the huddies’s reaction the only amusing thing of the whole huddy nonsense. I’m looking for the next episodes now that it’s finally over. I only hope I won’t have to see House spending all of his time thinking about Cuddy and their failed relationship. Time to move on, tptb devoted too much time to this silly arc.

    Thanks Barbara for your preview, I like Remy and the next episode looks interesting

  • Committed

    Wow Jess and Kim you’ve given me even more reasons to want this storyline to end now.

    This is just a TV SHOW, just one STORYLINE -it’s not worth getting upset at anyone over. I’m sorry if you feel that other people might have criticized you in the past for something you wanted or didn’t want to happen – that wasn’t right either but c’mon already let people have their opinions, you certainly have the right to yours. A show like this one is bound to produce disagreements on characters and plots. This forum is great for sharing opinions and ideas in a respectful manner. Don’t minimize them by placing people in categories and labeling their opinions.

  • Annie

    @128 – Kim

    Not gonna lie, my shipping H/C does affect my first impressions of episodes. However, most of the time, after reading this blog and other people’s comments, I can develop a more objective opinion.

    The thing is, most H/C shippers are very emotionally invested in the show. Therefore, the emotional rollercoaster TPTB likes to put us on will generate some hypocrisy. A person’s emotions cannot be screwed around with without some kind of extreme reaction resulting. Of course, some members of the H/C fandom are more extreme (these people tend to give us a bad name), while others are able to remain amazingly objective in their comments and are some of the most intelligent people I have ever semi-met.

    What I don’t understand is why you (and others like you) delight so much in accusing Huddies of being hypocrites. Just because you don’t ship them doesn’t mean that others should not be able to express their opinions and not be attacked.

    I think @129 – Lee does the best job of explaining what H/C shippers have been thinking for the large majority of this season. Most of the time, I felt a little disappointed with the episodes. However, I had faith in the writers, and I believed that everything was leading to some kind of amazing development. When they ended the relationship in episode 15, I was left feeling like TPTB had only scraped the surface of something that could have been explored in much greater depth.

    Anyways, if you and others don’t ship H/C, that’s perfectly fine. Just please stop making accusations.

  • Eileen

    @ Jess –

    According to Dictionaryreference.com, the definition of a “Story Arc” is as follows:

    “A continuing storyline in a television series that gradually unfolds over several episodes.”

    Wikipedia’s definition states that, “On a television program, for example, the story would unfold over many episodes.”

    Since the spark, mutual respect, banter, sexual chemistry, and ensuing love between House and Cuddy started from the Pilot episode in season 1 and continued throughout the next six and half years, along with the fact that Cuddy said “She still loves House” in the last episode, I STRONGLY DISAGREE that what we saw in season 7 between House and Cuddy was just a “silly arc”. Their love story has been 20+ years in the making, and was NOT explored in a sufficient manner, IMO and in the opinion of many other “Huddies”. What you may call as “nonesense” makes absolutely no sense to me. From the inception of this brilliant program, TPTB and the amazing actors showed us what a beautiful relationship this could be.

  • Jess


    Upset? As I said I find you guys’ behaviour amusing and yes, this is just a tv show that’s why I don’t spend hours writing posts about a fictional relationship like you do.


    When we not huddies tried to express our opinions we were labeled as “bitter hamerons, bitter hilson or haters” and we were told to stop watching the show. So, yes, I find very amusing your reactions. No matter what you say now, what huddies did before BS is well know.

  • Committed

    Jess –

    I’m not so sure that you read my post. I said that I wanted it to end, didn’t at first but now I do. The common ground that we have is that we both think it is a bit on the ridiculous side right now. We didn’t both get here from the same starting point but we are here now.

    I’m going to stick to my point on this one -if you read what people are writing instead of simply ripping it up and tossing it in the garbage sight unseen you might see another side of this.

  • Eileen

    Annie #145 – You said, “I think @129 – Lee does the best job of explaining what H/C shippers have been thinking for the large majority of this season. Most of the time, I felt a little disappointed with the episodes. However, I had faith in the writers, and I believed that everything was leading to some kind of amazing development. When they ended the relationship in episode 15, I was left feeling like TPTB had only scraped the surface of something that could have been explored in much greater depth.”

    I AGREE with you!

    You know, it’s funny, because I really loved the first three episodes of season 7 and as soon as I could, I bought each episode on iTunes (usually the following morning!). But, something was niggling in the back of my mind from Massage Therapy/4th episode on. I wasn’t thrilled with the way the H/C relationship was being portrayed over the next dozen episodes, but I just thought that TPTB were making their relationship “bumpy”. I did not buy ANY iTunes episodes after Unwritten because they didn’t sit right with me. BUT, if someone asked me about how this season of House was going, I would have gladly said that I enjoyed watching House grow and especially adored the several tender moments between my favorite couple and between House and Rachel. I figured that TPTB were leading us down the road to something great. I didn’t obsess over spoilers or write many comments, I simply sat back and tried to enjoy the ride, so to speak.

    After Bombshells aired, I felt like I had been kicked in the gut forcefully and couldn’t catch my breath! As a result, I voiced my opinion(s) more frequently and fervently. But it doesn’t mean I was THRILLED with the eps between #3 and #15. Honestly, I didn’t want to complain b/c I was afraid TPTB might crater House and Cuddy’s relationship before it had a real chance. What a goof! I didn’t want to say anything negative about the weird ways in which H and C were acting because I was afraid that the plug would be pulled too soon on my favorite couple. I know I just repeated myself, but when I look at these words, I just throw my hands up to the sky and go WTF? Little did I know that TPTB had NO intention of ever giving that relationship a real try even though they said they would.

    And with regard to people feeling emotional over fictional characters from a TV show…then why should ANYONE ever feel emotional about ANY form of art? Why do people feel emotional listening to certain types of music? Why did I feel awe and amazement when I saw the Sistine Chapel? Why, at the age of 13, did I stand up and cheer at the end of ROCKY when he went the full 15 rounds with Apollo Creed? Art is art. Art is also entertainment. I don’t think it’s right that I, or any other person, need to justify why this show and/or the shipping of these two amazing fictional characters affects me the way it does. Don’t blame me – blame the TPTB.

    So, if in the end (perhaps of this season), if House and Cuddy have no hope of being together, then it will no longer be entertaining to me and I will most likely no longer watch this show. But, like so many others, I am going to try to give it to the end of the season.

  • Fritz Uno

    Unless there is a greater explanation still to come this season about what led up to Cuddy’s decision to abruptly end things with House after barely a few months together, I can’t see the break-up as anything more than TPTB’s way to reset and get him back on drugs and self-destructive behavior. And that isn’t fair to Cuddy, House, or to the relationship they had established.

  • RedTulip_Ana

    @149 – Eileen
    I totally agree with what you said.
    Respect to this season of House. It is true, I think that this relationship between House and Cuddy has not been explored, and for me it was not “real. ” Like you, I too have loved the moments between House and Cuddy, and between House and Rachel (especially in episode 10). Actually, these episodes were poignant but there was something inside me knew that those were not the usual House and Cuddy. I sincerely hope that TPTB, have not wanted to show a relationship “common” in which House ends up “losing his powers” (as he said in ep14), just to teach a lesson to those who believed in H / C as a couple .

  • @yahnis14

    RedTulip_Ana I am totally agree with all you said (about Taub LOL! It was funny you make me laughing)
    I am far from teengirl too, and inspite of this (stupid stereotype)I really liked H/C chemistry from beginning of the show.
    And I
    think it’s one of this things which really building this attractivity to people.
    I can’t imagening(and don’t want) that s character will be removed from show Cuddy’or TPTB will make her one-two minutes guest(that what they do with Wilson now). I agree that “House” is about House jorney, but 6.5 years he was with both of his friends(such angels)C and W, and we love this idea of trio H-C-W in center and other persons a little by side(watch and analyse promo photo(that @{H}OUSE DAILY DOSE wrote yesterday in twitter thank her it’s very interesting too!)
    And I hope that authors won’t change this harmony. I ready to get sadness and glooming only if I’ll be sure they not leave us in disapointment and misery,because they think happyending is bad style. I want to see this fictional persons,that I really love, if not happy at least alive and together!

  • ruthinor

    Kim #128: Actually Kim, I haven’t stopped watching the show, but I do come here to praise or bitch and moan as the mood hits me. I love Wilson, BTW. Furthermore, Having “Hilsons” come here to express their hatred for Cuddy doesn’t exactly move the discussion forward. Most of the comments here have centered on the writing and the plot, not on the hatred of certain characters. That’s pretty much all I was trying to say. Mocking folks who like the House -Cuddy relationship is sort of beside the point isn’t it? Or maybe it isn’t for you.

    Jess, You are obviously so superior to the rest of us that no further comment is required.

  • Lily

    #139 Betty:

    So we’re supposed to believe that JMo is offended on the basis of what she didn’t say? Perhaps we should also analyze her facial expressions?

    I never really understood why her being written off induced such an uproar. The writers felt that her character’s storyline was finished and ended it– I have never hated Cameron but I do agree with that sentiment. I doubt anyone actually enjoyed Cameron’s subplot about her dead husband’s sperm in late Season 5 and by Season 6, the writers couldn’t think of anything else to give her other than to be morally outraged by Chase and House. Really, if that was how her character was going to be from then on, I’m thrilled she got written off.

    About how TPTB handled things– I’m hardly an expert on what generally happens in this case but I don’t understand what they could’ve done differently. The show employs her and has a right to write her off as they choose for sake of story. It doesn’t matter whether or not you or anyone thinks whether it was badly written because I’m sure no writer on this show or anyone other one intends to write a bad storyline. That’s like saying if you don’t like Foreman, it must be because the writers have it out for Omar Epps.

    TPTB have always spoken well of JMo. They paid her for the remaining episodes in the season even thought she wasn’t in most of them. It is unfortunate that her leaving got leaked. But other than that, what is TPTB supposed to do? Throw her a good-bye party? Find her another job? Put up a Cameron memorial website like that Kutner one? Other than firing her, how did the producers treat her badly? Maybe I’m just not as emotionally invested in JMo, but I just don’t see it. Never have.

    About Thirteen’s return being highly advertised– that’s because she’s coming back permanently, as far as we know. Olivia is a House regular. And Olivia Wilde, thanks to all those movies, now has extremely high name recognition so of course they want her return to get as much press as possible so she can boost House’s ratings. David Shore has made it quite clear that a main reason they let her take so much time off was so her return could benefit the show. I fail to see how the show benefitting from the well-publicized return of a series regular could be a bad thing.

  • ruthinor

    I wasn’t unhappy to see Cameron’s character go, but I think (again) that her departure was poorly written. In the episode about the African dictator she went from wanting the guy dead to leaving Chase because he killed DiBala. Furthermore, she blamed House for everything, and then kissed House goodbye. The whole thing never made any sense to me.

  • I thought you loved those 8 seconds…

    just a thought :
    “What you want you run away from. What you need you don’t have a clue. What you’ve accomplished makes you proud. But you’re still miserable.”
    House to Cuddy in 04×13

  • Betty

    #154 Lily

    You misunderstood my meaning. No I didn’t think Jennifer was offended but was hurt by the producers’ decision to abruptly write Cameron off. Even she didn’t understand the reasoning behind it until the “Lockdown” ep script. And no I was NOT implying that the writers had it in for her through bad writing, or else with what’s going on w/ House, we would be saying the same thing about Hugh Laurie, which is certainly NOT the case, and certainly not was what I was saying or implying. You also misunderstood me when you thought I was emotionally invested in Jennifer. I just have a very sympathetic attitude toward her. That’s all. Please don’t read too much into what I’ve written.

    As I wrote, Cameron was not well developed in the show but that seems to be an issue for all the female characters on the show of late. I was not a huge fan of Cameron and was never a Hameron. But since the question was brought up, I merely indicated my thoughts on what had happened to Jennifer and felt the producers did not handle the situation well, or else Jennifer would have reacted well and she did not.

    As for 13’s return, I was merely pointing out the difference in coverage with Cameron’s. Nowhere did I imply that the increased coverage with 13 was a bad thing.

  • Sneaky Microbe

    (1) Barbara, how did you arrange to watch the next episode early? (Kind of wondering if FOX approached you to review it, in light of the fan-base uproar of late.)
    (2) Do you feel that this next episode directly sets up the season finale? (Kind of a wishy-washy question, but thought you might understand what I mean. Like, a foreboding thread.)
    (3) In your experience, is this post-Bombshells dissatisfaction among fans the worst you’ve seen in the show’s history?

  • Lily

    Betty #157:

    Fair enough. Your opinion is your opinion. I was just frankly confused by people in general saying that JMo was badly treated by the producers/writers. Regardless of what you think about the quality of the storyline, I just don’t see her leaving the show as anything more than a perfectly legitimate creative decision by the writers.

    I apologize for any misunderstanding.

  • Amy

    @Kim, @Jess

    I totally agree with you and I was waiting for the end of this dumb huddy arc!

  • RedTulip_Ana

    @156 – I thought you loved those 8 seconds…
    “What you want you run away from. What you need you don’t have a clue. What you’ve accomplished makes you proud. But you’re still miserable.”
    Good catch!

  • OMG

    @Kim, @Jess, @Amy : “I totally agree with you and I was waiting for the end of this dumb huddy arc!”

    I want to know what you think about all previous arcs (Foreman/13, Cameron/Chase, Lucas/Cuddy, Wilson/Sam)?
    As Commited has said : “read what people are writing instead of simply ripping it up.”

  • Eloise

    Not everybody hates Bombshells by the way as has been shown on the House facebook page where it was voted with Now What and House’s head among others in the fav top 5.
    Sweeping statements about the quality of S7 being bad are just that, not everybody agrees with that just some particulary loud voices!

  • Heatherb84


    My thoughts exactly! I haven’t had any issues with the quality though I know many people feel that it has been lacking. Everyone views things differently and that is one of the things I Iove about this show.

  • RedTulip_Ana

    @164 – Heatherb84
    This: “Everyone views things differently and that is one of the things I Iove about this show.”

  • OMG

    Don’t you all find the marriage scene ridiculous in ep16? it was a little bit stupid, mainly Taub who was pathetic (he has no pride)! lol
    I really don’t understand character’s behaviors since Bombshells, it’s like they all don’t care about House being back on vicodin (eh oh Foreman where are you?), only Masters has a normal reaction.

  • Re: Post #23: I believe the “Why didn’t I meet you six months ago” refers to the time prior to House and Cuddy’s relationship. House and Cuddy were together about six months prior to the breakup. Cuddy refers to “a few months” but I could take that as six months as well.

  • Milagro

    There’s a sneak peek circulating around various [H]ouse fan sites in which Thirteen is trying on different clothes in a department-store dressing room while House waits just outside performing a “differential diagnostic” on the possible reasons behind her year-long disappearance. Here’s the interesting part of House’s dialogue:

    “You were in jail for six months, but you were gone about a year, which means that when you left you hadn’t been arrested.”

    So it seems, within the context of the scene, that Thirteen’s decision to leave PPTH and her later incarceration (for reasons still unexplained) may not be directly related. At least TPTB have cleared up the matter of how Thirteen could have committed a crime and later been sentenced to an imprisonment term without her employer (i.e., Cuddy and/or House) being informed of her actions.

  • RedTulip_Ana

    Well, we know something new: the famous “temporary jump” that we discussed in our first comments: It’s been nearly six months since the wedding of House with Dominika. The episode coincides with what would have been the first “anniversary ” of House and Cuddy like couple.
    For me, it’s a huge time jump due to the effects this has on my mind, and I guess in the minds of many of you.
    What happened during all this time? House and Cuddy have continued to work together as usual? What happened to Cuddy? Does she have a new boyfriend too? Did she also get married? What has happened for so many months?
    Well, it’s pretty sad. So many months to think about the famous post-breakup, don´t you think?
    I think that this jump in the time, along with the disappearance of a couple videos on youtube (they were there for months, but were also images with copyright), only are intented to achieve this: Remove from our minds this storyline and “Move On”. I’m still not ready, I might be a little clumsy, but it’s true.

  • ruthinor

    But didn’t 13 disappear right around the time that House and Cuddy got together? So I still don’t understand how that could be a year ago when H and C were only together for about 6 months.

  • RedTulip_Ana

    @168 – Milagro
    Well, the march of 13, coincides with the beginning of the relationship between House and Cuddy (Now what). And the entry of 13 in jail, coincides with the breakup of the relationship (Bombshells).
    Strange coincidences? or simply coincidences?

  • ruthinor

    RT_A, what videos are you talking about?

  • RedTulip_Ana

    @172 – ruthinor
    The videos “compilations”that some fans did about “Huddy’s scenes”of each episode, from Now What to Bombshells. I’ve read it in twitter, and I’ve verified. All these videos have been deleted by Fox and Global, a few weeks ago. But these videos have been there for months (and never Fox and Global, exercised their rights under copyright, until now … for me it is strange).

  • ruthinor

    So if this next episode skips ahead 6 months, I’m assuming that the 2 episodes following Bombshells were still only 1-2 weeks after the break-up. Is that correct? Also, since neither Cuddy or Wilson is in the next episode, we don’t know what has happened to them in the last 6 months. Why are they doing it this way??

  • RedTulip_Ana

    @175 – ruthinor
    Yes, it is! These are the questions I ask myself. What happened to them, for six months?

  • Barbara thanks for the really informative and interesting post! I enjoyed reading it.

    I watch “House” for House, Cuddy and Wilson but it doesn’t bother me that neither Cuddy or Wilson are in episode 18. It sounds like this is a catalyst episode which finally House begins to move forward and hopefully face his turmoil and fix himself which we know will be a very long and ongoing process.

    I have always believed there’s been something non-sexual and non-romantic between House and Thirteen. It’s like they are both broken and silently understand each other. Don’t get me wrong, I think that Cuddy and Wilson are also broken, but there’s something different about House and Thirteen, I think because it goes back to their childhood. We don’t know much about Thirteen’s childhood but surely losing her mother at a young age had a tremendous impact on her entire life just as House’s abuse by his father had an incredible effect on how House turned out. Thirteen really had no mother and who knows what happened with her father once her mother died? If he was devoted to raising Thirteen or if he just shut down. Same goes for House in a way, House really never had a father figure, not someone he could love and look up to for a role model. I see a lot of similarities in the pain both share in related to their upbringing.

    Early on when Thirteen was a competing fellow and killed that guy and his dog, House fired her team but not her. I’ve always wondered why. I don’t think it’s something that could be pinpointed on the outside…more a feeling he got about her, a puzzle he wanted to solve and keeping her around would allow him to do that.

    I remember the episode where he had her Huntington’s results and she refused to see them. I still LOVE the scene where she told him about when you run out of questions, you don’t just run out of answers, you run out of hope. The look on his face—well it just resonated with him. He understood her at that moment, it was like a personal epiphany for him. It’s like he got her.

    Also, in the episode where House plays guinea pig and takes some of the magician’s blood and then they do the biopsy on him, I loved it when Thirteen just lunged that needle into him and it hurt him like hell and she didn’t flinch. It was like she KNEW he wouldn’t mess with her. That connection…unspoken of course…may actually come back to help them…him in trying to face his worst demons and move forward and fix himself and her in trying to face her impending death and come to terms with her life.

    I’ve always wanted House to find a way to face his inner turmoil and his personal demons. It would be nice if he could open up with Cuddy but the thing is sometimes it’s hardest to open up your innermost soul to the one you love. House and Cuddy have hardly ever been on the same page together and they have had such a hard time for so long telling each other the truth about how they feel. This is not because they don’t care about each other but because they do. House and Cuddy both tiptoed around their feelings over the years out of fear of rejection or that if they did embark on a relationship it would fail. Neither one of these dysfunctional people could handle the heartbreak so they kept each other at arm’s length, building layers and layers of walls. If only they’d had the guts to talk to one another and be honest, so much hurt could have been avoided.

    It doesn’t matter to me how House begins to open up so long as he does. That he may find some way to move forward after all that has happened pleases me greatly. I like what Barbara said about House mourning the loss of his relationship with Cuddy and that he begins to “process what happened” and starts to find a way to fix himself, in so many words. I think we saw it in his eyes in the last scene of “Fall from Grace” that he realizes just how far he really fell. He’s been doing things he never would have done in the past. Back then, he never ever would have intentionally hurt Cuddy. He only ever hurt her out of pain and I think he realizes he doesn’t want to do that anymore. Not just that but HE doesn’t want to hurt anymore.

    House can’t undo his mistakes at least not easily and right away (such as his fake marriage to the green-card chick) but he has to start somewhere I believe a part of that moving forward includes some eventual serious honesty with the people he cares about. Cuddy is an important person in his life, she has been and will always be a major part of his life. He opened his heart to her and let her in and got hurt but it was both their faults. They need to be honest with each other if they can ever regain the friendship they once had and perhaps something more. I do not see either House or Cuddy getting into relationships with anyone else because their heart is really with each other but I hope that Cuddy will see House’s eventual positive steps forward and I hope that House can make those steps and forgive Cuddy for hurting him. I know the show isn’t about House and Cuddy but they are an important dynamic that can’t be ignored. I’m not saying House and Cuddy can embark into another serious relationship now but I do think they will need to talk openly and honestly to one another. Their lack of communication over the years contributed to their breakup. They should have been able to talk honestly with each other without fear of rejection but these two are fragile individuals, they’re not normal. I think if they did better understand each other, they could be friends and so much more, but this time with trust and without the fear. Cuddy needs to be honest with House about why she told him she didn’t want him to change (which I truly believed she meant) but why deep in her heart she did want him to change. I think she really does love him for who he is but she of course has her own inner turmoils which get in the way of her own ability to accept his faults and just be happy. In turn, House needs to be honest with Cuddy about why he keeps saying he can’t and won’t change, why he feels unworthy of love, and why he fears rejection so bad (because we know this goes way farther back than Stacy.) House and Cuddy wanted this to work so much that they were willing to put on the blinders and just ignore the potential problems in favor of finally being together. Time for some honesty and forgiveness. If they ever hope to be together again, it has to be with the blinders off and all the crap out in the open. No secrets. These two characters, so flawed, so dysfunctional, so full of turmoil and sadness, are simply beautiful together even when they are angry. They fit together like pieces of a puzzle and there should ultimately be some way to bring them back around.

    House’s growth will always be ongoing, he may never reach true happiness but the journey of him finding himself while trying to reconcile it all with the rest of his life and his relationships with those closest to him would be very interesting. His deepest issues were never addressed at Mayfield but now is the time to begin addressing all those things TPTB have been alluding to for years, things which have prevented him feeling worthy of love. It’s not going to be easy but I think maybe given his “Fall from Grace” recently, he just might be ready to face this as painful as it’s going to be for him. The act of facing his pain as well as facing and accepting the pain of the people he loves would be a huge step forward for him. He needs to learn he is a worthy person and that he can give love and accept love and pain and still be a brilliant diagnostician. He thinks his mind and his gift for diagnosis is all he has and if he doesn’t have it, he has nothing. He has to learn that he doesn’t have to compromise his gift to be happy. This will be an ongoing lesson for him and would be an interesting journey to watch especially how it affects him and those around him including Cuddy, Wilson, his team, and his mother and biological father. (Am hoping TPTB go in this direction for it would be simply amazing!)

    All I want is to see TPTB do justice to our favorite characters and the actors who do such an incredible job portraying them. They deserve no less, neither do we.

    Thanks again Barbara for the article. Well done!

  • ruthinor

    JLCH: If I remember correctly, didn’t 13 say that her father had an affair while her mother was ill but that he remained devoted to his wife throughout her illness. I think she also said that her father later married the woman he had the affair with. Of course she could have been lying!

    I know that I’m the minority on this, but I think that the “abuse” of House by his father is really overdone in all these analyses. I remember House saying only the following: His father didn’t speak to him for several months. This was after House told him he wasn’t his biological father (to me that says that House was NOT afraid of his dad if he was able to say this to him). House’s father said if you are late to a meal, you don’t eat. The only physical abuse he mentioned was something about sitting in ice water? I don’t recall the specific details. To me, this adds up to the father being a strict disciplinarian who was also a military man. House did not respect the man, because discipline is a dirty word to House, and he also felt that his father was nicer to people above him than to those below. House also mentioned that things weren’t always bad between them. I just don’t see this as some sort of ritual abuse, but rather they were two diametrically opposed personalities who never got along. And I really wonder how much his relationship with his father influenced his later life. I just don’t think we have enough information to judge. Again, the show is called House, so we never got to see anything from the father’s point of view. Just my opinion!

  • Susan

    Eileen #149 and those she quoted. I leave it to all of you to say what I feel. Thank you.

    A bit of “Twilight Zone” here if all the “Huddy” videos have disappeared from YouTube. (Red Tulip Ana). That’s very strange. Plus the fact that the next episode takes place a year after House and Cuddy? It’s like the producers are trying this giant erasure of all memories of 7 years- are they trying to make us think we imagined everything? Thankfully there are House marathons on every week so I know I’m not crazy and imagining their relationship.

    We’d better get a good finale to make up for all this angst.

  • Flo

    Thank you Barbara for this article. I know you wanted to be go on hiatus yourself at first so it’s very nice you took the time to right this after all. What you wouldn’t do for us, House obsessed!! 🙂

    @JLCH, Great post, thank you! I’m glad not to be the only one who likes Thirteen. I also always found her interractions with House interesting. it was also great to see her being bery “Housian” with Wilson in “Lockdwon”.
    I’m glad to see her back and I’m curious to know what she did. Really looking forward to the episode.

    @Amy, @Jess, @Kim, I’m really sorry you were treated badly because you didn’t like the House/Cuddy relationship but I’m not sure what good it does to do the same here. You’re all intitled to your opionion but this type of resentment is a waste of time IMO.

    I highly doubt that you were insulted here on BB’s blog since it is a place for great debate and the opinions here usually are well articulated in a respectful and adult manner. So again, I’m wondering why you post that kind of message here.

    All, I can say is: don’t do to others what you didn’t like being done to you otherwise you’re no better.

    There is fundamental nuance between exchanging opinions and arguing about what is right and wrong: the former leads to an open debate, the latter shuts down any chance of debate since everybody are so sure to be right.

    This place is known for its debates and I think we are all adult and smart enough to keep them civil as we managed to do so so far.

    Thanks for all the great messages everyone.

  • Ruthinor #177:

    I am not sure about the affair, it sounds familiar but I can’t remember. I don’t know why she lie but if she didn’t you could definitely be on to something. There would be a major issue with her father there.

    In “One Day, One Room” House talks about things that his “Oma” did to him that he later confesses to the rape victim/patient were done to him by his father. This signaled to me there was something deeper by not admitting it was his own father who had done this to him, I mean how awful is it when your own father treats you like that? This in addition to things said earlier on when his parents visited (and also how his father acted to him–the whole “you don’t know how lucky you are”) and then later on when his father died led me to believe that he had a really hard time with his father when he was younger and the discipline he received may have gone much farther than simple teaching a boy to behave, it may have been actual abuse and would be one reason to explain why House rebels against authority and discipline as an adult.

    It’s true we don’t know the whole story but that is what gives it such great potential. It would make a great storyline to see him have to face what really made him this way. I would absolutely love Diane Baker to return as Blythe and be a part of this journey. Also wish his bio dad would be a part of this too.

    True, he did state in Season 6 when he was attempting to talk to his father (like Wilson was talking to Amber) that “there were some good times” (as we see also in the deleted father/son scene that was never aired but showed up on YouTube)but I think at that time he was trying to rationalize his relationship with his father by remembering the few good times there were as part of his healing process. But that was never explored fully afterwards…

  • ruthinor

    JLCH: I don’t think the whole issue of House’s treatment by his father was really “explored” at all! We have only House’s version of what happened (sound familiar??) and even that was pretty thin and not enough to prove anything one way or the other. When the dad said that House was lucky, my thinking was that, as a military man, he had seen much more severe injuries in combat, and that compared to those guys, House’s injury was small potatoes. I don’t agree with that sentiment, but I think I understand where it came from. All of this of course leads to all kinds of speculation which I believe is what the writers like to do anyway since even they disagree on House’s personality (and I’m sure on the other characters as well). In addition, the writers all have their favorite characters to write about.

    In the scene where 13 describes her father’s affair (I think it was to Taub or Chase when they were at a patient’s home, but I’m not sure), I never got the impression that the affair upset her or that she blamed her dad for being unfaithful. She praised her father for his loyalty to her mother and seemed to understand why he did it. At least that’s the way it came across to me.

    I’ve always liked 13 and I could never understand all the flak that came her way, or why so many folks think that OW is a terrible actress. I’m not saying she’s Ethel Barrymore, but she has always played 13 with a kind of flatness or lack of emotion, except in certain situations. Maybe some people interpret that as bad acting, but if you’ve ever seen OW as herself, she is totally different than 13…very fun-loving and carefree. So she’s definitely not playing herself!

  • josie

    In One Day, One Room House reveals that his father used ice baths and forcing him to sleep outside as punishments. That’s child abuse.

  • ruthinor

    Josie, I don’t disagree with that. The question is was House telling the truth or was he just trying to bond with a patient? And if it happened, how often? And why was House not angry with his mother for not stopping it?

  • ruthinor

    To solve the mystery of how long H and C were together…on another site they said that House tells 13 they were a couple of weeks away from celebrating their 1st anniversary when they broke up. So, maybe Bombshells was actually about 6 months after Recession Proof? That might explain why the mood shifted so completely. Still, have they ever skipped that much time on House?

  • RedTulip_Ana

    @184 – ruthinor
    Oops, is that possible? That between Reccesion Proof and Bombshells were those six “lost” months?
    I think not, because in Bombshells, Cuddy tells her sister that she and House have been together only a few months (do not tell, almost a year).
    I believe six months have passed since FFG to TD.
    By the way, When says this House to 13? And, What tells, exactly?

  • Milagro

    – @RedTulip_Ana, @ruthinor

    As it’s been brought up by Barbara and a few other TV critics that have previewed next week’s episode, “The Dig” takes place only a few weeks (at most a month) after the events of “Fall From Grace.” In fact, as @ruthinor already mentioned, there’s another preview posted over at “The Voice of TV” which (among other things) mentions the following:

    “We finally get a clearer ruling on how long House and Cuddy’s relationship lasted. It’s in the same ballpark as 13’s absence since House sadly informs 13 their relationship ended a couple of weeks ago and later admits regretfully they would have celebrated their first anniversary.”

    As for the “time jump,” I assumed that already occurred between “Unplanned Parenthood” and “Office Politics” since the former takes place only a few weeks after “Help Me” while the latter occurs a few days before the November midterm elections of last year. In other words, TPTB simply stretched out the overall duration of the relationship a lot longer than what we actually witnessed on screen while the breakup itself is still relatively fresh in order to ensure that the timeline of [H]ouse continues to parallel “real time.”

    Oh and one more thing, the above-mentioned preview also states that “Lucas (Michael Weston), Cuddy’s weird boyfriend, comes up.” Unlike other posters that have been less than pleased about this minor spoiler, I’m not particularly worried about Lucas making another return appearance (at least I hope not!). In all likelihood, I’m assuming that Thirteen briefly brings up the subject of Lucas in response to House’s talking about his relationship with Cuddy since she wasn’t even aware that they were dating, much less broken up. Let’s not forget that Thirteen has been completely out of the loop as to what has occurred at PPTH while she was away for nearly a year.

    Be not afraid!

  • Been crazy busy all day, and just am catching up on the thread.
    Susan said:
    A bit of “Twilight Zone” here if all the “Huddy” videos have disappeared from YouTube. (Red Tulip Ana). That’s very strange. Plus the fact that the next episode takes place a year after House and Cuddy? It’s like the producers are trying this giant erasure of all memories of 7 years- are they trying to make us think we imagined everything? Thankfully there are House marathons on every week so I know I’m not crazy and imagining their relationship.

    The episode doesn’t take place a year after the breakup, but a year after they first got together (in “Help Me”). The timeline is messed up because of that anyway. In Sept. we got “Now What,” which is supposed to take place a few moments after “Help Me” (ignoring three months). So now in “The Dig” we are skipped ahead approx. a month to May, when 13 disappeared and House and Cuddy first got together. No mystery.

    The Huddy videos have vanished? I have seen no evidence of that at all. From where?

  • RedTulip_Ana

    @187 – Barbara Barnett
    – Yes, we were referring to “a year after them to begin the relationship, ” we’re right. The only thing we find strange is the moment that happens this “jump in time. ” So, we thought they had spent six months after the FFG. Now we are more relaxed, knowing that the temporary jump occurred before (do not know when, but before).
    – About the video: Some people began to notice that YouTube had blocked their videos about Huddy. And it’s true, I’ve checked (because I had seen before). Are very many videos about “Huddy scenes” of this season. Right now, you can find videos, but they are on Fox and Global (not as detailed as the previous). My comment was just a reference to all these videos have been months there, and until a few weeks had not been blocked (coinciding with the breakup). Actually, Fox and Global have their copyright and should make use of them (but we crashed the timing of it). No matter.

  • Sigh!

    Please, Fox deletes videos because of something called “COPYRIGHT”!
    Screaming “this is a conspiracy against huddy” is ridiculous and pretty silly!

  • RedTulip_Ana–NBC is always doing stuff like that (even to videos that are used with permission, like mine to attach to articles), so I wouldn’t read anything into that 🙂

    In “The Dig” House makes reference to the fact that that the breakup was “a couple of weeks” ago.

  • RedTulip_Ana

    186 – Milagro
    I think we clarified the issue of time jump. I’m more calm because I know there’s not been six months since the wedding of House and Dominika (was too much for my poor mind.) It may happen the jump when you say, after ep05, or as others say, after ep14 … but perhaps not important now. However, in ep15, Cuddy spoke a few months (if it was almost a year … she could have said it), also in ep16 House, spoke of six months (when the waiter came into the room). Well, whatever, I think we will close this issue … (maybe, the writers told it to us at a later interview, because I think many of the viewers are surprised by that issue).

  • RedTulip_Ana

    @189 – Sigh!
    Please, why talk to me like that?. Have you read what I said? It was just a comment, unimportant, about a previous comment about an event that other people (not me, I have no videos) commented at another forum (twitter). I, just, have transmitted this fact because I have believed appropriate. As I said, they have every right to make use of their copyright (and the only thing remarkable was the timing of this, because they have been hanging for months without sanction)

    @190 – barbara barnett
    Yes, Barbara, you’re right. In fact, I agree that compliance with the rules. Only, I took the track, due to the timing to block videos. Yes, you’re right, perhaps they have caught this moment, like any other. 😉

    In “The Dig” House makes reference to the fact that that the breakup was “a couple of weeks” ago.
    Oh, much better for my mind. Clearly, then, the jump in the time was at another moment (and even we not noticed.) Thanks for the reference.

  • ruthinor

    Maybe Cuddy and House just measure time differently. It seemed like a few months to her, but a year to House! He wasn’t wearing his watch!

  • BiaAylesworth

    GIRLS!!!!! WHAT I noticed!!! House wasn’t limping in “You Must Remember This”!!!! turn on 12m20s. When he enters Cuddy’s office. NOT limping!!!!

    What does this mean?

  • housemaniac

    #194 I’m going with a rare HL flub. Just checked it out. He starts limping again right after. Please don’t look too hard for mistakes; I want to keep my idealized vision of HL and his impeccable acting skills intact. 🙂

  • HuddyIsOver??

    # 194 – BiaAylesworth .. is not this just another of the strange errors that have occurred in the House lately.

    I’m doing a marathon and I’m on Season 2 and look at that thing, in episode 2×10, House tells Cameron “Our little girl is growing up” is not interesting .. as he says the same thing in episode 7×14 with the Masters until the intonation is the same.

    And what can I say, I agree with all of you when they say that the H / C ratio was mistreated, depth and they deserved the most interesting topics, not Cuddy stressed all the time with House and House with a saint who gives everything and gets nothing. Cuddy looked up was with nausea House, her expression changed, it was as if she were not supporting him.

    Start to believe TPTB made them so only for “Huddy” give up this relationship because they wrote it so boring and so common that there seemed to H / C, were totally OOC.

    Well I’ll wait until the end of this season and is getting worse than it is, I’ll be forced to stop watching it .. I’m sorry because I love this series too, and when the H / C ratio was over, I stayed in the same pit, to tell the truth I’m depressed today, how it affected me but I’m just tired of TPTB do not give a damn, let me stop here because I can not stop ..

    Sorry for the mistakes, English is not my first language.

  • RedTulip_Ana

    @193 – ruthinor
    Maybe Cuddy and House just measure time differently. It seemed like a few months to her, but a year to House! He wasn’t wearing his watch!
    Good appreciation for your part! :))
    But I think I’ve found the famous time jump. It’s in episode 04. If you remember the conversations that day.
    – Wilson: Are you sleeping over there yet?
    – House: Nope. She eat over, we hook up, she leaves.
    – Wilson: Okay, Taking it slow. That Could work. You are spending time with the kid?
    It does not seem a logical conversation, if they had been together only a few weeks or a month …
    – Cuddy: Because the next step from fine is serious, and you can´t handle that…
    Neither seems like a logical statement, for a relationship of a few weeks …

  • ruthinor

    For all you House-Cuddy fans …listen especially to the first verse.

  • Susan

    ruthinor 198 – is that “for reals”? What’s the story behind that song?

  • ruthinor

    Susan, I don’t know. I just saw it on another site and thought that rapper knew more than TPTB!

  • Jamie

    I agree with Barbara that The Dig kind of overrules the hallucination/dream possibility about this season. Besides, considering Masters’ addition to the team makes that possibility even less likely. The promos of The Dig gives me some hope, but I really wonder how they are gonna pull of this season. And if they continue till the end of ninth season as David Shore said, I am even more curious about the course of events. There are many things to explore about House’s past, but this season’s writing was so bad that I have serious doubts for the future. What is worse is constantly being reminded by the producers and the writers that House will end up miserable at the end.
    @Barbara: Maybe you can give me some hope with further insights.

  • Committed

    @ 201 – Jamie

    While I guess I’m not really sold on the writing being at the core of all my discontent this past season, I have to say that this show is kind of a bummer at times.

    I just watched “Small Sacrifices”, I forgot how sad that was. Sam broke up with Wilson, Taub struggled with his wife and at least as it stands right now that doesn’t look like it will end happy. No couple has survived. I can understand not having folks live happily ever after but really after seven years you don’t have just one??? What is the point of EVERYONE being alone?

    I hope TPTB consider changing course at some point. It won’t need much of a change since it can be so dark now. Maybe it was the House/Cuddy thing – sometimes it take a jolt now and then to snap you out of denial and back into the true reality of House – but as I look at this show a little more critically it might be too dark, especially if they are hoping to go another two years. I understand that the main character is still evolving and is still fascinating but wading through what we are told will be predictably blue storylines with a slight hint of happiness now and then for another two years will take a real hearty soul. You have to have some hope of better days and you have to recognize and trust that what you are seeing is really better and not just there to emphasize the inevitable pain that seems to almost predictably result from happiness. At some point that cycle has to stop.

  • fatOlady

    I posted a SPOILER I copied from a twitter link posted by IWFC (I Watch For Cuddy) in the Fall From Grace RANT section. I believe this SPOILER is very interesting. The post is #588 if anyone wants to read it. Again, this is not my information and all credit goes to IWFC.

  • Sacha

    Quote #176: “I have always believed there’s been something non-sexual and non-romantic between House and Thirteen. It’s like they are both broken and silently understand each other. (…) there’s something different about House and Thirteen, I think because it goes back to their childhood. We don’t know much about Thirteen’s childhood but surely losing her mother at a young age had a tremendous impact on her entire life just as House’s abuse by his father had an incredible effect on how House turned out. Thirteen really had no mother and who knows what happened with her father once her mother died? (…) Same goes for House in a way, House really never had a father figure, not someone he could love and look up to for a role model. I see a lot of similarities in the pain both share in related to their upbringing.”

    Yeah, well, they’ve had Chase in a similar position. He must have had a hell of a childhood with his father barely existing and his mum dying of alcohol. He was secretive about it (even in front of his fellow team mates and House), but he opened up to House in the end of Ep Cursed back in S1. Oddly, it has never been addressed again. I kind of grow tired with Thirteen being House’s soul mate and protegé, shoving the subtle Chase/House dynamic aside in the process. Both House and Chase have classic daddy issues, they are both ‘not good enough’ for their partner, they share the need to find ‘something’ in another person who they love, and they both failed miserably because their actions couldn’t compete with the expectations of their partners. And all they can do is shoving another Thirteen arc into my face. I don’t think I will enjoy it much.

  • Ally

    House and Cuddy have been together for almost a whole year. that’s what I’ve read from another blogger’s article on episode 18.
    I think House saying “6 months ago” was just a way of speaking and by no means a timeline set in stones…
    yes it’s floppy but it makes much more sense that they spent at least 11 months together than 6 months.
    Help Me – Bombshells time gap is the constant meaning 10 months so almost a year leading up to their anniversary.

  • fatOlady

    Where is everyone tonight?

  • Eileen

    Hey, Sweetie, check your FB inbox!

  • Flo

    Sacha #204, I agree that Chase is in a similar position as Thirteen as JLCH well described it. You’re absolutely right about that but I don’t think the writers negated this. I also don’t see how a trip between Thirteen and House can negate everything that Chase has been through. House was here for Chase after Dibala. They went to speed dating together with Wilson and they spent a nice evening at a bar with Foreman. However House had a lot on his plate lately. A lot of things has changed for him so he wasn’t that present in Chase’s life but that’s okay, that’s life. The bond between them is still there though. In that regard it was fun to see Chase mentoring Masters, taking House’s place in this matter.

    It’s interesting that Thirteen and Chase can be compared like this. Perhaps it was not a coincidence if both formed a – what seemed to be at the time – beneficial friendship in the second half of season six. It may also not be a coincidence if this bond made Chase ask Thirteen to have sex with him in “Help Me”.

    Those three characters share a deep and fascinating connection. They are exremely guarded (especially House & Thirteen who we not know since as long as Chase & House).

    I’d like to say that I’m surprised that people say they are tired ot Thirteen and basically say that TPTB shove another Thirteen-centric episode down our throat considering the fact that she was totally absent for the whole season so far.

    I may be the only one here, but I like her and I’m looking forward to her coming back. I’m sure it will be revealing about her but also about House. Bring it on.

  • Sacha

    Flo, thank you for taking me up. Not a lot of people do that with all the Huddy floating around. 😉

    I think what bothers me about the character of Thirteen is the fact that even when she was absent, they didn’t bother to do anything with the team. They put up Masters to fill her spot and even that was dissapointing when the Huddy took over so mercylessly. We didn’t get much of any other characters, did we? It seems like they were nothing but unenjoyable background noise to the whole Huddy arc, and when Thirteen returns, bam! she gets to ‘bond’ with House, makes him sharing emotions and has the most powerful and possibly fanfictional stroyline since Last Resort. I’m NOT entirely watching for Hugh Laurie, as brilliant as he is. I enjoyed his interactions with his collegues and ducklings, and I love his mentoring side and how he took interest in all of their personal lives, as they did in his.

    The upcoming episode shows me once more what an important part Thirteen is for the show. If the writers did something interesting with Chase or Foreman or Wilson for the time as she was out of the picture, I could easily live with her return and would probably even happily skip the ep. Thirteen always got the juiciest storylines and a lot of screen time for her robot-like acting, and while I do agree House was there for Chase after Dibala (in a very crude, weird way), they could have easily done more with it. How long did it last, two small bits in one episode? He told him to do his job when he was clearly frightened to walk into the ICU, and what else could he have done with Chase just sitting there dumbfounded? He was acting Houseian, Chase was acting Chaseian, and there was all there was to it. I thought there were missing a great opportunity of Chase ‘bonding’ a little more with House in the aftermath. Instead, they turned him into a man s**t. Thirteen, OTOH, gets a decent, promising encounter with her now mellowed mentor.

    They took up the ‘tough love’ thing in 7-04 when Chase hired the pretty but dumb doctor, and House seemed once again see through Chase’s behaviour (including a perhaps little far-fetched Oedipus complex?), and I was hoping there would be more of it but again, nothing.

    If I sound bitter toward Thirteen then it is probably due to the fact that she seems to be the most intriguing fellow House has ever had, and TPTB never get tired of showing how amazingly mysterious and uber-cool yet vulnerable she is. It’s beyond me why the don’t give anything substaintial to other cast members while they still have them.

    Rant over.. 😉

  • Flo

    @Sacha, I’m not a shipper and I like all the characters so no worries here about talking about everything you like. You’re more than welcome! 🙂

    About your last post, I agree and disagree about the fact that they didn’t do anything with the team. Taub and his marriage and his new friendship with Foreman are not nothing. Chase not coping well after Dibala, Cameron leaving him and dare I say his new friend 13 leaving too, is not nothing.
    I must admit that Chase “the slut” was kind of boring after a couple of episodes (we got it!) but now with his weird bond with Masters he seems to grow over it and that’s cool.
    Taub & Foreman are having a weird and IMO fun developping friendship. The thing is, a lot of fans seem to dislike them so it doesn’t matter; Personally I find them fun together.

    The problem with Masters is not the “huddy” (hate the term) thing: the fact that, for the most part, she was written as a total one-dimensional character. Too bad she is gonna leave when she is FINALLY growing as a character.

    As for 13 I don’t think Olivia wilde is a bad actress. I like how she plays 13. I also like “Last Resort” I think it was revealing about all the characters involved. Again I like all the characters so I’m gonna take your comment about 13 as just the fact that you don’t seem to like her at all. If I’m wrong tell me so but I think your comment was very telling about your sentiment about her (which is okay).

    The show was always about House. Last year he lived with Wilson and we got very cool scenes between the two and it was interesting to see his deep connection with Wilson. This year he was in a relationship with Cuddy so it was normal to see him more with her IMO.
    However I agree that the H/C thing could have been written into the show in a better way. Actually, I think you will meet here a lot of people who are disappointed with the way the H/C thing was handled.
    I’m not pro “Huddy” but I’m not against it either. I just thought it was not very well handled indeed. It was too common and the arc wasn’t very well balanced with the rest of the show and the other characters storylines. I agree with you on that.

    To go back to your last statement, I don’t believe that Thirteen is written as the “most intriguing fellow House has ever had”. She’s just intriguing now because of the fact that we still don’t know a lot about her (as I said she’s a guarded character we know only from season 4) & because of her sudden departure. That’s just my opinion, mind you. I guess we just disagree.

    I’m sure other characters will have big episode about them. Chase already had quite a few with him greatly involved since the beginning, so did Foreman. Taub had his marriage falling down. So I think after almost a year gone 13 can have an episode.

    Granted, I too think that This season was very unbalanced, that the H/C thing was not properly written and integrated to the show. However those complaints don’t have anything to do with Thirteen IMO.

  • Lily

    Re: Flo and Sacha

    I’ve become quite interested in your discussion about the team members, particularly Chase’s and Thirteen’s relationship with House and I hope you won’t mind if I join in.

    I would agree that this season, much of the team (particularly Foreman and Chase) have been neglected. The focus on Masters has yet to make me care about her. And worse yet, I think House’s relationship with Cuddy has largely prevented him from taking as large a role as he usually does in the fellows’ lives. But I have to say, I don’t see how Thirteen could possibly be to blame for the sub-par plot arcs of other team members. I agree with Flo that after being gone for seventeen episodes, it’s past due for a Thirteen-centric episode.

    Besides, every team member has their turn in the spotlight, just not in every season. If you’ll recall, Thirteen didn’t have a single serious plot arc in S6 (except by relation to Foreman), while Chase had the Dibala arc, Foreman took over for House and had the main plot in Moving the Chains, and Taub had several episodes focusing on his marriage woes. Going back further, we’ve always had duckling-centric episodes, most notably Chase’s The Mistake, and Foreman’s Euphoria (one of the few two-parters in House history, no less).

    I happen to adore both the Chase/House and Thirteen/House dynamics. I do think that Chase and Thirteen share the most in common with House (particularly in terms of medical philosophies) and tend to have the best understanding of him. Both– as Barbara astutely notes in her latest post– are keenly capable of seeing beyond his misanthropic facade and coming away with a deeper understanding of his character. Even as doctors, they’re the two ducklings I think most shares some of House’s perception and moral relativism regarding medicine.

    (When others were busy comparing Thirteen to Cameron, I always thought she was a far better replacement for Chase. That being said, I don’t think her presence and relationship with House has in anyway negated Chase’s relationship with House. Can’t he have more than one protégé?)

    Flo: I was also a huge fan of the Chase/Thirteen relationship in late season 6. I honestly think that their rapport was a major reason both of their personal lives seemed relatively stable back in those days. To me, it is telling that Chase’s promiscuous stretch didn’t start until she left, and ended (?) when he established some kind of relationship with Masters. Similarly, back in those late S6 episodes, Thirteen was surprisingly open to him, voluntarily offering him privileged information about her father’s infidelity, her first love, etc. They really were great for each other, and I hope that in future episodes, TPTB will further explore their friendship, whether or not they go anywhere with the romantic element.

    Sacha: You know, I’ve also heard quite a few people call Thirteen boring, while you’re irked by the opposite problem. The girl just can’t win, can she?

    I personally have always enjoyed Thirteen and OW’s portrayal of her. I’ve never understood critiques of OW’s acting about her flat affect and such— Thirteen is meant to be drier, more subdued, self-repressed, and someone who highly values her sense of self-control. She’s not your typical emotional, caring female TV doc (a la Cameron in the earlier seasons), and that’s something I really appreciate. Unfortunately, I also think she’s very easily misunderstood and oversimplified, especially since she’s honest about so little and open about even less.

    Ironically enough, she is a character who hates so much to be oversimplified— so much that she would rather people know nothing than make assumptions. Sometimes, I think she reins herself in so tightly simply because she doesn’t want people to see her as the bisexual doctor or the dying girl; she doesn’t want people to see the stereotype instead of the person. She’s perceptive about others and understands more than she lets on, but she can be incredibly stupid about her own life choices. She’s confident and fiercely opinionated but in her more vulnerable moments, she shows a surprising amount of self-awareness. She values her strength and self-control above all, and she hates to have those around her see her weaknesses (because she’s afraid of being judged?). In other words, she’s quite a bit like House, isn’t she?

  • Sacha

    Flo, Lily, thank you so much for your input. I too am not a shipper and I too hate using shipping terms. I often wonder why people are so much into the ‘shipping’ anyway. The show is not about who’s sleeping with whom, and I didn’t enjoy watching any of those hook ups, be it Chase and Cameron or Foreman with Thirteen – they were doomed and gloomy and depressing all the way through. Same happened with ‘Huddy’ – it’s such a cliché on the series and it became stale very soon.

    Having said that, I much prefer House interacting with other people. I loved how he was able to get into people’s heads, and his curiosity made him a compelling, passionate and sometimes even endearing character. He never acted without reason. He may have messed with them but it always turned out to be in the best interest for them. I liked how he ‘split’ Chase and Cameron in S6. It was a good move. He seemed cruel but as a result, Chase knew he couldn’t save a marriage with a lie. Camerons last appearance made clear that she never knew if she loved him at all, so all the better for him to stay with House.

    Weirdly enough, I kind of liked Thirteen when she was introduced in S4 (not taking into account that I was disappointed about Chase’s marginalisation). She seemed aloof and controlled, so different than Cameron (I thought she was a very poorly portrayal of a doctor, let alone her silly crush on House and her annoying inconsequence). However, I found myself from mildly interested in her to slowly growing sick of her. She began to develop into that cool, savvy street cat who is super superior. She has almost every quality of a fanfictional Mary Sue (heck, even her second name – Beauregard?? – is classic Mary Sue!). She made everyone on the team look like an idiot next to her. Foreman became the dumbass who messed up a trial and firing her, then dumping her. Chase turned into a clumsy show off whenever he had a scene with her, staring at her breasts and ‘having a go’ at her in a most cringe-worthy manner. She always came up with the right diagnosis and the best ideas, she bluntly read House’s motives when he wanted to find out the address of Cuddy’s sister, she is an expert on drugs and basically knows everything. She can’t do anything wrong. Yes, she did almost self-destruct after the Huntington confirmation, and we got a whole ep about it, then another one with Last Resort. The writers tend to give her a lot whereas the rest of the team is mainly occupied to make her shine by looking stupid next to her. I guess a lot of Thirteen ‘haters’ feel pretty much the same.

    I came to feel annoyed by her presence as she was always shown as the woman who knows her way around. She seemed cold and incapable of real emotions. She is House-like, in a way, but without soul. Maybe next ep will change that, but I doubt I’m going to like her more. My problem is that she eats screen time from an excellent cast.

    As for her being boring, I don’t find her overly exciting either. I’m just so sick of her popping up and instantly having the probably most promising interaction with House in the whole season.

    Flo, you’re right, there was something going on inside of the team, but as well stated, it didn’t have to do anything with House. They were trapped in their own little dramas, all of them not very enjoyable, some of them totally awkward. House didn’t care at all. Surely, he did have a plate full and it’s okay that he didn’t pay the attention he used to, but to me, the most intriguing part of the show always has been House and his team. Not ‘Huddy’, not ‘Hilson’ (although I do enjoy the two and missed it in S7 as well), or even ‘Hameron’ for that matter.

    House is best for me when it’s not all for the shippers, but about people who struggle with issues. I don’t see many Chase-centric eps or eps when he’s had enough scenes to develop the Chase/House dynamic. They were subtly done, almost unrecognized by a majority of the viewers. Where I live, there are still a lot of people who believe that Chase must hate House, and Chase is just another member of his team that he doesn’t really care about.

    Chase did have the Diabla arc in S6, but they convienetly brushed it under the carpet once the deed was done (divorcing Cameron, that is). He did have the Vogler arc, he’s had one single ep each season of S1-3, but I can’t help myself to feel like they’re not exploring the character to a certain extend. They do it with Thirteen instead. It’s what irks me about her. It’s why I would have no regrets if she left for good. I wish OW all the best for her blooming movie career, but I wish even more for Jesse Spencer that he is getting enough screen time to show what a great actor he is.

    Again, thanks for your time, it’s been nice talking something else than, um, the usual. Lol.

  • Lily

    Sacha– No problem. I’d much rather discuss characters than ships, too. I was never much for shipping.

    Re Chase and House: I think the House/Chase father/son dynamic was extremely apparent from Cursed onwards, especially in mid-S3, with that moment in Finding Judas. I think the undertones there were extremely strong that Chase saw House as a kind of father figure and maybe subconsciously wanted/needed approval from. On House’s side, I think after the events in Cursed and The Mistake (combined with what we now know about House’s relationship with his own father), House certainly understood Chase on a level far deeper than he did Cameron or Foreman. In that last House/Chase scene in Cursed, House was left speechless, perhaps because Chase’s speech hit a little too close to home.

    But if you’re looking for overt affection from House, then my answer is pretty much the same as Wilsons’ (Finding Judas), you’re going to be waiting an awfully long time. House is a fan of tough love… really, tough love. I personally think that the best thing House ever did for Chase was fire him— no matter what you think morally about the Dibala issue, Chase finally learned to stand on his own and make choices independent of House or Cameron. And I think House agreed; as he readily showed in the Games arc, he most values the fellows who can stand up to him.

    (House’s compassion in this particular episode is noteworthy exactly because it’s so rare to see overtly. He is capable of so much compassion, but he rarely shows it, whether it be with Chase or anyone. In The Dig, House is already in a vulnerable state and I fully expect that the circumstances will be extreme enough to merit such a rare occurance.)

    I also think House still cares about Chase— his little Oedipus complex act in Massage Therapy shows that he’s hardly blind to Chase’s after-hours activities. But House was never one to stop his fellows from making those kind of choices— if you’ll recall, he didn’t actually fire Thirteen for sleeping around or using drugs (which he indicated that he knew she was still doing post-Lucky Thirteen), but to test her and to push her to prove that she is still capable of making a human connection.

    Similarly, I don’t think the Cameron/Dibala issue was left unaddressed— some of my favorite Chase moments this season involve his slight little mentions of the entire affair. The “at least once” moment in Now What, his admission to the patient in Recession Proof, and the previously mentioned Massage Therapy interrogation. And in S6, we had each of the fellows try to counsel Chase in Ignorance is Bliss but in the end, he did talk about his relationship with Cameron with Thirteen. At almost a year and a half onward, I think that’s more than enough.

    Re Thirteen: I’m not sure how anyone can saw that the show portrays Thirteen as “perfect.” Yes, she’s smart and perceptive, as she had to be to survive House’s eliminations. She tends to understand House’s motives more often than the others, (I think) because she shares a lot in common with House. But she doesn’t get the right diagnosis most of the time— she’s about on par with Kutner or Chase, which is good, but hardly a step above the others. She acts cool and aloof, because she doesn’t want to be seen as vulnerable. Foreman being an idiot about the drug trial had little to do with her, since she had absolutely no input in the situation. As for Chase turning immature in front of her, let’s all remember how Chase reacted when Cameron started talking about sex. Let’s just say he’s a little susceptible to pretty girls.

    Besides, the show is exploration of people’s flaws— it rarely features anyone in a flattering manner. The counterweight to that is that its characters tend to have good intentions, which then go badly awry. Thirteen is hardly an exception to that rule— she’s cold and manipulative and lies almost compulsively; she has no idea how to deal with her problems and she rarely trusts anyone else enough to let them help; she is (was?) a doctor who can’t deal with death, lets her personal issues get in the way of work, and identifies too much with patients (remember The Softer Side?); she lashes out at others (aka House) for her own problems; she can be self-centered, sometimes to the point of being unable to feel empathy for others; need I go on?

    (And I’m saying this as someone who likes Thirteen…I’m sure there are plenty of Thirteen-haters who have a comprehensive list of everything she’s done wrong to date.)

  • Sacha

    Lily, thanks a lot for your post! So glad to talk about my favourite character on the show – it’s so rare to find people who are willing to discuss Chase.

    I totally agree with all of what you said about Chase, and your perception of Thirteen rings plausible even to someone who doesn’t like her. I really didn’t hate her right from the start, and I feel almost sorry for having such a strong dislike for a TV character! 😉

    You addressed slight little mentions of the Dibala issue. That is actually very much my point. Don’t get me wrong, I was extremely glad that the moral question of whether to kill an evil man or let him go on a rampagne and commit genocide has not been addressed again. In fact, I felt admiration for Chase after some consideration, and we saw how hard it had been for Chase to make a choice. He didn’t do it cold-blooded or out of selfish motives, and he knew he was going to suffer for it (I think he even knew he’d lose Cameron once he would tell her). I loved Chase in the beginning of S6. He made a choice, he acted on his own, he knew it could destroy him. Again, I am glad they didn’t let him suffer legal consequences.

    I rather felt like he had immensely changed with what he did. It was a life-altering event, yet they didn’t explore it at all. They were hinting on occassional panic attacks, a severe guilt issue, even a God complex. When Cameron learns about his acts, all is good again, but House sets them straight and subsequently Cameron leaves without her husband. After that, everything is about a failed marriage, and Chase has overcome the disappointment by having threesomes. He *does* have a history of being abandoned by people he loves. If they don’t want to address his guilt then that’s fine, but why make the whole thing about Chase sleeping around and give him the shallowness of a womanizer? He’s never shown any signs of promiscurity, nor was he aware of his ‘prettyness’. He’s lost his innocence as a doctor after Dibala, but he became ‘comic relief’ with the playboy arc, and it wasn’t even funny. But, that’s probably just me and my need for closure. I so wanted House to talk to Chase and I thought he would, given the speech of Wilson’s after the conference in Known Unknowns. Sadly, it never happens. Yes, it would have been tough, because that’s what House does. But I would have preferred tough love to the snide remarks about first timers. I did love the punch in Ignorance is Bliss, too. It was one of the most memorable moments between Chase and House and, as I recall, probably the last one I really enjoyed. Wish there were more of it.

    I wholeheartedly agree with you on the show exploring people’s flaws, and that’s what makes them intriguing and credible. Heck, I even liked Foreman when his brother returned from prison, and I find the House/Cuddy relationship, although painful to watch, not entirely unrealistic. What I do find unrealistic is the fact that Thirteen, to me, is written as someone who has her flaws, albeit it is never admitted by her or made clear for the viewers (or, for me at least). She’s a compulsive liar, and they make her look cool and smart when she does. She judges patients and gets away with it. She suffers a terminal illness, goes through blindness, a brain tumor, a hostage, yet it doesn’t make me care for her in the slightest. Maybe it is because she is so damn cool about everything that she could be replaced by a robot. I find her uber-presence and her smugness more than annoying and had high expectations for S7 when she left. It’s kind of ironic that it has been the worst season for me so far.

    I wish I could express my resentment for her character in a more appropriate way, as I know that I have reasons why I don’t like her at all. I never liked Cameron. I seem to have a problem with the female character writing on the show, because most of them are manipulative bi***es if you look closely enough. Thirteen, to me, has no soul, no gripping quality that an average woman could relate to. A lot of female fans could identify with Cameron (weirdly enough), or Cuddy. Thirteen, OTOH, is shown as some sort of Lara Croft. Someone who goes through sickness, torment, jail, and yet she masters everything like a super heroine. I know that there must be a reason why is written like this, but it doesn’t make me care for her more. If House can break her shell then good for him, at least he’ll be having fun. I certainly won’t if we get another Thirteen showcase in the process. But, you’ll never know. Maybe they’ll make her human with him.

    I just hope they’ll give Chase more depth again. I actually liked him interacting with Masters. It’s funny, I didn’t like her at first but grew fond of her during the last two eps.

  • housemaniac

    Sacha 212:
    Speaking for myself, I am not at all interested in who is sleeping with whom per se. What interested me about House and Cuddy becoming romantically involved was that it always seemed that, on the one hand, they both wanted it so much while, on the other hand, they both seemed to have a hard time with intimate relationships, especially House. I was really looking forward to the show exploring the dynamic of two people with extremely strong emotional, physical, and other sorts of attachments to one another who were at the same time poor at negotiating relationships (House especially). I think this is a form of tension within many people’s relationships, on some, less extreme level, which is one reason that some people, anyway, were attracted to the House-Cuddy idea. That exploration did not happen. But I guess either it will in the future (which I doubt) or perhaps some other show will come along someday that tries to accomplish this very difficult balancing act.

  • RedTulip—Ana

    THIS @215 – housemaniac –> Really well expressed!

  • Lily

    Sacha: No problem, I’m always happy to talk about Chase. Or in fact, most of the fellows. I think I’m in the minority, but I really do adore the supporting characters and I think that House does an uncommonly good job showing character development in the subtlest of ways. Anyone else you want to discuss?

    I agree with most of your post, but I have to say, as a woman, I find myself feeling a bit insulted by both Cuddy and Cameron at times (but more so with Cuddy). Cameron, for me, at her very core seems to be your typical, caring, overly-emotional TV doctor and what I think a highly inaccurate portrayal of how women “generally” are. Meanwhile, Cuddy in the earlier seasons existed merely to be a roadblock to House’s crazier schemes and when they developed her character to play such a large part, they just tacked on more and more cliches: she’s a forty-ish woman so she must want a kid, she’s a woman in power so she must be terrible at relationships, she’s successful so she must have a rather abrasive mother, etc. At least they made an effort to give Cameron a little depth and character development around S3.

    I think it’s telling that in both Chase/Cameron and House/Cuddy relationships, I almost always sided with Chase and House. Their behavior, particularly at work sometimes, really disgusted me and struck me as immature. I don’t think they’re “manipulative bi**es,” at all, but rather the opposite. I may be the lone voice in the woods saying this, but I would be perfectly fine with a female version of House which is probably why I loved both Thirteen and Amber. As insanely screwed-up as both those characters are, I like that they’re unpredictable and that their character aren’t defined by their gender and other gender-related stereotypes. I’ll take Thirteen’s clever string of lies over Cuddy’s petty complaints any day.

    Returning to Thirteen, I always thought that she has shown quite a bit of self-awareness, particularly more than Foreman or Wilson, who are in many ways, even more closeted than she is. I think that willingness to turn that perception onto herself and admit her own flaws is a huge part of character arc: I’m thinking of instances like Lockdown where she played Wilson but felt badly enough about it that she admitted to her own lies and eventually told him (part of) the truth. When Foreman told her off for her self-destructive behavior, she quietly muttered, “I know.” She told Foreman how much she regretted her behavior when her mother was dying. She was particularly open with Chase throughout the later half of S6. She more or less resolves things with Foreman.

    I’m not sure where you get the idea that compulsive lying and chronic self-repression supposed to be “cool.” I guess Thirteen is cool in that she is pretty, street-smart, fashionable, and can usually get people to do that she wants. But she doesn’t get away with most of what she does: House obviously won’t let her keep her secrets and can see through her lies. Her drug habit and promiscuity was pretty well revealed and if anything, she suffered far harsher consequences for it than Chase did. Her overstepping boundaries with patients rarely yields positive effects for either her or the patient (like I mentioned before, see The Softer Side or Remorse).
    Perhaps this is just my perspective coming from a family with history of mental illness, but Thirteen’s veneer is just how she deals with everything she has been through; and there’s nothing much healthy or “cool” about that. Just unfortunate. She’s made quite a bit of progress, in my opinion, but just looking at the preview for The Dig, she hardly looks like a woman whose “master[ed] everything like a super heroine.” That’s not how I see Thirteen written at all. I do think she’s quite a few notches tougher than Cameron or Cuddy but if constant self-restraint and trust issues are any testament, she’s far from whole.

    I’m sorry if this is an incomplete response, but I’m a little pressed for time. It’s really great to find someone else who cares about characters more than ships and I’d be happy to discuss other topics a little later.

  • Betty

    Lily, Thanks for your message. I guess we’ll need to agree to disagree regarding Cameron being written off as a legitimate creative decision. I would have preferred to see more development with that character rather than writing her off completely. But as I said in an earlier post and like you, I am looking forward to 13’s return and actually like this character over Cameron. Cameron got a bit annoying in her preachiness and hypocrisy. Interesting take on 13 in your recent post.